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Newfoundland's South Coast - BURKE



This page is for listings of the surname BURKE, and people with research interest.

Bill Crant

Excerpt from Dr. Seary's, Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland, MUN 1977.

BURK(E), DE B(0)URKE, surnames of Ireland, BURKE of the Micmacs of Newfoundland, from the English place name Burgh in several counties - fort, manor, hill mound, in Ireland since the 12th century. (Reaney, MacLysaght).

MacLyeaght found the names numerous in all provinces, but least in Ulster.

In Newfoundland:

Family traditions: Thomas Burke (about 1722-87), from Waterford, settled at Tilting in 1752. He had three sons, Thomas (1773-99), William (1775-99) and Michael (MUN Geog.). Edmund (about 1755-1848), from Co. Cork, settled at Brigus (MUN Folklore). -----, from Co. Kerry, settled at St. Jacques; later (in 1956) the family moved to Port au Port (MUN Folklore).

Early instances: Arthur Burke, of Newfoundland, ? 1706 (CO 194.24); John Bourk, of Bay Bulls, ? 1753 (CO 194.13); Thomas Burc, shoreman of St. John's, 1794-5, "40 years in Newfoundland", that is, 1754-5 (Census 1794-5); Richard Burk, of Trinity Bay, 1769 (DPHW 64); John ? Burk, of Fogo, Twillingate or Tilton (now Tilting), 1771 (CO 194.30); Aleck Burke, from Clonmell (Co. Tipperary), married at St. John's, 1804 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Michael Bourke, of Fogo Island, 1805 (D'Alberti 15); Edmund Burke, of Harbour Grace Parish, 1806 (Nfld. Archives HGRC); John, deputy naval officer at Trepassey, 1807 (D'Alberti 17); Martin, of Bay Bulls, 1809 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Michael Bourke or Burk, of Carbonear, 1809-15 (DPHW 48); David Burke, one of 72 im-pressed men who sailed from Ireland to Newfoundland, ? 1811 (CO 194.51); Patt Burk, of Colliers, 1811 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Thomas Bourke, from Dungarvan (Co. Waterford), planter of Tilting, deceased, 1811 (Royal Gazette 17 Oct 1811); John Burke, from Callan (Co. Kilkenny), fisherman of Harbour Grace, deceased, 1814 (Royal Gazette 30 Jun 1814); Mary Burk, of Witless Bay, 1817 (Nfld. Archives BRC); John Burke, of Trinity, 1818 (DPHW 64); Anastasia, of Catalina, 1826 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Robert, of Open Hole (now Open Hall), 1826 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Elinor, of Joe Batts Arm, 1826 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Anastasia, of Ragged Harbour (now Mel-rose), 1827 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Mary Burk, of Toads (now Tors) Cove, 1830 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Catherine, of Grates Cove, 1835 (Nfld. Archives HGRC); James, of Flat Rock (? St. John's dis-trict), 1837 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Francis, of Outer Cove (St. John's district), 1839 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Michael, ? of Northern Bay, 1846 (DPHW 54); Henry Burk, of Eastern Point (Burgeo-La Poile district), 1860 (DPHW 99); Bartholomew Burke, from Gowran (Co. Kilkenny), died at Conche, 1861, aged 36 (Conche Cemetery); widespread in Lovell 1871; Matthew, a Micmac of Conne River, 1872 (MacGregor); Matthew, a Micmac trapper with hunting grounds at Tolt and Piper's Hill Brook, 1900-06 (Millais).

Modern status: Burk, at Stephenville; Burke, widespread especially at St. John's, Tilting and Victoria; DeBourke, DeBurke, at St. John's.

Place names: Burke Island 47-25 53-58, ----- ----- (Labrador) 52-35 55-43; Jack Burke Brook, ----- -----Pond 48-39 58-17; Mother Burke Rock 49-58 55-28; Burkes Cove 47-28 53-12.

Early Instances:



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