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Newfoundland's South Coast - BILLARD



This page is for listings of the surname BILLARD, and people with research interest.

Bill Crant
Georgina Hussey

Excerpt from Dr. Seary's, Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland, MUN 1977.

BILLARD, BILLIARD, surnames of England and France, in England ? from an Old English personal name Bileard containing the elements spear and strong (Weekley); in France from an Old German personal name containing the elements bili - soft, lovable and hard - hard, strong, or from the apheresis of the baptismal name and surname Robillard, a contraction of Robert. Dauzat denies an association with the game. (Weekley Surnames , Dauzat).

In Newfoundland:

Family tradition: Doreen (1840-1902) of Bay Bulls Arm (now Sunnyside), married 1856 (MUN Geog.).

Early instances: Robert, ? of St. John's, 1768 (DPHW 26C); Gabriel, fisherman of Red Island (Burgeo), 1840 (DPHW 101); Gabriel, John, Martin and Samuel, fishermen of Grand Bruit, 1871 (Lovell); Jean Belliard, of Port au Choix, 1873 (MUN Hist.).

Modern status: Billard, especially at Grand Bruit, Margaree and other settlements in the Burgeo-La Poile district, and at St. John's (Electors 1955); Billiard (Electors 1955) or Billard (Telephone Directory 1971) at Port au Choix.

Early Instances:

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Gabrial BILLARD B: 1784, France D: JAN. 16, 1863, Grand Bruit
m. 1815, Francois, NF
Miriam DURNFORD B: 1792, Francois, NF D: AUG. 8, 1886 Grand Bruit
Father: Samuel DURNFORD
Mother: ? Ann

    1 John BILLARD
    MBorn: 1816 Grand Bruit, NF
    Died: JUNE 1, 1899 Grand Bruit
    2 Samuel BILLARD
    MBorn: 1823 Grand Bruit, NF
    Died: DEC. 28, 1897 Grand Bruit
    3 Martin BILLARD
    MBorn: C. 1828 Grand Bruit
    Died: ????
    4 Robert BILLARD
    MBorn: 1835,Grand Bruit
    Died: APR. 26, 1911, Grand Bruit
    5 Francis BILLARD
    FBorn: 1855, Lwr. Burgeo
    Died: 1942
    6 Gabriel BILLARD
    MBorn: 24 May 1852 in: Grand Bruit
    Died: - d 1939 bur Murray Hbr Cem, PEI
    7 William BILLARD
    MBorn:, b.c. 1819-824 d. Oct. 24, 1906
    8 Elizabeth BILLARD

Georgina Hussey
wants info on
William BILLARD (son of Gabriel BILLARD and Miriam DURNFORD b.c. 1819-824 d. Oct. 24, 1906 m. (Mary Ann, Susannah, Elizabeth)



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