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Newfoundland's South Coast - ANDERSON


This page is for listings of the surname ANDERSON, and people with research interest
Bill Crant
Barb Campbell
Ivy Benoit
Pat Grant

Seary's Listing: Surnames of the Isle of Newfoundland, MUN 1977.

In Newfoundland:

Early instances:
John and William, traders who sustained losses when St. Pierre was surrendered to the French in 1763 (CO 194.16); Elizabeth, of Fortune, 1823 (DPHW 106); Elizabeth, of Burgeo Islands, baptized 1830, aged 16 (DPHW 30); Robert, of Couteau, 1835 (DPHW 30); Thomas, fisherman of West Point (Burgeo-La Poile district), 1843 (DPHW 101); Edward and family, of Upper Burgeo, 1849 (Feild); William, of Otter Point (Burgeo-La Poile district), 1847, (DPHW 101); William, of Petites, 1857 (DPHW 98); Charles, fisherman of Rose Blanche, 1860 (DPHW 99); Thomas, of Channel, 1871 (Lovell); Eli, fisherman of Codroy and Rivers, 1871 (Lovell); Benjamin and John, fishermen of Grand Bruit, 1871 (Lovell); William Jr., fisherman of Great Barrisway, 1871 (Lovell); George, James and William, fishermen of Hatters Point (Burgeo district), 1871 (Lovell).

Note: I have removed references to other ANDERSON's in Newfoundland cited in Seary, for clarity.

Modern status: Especially on the South and West Coasts

In Small's Diary we find this passage "Now we come to Upper Burgeo. That place was settled by Anderson's before old Mr. Matthews came here in 1796. How many of them came and when I do not know, nor have I ever heard any person say in the first years that the writer has been here. I think it is understood that this family or families came from Burin and that there were two brothers. The Great Grandsons say they were of Scotch descent." Perhaps lending credance to "John and William, traders who sustained losses when St. Pierre was surrendered to the French in 1763 (CO 194.16)" could this be the two brothers Small speaks of?

Upon reading this one can begin to understand why the ANDERSON family(s) are probably the hardest family of the South West Coast to understand who was related to who and why.

Early Instances:

ANDERSON'S at Burgeo baptized by Edward Wix noted in Vol 30 of Vital's.

ANDERSON: Thomas and Bertha - Cornelius Island - Burgeo Islands Oct. 3, 1830.
Note: Cornelius Island is what was called Upper Burgeo and just off Sand Banks

  • Jane - abt. 1825
  • Grace - abt. 1827
  • Thomas - abt. 1828

ANDERSON: William and Susannah - Burgeo Islands Oct. 2, 1830

  • William - abt. 1810
  • John - abt. 1814
  • Robert - abt. 1818
  • Susan - abt. 1820
  • Anne - abt. 1823
  • George - abt. 1826
  • Thomas - abt. 1828
  • Edward - abt. 1829
  • Elenor - unknown

ANDERSON: Edward and Ester - Burgeo Islands Oct. 2, 1830

  • Elizabeth - abt. 1814
  • Francis - abt. 1822
  • John - abt. 1824
  • William - abt. 1826
  • Sarah - abt. 1827
  • Eleanor - abt. 1828

ANDERSON: Robert & Bertina - Cutteau May 2, 1835
Note: Cutteau is a small island just south-east of Great Burgeo Island

  • William - abt. 1822
  • Elizabeth - abt. 1825
  • James - abt. 1824
  • Marianne - abt. 1828
  • Robert - abt. 1830
  • John - abt. 1834

From Volume 101 of Vital Statistics - Burgeo
William ANDERSON Widower
married Sept. 24, 1842 by Rev. Martin Blackmore
Susanna POOLE Spinster
Witnesses: W. Read and Thos Anderson

  1. Sarah ANDERSON born Mar. 30, 1844 - bpt. Apr. 14, 1844 by Rev. Martin Blacmore at Upper Burgeo
  2. Martha Jane ANDERSON born Dec. 31, 1845 - bpt. Jan. 14, 1846 by Rev. Martin Blacmore at Upper Burgeo
  3. Joseph ANDERSON born unknown - bpt. Oct. 12, 1856 by Rev. John Cunningham at Upper Burgeo
  4. Thomas ANDERSON born unknown - bpt. Oct. 24, 1858 by Rev. John Cunningham at Upper Burgeo
  5. John ANDERSON born unknown - bpt. Oct. 25, 1860 by Rev. John Cunningham at Upper Burgeo

Buried at Sandbanks Cemetery.
William ANDERSON b. ca. 1772 - d. June 6, 1856 at age 84.
Susanna POOLE b. ca 1791 - d. Sept. 10, 1858 at age 64
Noting the dates of death, these cannot be the parents of the above, but suggesting William was the first son of William and Susannah having children baptised in 1830, since it appears that Thomas his younger brother was a witness at the wedding.
It is believed that the above William was previously married to Susannah DICKS
Small states "William Anderson, the fine old Patriarch of Upper Burgeo, married first, a daughter of Grandmother Dicks. There was no family by this marriage. He afterwards married Susannah Poole and they had a nice family. The writer knew them all. They are as follows: [Sarah, Martha Jane, Thomas, William, Joseph, and two other daughters]."


Ivy Benoit
wants info on:
Robert ANDERSON, was born about 1858 and lived to be approximately 100 years old. His wife's name was Mary Ann Meade and he had at least 2 brothers, Charles and Thomas. They are listed in the Burgeo marriages 1842-1891 - Jul 04 1887 ANDERSON Robert, fisherman   B   Lower Burgeo    John Cunningham & MEADE Mary Ann   S   Lower Burgeo   William Hann and M.A. Cunningham. Their daughter, Jessie Lillian Anderson (October 15, 1887 - December 2, 1943) married Isaac James Lomond (November 22, 1880 - August 22, 1923) on December 5, 1907 - they were my grandparents.

Pat Grant
wants info on:
Thomas ANDERSON and Dinah in the Plante, LaPoile area before 1870

Sandy or Barb Campbell
James & Rebecca ANDERSON - no dates for them
wants info on:
They were parents of Thomas Robert ANDERSON born 1864 LaPoile died 24 Sept 1948 Channel. Thomas Robert ANDERSON married Mary Ann *TAYLOR on 12 Dec 1890 at Otters Point.
Note: * = Submitter has more info on this person.



The entries have been supplied by various contributors.

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