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St. John's City Area



Walsh William fisherman, 41 Carter's hill.
Walsh Philip carman, 9 Cookstown road.
Walsh Thomas laborer, 39 Courting lane.
Walsh John laborer, 62 Dreelan's Well road.
Walsh Mary widow, 196 New Gower street.
Walsh Mrs. Peter widow, 12 Convent lane.
Walsh William fisherman, 39 Coady's lane.
Walsh Mark boot and shoe maker, 14 Water street, west.
Walsh Thomas groceries, 18 Water street, west.
Walsh Martin carpenter, 87 Patrick street.
Walsh Peter mate, 14 Rossiter lane.
Walsh George seaman, 32 Coady's lane.
Walsh Patrick   South side,east.
Walsh Mary widow, 13 South West street.
Walsh Thomas seaman, 56 King's road.
Walsh Patrick watchman, 111 Gower street.
Walsh E. widow, 68 Prescott street.
Walsh James laborer, 9 Prescott street.
Walsh Edward fisherman, 19 William street.
Walsh William farmer, 26 James street.
Walsh Edward laborer, 21 Bulley's lane.
Walsh Edward talleyman, 7 Bell street.
Walsh Patrick carman, Young street.
Walsh Mrs. widow, 39 Long's hill.
Walsh John carpenter, 58 Freshwater road.
Walsh Andrew fisherman, 33 Courting lane.
Walsh John cooper, 27 James street, city.
Walsh William seaman, 48 Limekiln hill.
Walsh Mrs. widow, 80 New Gower street.
Walsh John   124 New Gower street.
Walsh Mrs. widow, Dreelan's Well road.
Walsh William fisherman, 77 Dreelan's Well road.
Walsh Johannah widow, 30 Lazybank road.
Walsh Michael fisherman, 21 Lazybank road.
Walsh Thomas boot and shoe maker, 68 Lazybank road.
Walsh John laborer, 126 Lazybank road.
Walsh Michael laborer, 45 Lazybank road.
Walsh Patrick trader, 45 Springdale street.
Walsh Michael laborer, 2282 New Gower street.
Walsh Peter laborer, 34 Pokeham path.
Walsh Mrs. widow, 40 Pokeham path.
Walsh Patrick laborer, 34 Pokeham path.
Walsh John cooper, off Job's lane.
Walsh Philip seaman, 7 Plank road.
Walsh Robert   off 205 New Gower street.
Walsh William tailor, 229 New Gower street.
Walsh John ship carpenter, 77 New Gower street.
Walsh William cooper, 185 New Gower street.
Walsh William fisherman, 38 Thomas street.
Walsh John   176 Water street, west.
Walsh William laborer, 178 Water street.
Walsh Patrick laborer, 214 Water street, west.
Walsh Robert fireman, 228 Water street, west.
Walsh Edmond fisherman, 67 Dreelan's Well road.
Walsh John seaman, 279 Water street, west.
Walsh Patrick fisherman, Waterford Bridge road.
Walsh James laborer, South side, west.
Walsh Patrick laborer, 6 Duke of York street.
Walsh Mrs. widow, South side, west.
Walters Mrs. Thomas widow, Le Marchant road.
Walters Thomas merchant, Le Marchant road.
Ward Thomas laborer, 22 King's road.
Wareham John fisherman, 21 Water street, west.
Warrel James clerk, 73 Flower hill street.
Warren Mrs. William widow, 57 Cochrane street.
Warren James (of W. Parker & Co.), 69 Military road.
Warren Mrs. Adolph C. widow, Georgestown.
Warren Henry seaman, 2 Stephen street.
Warren Cyrus cooper, South side, east.
Warren Edward   South side, east.
Warricker James painter, 148 Gower street.
Water Company's Office     245 Duckworth street.
Watkins Martin laborer, 56 Victoria street.
Watkins Abel ship carpenter, 10 Balsam street.
Watson Fred. seaman, 16 Flavin's lane.
Watson James H. clerk asst., House of Assembly, 46 Rennie's Mill road.
Watson E. C. merchant, 22 Queen's road.
Watson William accountant, Union bank, 42 Freshwater road.
Waugh Edward baker, 9 Brazil's square.
Way Gideon blacksmith, 66 Lazybank road.
Way Mrs. John widow, 13 Queen street.
Webber John seaman, 40 Qui de Vidi road.
Webber George painter, 39 Prescott street.
Webber Mrs. widow, 12 Hayward's avenue.
Webber John coachman, 66 Carter's hill.
Webber Fred. laborer, 43 Cuddihy's lane.
Webber Geo. T. tailor, 96 New Gower street.
Webber John grocer, 42 Job's lane; house, 27 Hutchings street.
Weir William fisherman, 1 Duckworth street.
Weir William carpenter, 1 British square.
Weir William storekeeper, 110 New Gower street.
Wellman Moses B. painter, 134 Gower street; house, 51 South West street.
Weeks John mason, 1 Carew street.
Weeks Hamilton engineer, Scott street.
Weeks William laborer, 144 Le Marchant road.
Weeks Richard mason, 36 Thomas street.
West & Rendell   commission and insurance, 17 Water street, west.
West John of West & Rendell, 18 Penny Well road.
West Antonio fireman, 7 Kickham's lane.
West End Fire Station     foot Pokeham path.
Weston Robert laborer, 54 Barnes road.
Westcott Mrs. widow, 107 Lazybank road.
Westcott George cooper, 103 Lazybank road.
Westcott Alexander fisherman, 133 New Gower street.
Westcott William fisherman, 3 Patrick street.
Wesleyan School     King's road.
Wesleyan Academy     Long's hill.
Wesleyan Churches     Cochrane st., Gower st., and George st.
Weymouth John boot and shoe maker, 116 Duckworth street.
Weymouth Thomas boot and shoe maker, 6 Williams lane.
Whelan Stephen laborer, 6 Duke of York street.
Whelan John fisherman, 3 College square.
Whelan Ellen   13 South West street.
Whelan Michael fisherman, 61 King's road.
Whelan James carpenter, 94 Gower street.
Whelan John laborer, 9 Victoria street.
Whelan John laborer, Circular road.
Whelan William clerk, 21 Queen's road.
Whelan S. widow, 31 William street.
Whelan Samuel laborer, 62 James street.
Whelan Thomas carpenter, 6 Chapel lane.
Whelan Michael cooper, 30 Henry street.
Whelan Pierce   271 Duckworth street.
Whelan Pierce   281 Duckworth street.
Whelan John stone cutter, 15 Long's hill.
Whelan Mrs. widow, 23 James street, city.
Whelan James laborer, Flower hill.
Whelan Mrs. widow, 45 Dreelan's Well road.
Whelan Mrs. widow, 1 Flower hill.
Whelan Edward seaman, 132 New Gower street.
Whelan Andrew   75 Dreelan's Well road.
Whelan James fisherman, 16 Rocky lane.
Whelan Patrick farmer, 24 Rocky lane.
Whelan John boot and shoe maker, 117 New Gower street.
Whelan Michael laborer, 28 Thomas street.
Whelan Mrs. widow, 76 George street.
Whelan Michael seaman, 10 Lahey's lane.
Wheatley Mrs. William widow, 36 Rennie's Mill road.
White William saddler, 131 Gower street.
White Thomas laborer, 33 Covel's lane.
White Mary widow, 18 Flavin's lane.
White Geo. G. provisions, 154 Water street; house 154 Gower street.
White George blacksmith, 52 Victoria street.
White Martin laborer, 26 Barnes road.
White Fred boot and shoe maker, 39 William street.
White Mrs. widow, 15 Hayward's avenue.
White L. widow, top Long's hill.
White John seaman, 266 Gower street.
White Stephen police force, Long's hill.
White John laborer, 12 Dammerill's lane.
White Edward laborer, 13 Cuddihy's lane.
White Samuel laborer, 6 Barter's hill.
White Thomas fisherman, Forest road.
White William laborer, 26 off Stephen's street.
White John laborer, 62 Dreelan's Well road.
White Thomas fisherman, 11 Dreelan's Well road.
White John fisherman, 88 Dreelan's Well road.
White Philip D. provisions, 406 Water street.
White Thomas   fisherman, 402 Water street.
White Lawrence groceries, 280 Water street.
White William master mariner, 423 Water street.
White James laborer, 1 West street.
White Thomas laborer, 27 Patrick street.
White John storekeeper, 353 Water street, west.
White Richard master mariner, South side, west.
White Edward master mariner, South side, west.
White Hon. Edward M. E. C.   South side, west.
White William landing waiter, South side, west.
White William fisherman, South side, west.
Whiteford James A. watchmaker, 224 Water street; house, Dunluce cottage.
Whiteford William watchmaker, 224 Water street.
Whiteway Sir William V. premier and attorney general, Rennie's Mill road.
Whiteway Eli seaman, 69 Gower street.
Whiteway Henry clerk, 83 Gower street.
Whiteway Jessie clerk, 168 Gower street.
WHITEWAY & JOHNSON   attorneys and solicitors, 253 Duckworth street.
Whiteway William carpenter, 7 Allen's square.
Whiteway Edward storekeeper, 18 John street.
Whitten Chas. cooper, 30 Duke York street.
Whitten Joseph carpenter, 26 Gower street.
Whitten John laborer, 20 Rennie's Mill road.
Whitten Robert laborer, 4 Chapel street.
Whitten John carpenter, 15 Bell street.
Whitten Mrs. George widow, boarding house, 206 Gower street.
Whitten Mrs. widow, off 244 Gower street.
Whitten William fireman, 214 New Gower street.
Whitten Edward fisherman, 48 Pokeham path.
Whitten John laborer, 122 George street.
Whitten Henry seaman, 86 George street.
Whitten Henry boot and shoe maker, 3 Lahey's lane.
Whitten Edward storekeeper, 143 Gower street.
Whitten J. E. fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten Nathanael fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten Henry fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten Mrs. fishwoman, South side, east.
Whitten W. H. fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten George fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten Mrs. fishwoman, South side, east.
Whitten John fisherman, South side,east.
Whitten Robert fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten W. J. fisherman, South side, east.
Whitten J. T. fisherman, South side, east.
Whitley Mrs. Silvester widow, 46 Water street, west.
Whittle Mrs. David   2 Buchanan street.
Whitley W. H. planter, 1 Military road.
Wickford John wharf master, 16 Courting lane.
Wilcox Benjamin carpenter, 95 Gower street.
Wilcox Fred.   Darling street.
Wilcox John seaman, 5 Dammerill's lane.
Wilcox John clerk, 36 Victoria street.
Wilkinson William British house, New Gower street.
Wilkinson Samuel foundryman, 140 Pokeham path.
Willar George sail maker, 285 Duckworth street; house 2 Kickham's lane.
Willar Richard   14 Nunnery hill.
Willar Sydney sail maker, 2 Livingstone street.
Williams George laborer, 27 Plymouth row.
Williams Mrs. John widow, 4 Duke of York street.
Williams William planter, 58 Cochrane street.
Williams Thomas clerk, 54 Gower street.
Williams Philip laborer, 60 King's road.
Williams George carpenter, 17 King's road.
Williams Benjamin clerk, 28 British square.
Williams John clerk, 43 Queen's road.
Williams George tinsmith, 46 William street.
Williams John laborer, 11 Garrison hill.
Williams Thomas fisherman, 37 Cuddihy's lane.
Williams Patrick fisherman, 4 Barter's hill.
Williams William seaman, 21 Barter,s hill.
Williams Martin laborer, off Job's lane.
Williams Philip fisherman, 69 Plank road.
Williams Richard fisherman, 14 James street, city.
Williams John laborer, 41 Plank road.
Williams Thomas baker, 18 Convent lane.
Wills Sophia   123 Gower street.
Wills John fisherman, 10 Kickham's lane.
Wills Richard plumber, 39 James street.
Wills John Architect, 5 Cathedral hill.
Wills George accountant, 21 Long's hill.
Wills R. R. printer, 17 Allen's square.
Wills R. H. baker, 15 Allen's square.
Wills Henry laborer, 51 Limekiln hill.
Wills Pascoe carpenter, 220 New Gower street.
Wills William   South side, east.
Wills John plumber, 398 Water street.
Wilson Joseph shop keeper, 148 Duckworth street.
Wilson Samuel seaman, 30 Henry street.
Wilson William engineer, 163 Gower street.
Wilson J.   328 Duckworth street.
Wilson William shop keeper, 60 Gower street.
Wilson John master mariner, 11 Barter's hill.
Wilson James master mariner, 143 New Gower street.
Wilmore Mrs. widow, 25 Georgestown.
Wiltshire Ishmael carpenter, 125 Military road.
Wiltshire Albert blacksmith, 144 Lazybank road.
Window Thomas seaman, 14 Limekiln hill.
Winsboro' James baker, 13 Gower street.
Winsboro' William clerk, 28 Cookstown.
Winser Isaac F. storekeeper, 31 North street.
Winser Mrs. widow, 11 Knight street.
Winser Fred. (of Myrick & Winser), Knight street.
Winser James master mariner, Queen's road.
Winser Peter ship carpenter, 21 Allen square.
Winser John miner, 2 off Stephen street.
Winser Ford engineer, 76 Patrick street.
Winter Hon. Dr. John Winterton, King's bridge.
Winter Hon. J. S. attorney general, 45 Water street.
WINTER T. & M. commission and insurance agents, 2 and 4 Custom House hill.
Winter Thomas (of T. & M. Winter), 66 Cochrane street.
Winter Marmaduke (of T. & M. Winter), 56 Cochrane street.
WINTER& MORRISON solicitors, 243 Duckworth street.
Winter Lawrence cabinetmaker, 23 Cuddihy's lane.
Winter James landing waiter, Prescott street.
Winton Francis M. H. A. Military road.
Wiseman James laborer, 12 Pilot's hill.
Wiseman James fisherman, 16 Henry street.
Wiseman James sail maker, 68 Carter's hill.
Wiseman James laborer, Long's hill.
Wiseman John carpenter, Young street.
Wiseman Thomas laborer, 97 Long's hill.
Wiseman E. widow, 45 James street, city.
Wiseman James   33 James street, city.
Wiseman Henry fisherman, 34 Dreelan's Well road.
Wiseman Frank   53 Dreelan's Well road.
Wiseman Robert carpenter, 226 New Gower street.
Withers John W. chief clerk, colonial secretary office, Circular road.
Withers J. C. Queen's printer, Circular road.
Withycombe J. D. carpenter, 17 Hutchings street.
Withycombe Thos. P. inspector of pickled fish, South side, west.
Withycombe William cooper, South side, west.
Withycombe William   South side, east.
Wood Rev. Arthur Church of England, rector, St. Thomas's church.
Woodford Peter   36 Limekiln hill.
Woodford William master mariner, 2 Convent lane.
Woods John & Son coal merchants, Water street.
Wood John of John Wood & Son, 5 Water street.
Woods H. J. B. of John Wood & Son, 3 Water street.
Woods Richard laborer, 10 William street.
Woods George fisherman, 35 Flower hill.
Woods William laborer, 13 Coady's lane.
Woods John & Son groceries, 13 New Gower street.
WOODS SIDNEY hardware &c., 193 Water st.
Woods Mrs. Joseph widow, boarding house, 35 Water street, west.
Woolgar R. master mariner, 182 Le Marchant road.
Woolridge Mrs. widow, 87 Gower street.
Woodly William farmer, Qui de Vidi road.
Woundly Thomas carpenter, 7 Dammerill's lane.
Wright Robert (buyer, Goodfellow & Co.), 13 Dick's square.
Wright George seaman, 13 Kickham's lane.
Wyatt William blacksmith, 2 Holdsworth street.
Wyllie Robert laborer, 247 Gower street.
Wyllie James boilermaker, 39 Prescott street.
Wyllie William laborer, 47 Gower street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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