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St. John's City Area



Tait Thomas S. clerk, 184 Le Marchant road.
Tait Joseph seaman, 8 Kickham's lane.
Talbot Hon. Thomas sheriff, 27 Cochrane street.
Tapson Mrs. J. widow, 4 East street.
Tapp Henry clerk, 25 off Stephen's street.
Tapper John laborer, 46 Dreelan's Well road.
Tarehin John groceries, Water street.
Tarehin Miss   31 Le Marchant road.
Tavenor Andrew clerk, 174 Gower street.
Taylor Augustus clerk, 41 Signal Hill road.
Taylor Mrs. Charles widow, 5 British square.
Taylor Alex. (of R. Peace & Co.), Ashton cottage, Cathedral street.
Taylor Ern. mason, 26 Victoria street.
Taylor George laborer, 81 Hayward's avenue.
Taylor James mate, 15 James street.
Taylor Mrs. widow, 10 Chapel lane.
Taylor William ship carpenter, 8 Hunt's lane.
Taylor Annie widow, fancy goods, 226 Water street.
Taylor John seaman, 21 Allen's square.
Taylor Henry fisherman, 28 Carter's hill.
Taylor John clerk, 40 Le Marchant road.
Taylor Samuel laborer, 31 Adelaide street.
Taylor William cooper, 16 Barter's hill.
Taylor Palemon cooper, 26 Lazybank road.
Taylor W. H. ship carpenter, 54 Flower Hill street.
Taylor Giles book-keeper, 12 John street.
Taylor George clerk, 84 Lazybank road.
Taylor John carpenter, 126 Pokeham path.
Taylor Mrs. widow, South side, east.
Taylor Jonathan   South side, east.
Taylor Horatio   South side, east.
Taylor Leonard   South side, east.
Taylor Levi   South side, east.
Telegraph Office     179 Water street.
Telegram The Evening newspaper office, Gregory's lane.
Telephone Exchange Office     165 Water street.
Temperance Hall     5 Victoria street.
Temple Billiard Club Rooms   Temple, Duckworth street.
Temperance Journal Office     341 Gower street.
Templeton Robert of McDougal & Templeton, 280 New Gower st.
Terra Nova Foundry and Engine Works     23 Water street.
Tessier P. G.Jr.   234 Duckworth street.
Tessier Lewis   234 Duckworth street.
Tessier Mrs. John widow, 63 Rennie's Mill road.
Tessier Chas. W. H.   2 Barnes road.
Tessier P. & L. merchants, 309 Water street.
Tessier Peter G. Sen of P. & L. Tessier, 150 Water street, west.
Tessier James   433 Water street.
Thistle John boot and shoe maker, 121 Water street.
Thistle John messenger, 30 Barnes road.
Thistle Matthew messenger, 30 Barnes road.
Thistle James seaman, 3 Barter's hill.
Thistle John carpenter, 38 George street.
Thistle Alex. laborer, 27 Foote's lane.
Thistle William seaman, 6 Tank hill.
Thomas Michael farmer, 4 East street.
Thomas N. hairdresser, 153 Water street.
Thomas Edward carpenter, 10 Barnes road.
Thomas Nathaniel carman, 69 Freshwater road.
Thomas J. H. clerk, 58 Flower Hill street.
Thomson James cooper, 63 Plymouth row.
Thomson J. W. oil clothes factory, 45 Monkstown road.
Thomson Mrs.   244 Water street.
Thomson James laborer, 24 Courting lane.
Thomson John fisherman, 3 John street.
Thomson Wm. boot and shoe factory worker, 176 Le Marchant road.
Thomson William tallyman, 281 New Gower street.
Thomson George storekeeper, 32 Brine street.
Thomson Chas. R. manager, boot and shoe factory.
Thomey Roger seaman, 8 Chapel street.
Thomey Denis seaman, 43 New Gower street.
Tomey Mrs. James widow, 17 Patrick street.
THORBURN MICHAEL commission merchant, 131 Water street.
Thorburn James liquors, 170 Water street, west.
Thorburn William liquors and groceries, 362 Water street.
Thorburn Hon. R. (of W. Grieve & Co.), Water street.
Thorne Robert master mariner, 59 Monkstown road.
Thorne Charles laborer, 32 Carter's hill.
Thorne Henry laborer, 5 Lahey's lane.
Thorpe Benjamin cooper, 33 Darling street.
Thorpe J. liquors, 378 Water street.
Thorpe Mrs. David widow, 287 Water street, west.
Tilley William watchman, 11 Temperance street.
Tilley Jabez planter, George street.
Tilley James laborer, 19 South street.
Tilley William laborer, 93 Long's hill.
Tilley Richard laborer, 23 Flower hill.
Tilley James fisherman, 142 George street.
Tilley John fisherman, 6 Duckworth street.
Tilley James carpenter, 16 Duckworth street.
Times Newspaper J. W. McCoubrey, proprietor and publisher, 148 Water street.
Tobin Thomas tide-waiter, 102 Duckworth street.
Tobin James seaman, 56 King's Bridge road.
TOBIN M. & J. provisions, 170 and 172 Duckworth street.
Tobin John cooper, 22 Kickham's lane.
Tobin Lawrence fisherman, 18 Nunnery hill.
Tobin Mrs. Wm. widow, 7 Flavin's lane.
Tobin Mrs. H. J.   Duckworth street.
Tobin J. seaman, 37 Bulley's lane.
Tobin John seaman, 10 Brine street.
Tobin William laborer, 8 Springdale street.
Tobin Michael liquors, 335 Water street.
Tobin John clerk, 59 New Gower street.
Tobin Patrick laborer, 45 Foote's lane.
Tobin Michael fisherman, 47 Foote's lane.
Tobin John liquors, 336 Water street.
Tobin Michael M.H.A. provisions, 382 Water street.
Tobin Thomas blacksmith, 9 North street.
Todridge James blockmaker, 48 Nunnery hill.
Toole Michael fisherman, 106 Dreelan's Well road.
Toole John seaman, 12 Springdale street.
Toole John groceries, 206 Water street.
Toole Michael   South side, east.
Toole William fisherman, 260 Gower street.
Tormey Edward laborer, 4 Hayward's avenue.
Torpy Richard laborer, 4 Brennan's lane.
Toucher M. widow, 9 Delahunty's lane.
Toussaint J. C. Avalon House, Water street.
Toucher William boot and shoe maker, 36 William street.
Toundsell James laborer, 12 Long's lane.
Townsend Michael fisherman, Flower hill.
Tracey Michael tide-waiter, 562 King's road.
Tracey Edward master mariner, 45 Victoria street.
Tracey James tanner, 9 Dreelan's Well road.
Tracey William trader, 4 Princes street.
Trapnell Jacob wharfman, 35 John street.
Travers John messenger, 19 North street.
Treadwell William lobster packer, 49 Henry street.
Treble James   83 King's road.
Trelligan William boot and shoe maker, 24 New Gower street.
Trelligan John boot and shoe maker, 34 New Gower street.
Trelligan Frank liquors, 12 Queen's street.
Tremlit William fisherman, 18 Flavin's lane.
Trencher Charles blacksmith, 18 Georgestown.
Tricket Mrs. widow, 31 Kickham's lane.
Trim Job ship carpenter, 28 Limekiln hill.
Troy Miss   41 Queen's road.
Truscott William master mariner, 5 Deady's lane.
Tucker R. D. laborer, 13 Knight street.
Tucker Henry laborer, 3 George street.
Tucker James W. jeweller, 278 Duckworth street.
Tuck Eli tide-waiter, 46 Freshwater road.
Tuff Joseph storekeeper, 25 James street.
Tuff Joseph laborer, 31 Long's hill.
Tuff George laborer, 92 George street.
Tuff Edward   125 Qui de Vidi road.
Tuffin Mrs. P. widow, 5 West street.
Tulk Mrs. M. widow, Duckworth street.
Tupper Alvin C. Queen's hotel, Water street.
Turner Mrs. William widow, 42 William street.
Turner John planter, Scott street.
Tynan James fisherman, 14 Dammerill's lane.
Tynes L. widow, 13 Knight street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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