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St. John's City Area



Sage James cabman, 23 North street.
Sage John fisherman, 5 North street.
Sage Richard printer, 34 South West street.
Sage William painter, 148 New Gower street.
Sailor's Home     353 Gower street.
Salter Thos. W. light-house department; house, 33 Military road.
Samson Alfred cooper, South side, west.
Samuelson Andrew cooper, 51 Dreelan's Well road.
Samway William clerk, 71 Flower Hill street.
Satterlay John watchman, 14 Marshall's hill.
Satterlay Richard   329 Water street, west.
Saunders A. J. clerk, 151 Qui de Vidi road.
Saunders Peter   25 Cookstown.
Saunders William laborer, 1 Barter's hill.
Saunders William storekeeper, 42 Dreelan's Well road.
Saunders John ship carpenter, 239 Gower street.
Saunders Daniel fisherman, Flower hill.
Savage John warden, Asylum, 2 Dick's square.
Savin William storekeeper, 4 Water street.
Savings Bank   Athenaeum buildings Duckworth street.
Savidon John seaman, 83 Pokeham path.
Scammel John laborer, Lazybank road.
Scanlon Daniel master mariner, 14 South street.
Scanlon Ellen   18 James street, city.
Scaplin Augustus jewellry, 12 John street.
Scarlet George purser "Curlew", Rennie's Mill road.
Sclater David drygoods, 161 Water street; house 147 Duckworth street.
Sclater Hunter clerk, 60 Prescott street.
Sclater William clerk, 130 Military road.
Sclater James B. accountant agent; house, Hounsell, Bridport, 167 Duckworth street.
School Church of England     Springdale street.
Score John builder, 319 Duckworth street.
Scorray John laborer, 15 Coady's lane.
Scott Rev. John clergyman, Roman Catholic Episcopal residence.
Scott Francis   49 Qui de Vidi road.
Scott John pilot, 23 Cochrane street.
Scott George planter, 23 Cochrane street.
Scott Mrs. Adam widow, 101 Military road.
Scott John boot and shoemaker, 18 Delahunty's lane.
Scott Mrs. widow, Penny's lane.
Scott Miss dressmaker, 12 Georgestown.
Scott John clerk, 45 Henry street.
SCOTT PATRICK J. solicitor, 269 Duckworth street.
Scott J. C. accountant, 38 Freshwater road.
Scott Robert laborer, 42 Dreelan's Well road.
Scott James watchmaker and jeweller, 437 Water street; house, 150 Le Marchant road.
Scott Michael laborer, 26 Hutchings lane.
Scott W. J. clerk, 427 Water street.
Scott John coalyard, 49 Patrick street.
Scott Arthur foundry man, 73 Patrick street.
Seally Michael seaman, 72 New Gower street.
Sears Robert seaman, 38 North street.
Sears James laborer, 4 Dammerill's lane.
Sears Mrs. J. widow, 48 Courting lane.
Sears John laborer, 50 Courting lane.
Sears William blacksmith, 16 Cathedral street.
Searle George gardener, 12 Belvidere place.
Searle Aaron laborer, Boggan's lane.
Searle Mrs. widow, Long's hill.
Searle James sexton, 6 Pokeham path.
Sergant Abigail widow, 22 Cochrane street.
Selby Mrs. widow, 324 Duckworth street.
Senior William seaman, 3 Dammerill's lane.
Service Archibald master mariner, 63 Long's hill.
Sevier John watchman, 8 East street.
Sevier Garret laborer, 81 Hayward's avenue.
Sevier Thomas seaman, 329 Water street, west.
Sexton John Warden Lunatic Asylum, 81 Pokeham path.
Sexton Robert wheelwright, 10 James street.
Seymour H. W.   23 Cathedral street.
Shambler George sailmaker, 96 George street.
Shambler John sailmaker, 23 Prescott street.
Shana Margaret   216 Water street, west.
Shanahan John laborer, 229 New Gower street.
Shannahan William laborer, 37 Long's hill
SHARPE JOHN   113 Water street; office 7 McBride's hill.
Shaw Mrs. B. widow, 70 Duckworth street.
Shaw Mrs. D. widow, 50 Pokeham path.
Shaw Samuel carman, 111 Pokeham path.
Shea Sir Ambrose, M.H.A. (of Shea & Co.); house, King's Bridge road.
Shea & Co.   Agents for "Allan Line," etc., Water street.
SHEA GEORGE (of Shea & Co.), King's Bridge road.
Shea John fisherman, Forest road.
Shea Hon. E. D. Colonial Secretary, King's Bridge road.
Shea Edward D. solicitor, 235 Duckworth street.
Shea Henry surgeon, 257 Duckworth street.
Shea Daniel laborer, 4 Barter's hill.
Shea Mrs. widow, 57 Carter's hill.
Shea Ellen widow, 194 New Gower street.
Shea Richard boot and shoe maker, 41 New Gower street.
Shea Mary widow, South side, west.
Shea Jno. P. provisions, Arcade buildings, Water street.
Shea Mary widow, groceries, 350 Water street, west.
Sheehan Edward laborer, 21 Dogstown.
Sheehan Michael fisherman, 11 Cochrane street.
Sheehan Bryan laborer, 4 South street.
Sheehan Terrence laborer, 17 Hayward's avenue.
Sheehan James fisherman, 30 Springdale street.
Sheehan John   7 New Gower street.
Sheehan Thomas fisherman, South side, west.
Sheehan Michael   Poor-house lane.
Sheehan Lawrence fisherman, 52 Foote's lane.
Sheaves William seaman, South side, west.
Shelly David fisherman, 9 Qui de Vidi road.
Sheppard George fisherman, 7 Long's hill.
Sheppard John boot and shoe maker, 8 Limekiln hill.
Sheppard John seaman, 1 Dreelan's Well road.
Sheppard John fisherman, 39 Monkstown road.
Sheppard John   Fort Amherst Lighthouse.
Sheppard William seaman, 130 Dreelan's Well road.
Sheriff J. manager for Brookfield & Co., 82 Water street.
Shirran & Pippy   dry goods & c., 318 Water street.
Shirran Alex. F. (of S. & P.), 318 Water street.
Shortal George   10 Lazybank road.
Shortal Robert laborer, 38 Pokeham path.
Shortal Thomas laborer, 22 Brine street.
Shortal William cooper, 20 Brine street.
Shortal Richard cabman, 372 Water street, west.
Shortal Thomas   372 Water street, west.
Shortis Henry journalist, 34 Darling street.
SILLARS & CAIRNS   dry goods 295 Water street.
Sillars Archibald (of S. & C.), Freshwater road.
Simmonds Levi foundryman, 74 Patrick street.
Simmonds W. E. carpenter, 67 Limekiln hill.
Simmonds Robert ship carpenter, 65 Limekiln hill.
Simmonds William cabman, 37 William street.
Simmonds Josiah laborer, 47 William street.
Simms John S. commission merchant and auctioneer, 2 Prescott street; house, King's Bridge road.
Simms Joseph J. clerk, 63 Duckworth street.
Simms W. C. surgeon, 2 Queen's road.
Simms John cabman, 1 Lion square.
Simms Henry seaman, 118 New Gower street.
Simms Harvey & Rendell surgeons, Duckworth street.
Simpson Thos. M.   19 Garrison hill.
Sinnot Edward groceries, 10 Prescott street.
Sinnot Peter laborer, 99 King's road.
Sinnot William mason, off Delahunty's lane.
Sinnot Bridget groceries, 214 Duckworth street.
Sinnot Peter groceries, 1 Boggan's lane.  
Sinnot Mrs. John widow, 31 Buchanan street.  
Skales James laborer, 74 George street.  
Skanes Louisa widow, 7 Walshstown.  
Skaines Mary widow, Forest road.  
Skaines Ann widow, 10 Dogstown.  
Skaines John laborer, 50 South West street.  
Skaines Mrs. J. widow, 86 King's road.  
Skaines William laborer, 3 Carew street.  
Skaines William fisherman, 35 Adelaide street.  
Skaines Thomas fisherman, 2 Holdsworth street.  
Skeffington Edward porter, 80 King's road.  
Skeffington J. B. shopkeeper, 64 Lazybank road.  
Skelton George surgeon, M.H.A., King's Bridge road.  
Skooch John of R. Peace & Co., Le Marchant road. Skeoch?
Skinner Edward carpenter, 5 Knight street.  
Skinner John engineer, 48 Victoria street.
Skinner William carpenter, 56 Henry street.
Skinner John Terra Nova Marble Works, 327 Duckworth st.
Skinner William carpenter, 201 New Gower street.
Skirving David engineer, 180 Le Marchant road.
Slattery James surveyor lumber, Hoylestown.
Slattery Ellen milliner, 200 Duckworth street.
SLEATOR R. L. watchmaker &c., 310 Water street; house, 22 Catherine row.
Sloane James tailor, 43 Darling street.
Sloane Patrick seaman, 130 George street.
Sloane Edward laborer, 61 Dreelan's Well road.
Sloane James fisherman, 234 New Gower street.
Smales William boot and shoe maker, 180 New Gower street.
Smallcombe Mrs. Patrick widow, 3 Limekiln hill.
SMALLWOOD DAVID boot and shoe manufacture, 312 Water street; house, 13 New Gower street.
Smart James boot and shoe maker, 22 Belvidere place,
Smart Thomas blacksmith, 348 Water street, west; house, 334.
Smart William master mariner, 20 King's road.
Smeardon J. carpenter, 30 Hutchings street.
Smith Fred. (of E. S. & Co.), Water street.
Smith Edward & Co. dry goods and provisions, 147 Water street.
Smith Thomas cooper, 46 Gower street.
Smith Michael laborer, 9 Duke of York street.
Smyth Robert boot and shoe maker, 119 Water street.
Smyth M. F. sewing machines, 172 Water street.
Smith A. G. (of Gillard and Smith), 47 Rennie's Mill road.
Smith G. J. wharfmaster, 36 Maxse street.
Smith John laborer, 38 Barnes road.
Smith James (of W. Parker & Co.), Le Marchant road.
Smith John carman, 26 Limekiln hill.
Smith George carpenter, 40 Courting lane.
Smith Mrs. widow, 41 Courting lane.
SMITH ALEX St. John's Marble Works, 276 Gower street.
Smith Jacob ship carpenter, 11 Barter's hill.
Smith Patrick seaman, 31 Flower hill.
Smith John cutter, boot and shoe factory, 36 Lazybank road.
Smith Denis laborer, 80 Water street, west.
Smyth Miss dressmaker, 7 Waldegrave street.
Smith Robert accountant, Catherine row, Monkstown road.
Smith Thos. R. of C. F. Bennet & Co., 358 Water street.
Smith Samuel fisherman, 7 Patrick street.
Smith Mrs. widow, 3 off Stephen street.
Smith Chas. wharfmaster, South side.
Smithwick William fisherman, 61 Plymouth row.
Snelgrove Samuel messenger, 14 West street.
Snelgrove John fisherman, 21 James street.
Snooks James laborer, 10 Springdale street.
Snooks Edward fisherman, 63 Carter's hill.
Snow William seaman, 18 Hunt's lane.
Snow Henry saddler, 6 Plymouth row.
Snow William painter, 36 South West street.
Snow Joseph laborer, 8 Belvidere place.
Snow John master mariner, 30 James street.
Snow John trader, 29 James street.
Snow Mrs. M. A. widow, 14 Hayward's avenue.
Snow Samuel ship carpenter, 3 Chapel lane.
Snow James fisherman, 83 Carter's hill.
Snow Thomas fisherman, 83 Carter's hill.
Snow George laborer, 89 Dreelan's Well road.
Snow Abr'am storekeeper, 140 Dreelan's Well road.
Snow Philmon laborer, 41 Pokeham path.
Snow William laborer, 17 Rossiter lane.
Snow E. T. druggist, 429 Water street.
Snow William   South side, east.
Somers Hugh engineer, 75 King's road.
Sommerville Mrs. J. H. millinery, 182 Duckworth street.
Sommerville J. H. clerk, 182 Duckworth street.
Sopp William master mariner, 11 Gower street.
Soper Mrs. Samuel widow, 25 Long's hill.
Soper James foundryman, 126 Pokeham path.
Soper William provisions, 97 Pokeham path.
SOUTHCOTT JOHN T. architect and builder, 56 Prescott street.
Southcott J. & J. T. builders, Prescott street.
Southcott John (of J. & J.T.S.), 58 Prescott street.
Southcott James T. (of J. & J.T.S.), Long pond.
Spanish Consulate office     167 Water street.
Sparks Henry laborer, 57 New Gower street.
Sparks W. J. seaman, 25 Job's lane.
Sparks John seaman, 27 James street.
Sparks John master mariner, 44 Fresh Water road.
Sparks E. laborer, 34 Courting lane.
Sparks George laborer, 76 Lazybank road.
Spence William   60 Flower Hill street.
Spencer George seaman, 8 Stephen's street.
Spencer John carpenter, 26 Stephen's street.
Spencer Isaac   South side, east.
Spratt Thomas laborer, 2 Limekiln hill.
SPRY T. W. real estate agent, 323 Water street; house Munday's pond.
Spry Edward coachman, 80 Dreelan's Well road.
Spry John W. clerk, 55 Monkstown road.
Spry Miss Sarah dry goods and groceries, 55 Monkstown road.
Sprague James laborer, 11 Hayward's avenue.
Spurrel George trader, 24 South West street.
Spurrel Moses coachman, 24 William street.
Squires Solomon laborer, 12 Signal Hill road.
Squires William fisherman, 16 Duckworth street.
Squires Thomas laborer, 49 Gower street.
Squires Ezra carpenter, 90 King's road.
Squires Thomas baker, 22 Nunnery hill.
Squires Joseph ship carpenter, 38 Victoria street.
Squires John ship carpenter, 50 Henry street.
Squires John boot and shoe maker, 35 Le Marchant road.
Squires George seaman, 4 James street, city.
Squires William laborer, 44 Courting lane.
Squires John fisherman, 27 Courting lane.
Squires Ebenezer foundryman, 133 Pokeham path.
STABB H. J. merchant, Italian consul and insurance agent, Water street.
Stabb William master mariner, Signal Hill road.
Stabb Mrs. Thomas   Woodbine cottage, King's Bridge road.
Stabb Rowe & Halmwood merchants, Water street.
Stacey Miss   19 Cathedral hill.
Stafford James master mariner, 47 Victoria street.
Stafford Peter cooper, 47 Victoria street.
Stafford James laborer, 329 New Gower street.
Stafford Thomas laborer, South Side, west.
Stafford Mrs. Michael widow, Rostellan cottage.
Stainer Thomas fisherman, 191 New Gower street.
Stainsbury James laborer, Monkstown road.
Stamp Thomas laborer, 5 Walshstown.
Stamp Patrick laborer, 24 Limekiln hill.
Stamp John laborer, 10 Lion square.
Stamp Thomas laborer, 15 Carter's hill.
Stanton Miss   52 Cochrane street.
Stapleton John laborer, 146 Gower street.
Stapleton Michael plasterer, 2 Dreelan's Well road.
Stapleton John fisherman, 11 Long's hill.
Star of the Sea Hall     Chapel lane.
Stares W. J. watchmaker, 224 New Gower street.
Stark Allan druggist, 201 Gower street.
Steacklum Robert cooper, 40 Victoria street.
Steacklum Mark carpenter, 47 William street.
Stein Robert engineer, Forest road.
Steele Angus bootmaker, 40 South West street.
STEER JOHN merchant, 379 Water street.
Steer George accountant, 1 Tasker terrace.
Steer Charles R. accountant, 121 Pokeham path.
Stevens Mrs. R. widow, 12 Victoria street.
Stevens Mrs. John widow, 37 Barter's hill.
Stevens Mrs. widow, 8 Springdale street.
Stevenson William fireman, Hill of Chips.
Stevenson Roland painter, 25 North street.
Stevenson Patrick fisherman, 72 Gower street.
Stephenson Thomas carman, 71 King's road.
Stevenson Henry fisherman, Chancey's lane.
Stevenson John gilder, 48 Hayward's avenue.
Stevenson Charles laborer, 16 South street.
Stevenson Robert laborer, 17 Maxse street.
Stevenson Miss D. teacher, Pby. schools
STEWART J. & W. merchants, 359 Water street.
Stewart Thomas engineer, 5 Chapel lane.
Stewart James rope-walk worker, 172 Lazybank road.
Stick James clerk, 89 Military road.
Stidson John painter, 18 Dick's square.
Stidson William carpenter, 78 George street.
Stidson George painter, 82 George street.
Stirling Mrs. Edgar   12 Military road.
Stirling J. M. commission agent, Water street.
Strafford Mrs. widow, 348 Duckworth street.
Strang John C. liquors, 138 Water st.; house, 41 Prescott street.
Stranger William survey department, 16 James street, city.
Stranger Joseph clerk, 55 Dreelan's Well road.
Strong William boot factory worker, 49 Foote's lane.
Strong Jabez fisherman, 10 James street, city.
Strong Matthew laborer, 17 Tank hill.
St. John Frank   173 Duckworth street.
St. John James   South side, east.
St. John John clerk, 107 Military road.
St. John Mrs. widow, 2 Darling street.
St. John John fisherman, 12 Pokeham path.
St. John William butcher, 48 Water street, west.
St. John's Skating Rink     South West street.
St. John's Coffee House Coy.     11 Adelaide street.
St. Patrick's Cathedral     Patrick street.
St. Patrick's Schools   Christian brothers, Queen's road.
St. Patrick's Hall     Queen's road.
St. John's dry dock   Simpson's, Long Bridge, Riverhead.
ST. JOHN'S IRON FOUNDRY CO.   John Angel, Manager, Pokeham path.
St. John's Poor House     Poor House lane.
St. John's Gasworks     Riverhead.
St. John's Fever Hospital     Riverhead.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church     Cathedral street.
Stone Charles seaman, 18 King's road.
Stone Joseph butcher, 44 Prescott street.
Stone James cooper, 132 Water street, west.
STOTT JAMES groceries and liquors, 123 and 125 Water street.
Stott David clerk, telegraph office.
Stowe William carpenter, 36 James street.
Styles Alfred fisherman, 88 Pokeham path.
Suckling Rev. A. E. N. Reformed Episcopal church, 78 Barnes road.
Sullivan Jeremiah laborer, 44 Qui de Vidi road.
Sullivan William baker, 38 Duckworth street.
Sullivan John carpenter, 24 North street.
Sullivan John carpenter, 42 Gower street.
Sullivan Thomas carpenter, 23 South West street.
Sullivan John clerk, 1 Delahunty's lane.
Sullivan Mrs. widow, 19 Delahunty's lane.
Sullivan Denis pilot, 116 Gower street.
Sullivan James cooper, 1 Garrison hill.
Sullivan Thomas fisherman, 5 Livingstone street.
Sullivan William carman, 14 James street city.
Sullivan John laborer, 18 Dammerill's lane.
Sullivan James laborer, 4 Lion square.
Sullivan Cornellius watchman, 29 Barter's hill.
Sullivan James fisherman, 20 Dreelan's Well road.
Sullivan Mrs. widow, 58 Lazybank road.
Sullivan William laborer, 242 New Gower street.
Sullivan Thomas carman, 15 Rossiter lane.
Sullivan John fisherman, 33 Thomas street.
Sullivan John sub-inspector police, Fort-Townsend.
Sullivan Mrs. Jer. widow, 5 Foote's lane.
Summers John butcher, 204 Duckworth street.
Summers John butcher, 92 Prescott street.
Summers John groceries, 95 Prescott street.
Summers Nicholas   275 Duckworth street.
Summers Patrick fisherman, 68 George street.
Summers Mrs. widow, 14 Queen street.
Summer Thomas butcher, 320 Water street.
Sutton Thomas laborer, 6 Chapel lane.
Sutton Thomas fisherman, 72 Queen's road.
Sutton Mrs. widow, 109 Long's hill.
Sutton James boot and shoe maker, 42 New Gower street.
Swindon Isaac provisions, 91 New Gower street.
Swift William storekeeper, 17 Barter's hill.
Syme Hon. John (of J. & W. Stewart's); country house, Waterford Bridge road.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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