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St. John's City Area



Radford Archibald boot and shoe maker, 34 Water street, west.
Radford William clerk, 39 Water street, west.
Radford J. seaman, 313 Water street, west.
Raftus James boot and shoe maker, 9 King's road.
Raftus Michael seaman, Bulley's lane.
Raftus Mrs. widow, 184 New Gower street.
Raftus James miner, 130 Lazybank road.
Raftus Mrs. Thomas widow, 75 Patrick street.
Raftus Mrs. Coleman widow, 325 Water street, west.
Raines John laborer, 25 Cuddihy's lane.
Raines Nicholas ship carpenter, 28 Duke of York street.
Raines John ship carpenter, off 244 Gower street.
Rall Michael laborer, 5 College square.
Ramsay Adam foreman, Browning's bakery, 75 Prescott street.
Ramsay John patternmaker, 65 Flower Hill street.
Rankin Alex. D. groceries and liquors, 288 Water street; house, 2 Queen's road; country house, Cove road.
RANKIN CHARLES B. groceries and liquors, 263 Water street and 245 Water street west.
Rankin Richard accountant, 264 Water street, west.
Rawlins Mrs. widow, 108 Military road.
Rawlins Edward groceries, 110 Military road.
Ray David mason, 19 Balsam street.
Reardon Daniel fisherman, 13 Long's hill.
Reardon Patrick locker, H.M.C., 17 Long's hill.
Reardon Mrs. George widow, 1 Livingstone street.
Reardon Joseph seaman, 15 Carter's hill.
Reardon William fisherman, 265 Water street, west.
Reardon Mrs. Vincent widow, 10 Kickham's lane.
Reddy Michael blacksmith, 40 North street.
Reddy John laborer, 79 King's road.
Reddy John carpenter, Allendale road.
Reddy Patrick laborer, 60 James street.
Reddy Thomas laborer, 9 Job's lane.
Reddy John laborer, 54 Foote's lane.
Reddick Mrs. Stephen widow, 24 Hutchings lane.
Reddick Johannah   Waterford Bridge road.
Reddigan John laborer, 11 North street.
Redmond Charles seaman, 89 Gower street.
Redmond Mrs.   38 Flavin's lane.
Redmond John laborer, 44 Darling street.
Redmond Thomas sail maker, 4 Livingstone street.
Redmond Lawrence tailor, 7 James street, city.
Redmond James   31 Coady's lane.
Redmond Mrs. widow, 18 Brennan's lane.
Redmond Michael   16 Waldegrave street.
Redmond James seaman, 10 Lahey's lane.
Redstone George carpenter, 6 North street.
Redstone Ann widow, 10 North street.
Regan John butcher, 184 Water street.
Reid Moses   South side, east.
Reid Leonard fisherman, South side, east.
Reid Thomas fisherman, South side, east.
Reid George   South side, east.
Reid Stephen laborer, 17 South West street.
Reid James cooper, 99 Military road.
Reid Joseph laborer, 21 Delahunty's lane.
Reid Moses laborer, 18 British square.
Reid W. B. civil engineer, King's Bridge road.
Reid Alex S. Financial Secretary's office; house, King's Bridge road.
Reid Solomon laborer, 23 Victoria street.
Reid Mrs. James widow, 5 James street.
Reid Henry upholsterer, 14 Livingstone street.
Reid George laborer, Young street.
Reid Elias trader, 38 Henry street.
Reid W. H. trader, 36 Henry street.
Reid John carman, 47 Carter's hill.
Reid Mark fisherman, 40 Limekiln hill.
Reid Joseph carpenter, 13 Tank hill.
Reid James   3 Lion square.
Reid Ralph clerk, 67 Flower Hill street.
Reid George cooper, 182 Lazybank road.
Reid William trader, 175 Lazybank road.
Reid John fisherman, 20 Rocky lane.
Reid John ship carpenter, 19 Pokeham path.
Reid John laborer, 92 George street.
Reid William laborer, 8 Springdale street.
Reid John fisherman, off William street.
Reid William moulder, 85 Patrick street.
Rielley Bernard seaman, 55 Gower street.
Rielley Mrs. J. widow, 17 South West street.
Rielley John carman, 37 Carter's hill.
Rielley William fisherman, 243 Water street, west.
RENDELL W. & G. insurance agents, lumber and coal merchants, 32 Water street.
Rendell George (of W. & G. Rendell); house, Cochrane street.
Rendell James cooper, 41 Gower street.
Rendell Herbert (M.D.) surgeon, 2 Cathedral hill.
Rendell Arthur S. (of W. H. Mare, Son & Co.), Monkstown road.
Rendell R. G. (of West & Rendell), house, 2 Cathedral hill.
Rennie F. W. accountant, 7 Queen's road.
Rennie W. F. secretary, gas coy., Rennie's bridge.
Rennie James clerk, 359 Water street, west.
Renouf Herbert groceries, 120 Duckworth street.
Renouf Mrs. Hy. widow, 262 Duckworth street.
Rex Andrew seaman, 35 Barter's hill.
Rice Joseph tanner, 18 Gower street.
Rice John carman, 47 Harvey road.
Rice J.   Garrison hill.
Rice Mrs. widow, Freshwater road.
Rice Richard cooper, 18 Limekiln hill.
Richards William fisherman, Young street.
Richards W. J. colporteur, 9 Knight street.
Richardson John laborer, 119 Dogstown.
Richardson Edward fisherman, 91 King's road.
Richardson James laborer, 322 Duckworth street.
Rickards James laborer, 10 Hayward's avenue.
Ridout Mrs. widow, 16 Cathedral street.
Ridout Peter laborer, 9 Long's hill.
Ridout Thomas tailor, 5 George's street.
Ridout Mrs. Samuel   27 Barter's hill.
Ridout Samuel carpenter, 48 Dreelan's Well road.
Ridout Jacob clerk, 1 College square.
RIVERHEAD BREWERY   E. W. Bennett & Co. Riverhead.
Rixton Joseph fisherman, 40 Courting lane.
Ring William cooper, 16 Livingstone street.
Ring William cooper, 53 Long's hill.
Roach John clerk, 34 Cochrane street.
Roach John storekeeper, 24 South West street.
Roach Miss   97 King's road.
Roach Mrs. Mary widow, 6 Dreelan's Well road.
Roach Thos. fisherman, 18 Dreelan's Well road.
Roach James fisherman, 30 Lazybank road.
Roach Patrick laborer, South side, west.
Roach Jeremiah tailor, 20 Hayward's avenue.
Roberts Samuel seaman, Belvidere place.
Roberts William watchman, Garrison hill.
Roberts Mrs. Israel widow, 26 Livingstone street.
Roberts James laborer, 14 Cookstown.
Roberts Mrs. William widow, 34 Plank road.
Roberts Amos   2 Holdsworth street.
Roberts John boot and shoe maker, 263 Water street, west.
Roberts John seaman, 301 Water street, west.
Roberts Mrs. widow, South side, west.
Roberts William   South side, west.
Roberts A.   South side, west.
Roberts Nathanael   South side, east.
Roberts James   South side, east.
Roberts Charles   South side, east.
Robertson John clerk, 31 Prescott street.
Robertson James store keeper, 20 Dick's square.
Robertson Robert clerk, 223 Gower street.
Robertson Alex. (buyer, M. Monroe), 282 Gower street.
Robertson John tailor, 296 Water street.
Robins Mrs. Ellen widow, 241 Gower street.
Robins Robert engineer, 32 New Gower street.
Robinson George (R.N.) harbour master, Circular road.
Rochford M. fisherman, 30 Kickham's lane.
Rochford Thomas laborer, Penny's lane.
Rochford John laborer, 34 Flavin's lane.
Rochford John editor, Advocate newspaper
Rogers Mrs. widow, Hill of Chips,
Rogers Mrs. H. widow, 6 Plymouth row.
Roger Silas clerk, 71 Gower street.
Rogers James clerk, 140 Duckworth street.
Rogers Mrs. gun smithy, 196 Duckworth street.
Rogers Alex. buyer (Ayre & Sons), 20 Cathedral street.
Rogers John fisherman, 46 Limekiln hill.
Rogers James laborer, 2 Stephen street.
Rogers Stephen fisherman, 79 Dreelan's Well road.
Rogers Robert fisherman, 87 Dreelan's Well road.
Rogers Mrs. widow, 84 Dreelan's Well road.
Rogers Stephen laborer, 74 Water street, west.
Rogers Richard cooper, 10 Hutching's street.
Rogers Samuel rope walk worker, 56 Foote's lane.
Rogers James laborer, South side, east.
Rogerson James C.   171 Duckworth street.
Rogerson Robert seaman, 8 Courting lane.
Rogerson John tailor, off Job's lane.
Rogerson Hon. James J. merchant, 395 Water street; house, 2 Queen's street.
Rher Frederick seaman, 26 North street.
Rolls George fisherman, 93 Long's hill.
Rolls Sarah widow, 42 North street.
Rolls Thomas laborer, 84 King's road.
Rolls Michael fisherman, 1 Long's hill.
Romaine J. E. trader, 310 Duckworth street.
Ronan Peter trader, 147 New Gower street.
Ronayne Mrs. widow, 7 Pokeham path.
Rooney James manager, Gas Company Works, ho., Le Marchant rd.
Roper Ann widow, 20 Dick's square.
Roscoe John accountant, 7 Battery road.
Rose Alfred fisherman, 57 Gower street.
Rose Thomas carpenter, 5 Cookstown road.
Ross Chas. L. restaurant, 144 Water street.
Roost Thomas fisherman, 121 New Gower street.
Roost William seaman, 48 Cookstown road.
Rossiter Ann widow, 33 Courting lane.
Rossiter Thomas laborer, 37 Courting lane.
Rothwell Edward accountant, Rennie's Mill road.
Rorke Margaret   Signal Hill road.
Rorke Mrs. widow, Qui de Vidi road.
Rorke Michael fisherman, 13 King's road.
Rorke Patrick fisherman, 25 Covel's lane.
Rorke Michael fisherman, 13 Catherine row.
Rouse Mrs. S.P.C.K. Depot, Beck's cove; house, 16 Adelaide street.
Roud William master mariner, 105 Lazybank road.
Rowe Geo. J. second master, c/o E. Acud.; house, 31 South West street.
Rowe William wharfman, 288 Duckworth street.
Rowe William cooper, 29 Bulley's lane.
Rowe John dyer, 24 Adelaide street; house, 26 Limekiln hill.
Rowe Frederick cooper, 13 Barter's hill.
Rowland George accountant, 211 Gower street.
Roil James bailiff, 26 James street.
Royal Gazette Office   J. C. Withers, proprietor and publisher.  
Royle Joseph fisherman, near 163 Gower street.
Rumsey Mrs. B. widow, 2 Livingstone street.
Ramsey Francis fisherman, off 244 Gower street.
Rumsey John fisherman, Young street.
Rumsey Thomas fisherman, 21 Bulley's lane.
Rumsey William sexton, 37 Le Marchant road.
Rumsey George laborer, 20 Carter's hill.
Rumsey Charles laborer, 10 Tank lane.
Rumsey William fisherman, 28 off Stephen street.
Rumsey Henry fisherman, 17 Catherine row.
Rusk Alex. gardener, 14 Barnes road.
Rusk William laborer, 16 Barnes road.
Russel Edward seaman, Boggan's lane.
Russel Robert   20 George street.
Rutledge Hall laborer, 12 Duckworth street.
Ruxton William engineer, 63 Flower Hill street.
Ryall Thomas groceries, 180 Duckworth street.
Ryall William laborer, 7 British square.
Ryall Samuel clerk, Circular road.
Ryan John clerk, 121 Duckworth street.
Ryan William laborer, 85 Qui de Vidi road.
Ryan George laborer, 115 Qui de Vidi road.
Ryan M. J. groceries, 112 Duckworth street.
Ryan Samuel pilot, 17 Cochrane street.
Ryan Thomas laborer, 17 South West street.
Ryan Fred cooper, 48 King's road.
Ryan Michael master mariner, 50 King's road.
Ryan John master mariner, 50 King's road.
Ryan Thomas fisherman, 52 King's road.
Ryan John tailor, 62 King's road.
Ryan Alice   15 King's road.
Ryan John ship carpenter, 26 Prescott street.
Ryan Martin laborer, 103 King's road.
Ryan John laborer, 21 James street.
Ryan J. D. liquors and groceries, 249 Water street.
Ryan William ship carpenter, 10 Allen square.
Ryan Michael tailor, 266 Gower street.
Ryan William laborer, Carter's hill.
Ryan Charles laborer, 10 Cookstown.
Ryan Martin laborer, Boggan's lane.
Ryan Phillip farmer, 7 Chapel lane.
Ryan William cooper, 33 Bulley's lane.
Ryan William grocer, 92 Queen's road.
Ryan Edward fisherman, 59 Carter's hill.
Ryan James   9 Carter's hill.
Ryan Mrs. widow, 76 Dreelan's Well road.
Ryan Richard fisherman, 15 Flower hill.
Ryan Mrs. widow, 37 Cuddihy's lane.
Ryan Mrs. widow, 130 New Gower street.
Ryan Bryan saddler, 150 New Gower street.
Ryan William cooper, 59 Dreelan's Well road.
Ryan James fisherman, 83 Dreelan's Well road.
Ryan John fisherman, 132 Dreelan's Well road.
Ryan Thomas laborer, 104 Dreelan's Well road.
Ryan Mrs. widow, 39 Dreelan's Well road.
Ryan John fisherman, 22 Plank road.
Ryan John fisherman, 20 Plank road.
Ryan Rev. John St. Patrick's Church Patrick street.
Ryan Mrs. widow, 112 George street.
Ryan James cooper, 26 Springdale street.
Ryan John steward, 34 Buchanan street.
Ryan Nicholas tailor, 27 Princes street.
Ryan Thomas laborer, 10 Water street, west.
Ryan Patrick fisherman, 13 Holdsworth street.
Ryan Patrick laborer, 222 Water street, west.
Ryan Joseph fisherman, 224 Water street.
Ryan Sarah widow, 257 Water street, west.
Ryan Mrs. Edward widow, 311 Water street, west.
Ryan Patrick fisherman, 261 Water street, west.
Ryan Thomas laborer, South side, west.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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