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St. John's City Area



Pack Albert fisherman, 50 Flower Hill street.
Pack Josiah storekeeper. 56 Flower Hill street.
Pack William tailor, 29 Prescott street.
Page Frederick accountant, 69 Rennie's Mill road.
Paine Francis cooper, 22 Balsam street.
Palace The residence Roman Catholic Bishop, off Military road.
Palfrey Mrs. widow, top of Barter's hill.
Palfrey Mrs. widow, 35 Queen's road.
Palfrey John fisherman, 19 Flower hill.
Parade Skating and Curling Rink     Harvey road.
Parker House Mrs. T. McGrath   183 Duckworth street.
PARKER LAWRENCE groceries and hardware, 331 Water street; house, 21 Garrison hill.
Parker Thomas   25 Garrison hill.
Parker Mrs. William widow, 9 Garrison hill.
Parker James of Monroe & Parker, 6 Queen's street.
PARKER 7 MONROE   boot and shoe manufacturers, 360 Water street.
Parker Mrs. William widow, 5 Queen's street.
PARKER WILLIAM & Co. hardware, 328 Water street.
Parmiter Azariah   South side, east.
Parmiter Joseph laborer, 19 Maxse street.
Parnell Fred groceries and provisions, 132 Water street.
Parnell Mrs. J. K. widow, off Cathedral street.
Parnell William Messrs. Sillars & Cairns, Water street.
Parrel Patrick culler, 97 Gower street.
Parrel Michael fisherman, 20 Nunnery hill.
Parrel Richard laborer, 21 Covel's lane.
Parrel Luke carpenter, 10 Bulley's lane.
Parsons Henry photographer, 74 Gower street.
Parsons A. A. editor Evening Telegram, 20 British square.
Parsons R. J. solicitor, 233 Duckworth street.
Parsons Augustus laborer, 12 Chapel street.
PARSONS S. H. photographic gallery, 310 Water street; house, 18 Catherine row.
Parsons Joseph laborer, 9 Long's hill.
Parsons R. H. master mariner, 77 Long's hill.
Parsons A. W. master mariner, 40 Freshwater road.
Parsons Mrs. widow, 3 Barter's hill.
Parsons Thomas laborer, 60 Lazybank road.
Parsons Robert fisherman, 42 Thomas street.
Parsons George trader, 25 Foote's lane.
Parsons Alexander   South side, east.
Paris William laborer, 13 Dreelan's Well road.
Partridge James porter, 246 New Gower street.
Partridge Mrs. widow, Barnes road.
Paton T. H. groceries and dry goods, 56 Dreelan's Well road.
Patrick David buyer for E. Duder, 339 Gower street.
Patrick John tailor, 33 Victoria street.
Patriot Newspaper proprietor Wm. Parsons.  
Patterson Mrs. P. J. baker, 175 Duckworth street.
Paul George fisherman, 194 New Gower street.
Payne Richard   102 Dreelan's Well road.
Payne George timekeeper, 26 Lazybank road.
Payne Joseph wharfman, 102 Lazybank road.
Payne William cooper, off 22 Water street.
Payne Peter fisherman, 23 Water street, west.
Payne Jordan seaman, South side, west.
Payne John watchman, South side, west.
Payne Francis laborer, 217 Water street, west.
PEACE R. & Co. tinsmiths and stove dealers, 199 Water street.
Peace John clerk, 205 Gower street.
PEACH J. R. tinsmith and plumber, 120 Water street.
Peach Sarah widow, 46 Qui de Vidi road.
Peach Samuel laborer, King's Bridge road.
Pear John laborer, South side, west.
Pearce Joseph carman, 4 Brine street.
Pearce Richard wheelwright, 124 George street; house, 19 Princes street.
Pearce Aubyn agent coastal steamer, house, Rennie's Mill road.
Pearson Eli engineer, 15 West street.
Peckham Matthew butcher, 101 Gower street.
Peckham George laborer, 13 Darling street.
Pender John laborer, off Job's lane.
Pender William cooper, 9 James street, city.
Pendergast Edward laborer, 34 Georgestown.
Pendergast Michael moulder, 37 Bulley's lane.
Pendergast Thomas laborer, 2 Bulley's lane.
Pendergast Edward seaman, off 234 Gower street.
Pendergast Mrs. widow, 192 New Gower street.
Pendergast Thomas   off 207 New Gower street.
Penitentiary     Forest road.
Pennock James tinsmith and gasfitter, 286 Water street.
Penny John seaman, 317 Water street, west.
Perchard John chimney sweep, 38 Flavin's lane.
Perchard Charles   128 Gower street.
Perchard James tide waiter, 6 Marshall's hill.
Percy Robert boilermaker, 2 Pilot's hill.
Percy Francis laborer, 16 Victoria street.
Percy Mrs. widow, 22 Dammerill's lane.
Percy Joseph laborer, 1 Limekiln hill.
Percy J. seaman, 27 Barter's hill.
Percy Edgar engineer, 96 Lazybank road.
Percy Albert plumber, 106 Lazybank road.
Percy Joseph laborer, 3 Holdsworth street.
Percy George master mariner, 32 William street.
Percy Robert laborer, 14 Barter's hill.
Perez Senor acting Spanish consul, South side, west.
Perry William laborer, 101 Lazybank road.
Perry Thomas   South side, east.
Peet William police force, 11 Allen's square.
Peet William blacksmith, 11 Allen's square.
Peters R. B. tanner, 70 Prescott street.
Peters Jacob seaman, 42 North street.
Peters J. E. P. (M.H.A.) commission agent, McBrides hill; house 5 Devon row.
Pettigrew William wheelwright, 124 Duckworth street.
Petrie Charles blacksmith, Boggan's lane.
Phelan James liquors, 164 Water street.
Phelan Timothy liquors and groceries, 338 Water street.
Phelan Joseph   5 Battery road.
Philips John laborer, 15 Duckworth street.
Philips John cooper, 38 Prescott street.
Philips James tailor, 180 Gower street.
Philips Mrs. widow, 84 Barnes road.
Philips James tinsmith, Young street.
Philpots Mrs. widow, 27 James street.
Phoenix Fire and Life Assurance W. & G. Rendell agents,  
Pickard William cabinetmaker, 28 Maxse street.
Pico Thomas laborer, 53 Carter's hill.
Picott Robert laborer, Rennie's Mill road.
Piddle John carpenter, Belvidere place.
Pike John laborer, 38 James street.
Pike Mrs. widow, 18 Cookstown.
Pike Miss   65 Cochrane street.
Pike Joseph storekeeper. 100 Lazybank road.
Pike Simeon baker, 11 Pokeham path.
Pike Richard master mariner, 40 Plank road.
Pike Joseph fisherman, 10 Brine street.
Pike R. F. seaman, 13 Barter's hill.
Pike Lawrence laborer, 7 Buchanan street.
Pike Emma widow, 12 Lazybank road.
Pike Joseph storekeeper. 100 Lazybank road.
Pill William mining captain, South side, west.
Pilot Rev. William inspector, C. E. schools, Ordnance yard.
Pinsent Hon. R. J. (D.C.L.) assistant judge, Supreme court.
Pinsent Charles accountant, Union Bank; house, Forest road.
Pinsent Thomas W. collector water taxes, Queen's road.
Pinsent Mrs. widow, 46 Darling street.
Pippy W. G. tinsmith, 425 Water street.
Pippy George foundryman, 70 George street.
Pippy W. S. tinsmith, 122 New Gower street.
Pippy William tinsmith, 28 William street.
Pippy William (of Shirran & Pippy), 315 Water street.
Pippy Stewart cooper, 53 Henry street.
Pippy F. cooper, 42 Henry street.
Pippy Henry ship carpenter, 38 King's road.
Pippy Charles agent, 10 West street.
Pippy Joseph waterman, 110 Gower street.
Pippy Thomas machinist, 156 Le Marchant road.
Pitcher Jonathan seaman, 3 Dammerill's lane.
Pitts Hon. James S. (of J. & W. Pitts) house, King's Bridge road.
Pitts Miss   King's Bridge road.
PITTS JAMES 7 WILLIAM commission merchants, &c., Water street.
Pitman Charles fisherman, 7 Chapel lane.
Pitman George ship carpenter, 10 Dammerill's lane.
Pitman William laborer, 7 Tank hill.
Pitman Robert clerk, 42 Lazybank road.
Pitman Corbet cash-keeper, 80 Lazybank road.
Pitman George clerk, 94 Lazybank road.
Pitman James carpenter, 13 Convent lane.
Police office     Court house.
Police barracks     Fort Townsend.
Poole Joseph carpenter, 252 Gower street.
Pollock Thomas Engineer, Forest Road.
Polytechnic warehouse Anderson's   26 New Gower street.
Pooke Samuel   98 Barnes road.
Pomeroy Patrick carpenter, 43 Lazybank road.
Pope John laborer, 1 Limekiln hill.
Pope William blacksmith, 8 Princes street; house, 3 Brazil's square.
Pope John blacksmith, 5 Waldegrave street.
Pope Henry cabinetmaker, 108 George street.
Pope John blacksmith, 103 George street.
Poor office     93 Military road.
Post office General   Water street.
Power Patrick pilot, 3 Cochrane street.
Power Patrick carpenter, 49 Signal Hill road.
Power John cooper, 47 Signal Hill road.
Power John cooper, 39 Signal Hill road.
Power William pilot, 92 Duckworth street.
Power William fisherman, 15 Dogstown.
Power Michael liquors, 42 Cochrane street.
Power Nicholas cooper, 8 Duke York street.
Power Mrs. A. shopkeeper, 61 Gower street.
Power James fisherman, 53 Gower street.
Power James laborer, Marsh hill.
Power James laborer, 39 King's road.
Power Richard blacksmith, 44 Gower street.
Power Patrick gardener, 27 North street.
Power John seaman, 9 South West street.
Power Michael carman, 92 King's road.
Power Thomas fisherman, 11 Carew street.
Power Mrs. widow, 107 Gower street.
Power John carpenter, 24 Prescott street.
Power Mrs. widow, 11 Covel's lane.
Power David laborer, 4 Delahunty's lane.
Power John fisherman, 22 Delahunty's lane.
Power Catherine   42 Flavin's lane.
Power Sarah   196 Gower street.
Power John laborer, 26 Rennie's Mill road.
Power Mrs. widow, 101 Gower street.
Power Patrick carpenter, 49 Victoria street.
Power Mrs. widow, 93 Monkstown road.
Power Martin master mariner, 124 Barnes road.
Power Michael laborer, 39 Maxse street.
Power Mrs. William widow, 346 Duckworth street.
Power James trader, 8 Dick's square.
Power Matthew cooper, 2 Chapel lane.
Power John laborer, Bulley's lane.
Power William master mariner, 40 Henry street.
Power James cooper, 22 Gower street.
Power John cooper, 14 Bulley's lane.
Power Joseph cooper, 8 Bulley's lane.
Power Edward hardware, 280 Water street.
Power Patrick boot and shoe maker, 16 Livingstone street.
Power William laborer, 14 Cookstown.
Power William cooper, 16 Cookstown.
Power Mrs. M. widow, 5 Carter's hill.
Power Peter laborer, Young street.
Power David laborer, 29 James street, city.
Power Thomas laborer, 10 Limekiln hill.
Power Peter painter, 8 Le Marchant road.
Power Jeremiah laborer, 8 Dammerill's lane.
Power Mrs. C. widow, off 22 Dammerill's lane.
Power Edward laborer, 9 Tank hill.
Power William laborer, 56 Barter's hill.
Power William laborer, 53 Barter's hill.
Power John fisherman, 10 Dreelan's Well road.
Power Joseph master mariner, 16 Dreelan's Well road.
Power Mrs. widow, 54 Flower hill.
Power John seaman, 31 Dreelan's Well road.
Power James master mariner, 15 Brazil square.
Power James liquors, 190 New Gower street.
Power Mrs. Martin widow, 218 New Gower street.
Power Pierce seaman, 2222 New Gower street.
Power Patrick laborer, 242 New Gower street.
Power Mrs. John widow, 44 Pokeham path.
Power Patrick stevedore, 38 Pokeham path.
Power William brewer, 136 Pokeham path.
Power Mary widow, 114 Water street, west.
Power James laborer, 27 Plank road.
Power Robert tallyman, 66 Patrick street.
Power Patrick fisherman, 6 Convent lane.
Power Edward laborer, 23 Hutchings street.
Power Peter stevedore, 225 New Gower street.
Power Edward laborer, 227 New Gower street.
Power Mrs. John widow, 34 Coady's lane.
Power Patrick fisherman, 97 New Gower street.
Power George fisherman, 169 New Gower street.
Power Michael coachman, 183 New Gower street.
Power William fisherman, 26 Princes street.
Power Thomas fisherman, 28 Princes street.
Power Michael cooper, 139 George street.
Power John seaman, 46 George street.
Power James cooper, 13 William's lane.
Power John cooper, 11 William's lane.
Power Edward liquors, 421 Water street.
Power Patrick fisherman, South side, west.
Power Stephen fisherman, 334 Water street, west.
Power Matthew carpenter, Leslie street.
Power James fisherman, 226 Water street, west.
Power Pierce fisherman, 9 Lahey's lane.
Power Edward seaman, 11 Job's lane.
Power Edward laborer, 70 Barnes road.
Presbyterian Church   St. Andrews, Cathedral street.
Presbyterian Academy     Manse lane, off Queen's road.
Presentation Convent     Military road.
Presentation Convent   St. Patrick's, Convent lane.
Preston John watchman, 54 South West street.
Price Joseph laborer, 6 Duckworth street.
Price Mrs. A. widow, 32 Cochrane street.
Prideaux William watchmaker, 61 Lazybank road.
Prim John cooper, 158 Water street, west.
Prim Mrs. widow, 20 Dreelan's Well road.
Prim Mrs. Matthew widow, 156 Water street, west.
Pringle Robert clerk, 14 Barter's hill.
Prowse John tinsmith, 183 Duckworth street; house, 7 Carew street.
Prowse Miss   67 Gower street.
Prowse James laborer, 79 Hayward's avenue.
Prowse William carpenter, 120 Barnes road.
Prowse R. & Sons commission merchants, &c., 229 Water street.
Prowse R. H. of R. Prowse & Sons, German consul, 229 Water street.
Prowse Kennith R. of R. Prowse & Sons, Le Marchant road.
Prowse William tinsmith, 111 Pokeham path.
Prowse John grocer, 249 Water street.
Prowse D. W. district court judge, house, Torbay road.
Prowse Samuel W. accountant, (W. H. Mars, Son, & co.).  
Pryor W. H. carpenter, 51 Long's lane.
Puddister John seaman, 14 Duckworth street.
Purcell Timothy laborer, 20 Marshall's hill.
Purcell Edward sanitary department, 23 Maxse street.
Purcell Michael laborer, Barnes road.
Purcell Patrick laborer, 6 Barter's hill.
Purcell John carpenter, 43 Foote's lane.
Purcell J. J. carpenter, 345 Gower street.
Purcell & Whitten   builders, 32 George's street.
Purchase Charles seaman, 8 Brennan's lane.
Pye John agent for Dundee companies, 44 Rennie's Mill road.
Pynn Thomas tide waiter, 37 Gower street.
Pynn Gilbert carpenter, 20 West street.
Pynn William laborer, 259 Gower street.
Pynn Edward cabinetmaker, 20 New Gower street.
Pynn Gilbert carpenter, 24 New Gower street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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