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St. John's City Area



Oakley James fisherman, 35 Lazybank road.
O'Brien William currier, Duckworth street.
O'Brien Patrick tailor, 87 Gower street.
O'Brien Timothy cabman, 23 Cookstown.
O'Brien Edward seaman, 55 Dreelan's Well road.
O'Brien Christopher cooper, 27 Waldegrave street.
O'Connor Mrs. B. widow, 9 South West street.
O'Connor M. J. boot and shoe maker, 160 New Gower street.
O'Donnovan Timothy liquors, 108 Duckworth street.
O'Donnell Mrs. widow, 2 William street.
O'Donnell James gardener, 113 Longs hill.
O'Donnell James liquors and groceries, 290 Water street.
O'DWYER RICHARD general merchant, 287 Water street.
O'Dwyer John liquors, 166 Duckworth street.
O'Flaherty Edward baker, 17 New Gower street.
O'Flaherty John accountant, Le Marchant road.
O'Grady William builder, 1 Cochrane street.
O'Grady Patrick tanner, 44 Qui de Vidi road.
OHMAN & LINDSTROM   jewellers, 255 Water street.
Ohman N. (of Ohman & Lindstrom) house, Barnes road.
OKE W. R. & Sons carriage builders, Duckworth street.
Oke William (of W. R. Oke & Sons), Qui de Vidi road.
Oke Austin light-house department, 47 Qui de Vidi road.
O'Keefe William mason, 45 Harvey road.
O'Keefe Michael tailor, 412 Water street.
Oldridge Henry liquors, 114 Water street.
Oldstone Charles seaman, 6 Duckworth street.
Oliver Mrs. widow, 36 North street.
Oliver James   32 Kickham's lane
Oliver George printer, Young street.
Oliver Frank fisherman, 83 Carter's hill.
Oliver Mrs. widow, 32 Pokeham path.
Olson Henry master mariner, 187 Gower street.
Olson John master mariner, 33 Gower street.
O'Mara Mrs. widow, 11 Kickham's lane
O'MARA J. T. druggist, 151 Water street.
O'Mara M. J. solicitor, Temple, Duckworth street.
O'Mara Mrs. widow, 129 Military road.
O'Mara William laborer, 23 James street, city.
O'Mara Thomas ship carpenter, 18 New Gower street.
O'Mara Patrick fisherman, 15 Coady's lane.
O'Neill Philip trader, 20 James street.
O'Neill Richard tailor, 6 Bulley's lane.
O'Neill James cooper, 5 Cuddihy's lane.
O'Neill Andrew fisherman, 2 Barter's hill.
O'Neill Edmund cooper, 18 Brazil's square.
O'Neill William baker, 416 Water street.
O'Neill William shopkeeper, 55 Plymouth row.
O'Neil Arthur laborer, 16 South West street.
O'Neill Mrs.   9 Kickham's lane.
O'Neill Thomas liquors, 140 Water street.
O'Neill James storekeeper, 10 Darling street.
O'Neill William coachman, 51 Victoria street.
O'Neill Michael groceries, 271 Water street.
O'Regan Cornelius boot and shoe maker, 3 Princes street.
O'Regan Cornelius boot and shoe maker, 58 George's street.
O'Regan Thomas boot and shoe maker, off Military road.
O'Regan John boot and shoe maker, 291 Water street, west.
O'Reilly Peter farmer, 318 (348?) Water street, west.
O'Reilly J. F. groceries, 45 King's road.
O'Reilly Edward clerk, 4 Victoria street.
O'Reilly J. J. & G. liquors, 108 (198?) Water street.
Orr James rope walk worker, 109 Pokeham path.
Osborne John laborer, 6 Princes street.
Osborne Thomas fisherman, 6 Walsh's town.
Osman William carpenter, Cookstown.
Osman Albert carpenter, off Military road.
Ossel C. seaman, 69 King's road.
O'Toole B. laborer, 3 Hoylestown.
Outerbridge J. (of Harvey & Co.) King's Bridge road.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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