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St. John's City Area



Nangle Matthew carpenter, 90 Queen's road.
Nangle Mrs. M. widow, 86 Queen's road.
Neal Mrs. widow, 21 William street.
Neal Thomas laborer, 250 Gower street.
Neal Moses boot and shoe maker, 43 Long's hill.
Neal James cabman, 7 Le Marchant road.
Neal Cornelius fisherman, 32 Limekiln hill.
Neal Arthur farmer, 21 Stephen street.
Neal James carman, 108 Lazybank road.
Neagle James cooper, 211 New Gower street.
Neill William fisherman, 19 Brennan's lane.
Neill Martin laborer, Walsh's town.
Neilson Peter fisherman, 50 South West street.
Nelder John laborer, 21 Stephen street.
Nicolson Peter seaman, 94 New Gower street.
Nixon Thomas   South side, east.
Nixon Henry   South side, east.
Nixon Charles   South side, east.
Noble Thomas manager, railway coy., 80 Gower street.
Noble Mrs. Thomas millinery, &c., 80 Gower street.
Noel Alfred master mariner, 25 Lazybank road.
Noel John clerk, 69 Flower Hill street.
Noftal John   5 College square.
Noftal Archibald laborer, 5 Livingstone street.
Noftal William laborer, 22 Dammerill's lane.
Noftal John laborer, Dreelan's Well road.
Noonan J. L. M.H.A. 40 William street.
Noonan Edward clerk, 23 Queen's road.
Noonan John H. clerk, H. M. Customs, 7 Military road.
Noolin Mrs. widow, 261 George's street.
Norbury Charles brewer, 272 Water street, west.
Norman William printer, 14 British square.
Norman J. C. hair dresser, McBride's hill; house, 268 Gower street.
Norman Henry laborer, 182 Gower street.
Normore Mrs. widow, 15 James street, city.
Norris David trader, 15 Darling street.
Norris John laborer, Belvidere place.
Norris Mrs. widow, 96 Gower street.
Norris Edward laborer, 4 Long's lane.
Norris James tinsmith, 242 Water st.; house, 41 Hayward's avenue.
Norris Mrs. Thomas widow, 3 William's lane.
Norris Mrs. E. widow, 19 New Gower street.
Norris William laborer, 23 Foote's lane.
Noseworthy Stephen police force, 43 Harvey road.
Noseworthy Edward laborer, 20 Limekiln hill.
Noseworthy James mason, 88 Limekiln hill.
Noseworthy Jonathan seaman, 88 Limekiln hill.
Noseworthy Levi master mariner, 63 Limekiln hill.
Noseworthy George fisherman, 1 North street.
Noseworthy William fisherman, 29 Kickham's lane.
Noseworthy Thomas   128 Gower street.
Noseworthy Philip   18 Georgestown.
Noseworthy Robert laborer, 18 Tank hill.
Noseworthy William fisherman, 124 Pokeham path.
Noseworthy Jacob   134 Pokeham path.
Noseworthy James engineer, 7 Coady's lane.
Noseworthy Thomas laborer, 35 Patrick street.
Noseworthy Samuel gasman, 21 Foote's lane.
Noseworthy William fisherman, South side, west.
Northfield Alfred of Ohman & Lindstrom, house, over Ohman & Lindstrom's Water street.
Northcott Michael fisherman, 27 Kickham's lane.
Nowlan Michael moulder, 245 Water street, west.
Nowlan John fireman, 41 Foote's lane.
Nowlan Mrs. James widow, 22 Waldegrave street.
Nowlan Mrs. M. J. widow, 3 Dammerill's lane.
Nowlan Mrs. widow, Duke York street.
Nowlan Mrs. P. widow, 5 Garrison hill.
Nowlan George buyer, P. Hutchins, 11 Queen's road.
Nugent Mrs. Mary widow, 30 Springdale street.
Nugent Richard fisherman, 29 Coady's lane.
Nugent E. boarding-house, 44 Water street, west.
Nurse Mrs. John widow, 43 Henry street.
Nurse Miss   7 Long's hill.
Nurse Thomas pilot, 19 Cochrane street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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