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St. John's City Area



McAndie William clerk, 105 Military road.
McAuly Archibald seaman, Delahunty's lane.
McCart George upholsterer, 57 South West street.
McCarthy Felix boot and shoe maker, 16 East street.
McCarthy Thomas laborer, 21 Victoria street.
McCarthy Felix   6 Beck's cove.
McCarthy John   18 Livingstone street.
McCarthy Michael laborer, 26 Livingstone street.
McCarthy Mrs. widow, Cookstown road.
McCarthy John carman, Cookstown road.
McCarthy Charles fisherman, 18 Stephen street.
McCarthy Thomas fisherman, 38 Dreelan's Well road.
McCarthy T. fisherman, 45 Dreelan's Well road.
McCarthy Charles laborer, 23 Flower hill.
McCarthy William fisherman, 6 Brennan's lane.
McCarthy John provisions, 430 Water street; house Leslie street.
McCarthy Martin fisherman, 17 Princes street.
McCarthy Charles plasterer, 35 North street.
McCarthy Miss   14 Allen's square.
MCCONNAN THOMAS bookseller, etc., 201 Water street.
McCormack John laborer, 146 Le Marchant road.
McCoubrey George laborer, 18 Duckworth street.
McCoubrey George tinsmith, 13 North street.
McCoubrey Richard proprietor, Times 72 Prescott street.
McCOUBREY & CLOUSTON   tinware and stoves, 188 Water street.
McCoubrey J. W. Times newspaper office, 146 Water street.
McCoubrey Adam tinsmith, 97 Lazybank road.
McCourt Philip general dealer, 65 Duckworth street.
McCowan John R. governor, St. John's Penitentiary, Forest road.
McDonald Colin carpenter, 3 Duckworth street.
McDonald John tanner, Duck of York street.
McDonald George boilermaker, 16 East street.
McDonald Johannah   60 King's road.
McDonald Michael trader, 4 Flavin's lane.
McDonald Peter clerk, 170 Gower street.
McDonald John clerk, 127 Gower street.
McDonald Miss   13 Dammerill's lane.
McDonald Charles master mariner, 4 Lyon square.
McDonald Joseph seaman, 51 Dreelan's Well road.
McDonald John laborer, 45 Dreelan's Well road.
McDonald Michael   200 New Gower street.
McDonald John fisherman, 40 Thomas street.
McDonald John laborer, 27 Patrick street.
McDougall Alexander of Goodfellow & Co., 169 Duckworth street.
MCDOUGALL BROTHERS   oil clothes factory, Georgestown.
MCDOUGALL & TEMPLETON   drapers, 299 Water street.
McDougall Francis of Boyd & McDougall, 337 Water street.
McDougall John of McDougall & Templeton, 8 Adelaide street.
McEuchin Robert clerk, Stephen street.
McEveny Mrs. Henry widow, Long's hill.
McFarlane Miss   47 Dreelan's Well road.
McFarlane John engineer, 61 Prescott street.
McGary Edward tailor, 2 Limekiln hill.
McGettigan James engineer, Leslie street.
McGhee Leonard insurance agent, Commercial buildings; house, 25 Cathedral street.
McGilvary Thomas cooper, 912 Gower street.
McGrath William blacksmith, Lower Water street.
McGrath Mrs. Thomas widow, Tremont house, 115 Duckworth street.
McGrath W. S. saddler, 210 Duckworth street.
McGrath Thomas fisherman, 12 Kickham's lane.
McGrath Thomas fisherman, 14 Kickham's lane.
McGrath Thomas mason, 51 Monkstown road.
McGrath Michael tailor, 34 Duckworth street.
McGrath Dennis tailor, 15 Catherine row.
McGrath John tailor, 227 Gower street.
McGrath John tailor, 20 Henry street.
McGrath Patrick laborer, 35 Carter's hill.
McGrath Thomas laborer, 49 Carter's hill.
McGrath J. laborer, off Dammerill's lane.
McGrath Mrs. widow, 1 Flower hill.
McGrath Andrew fisherman, 79 Dreelan's Well road.
McGrath John laborer, 83 Dreelan's Well road.
McGrath James fisherman, 84 Dreelan's Well road.
McGrath John tailor, 6 Brazil's square.
McGrath John seaman, 49 Lazybank road.
McGrath Patrick cooper, 41 Springdale street.
McGrath Patrick seaman, 64 Pokeham path.
McGrath Roger cooper, 86 Pokeham path.
McGrath Mrs. widow, 32 Rocky lane.
McGrath Patrick laborer, 43 Plank road.
McGrath Timothy liquors, 376 Water street.
McGrath Mrs. John widow, liquors, 10 Queen street.
McGrath James cooper, 85 New Gower street.
McGrath Joseph laborer, 111 New Gower street.
McGrath James cooper, Young street.
McGRATH & WHITE   carriage builders, 124 Gower street.
McGregor Mrs. D. widow, 10 Bell street.
McGuire Mrs. C. widow, 122 Duckworth street.
McGuire Mrs. widow, 2 Bulley's lane.
McGuire John sailmaker, 22 Water street, west.
McGuire Michael laborer, 5 Holdsworth street.
McGuire Bridget   220 Water street, west.
McGuire Michael laborer, 214 Water street, west.
McGuire Matthew   210 Water street, west.
McIntosh Peter clerk, 29 Queen's road.
McIntyre Duncan blacksmith, 107 Gower street.
McIntyre Hector carpenter, 17 Bell street.
McIntyre James Standard Marble Works, 287 New Gower street.
McKay William laborer, 10 Duckworth street.
McKay Smith chairman, Board of Works, 19 Musgrave terrace.
McKay Michael fisherman, 12 Barter's hill.
McKay James liquors, Arcade Saloon, 341 Water street.
McKay George liquors and skittle alley, 434 Water street.
McKeen Andrew tanner, Waterford Bridge road; house, 2332 Water street, west.
McKenzie John saddler and harness maker, 130 Water street; house 8 Victoria street.
McKENZIE & STEVENSON   carvers and gilders, 184 Duckworth street.
McKenzie James of McKenzie & Stevenson, 39 North street.
McKenzie William carpenter, 184 Duckworth street.
McKenzie Kenneth D. surgeon, 1 Cathedral hill.
McKenzie Mrs. Thomas widow, wall papers, 296 Water street.
McKim Mrs. R. A. variety store, 152 Gower street.
McKinlay James clerk, 18 Plymouth row.
McKinlay Mrs. widow, 39 Cuddihy's lane.
McLaughlan Hon. James   82 Water street, west.
McLaughlan Alexander engineer, Roseneath cottage, Le Marchant road.
McLean Alexander boilermaker, 16 Plymouth row.
McLean Mrs. widow, 111 Gower street.
McLean Thomas ship carpenter, 6 Hutchings street.
McLeod John steward, 38 Fleming street.
McLellan Thomas engineer, 15 Convent lane.
McManus Clement moulder, 3 off Stephen street.
McMURDO & CO. THOMAS druggists, 210 Water street.
McNamara Terence keeper, Lunatic Asylum, 5 Chapel lane.
McNamara Aston cooper, 257 Gower street.
McNamara Patrick laborer, 1 John street.
Macneill Rev. L. G. Presbyterian minister, St. Andrew's manse.
McNeill Samuel sawyer, 16 Marshall's hill.
McNeill James wheelwright, 16 Marshall's hill.
McNeill W. W. druggists, 231 Water street.
McNeill John of T. McMurdo & Co., 210 Water street.
McNeily & McNeily   barristers, office, Athenaeum buildings.
McNeily A. J. W. Queen's Counsel, 21 Musgrave terrace.
McNeily J. R. solicitor, 25 Musgrave terrace.
McNivel Mr. boot and shoe factory worker, 36 Job's lane.
McPherson William moulder, 264 Water street, west.
McPherson Samuel moulder, 99 Pokeham path.
McPherson Peter engineer, 156 Le Marchant road.
McPherson C. draper, 279 Water street; house 1122 Military road.
McRae D. W. liquors, 304 Water street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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