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St. John's City Area



Mabin Henry grocer, 27 Adelaide street.
Mackay Hon. Alexander M.H. A. Sup. Telegraph Co.; house, 1 Devon row.
Mackay William fisherman, 51 Courting lane.
Mackie J.   Flower hill.
Mackie Thomas blacksmith, 114 New Gower street.
Madden Peter fisherman, 22 Prescott street.
Madden Mrs. widow, Flower hill.
Madden Denis laborer, 118 Water street, west.
Madden William   South side, west.
Maddigan William laborer, 300 Water street.
Maddigan Michael fisherman, 5 John street.
Maddigan Michael fisherman, 54 Courting lane.
Maddigan Edward tailor, 258 Gower street.
Maddigan Richard fisherman, 12 South West street.
Maddock W. H. plumber, McBride's hill; house, College square.
Maddock J.   Stephen street.
Maher John fisherman, 13 Dogstown.
Maher Patrick boot and shoe maker, 44 Duckworth street.
Maher Richard master mariner, 54 Cochrane street.
Maher John land surveyor, 45 Cochrane street.
Maher Mrs. widow, Delahunty's lane.
Maher William laborer, 2 William street.
Maher Edward L. laborer, 32 Limekiln hill.
Maher John fisherman, 24 Limekiln hill.
Maher John fisherman, 9 Stephen street.
Maher Richard tinsmith, 24 Hutchings street.
Maher Edward fisherman, 154 New Gower street.
Maher Sylvestor fisherman, 5 James street, city.
Maher Thomas fisherman, 17 Princes street.
Maher Mrs. James widow, 22 Waldegrave street.
Mahon Michael clerk, 10 Livingstone street.
Mahony Mrs. C. widow, 4 West street.
Mahony William boot factory worker, 80 Patrick street.
Mahony William boot factory worker, 82 Patrick street.
Mahony Philip carpenter, 165 New Gower street.
Mahony Cornelius   South side, east.
Mahony Mrs. M. widow, 180 Gower street.
Major Mrs. E. widow, 5 West street.
Malcom William   400 Water street.
Mallard Denis laborer, Holloway street.
Mallard Michael laborer, 38 North street.
Mallard Francis fisherman, 50 Barnes road.
Malome Mrs. dressmaker, 15 Dick's square.
Malone Mrs. Mary widow, 49 Duckworth street.
Malone Patrick fisherman, 6 Pilot's hill.
Malone Michael laborer, 51 Military road.
Malone John laborer, 14 Nunnery hill.
Malone Catherine   65 King's road.
Malone Martin laborer, 29 Plank road.
Malone Michael seaman, 22 Delahunty's lane.
Malone James fisherman, 57 Monkstown road.
Malone Mrs. J. widow, 232 Duckworth street.
Malone Maurice liquors, 410 Water street.
Mainwarring James boot and shoe maker, 18 Cuddihy.
Mangin Mrs. widow, 5 Qui de Vidi road.
Mangin John laborer, Hoylestown.
Manning J. master mariner, 26 Cochrane street.
Manning Patrick mate, 2432 Gower street.
Manning Michael groceries, 330 Water street.
Mansfield James fisherman, 60 Limekiln hill.
MARCH & SONS STEPHEN ship owners and coal merchants, 89 Water street.
March Stephen laborer, Hill of Chips.
March Nathanial of Stephen March & Sons Circular road.
March William laborer, 49 Queen's road.
March Levi of Stephen March & Sons 3 Maxse street.
March Stephen of Stephen March & Sons 89 Water street.
MARE W. H. notary public, commission merchants, Water street.
Mare Robert Langrishe of W. H. Mare, Son, & Co., notary public, 23 Musgrave terrace.
Marine Railway Woods   1 Water street.
Marlin John clerk, 65 Cochrane street.
Marlin John seaman, 49 Victoria street.
Marriot J. W. school inspector, Church of England, Queen's road.
Marshall P. H. cooper, 2 Marshall's hill.
Marshall Patrick fisherman, 2 Marshall's hill.
Marshall George fisherman, 4 Marshall's hill.
Marshall George laborer, 44 King's road.
Marshall Mrs. O. widow, 59 King's road.
Marshall George laborer, 114 Gower street.
Marshall Alexander   Rennie's Mill road.
Marshall John mason, 109 Gower street.
Marshall Samuel butcher, 80 Queen street.
MARTIN J. & T. boot and shoe warehouse, 141 Water street.
Martin J. H. glass and stoneware merchant, 100 Water street,
Martin John engineer of water works, 159 Duckworth street.
Martin Robert laborer, 1 Duckworth street.
Martin Robert laborer, off Duckworth street.
Martin Jonathan turnkey, Penitentiary 65 Gower street.
Martin James tailor, 13 Cochrane street.
Martin William boot and shoe maker, 70 Gower street.
Martin William groceries, 99 Gower street.
Martin John laborer, 34 Kickham's lane.
Martin Robert fisherman, 38 Kickham's lane.
Martin Luke   65 King's road.
Martin J. D. of J. & T. Martin, 3 British square.
Martin John laborer, 9 British square.
Martin Mrs. A. widow, 15 British square.
MARTIN J. H. hardware, 143 Water street.
Martin Mrs. widow, 67 Monkstown road.
Martin Charles boot and shoe maker, 261 Gower street.
Martin Edward seaman, 30 Carter's hill.
Martin Isaac laborer, 30 Limekiln hill.
Martin John fisherman, 16 Dammerill's lane.
Martin Thomas fisherman, 20 Dammerill's lane.
Martin James fisherman, 20 Dammerill's lane.
Martin Samuel fisherman, 42 Limekiln hill.
Martin Robert laborer, 8 Tank hill.
Martin John fisherman, 38 New Gower street.
Martin Patrick fisherman, 16 Tank hill.
Martin Thomas fisherman, 70 Dreelan's Well road.
Martin Edward fisherman, 15 Dreelan's Well road.
Martin W. H. storekeeper, 39 Pokeham path.
Martin A. W. tailor, 42 New Gower street; house, 92 Lazybank road.
Martin Charles fisherman, 50 Plank road.
Martin Adam ship carpenter, 72 George street.
Martin Charles boot and shoe maker, 135 New Gower street.
Martin James laborer, 83 Patrick street.
Martin George fisherman, 20 Tank hill.
Mason Thomas seaman, 24 Limekiln hill.
Masonic Hall     Harvey road.
Matthews Mrs. E. widow, 45 Prescott street.
Matthews John laborer, 33 James street, city.
Matthews John fisherman, 32 Limekiln hill.
Matthews Robert   185 Duckworth street.
Matthews William sawyer, 68 Carter's hill.
Mann Allan engineer, 368 Water street.
Manuel George master s.s. "Plover," 78 Queen's road.
Manuel Henry seaman, 20 Limekiln hill.
Manuel Am.   23 Water street, west.
Maunders Richard farmer, 324 Duckworth street.
Maunders Henry boot factory worker, 33 off Stephen street.
Maunders J. tailor, 224 Duckworth street.
May Michael fisherman, 42 Nunnery hill.
May Richard B. seaman, 33 North street.
Maynard Francis carpenter, 94 Limekiln hill.
Maynard Charles miner, 137 George street.
Mayo Mrs. widow, 5 Kickham's lane.
Mayo John laborer, Georgestown.
Mayo Robert fisherman, 25 Maxse street.
Mayo William laborer, 46 James street.
Mayo William laborer, 71 Long's hill.
Mayo Samuel seaman, 120 Lazybank road.
Mayo James carpenter, 147 Lazybank road.
Meadows John seaman, 30 Limekiln hill.
Meagor William seaman, 24 Barnes road.
Mealy Mrs. widow, 272 Gower street.
Mealy David fisherman, 3 Cuddihy's lane.
Mealy Richard master mariner, 344 Water street, west.
Meaney Miss   Military road.
Meaney Daniel watchman, 49 Georgestown.
Meaney Denis seaman, 24 off Stephen street.
Meaney Thomas laborer, 16 Convent lane.
Meaney John cooper, 26 Nunnery hill.
Meaney J. laborer, 17 Patrick street.
Mearns Mrs. Andrews widow, 59 Patrick street.
Mearns Frederick seaman, 109 George's street.
Mechanics' Hall     Gambier street.
Meehan Mrs. John widow, Queen's road.
Meehan Mrs. widow, 6 Barnes road.
Meehan Charles teller, Union Bank, 15 Cathedral hill.
Meehan Mrs. William widow, 4 Balsam street.
Meehan Ann liquors, Military road.
Meek Mrs. Christopher widow, 4 Gower street.
Mellington Mrs.   40 Qui de Vidi road.
Melvin James accountant, 245 Gower street.
Melvin Stephen fisherman, 3 James street, city.
Melvin George boot factory worker, 18 Convent lane.
Melvin Mrs. widow, 2 Flavin's lane.
Melcombe J. tinsmith, 18 off Stephen street.
Memory Richard engineer, 187 New Gower street.
Memory George blacksmith, 258 Gower street.
Memory Edward foundryman, 31 Patrick street.
Menchin Abram fisherman, 50 Foote's lane.
Menchin William fisherman, 317 Water street, west.
Menchington Luke seaman, 20 Limekiln hill.
Menzies David master mariner, 50 Flower Hill street.
Mercantile Marine Insurance office   Commercial buildings, Duckworth street.
Mercer Miss N. millinery, McBride's hill.
Mercer Israel laborer, 49 Lazybank road.
Mercer Edward groceries, 10 Water street, west; house, 57 Flower Hill street.
Mercer George carpenter, 301 Water street, west.
Merchant William billiard rooms, McCalman's lane.
Mercury Newspaper office     Prescott street.
Mercy Sisters of convent, Military road.
Merrigan John fisherman, 33 Courting lane.
Merles Richard laborer, 7 Long's hill.
Merry Mrs.   26 Patrick street.
Metropolitan Billiard club     263 Duckworth street.
Mews James storekeeper, 59 Lazybank road.
Mews George W. dry goods, 281 Water street; house Rennie's Mill road.
Mews William storekeeper, 82 Lazybank road.
Meyers Charles seaman, off Carter's hill.
Miguonetto Joseph laborer, 36 Pokeham path.
Miller Charles seaman, 153 Gower street.
Miller L. H. clerk, 77 Prescott street.
Miller Henry carpenter, 11 Garrison hill.
Miller Thomas boot and shoe maker, 11 Garrison hill.
Miller Robert patternmaker, 154 Lazybank road.
Miller Arthur clerk, 63 Lazybank road.
Miller Joseph blacksmith, 69 George st.; house, 123 George street.
MILLER & CO.   aerated water manufacturers, Ordinance Yard.
MILLIGAN G. S. bookseller, 236 Water street; house, Le Marchant road.
Milligan Rev. Dr. G. S. Methodist clergyman, Le Marchant road.
Mills Thomas fisherman, 12 Kickham's lane.
Mills Mrs. B. widow, 20 Flavin's lane.
Mills William blacksmith, 1 Carter's hill.
Milley Elijah laborer, 13 Barter's hill.
Milley James boot and shoe maker, 13 Holdsworth street.
Milley William fisherman, Flower hill.
Milley John seaman, 84 George street.
Milley Jonathan fisherman, 10 Waldegrave street.
Milley Solomon fisherman, 29 South West street.
MILLEY J. J. attorney, & c., 152 Water st.
Milley James tide waiter, 27 William street.
Milroy Arthur accountant, King's Bridge road.
Milroy Mrs.   King's Bridge road.
Minuto John laborer, Lazybank road.
Miron Thomas boilermaker, Long's hill.
Miron James boot and shoe maker, 52 Limekiln hill.
Miron Patrick blacksmith, 36 Cookstown.
Mitchell Josiah   14 Qui de Vidi road.
Mitchell Alf. cabinetmaker, 59 Plymouth row.
Mitchell William clerk, 81 Gower street.
MITCHELL B. & T. bakers and groceries, 318 Water street.
Mitchell Bryan of B. & T. Mitchell 78 Prescott street.
Mitchell T. of B. & T. Mitchell 74 New Gower street.
Mitchell Mrs. T. widow, 80 Prescott street.
Mitchell Thomas baker, 1 Queen's road.
MITCHELL Mrs. A. millinery, 187 Water street.
Mitchell Robert laborer, 2 Livingstone street.
Mitchell Mrs. widow, 24 Lazybank road.
Mockler Thomas trader, 6 Hunt's lane.
Mockler George laborer, 22 North street.
Mockler William ship carpenter, 7 Carew street.
Mockler Richard trader, 4 off Stephen street.
Moist Joseph cooper, 30 British square.
Molloy Thomas N. United States Consul office, Water street; house, 40 Signal Hill road.
Molloy James carpenter, 35 Bulley's lane.
Molloy Peter carpenter, 65 Long's hill.
Molloy Miss dressmaker, 3 Carter's hill.
Molloy Michael fisherman, 7 Job's lane.
Molloy John laborer, 30 Coady's lane.
Molloy John seaman, 21 Rossiter lane.
Molloy William fisherman, 6 Brennan's lane.
Molloy James fisherman, 26 Hutchings street.
Molloy Miss   3 Patrick street.
Molloy William laborer, 202 Water street, west.
Molloy Mrs. widow, Delahunty's lane.
Monaghan John cooper, 2 Courting lane.
Monaghan John laborer, South side, west.
Monaghan M. seaman, South side, west.
Monk James laborer, 41 Nunnery hill.
Monk William seaman, 95 Carter's hill.
Monk James laborer, 149 Lazybank road.
Monroe Daniel of Monroe & Parker, 198 Gower street.
MONROE Hon. M. merchant 317, 319, 339 Water street; office, 342; house, 339 Water street.
Monroe James H. manager, Colonial Cordage Co., house, Le Marchant road.
Moore Michael fisherman, 13 Temperance street.
Moore John miner, 53 Signal Hill road.
Moore James butcher, 2 Signal Hill road.
Moore Philip seaman, 14 Qui de Vidi road.
Moore Mrs. widow, 51 Plymouth row.
Moore Joseph wheelwright, 22 Cochrane street.
Moore Henry laborer, 13 East street.
Moore Isaac carpenter, 76 Queen's road.
Moores Solomon liquors, 260 Water street.
Moore James laborer, 242 Gower street.
Moore W. F. seaman, 18 James street, city.
Moore William fisherman, 50 Courting lane.
Moore Robert cooper, 270 Gower street.
Moore John seaman, 76 Limekiln hill.
Moore John fisherman, 11 Tank hill.
Moore Matthew fireman, 3 Barter's hill.
Moore William laborer, 21 Barter's hill.
Moore James fisherman, 11 Stephen street.
Moore Michael laborer, 14 Lazybank road.
Moore Annie groceries, 6 Patrick street.
Moore Philip laborer, 34 Thomas street.
Moore James cooper, 6 Brine street.
Moore John cooper, 6 Brine street.
Moore Theodore boot and shoe maker, 12 Waldegrave street.
Moore William sailmaker, 14 Waldegrave street.
Moore James sailmaker, 14 Waldegrave street.
Moore George painter, 16 Waldegrave street.
Moore J.   South side, west.
Moore James clerk, G. P. office, Waterford Bridge road.
Moore Thomas   South side, east.
Moore John seaman, Long's hill.
Moran Miss school mistress, 355 Gower street.
Morey B. S. boarding house, 187 Duckworth street.
MOREY & CO..   groceries and liquors, 173 Water street.
Morey Mrs. Thomas widow, 202 Gower street.
Morey Nicholas fisherman, 61 Dreelan's Well road.
Morgan James laborer, 9 Carew street.
Morgan Edward laborer, 12 Hunt's lane.
Morine Alfred B. editor, Mercury, 69 Prescott street.
Morison Wm. D. groceries, 301 Water st.; house, 125 Pokeham path.
Morison Donald of Winter & Morison, house, Bay Bull's road.
Morris Jacob carpenter, 14 Hunt's lane.
Morris Hon. E. manager Savings Bank, 51 Cochrane street.
Morris J. F. newspaper reporter, 45 Military road.
Morris Thomas messenger, Board of Works, off Military road.
Morris George laborer, 11 Carew street.
Morris Noah fisherman, 7 Carew street.
Morris Miss   59 Military road.
Morris Miss millinery, 52 Prescott street.
Morris Mrs. Patrick   88 Barnes road.
Morris Ed. P. solicitor, 269 Duckworth street.
Morris Jabez mason, 21 Balsam street.
Morris Jacob   234 Gower street.
Morris Henry laborer, 91 Long's hill.
Morris Stephen master mariner, 77 Long's hill.
Morris George sailmaker, Limekiln hill.
Morris Benjamin sailmaker, 75 Lazybank road.
Morris Henry sailmaker, 73 Lazybank road.
Morris Isaac sailmaker, 68 Patrick street.
Morris Thomas boot and shoe maker, 4 Brine street.
Morris William seaman, 102 George street.
Morris James master mariner, 220 Water street, west.
Morris Edward keeper Poor House, Poor House.
Morrisey Matthew laborer, 14 Signal Hill road.
Morrisey Edward fisherman, 27 Qui de Vidi road.
Morrisey Mrs. Mary widow, 94 Duckworth street.
Morrisey Peter tailor, 34 North street.
Morrisey William tide waiter, 38 South West street.
Morrisey James tailor, 196 Duckworth street.
Morrisey John master mariner, 39 Prescott street.
Morrisey Walter carman, Allandale road.
Morrisey Mrs. widow, 20 Barnes road.
Morrisey Mrs. widow, Garrison hill.
Morrisey William tailor, 27 Bulley's lane.
Morrisey James laborer, 20 Limekiln hill.
Morrisey Patrick fisherman, 94 Limekiln hill.
Morrisey D. carpenter, 53 James street, city.
Morrisey James fisherman, 104 New Gower street.
Morrisey Mrs. widow, 84 Delahunty's lane.
Morrisey Martin fisherman, 78 Delahunty's lane.
Morrisey John laborer, off 207 New Gower street.
Morrisey Patrick laborer, 279 Water street, west.
Morrisey Thomas messenger, Board of Works,  
Moss J. master mariner, 61 Flower Hill street.
Mott Henry piano warehouse, 377 Gower street.
Motty Philip sailmaker, 60 New Gower street.
Moulton Abram clerk, 37 Maxse street.
Moxham Charles carpenter, 29 Adelaide street.
Moyse William tanner, 38 Duckworth street.
Mugford Charles laborer, 9 North street.
Mundy Charles coachman, 8 Hayward's avenue.
Murrant J. F. bailiff, 45 William street.
Murrant Mrs. widow, Young street.
Muir John McL. storekeeper, 278 Gower street.
Mulcahey Silvester laborer, 37 Limekiln hill.
Mulcahey Thomas laborer, 45 Carter's hill.
Mulcahey James cooper, 31 Cuddihy's lane.
Mulcahey Andrew fisherman, 4 Lazybank road.
Mulcahey Michael   18 Lazybank road.
Mulcahey William master mariner, 10 John street.
Mulcahey Edward fisherman, 54 Pokeham path.
Mullaly Michael cooper, 45 Queen's road.
Mullaly James fisherman, 25 Patrick street.
Mullaly Patrick carpenter, 247 Water street, west.
Mullaly James seaman, 181 Le Marchant road.
Mullet Miss   132 Duckworth street.
Mullins Robert cooper, 176 Gower street.
Mullins Joseph tide waiter, Parade.
Mullins William Brewer, 232 Water street, west.
Mullins Thomas wharf master, South side, east.
Mullowney Richard surfaceman, 22 Victoria street.
Mullowney Edward fisherman, 20 Darling street.
Mullowney Mrs.   20 Barnes road.
Mullowney Mrs. P. widow, 247 Water street.
Mullowney Stephen laborer, 37 Carter's hill.
Mullowney Charles seaman, 30 Limekiln hill.
Mullowney Mrs. widow, 31 Barter's hill.
Mullowney John blacksmith, 146 New Gower street.
Mullowney Daniel watchman, 236 New Gower street.
Mullowney William painter, 5 New Gower street.
Mullowney Joseph blacksmith, 299 Water street, west.
Mully Thomas laborer, 12 Signal Hill road.
Mully Benjamin tallyman, 83 Lazybank road.
Murphy Mrs. widow, Lower Water street.
Murphy Thomas road surveyor, 57 Duckworth street.
Murphy Jeremiah cooper, 24 Duckworth street.
Murphy James clerk, 62 Cochrane street.
Murphy Mrs. widow, 51 Gower street.
Murphy Michael sailmaker, 62 King's road.
Murphy Thomas laborer, 13 British square.
Murphy Mrs. P. widow, 20 Rennie's Mill road.
Murphy Mrs. widow, 161 Gower street.
Murphy Mrs. widow, 28 Darling street.
Murphy Mrs. M. widow, 26 Maxse street.
Murphy Cornelius laborer, Barnes road.
Murphy William laborer, 52 Barnes road.
Murphy John carter, 20 William street.
Murphy Edward cooper, 22 William street.
Murphy James laborer, Long's hill.
Murphy John fisherman, 11 Garrison hill.
Murphy Edward carpenter, 259 Gower street.
Murphy John laborer, Boggan's lane.
Murphy Martin groom, 326 Duckworth street.
MURPHY THOS. J. hardware and groceries, 232 Water street.
Murphy John cooper, 282 Duckworth street.
Murphy Michael seaman, 5 Livingstone street.
Murphy John fisherman, 9 Livingstone street.
Murphy Patrick seaman, Long's hill.
Murphy Michael seaman, 99 Carter's hill.
Murphy Michael laborer, 87 Carter's hill.
Murphy Miss.   Penny Well road.
Murphy Joseph carpenter, 21 Le Marchant road.
Murphy Thomas laborer, 37 Carter's hill.
Murphy Joseph laborer, 12 James street, city.
Murphy Mrs. Mary widow, 43 James street, city.
Murphy Thomas carpenter, 17 James street, city.
Murphy Patrick fisherman 2 Dammerill's lane.
Murphy William fisherman, 23 Adelaide street.
Murphy John laborer, 6 Lion's square.
Murphy Edward fisherman, 7 Tank hill.
Murphy Matthew fisherman, 18 Tank hill.
Murphy Patrick   8 Tank lane.
Murphy Daniel   7 Cuddihy's lane.
Murphy Garret seaman, 6 Barter's hill.
Murphy Mrs. E.   38 Dreelan's Well road.
Murphy Mrs. widow, 33 Flower hill.
Murphy William grocer, 47 Flower hill.
Murphy Daniel fisherman, 52 Flower hill.
Murphy Philip carpenter, 126 Dreelan's Well road.
Murphy Thomas carpenter, 122 Dreelan's Well road.
Murphy Denis cooper, 234 New Gower street.
Murphy Mrs. Felix widow, 78 Pokeham path.
Murphy Mrs. widow, 32 Rocky lane.
Murphy Benjamin cooper, 52 Plank road.
Murphy James laborer, 14 Rossiter lane.
Murphy Philip fisherman, 114 George street.
Murphy John fisherman, 140 George street.
Murphy Patrick laborer, 12 George street.
Murphy John laborer, 24 Thomas street.
Murphy Thomas painter, 28 Buchanan street.
Murphy Thomas cooper, 179 New Gower street.
Murphy Nicholas carman, 113 New Gower street.
Murphy Mrs. John widow, 9 Waldegrave street.
Murphy John T. groceries, 68 Water street, west.
Murphy Mrs. James widow, 66 Water street, west.
Murphy Benjamin cooper, 13 Patrick street.
Murphy Patrick fisherman, 11 Patrick street.
Murphy Thomas boilermaker, 24 Water street, west.
Murphy Edward boot and shoe maker, 232 Water street, west.
Murphy Nicholas boot and shoe maker, 241 Water street, west.
Murphy M. provisions, 333 Water street.
Murphy Thomas fisherman, 98 Gower street.
Murphy Patrick carman, 338 Water street, west.
Murphy John cabman, 330 Water street, west.
Murphy William carman, 277 Water street, west.
Murphy Silvester wharf master, South side, east.
Murray William boot and shoe maker, South West street.
Murray James   174 Duckworth street.
Murray James laborer, 5 Kickham's lane.
Murray Abram laborer, 14 Nunnery hill.
Murray Michael laborer, 4 Delahunty's lane.
Murray Mrs. widow, 10 Chancey's lane.
Murray Mrs. James widow, Rennie's Mill road.
Murray James merchant, McBride's hill; house Circular road.
Murray Owen   off 244 Gower street.
Murray Martin carman, 29 Carter's hill.
Murray Anthony blacksmith, 9 James street.
Murray Thomas cabman, 8 New Gower street.
Murray Patrick blacksmith, 6 off Stephen street.
Murray Patrick fisherman, Flower hill.
Murray James laborer, 91 Pokeham path.
Murray John blacksmith, 221 New Gower street.
Murray Mrs. M. widow, 19 Brennan's lane.
Murray Mrs. William widow, provisions, 51 Water street, west.
Murray John provisions, 233 Water street, west.
Museum     Athenaeum Buildings.
MYRICK & Winser   wheelwrights and undertakers, Military road.
Myrick P. of Myrick & Winser, Military road.
Myrick Mrs. John widow, 10 Hayward's avenue.
Myler Thomas & sons blockmakers, 340 Water street.
Myler Thomas laborer, 9 Bell street.
Myler Thomas cooper, 8 Hayward's avenue.
Myler William blacksmith, 14 Victoria street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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