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St. John's City Area



Lacey Mrs. widow, 12 Livingstone street.
Lacey Mrs. widow, 41 James street, city.
Lacey James laborer, 33 Cuddihy's lane.
Lacey Richard laborer, 38 Barter's hill.
Lacey John watchman, 140 Le Marchant road.
Lacey James cooper, 265 Water street, west.
Lahey Mrs. Mary widow, 26 South West street.
Lahey Mrs. Catherine widow, 200 Water street, west.
Laing Edward porter, 12 Courting lane.
Laird Mrs. widow, 11 Cathedral hill.
Lamb Mary   9 South-West street.
Lamb Mrs. Mary widow, 14 William street.
Lamb Mrs. widow, 13 Cuddihy's lane.
Lambell William laborer, 16 Convent lane.
Lambert George fisherman, 28 Livingstone street.
Lambert John sailmaker, 47 Courting lane.
Lambert Martin laborer, 4 Brennan's lane.
Lampart Luke laborer, 48 Prescott street.
Lanized? George blacksmith, 93 Lazybank road.
Lands   Crown Office, Athenaeum Buildings, Duckworth street.
Landy Mrs. widow, Barnes road.
Landy Edward fisherman, 32 Plank road.
Lannan Michael laborer, 6 Rocky lane.
Lane Thomas fisherman, 34 South West street.
Lane Walter fisherman, 16 Duckworth street.
Lang Charles grocer and sippio? rooms 14 Adelaide street.
Langmead George watchmaker, 294 Water street.
Langmead John fireman, 22 Limekiln hill.
Langmead Francis fisherman, 24 Marshall's hill.
Langstone Mrs. widow, 241 Gower street.
Langstone Edward clerk, 169 Gower street.
Lannery Miss   12 Gower street.
Lannigan Mrs. E. widow, 32 Limekiln hill.
Lannigan Henry fisherman, 3 Foote's lane.
Lannigan John master cooper, South side, east.
Larin Patrick   93 Carter's hill.
Laracy James   328 Water street.
Laracy William seaman, 24 Rennie's Mill road.
Larrisay Patrick laborer, 11 Prince's street.
Lake Solomon fisherman, 16 Signal Hill road.
Lakeman Mrs. Ann widow, 5 Dogstown.
Larkin Mrs. widow, 22 Henry street.
Larkin Mrs. Patrick widow, 12 New Gower street.
Larkin John cooper, 42 Pokeham path.
Lash Mortimer of J. & G. Lash, 2 Tasker terrace.
LASH J. & G. liquors and confectionery, 303 Water street.
Lash Jeffrey of J. & G. Lash, 303 Water street.
Lash John accountant, 357 Water street.
Laskie George fisherman, 1 Covel's lane.
Laundry St. John's Steam   191 Duckworth street.
Lawlor Mrs. M. widow, 40 Cochrane street.
Lawlor Thomas gatekeeper, Government House, 44 South West st.
Lawlor Thomas laborer, 52 Courting lane.
Lawlor Edward cooper, 45 Lazybank road.
Lawlor John cooper, 76 Water street, west.
Lawlor John light keeper, 45 Plank road.
Lawrence John of Lawrence Brothers, 12 Plymouth road.
Lawrence Brothers   coach builders, Victoria street.
Lawrence Robert laborer, 7 British square.
Lawrence Abram Government Works, 41 Maxse street.
Lawrence Alexander storekeeper, 104 Lazybank road.
Lawrence John laborer, 9 Coady's lane.
Lawrie Robert buyer, W. Grieve & Co., 213 Gower street.
Lay Richard seaman, 126 Barnes road.
Lay Samuel boot factory worker, 85 Lazybank road.
Leamy Mrs. Michael widow, 12 Springdale street.
Lear Henry blacksmith, Pokeham path.
Leard Robert carpenter, 15 Barter's hill
Leard Josiah contractor, 5 Allen's square.
Learning George carpenter, 31 James street.
Learning Samuel ship carpenter, 40 Kickham's lane.
Leary James blacksmith, Hoylestown.
Leary James liquors 32 Gower street.
Leary Mrs. Ann widow, shopkeeper, 146 Duckworth street.
Leary Francis fisherman, 26 North street.
Leary Daniel laborer, 10 Nunnery hill.
Leary Michael laborer, Barnes road.
Leary Francis laborer, Boggan's lane.
Leary Patrick laborer, 93 Carter's hill.
Leary Philip fisherman, 7 Dammerill's lane.
Leary John laborer, 88 Dreelan's Well road.
Leary Thomas fisherman, 1542 New Gower street.
Leary Thomas fisherman, 21 Thomas street.
Leary John fisherman, 309 Water street, west.
Leary Patrick coachman, 48 New Gower street.
Leask John carpenter, 42 Hayward's avenue.
Le Buff Mrs. Charles widow, 10 King's road.
Ledrew Mrs. widow, 25 Plymouth row.
Ledrew Isaac seaman, 42 South West street.
Ledrew William fisherman, 7 College square.
Ledrew J.   South side, west.
Ledrew Mary widow, 7 James street.
Ledrew Mrs. R. J. widow, 140 Gower street.
Ledingham John engineer, 41 Patrick street.
Ledwell Thomas boot factory worker, 15 New Gower street.
Lee John fisherman, 97 Carter's hill.
Lee Mrs. widow, 42 Hayward's avenue.
Le Marquand George master mariner, 61 New Gower street.
Le Messurier H. W. of Le Messurier & Son, 61 Cochrane street.
LE MESSURIER & SON   commission merchants, 214 Water street.
Le Messurier H. C. of Le Messurier & Son, 63 Cochrane street.
Le Messurier George solicitor, 226 Duckworth street.
Le Messurier Charles book-keeper, Monkstown road.
Le Messurier P. F. clerk, 2 James street.
Le Messurier Peter F. clerk, 207 New Gower street.
Le Messurier Mrs. James widow, 37 Water street, west.
Le Messurier George chief clerk, Post Office
Leonard Patrick book-keeper, 24 Limekiln hill.
Lennox James carpenter, 2 North street.
Lennox Andrew   85 Monkstown road.
Leo (Loo or Lee) Miss liquors, 53 Duckworth street.
Le Strange Peter Sanitary Department, Rennie's Mill road.
Lewis Charles pilot, 88 Duckworth street.
Lewis William pilot, Duck of York street.
Lewis Frederick ship carpenter, 36 Gower street.
Lewis William pilot, 16 Gower street.
Lewis W. night boatman, 36 Gower street.
Lewis Henry laborer, 6 South street.
Lewis Richard seaman, 4 East street.
Lewis Robert clerk, Board of Works, 12 North street.
Lewis John seaman, 21 South West street.
Liddy William railway conductor, 43 Cochrane street.
Liddy Ellen widow, Freshwater road.
Liddy Mrs. widow, 344 Duckworth street.
Life Association of Scotland H. E. Hayward agent,  
Lilly George A. carpenter, 3 South West street.
Lilly Mrs. widow, 75 King's road.
LILLY FRANK D. solicitor, Temple, Duckworth street.
Lilly Robert R. W. Clerk of the Peace, Court House.
Lindsay Alexander seaman, off 104 New Gower street.
Lindsay M. ship carpenter, 4 Limekiln hill.
Lindstrom A. of Ohman & Lindstrom, 240 Gower street.
Lindstrom Thomas fisherman, 40 Duckworth street.
Lindberg John jeweller, 169 Water street.
Linegar Luke laborer, Boggan's lane.
Linegar Mrs. widow, 62 George street.
Linegar Michael cooper, 15 North street.
Lisburne Philip laborer, 62 Convent lane.
Liscombe George cooper, 9 British square.
Liscombe Philip   Lazybank road.
Liscombe George cooper, off King's road.
Lloyds' Agents   Bowring Brothers, Water street.
Lloyd Mrs. widow College square.
Lister Harry fireman, 32 Water street, west.
Little John carpenter, 101 Long's hill
Little Hon. J. J. judge, Supreme Court, 261 Duckworth street.
Livery Stables Henry Blatch   8 Carew street.
Locke David watchman, 46 Water street.
Locke John cooper, 30 Princes street.
Lockyer Mrs. K. widow, 73 Gower street.
Long John   85 King's road.
Long Thomas chief clerk, Sur.-Gen. Office, 272 Water street, west.
Long Patrick laborer, Boggan's lane.
Long Mrs. widow, 48 Limekiln hill.
Long Allan Crown Lands Office, 75 Pokeham path.
Long John laborer, 35 Patrick street.
Loughman Charles groceries, 92 Water street.
Loughman Charles   Forest road.
Lovett Thomas laborer, 5 Carter's hill.
Lucas Thomas seaman, 9 College square.
Lucas J. B. wharfman, 11 Dick's square.
Lucas Henry boot and shoe maker, 67 Long's hill.
Lumsden A. K. of Andersen & Lumsden, 16 Queen's road.
Lunergan Mrs. M. liquors, 126 Duckworth street.
Lundrigan Mrs. widow, 43 Dreelan's Well road.
Lundrigan William carman, 25 Rossiter lane.
Lunstrum John mason, 51 South West street.
Lush Austin sexton, Qui de Vidi road.
Lush Mrs. M. widow, 19 King's road.
Lyle J. H. dealer, 10 King's road.
Lynch Mrs. Ann widow, South side, west.
Lynch William seaman, 127 New Gower street.
Lynch J. M. provisions, 62 New Gower street.
Lynch Thomas fisherman, 37 Prescott street.
Lynch D. laborer, 37 Prescott street.
Lynch Thomas fisherman, 5 Long's lane.
Lynch Michael clerk, 5 Flavin's lane.
Lynch Frank fisherman, 26 Kickham's lane.
LYON & VEY   photographic studio, 206 Water street.
Lyon E. W.   271 Duckworth street.
Lyons John   16 Lahey's lane.
Lyons H. B. watchmager (watchmaker?) 306 Water street.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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