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St. John's City Area



Jacobs Moses trader, 36 Prince's street.
Jack Alexander clerk, 67 Military road.
Jack Mrs. J.   48 Prescott street.
Jackman James fisherman, 190 Duckworth street.
Jackman Arthur master mariner, 234 Duckworth street.
Jackman George seaman, 46 Barter's hill.
Jackman Philip fisherman, 2 Deady's lane.
Jackman Edward cutter, B. & S. Factory, 38 Lazybank road.
Jackman Thomas time-keeper, 186 New Gower street.
Jackman Mrs. William widow, 28 Brine street.
Jackman Philip laborer, 33 Princes street.
Jackman Michael fisherman, 17 Holdsworth street.
Jackman Frank mate 33 Foote's lane.
Jackman Tobias fisherman, 35 Foote's lane.
Jackson John clerk, 119 Water street.
Jackson John seaman, 11 South West street.
Jardine James examiner Customs, 20 Catherine row.
Jardine Robert brewer, 53 Patrick street.
Jardine William engineer, 48 Plank road.
Jaynes Peter fisherman, 24 Dreelan's Well road.
Jaynes James fisherman, 72 Dreelan's Well road.
Jaynes Henry baker, 188 Water street, west.
Jaynes John laborer, 192 Water street, west.
Jeans Miss   10 Gower street.
Jeans John store-keeper, 68 Cochrane street.
Jeans John tide-waiter, 48 King's road.
Jeans Mrs. widow, Rennie's Mill road.
Jeans Henry laborer, 14 Courting lane.
Jeans Jonathan laborer, 18 Courting lane.
Jeans Moses laborer, 26 Courting lane.
Jeans Charles fisherman, 16 Stephen street.
Jeans Fred cooper, 2 Stephen street.
Jennings George carpenter, 17 William street.
Jewer James master mariner, 6 Lazybank road.
Jewer William clerk, 249 Gower street.
Jewer Henry   South side, east.
JOB BROTHERS & CO.   merchants, 139 & 144 Water street.
Jocelyn Mrs. widow, 28 James street.
Johnson James carpenter, 26 Georgestown.
Johnson Robert fireman, 10 Limekiln hill.
Johnson William laborer, 12 Limekiln hill.
Johnson Samuel ship carpenter, 12 Tank lane.
Johnson Charles seaman, 13 Barter's hill.
Johnson Ann   57 Dreelan's Well road.
Johnson Henry laborer, 13 Dreelan's Well road.
Johnson McGuire ship carpenter, 210 New Gower street.
Johnson John seaman, 32 Coady's lane.
Johnson Christopher carpenter, 17 Waldegrave street.
Johnson James laborer, 44 Thomas street.
Johnstone Thomas currier, 8 Pilot's hill.
Johnston George M. solicitor, Cathedral hill.
Johnstone Adam storekeeper, Gower street.
Jolliff Thomas fisherman, 92 Gower street.
Jones James   Duckworth street.
Jones Thomas buyer, Bowring Bros., 55 Military road.
Jones Mrs. M. widow, 74 Gower street.
Jones William carman, 792 King's road.
Jones Right Rev. L. Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, The Rectory.
JORDAN PATRICK & SONS clothiers and drapers, 178, 122 Water street.
Jordan James of P. J. & Sons, 197 Gower street.
Jost George H. architect, 82 Water street.
Joy Joseph laborer, 16 Kickham's lane.
Joy Richard master mariner, 108 Gower street.
Joy John master mariner, 33 Long's hill.
Joy James J. master mariner, 7 Victoria street.
Joy Mrs. Thomas widow, 30 Prince's street.
Joy John laborer, 24 Prince's street.
Joy William cooper, 32 Prince's street.
Joy Mary   181 New Gower street.
Joyce Mrs. widow, 14 Brennan's lane.
Judge John fisherman, 62 James street.
Judge Peter carpenter, 130 Dreelan's Well road.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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