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St. John's City Area



Habit Mrs. widow, Duke of York street.
Hacket William master mariner, 183 Gower street.
Hacket James laborer, 26 Darling street.
Hacket John groceries, 22 Cathedral street.
Hacket Michael boot and shoe maker, 119 New Gower street.
Haco Mrs. widow, 6 Dreelan's Well road.
Haddon Mrs. widow, 61 Duckworth street.
Haddon John land surveyor, Monkstown road.
Haffey Laurence laborer, Monkstown road.
Haffey John seaman, 42 Courting lane.
Hagan John pilot, 98 Duckworth street.
Hailey Frank laborer, 6 Qui de Vidi road.
Hailey J. laborer, Delahunty's lane.
Hailey Michael fisherman, 52 Cookstown.
Hailey John seaman, 15 Dammerill's lane.
Hailey Patrick fisherman, 30 Dreelan's Well road.
Hailey Michael fisherman, 187 New Gower street.
Hailey Thomas laborer, South side, east.
Halehan James fisherman, 24 Kickham's lane.
Halehan Edward laborer, Delahunty's lane.
Halehan Nicholas moulder, 17 Brazil's square.
Halehan Patrick fisherman, 2 Lahey's lane.
Halleren Terence master mariner, 21 Monkstown road.
Halleren Jeremiah of Herder & Halleren, Hill of Chips.
Halleren James mason, 3 Qui de Vidi road.
Halleren Thomas laborer, 87 King's road.
Halleren Mrs. widow, 105 Long's hill.
Halleren Samuel mason, 3 Rossiter lane.
HALLET THOMAS L. dentist, 251 Water street.
Hallet John mason, 22 Balsam street.
Halfyard Richard master mariner, Young street.
Halliday Mrs. widow, boarding-house, 340 Duckworth street.
Hally James fisherman, 10 Duckworth street.
Hally Michael sailmaker, 14 Cathedral street.
Hally William D. appraiser water coy., 35 Victoria street.
Hally Philip tide-waiter, 290 Victoria street.
Hally Mrs. Thomas widow, 92 Dreelan's Well road.
Hamilton James laborer, 118 Water street, west.
Hamilton Patrick fisherman, 183 New Gower street.
Hamilton Michael   8 Hutchings street.
Hamilton Charles moulder, 87 Patrick street.
Hammond William boot and shoe maker, 100 Duckworth street.
Hammond William turnkey, penitentiary, 64 Duckworth street.
Hammond Thomas tobacco worker, 44 Hayward's avenue.
Hammond William laborer, 24 Rocky lane.
Hamlin Charles painter, 4 Duckworth street.
Hamlin Frank hair dresser, 365 Water street; house, 1 Waldegrave street.
Hamlin Paul carpenter, 12 King's road.
Hanaford Samuel planter, 207 New Gower street.
Hand Thomas laborer, 99 Monkstown road.
Hand F. W. tide-waiter, 44 Darling street.
Hand Mrs. widow, 5 Plank road.
Handcock E. head master Presbyterian Academy; house, Rennie's Mill road.
Hanley Richard painter, 2 Kickham's lane.
Hanley Mrs. Charles widow, 12 Bell street.
Hanloy P. J. tide-waiter, 37 New Gower street.
Hanlon John laborer, Hoylestown.
Hanlon Mrs. Honora widow, Dogstown.
Hanlon James fireman, South West street.
Hanna William engineer, 143 Gower street.
Hannan John   79 Dreelan's Well road.
Hannan Miss   31 Lazybank road.
Hannan John seaman, South side, west.
Hannebury John carman, 20 Plymouth row.
Hannebeary W. J. saddler, 106 New Gower street.
Hannigan John laborer, 157 Water street, west.
Hanifure Timothy laborer, 14 Convent lane.
Hanrahan Mrs. M. widow, 13 Qui de Vidi road.
Hanrahan Joseph master mariner, 42 Water street, west.
Hanover John fisherman, 52 Pokeham path.
Hapgood William carpenter, 17 Catherine row.
Harbor Master's Office     Queen's wharf, Water street.
Harding Patrick tanner, 122 Military road.
Hardy James farmer, 51 Duckworth street.
Hardy Mrs. Sarah widow, 2 Deady's lane.
Harris Providence   10 Hunt's lane.
Harris William seaman, 42 South West street.
Harris George fisherman, 13 Carew street.
Harris William carpenter, 37 Monkstown road.
Harris William carpenter, 10 James street.
Harris George laborer, 237 Gower street.
Harris Frank police force, 38 Le Marchant road.
Harris Stephen seaman, 11 James street, city.
Harris John laborer, 74 Dreelan's Well road.
Harris George clerk, 24 Brine street.
Harris John   South side, east.
Harris William   South side, east.
Harris John   South side, east.
Harrison John mate, 16 Cuddihy's lane.
Harkins Thomas laborer, 116 New Gower street.
Harkness Mrs. William widow, 16 Springdale street.
Harley Francis plasterer, 109 New Gower street.
Harrington Daniel laborer, Barnes road.
Hart Mrs. widow, 49 Queen's road.
Hart John carpenter, 246 Gower street.
Hart Michael seaman, off 104 New Gower street.
Hart Mrs. Thomas widow, 138 Water street.
Hartery Thomas fireman, 6 Signal Hill road.
Hartery Stephen sailmaker, Georgestown.
Hartery Mrs. widow, 33 James street.
Hartery Michael seaman, 51 Long's hill.
Hartery Michael fisherman, 29 Cuddihy's lane.
Hartery Mrs. widow, 70 New Gower street.
Hartery Nicholas seaman, 80 Water street, west.
Hartery Mrs. John widow, 3 New Gower street.
Hartwell Bartholomew fisherman, 56 Pokeham path.
Harvey & Co.   merchants, 113 Water street.
Harvey A. J. & Co. bakery, Lower water; house, 2 Devon row.
HARVEY Rev. M. Presbyterian minister retired, 3 Devon row.
Harvey Richard dry goods, 129 Water street; house, Jersey lodge.
Harvey A. J. of A. J. Harvey & Co., 2 Devon row.
Harvey Hon. A. W. of Harvey & Co., King's Bridge road.
Harvey A. J. surgeon, 230 Duckworth street.
Harvey William master mariner, 13 William street.
Harvey Richard master mariner, 118 Lazybank road.
Harvey J. carpenter, 60 Pokeham path.
Harvey James fisherman, 110 Gower street.
Harvey William fisherman, 130 George street.
Harvey Charles civil engineer, 77 Military road.
Harvey William   South side, east.
Harvey John   South side, east.
Hatcher George   4 Coady's lane.
Hautville? George master mariner, 28 Limekiln hill.
Havelin Mrs. widow, millinery, 365 Water st.; ho.; 9 Lazybank road.
Haw Thomas liquors, 28 New Gower street.
Hawkins Henry fisherman, 4 Coady's lane.
Hawley Edward agent, Cook street.
Hawley John laborer, 41 Plank road.
Hay Mrs. Jessie widow, 6 South West street.
Hay William stone cutter, 284 Duckworth street.
Hayden Richard boarding house, 176 Water street.
Hayden Michael fisherman, 24 Darling street.
Hayden Mrs. Patrick widow, 10 Plank road.
Hayden Patrick fisherman, 60 Foote's lane.
Hayden John fisherman, 222 Water street, west.
Hayes Nicholas cooper, 31 Cochrane street.
Hayes Patrick laborer, 22 North street.
Hayes John waterman, 104 Military road.
Hayes James waterman, 64 James street.
Hayes John cabman, 106 New Gower street.
Hayes Thomas butcher, 141 New Gower street.
Hayes Patrick dealer, 29 Kings road.
Haynes? Mrs. Patrick widow, 11 Long's hill
Haynes? John laborer, 31 Carter's hill.
Haynes? Edward fisherman, 268 Gower street.
Haynes? Mrs. widow, 22 Limekiln hill.
Haynes? Patrick fisherman, 11 Tank lane.
Haynes? William boot and shoe maker, 102 New Gower street.
Haynes? Samuel pattern maker, 162 Lazybank road.
Hayward James S. sub-collector H. M. Customs, 31 Military road.
Hayward Arthur accountant, 13 Queen's road.
HAYWARD A. O. Queen's counsel, 256 Duckworth street; house, Pennywell path.
HAYWARD & CO.   merchants, 253 Water street.
Hayward H. E. of Hayward & Co. 442 Water street.
Hayward William vice-counsel for Portugal Retreat cottage.
Hayward Mrs. John widow, Retreat cottage, King's bridge.
Hayward George accountant, Retreat cottage.
Hayward John H. accountant, 79 Prescott street.
Heale James storekeeper, 13 Bell street.
Healy Thomas fisherman, 2 Plank road.
HEARN & CO.   merchants, Hunter's cove.
Hearn Timothy laborer, 18 Victoria street.
Hearn John fisherman, 257 Gower street.
Hearn Denis fisherman, 31 James street, city.
Hearn John laborer, 9 Dreelan's Well road.
Heath H. boot and shoe maker, 142 Gower street.
Heath Archibald carpenter, 37 Maxse street.
Heath Robert carpenter, 93 Pokeham path.
Heath Richard carpenter, 34 Thomas street.
Heaney Mrs. widow, 68 King's road.
Heaney James grocer, 94 King's road.
Heaney Mrs. widow, 39 Prince's street.
Heffer Richard hairdresser and tobacconist, 200 Water street.
Heffrin Richard   Kickham's lane.
Heffrin Michael fisherman, 99 George street.
Hegarty Patrick cabinetmaker, 15 Queen street.
Hellyer Thomas tanner, 12 Knight street.
Hellyer John boot and shoe maker, 206 Duckworth street.
Henderson Henry clerk, 210 Gower street.
Henderson Daniel J. mining manager, Scott street.
Hendricks C. master mariner, British square.
Hendrickson Matthew seaman, 7 Duck of York street.
Hendry John cabman, 59 Monkstown road.
Hendry Richard farmer, 321 Water street, west.
Hendry Thomas engineer, 218 Gower street.
Hennebury Thomas store-keeper, 56 Water street.
Hennebury Mark fisherman, 59 Gower street.
Hennebury James fisherman, 59 Gower street.
Hennebury Robert laborer, 18 British square.
Hennebury Richard farmer, 7 Cookstown.
Hennebury Mark fisherman, 34 Adelaide street.
Hennebury Michael laborer, 26 Plank road.
Hennebury Thomas farmer, Freshwater road.
Hennessy James grocer, 121 Duckworth street.
Hennessy J. liquors, 128 Duckworth street.
Hennessy William fisherman, 11 North street.
Hennessy John   141 Gower street.
Hennessy Denis repairer, Telegraph Company, 38 Darling street.
Hennessy Robert Labrador Garrison hill.
Hennessy Mrs. widow, 14 Limekiln hill.
Hennessy Mrs. widow, 1 Holdsworth street.
Hepditch Richard fisherman, 17 Dogstown.
Hepditch Mrs. widow, Dreelan's Well road.
Hepditch Mrs. S. widow, 5 Darling street.
Herder James proprietor Evening Telegram, 149 Gower street.
Herder Mrs. S. widow, 151 Gower street.
Herder George laborer, 112 Gower street.
Herder Richard carpenter, 37 Lazybank road.
Herder G. H. of Herder & Halleren, Hill of Chips.
HERDER & HALLEREN   builders, Hill of Chips.
Hewardine William porter, 79 Military road.
Hewardine Thomas   79 Military road.
Hewitt James fisherman, 20 Signal Hill road.
Hewitt Joseph fisherman, 64 King's road.
Hickey John carpenter, 8 South street.
Hickey Patrick laborer, off Military road.
Hickey Patrick ship carpenter, 98 Gower street.
Hickey William seaman, 22 Flavin's lane.
Hickey Michael tailor, 28 Victoria street.
Hickey James ship carpenter, 3 Garrison hill.
Hickey Richard laborer, 5 Long's hill.
Hickey Mrs. widow, 89 Limekiln hill.
Hickey Michael boot and shoe maker, 6 New Gower street.
Hickey John fisherman, 10 Barter's hill.
Hickey John carman, 48 Barter's hill.
Hickey James fisherman, 48 Barter's hill.
Hickey Lawrence fisherman, 10 Barter's hill.
Hickey John boot and shoe maker, 17 Flower hill
Hickey Richard cooper, 3 Dreelan's Well road.
Hickey David laborer, 77 King's road.
Hickey Mrs. Joseph widow, 39 New Gower street.
Hickey James seaman, 289 Water street, west.
Hicks William machinist, 81 1/2 Gower street.
Higgins John clerk, 48 South West street.%
Higgins James   King's road.
Hill Nathanial cooper, 29 Gower street.
Hill Thomas cooper, 103 Gower street.
Hill W. T. shop-keeper, 38 Cochrane street.
Hill John store-keeper, 233 Gower street.
Hillary Richard baker and confectioner, 81 Water street.
Hines Thomas ship carpenter, 6 Dammerill's lane.
Hines Isaac laborer, 15 Princes street.
Hines Joseph ship carpenter, 11 Queen street.
Hingstone William   South side, east.
Hingstone William   South side, east.
Hipson William engineer, 37 Victoria street.
Hiscock George master mariner, 35 Victoria street.
Hiscock Arthur clerk, 12 Chapel street.
Hiscock John seaman, 14 Hayward's avenue.
Hiscock Mary Ann   6 Balsam street.
Hiscock John laborer, 8 Limekiln hill.
Hiscock Henry boilermaker, 164 Lazybank road.
Hiscock Francis   South side, east.
Hoare Edward cooper, 18 Hutchings street.
Hobbs Mrs. William widow, 79 Long's hill.
Hobson E. liquors, 388 Water street.
Hodder W. J. painter, 27 Gower street.
Hodder W. J. painter, 58 South West street.
Hodder David tinsmith, 13 Kickham's lane.
Hodder Elias seaman, 7 Dammerill's lane.
Hodder Henry   South side, east.
Hoeberg Randolph master mariner, 40 Lazybank road.
Hoffman Charles sailmaker, 30 Limekiln hill.
Hoggan Henry   South side, east.
Hogan Mrs. Patrick widow, 86 Duckworth street.
Hoggen William master mariner, 179 Gower street.
Hogan Richard steward, 17 Bell street.
Hogan Mrs. widow, 264 Duckworth street.
Hogan Mrs. widow, 61 Barter's hill.
Hogan Patrick   41 Barter's hill.
Hogan Patrick liquors, 314 Water street.
Hogan James fisherman, 2 Lahey's lane.
Hogan William laborer, 243 Water street, west.
Holden R. B. clerk, House Assembly, 63 Monkstown road.
Holden Peter overseer roads, 17 Cathedral hill.
Holden Thomas seaman, 275 1/2 Water street, west.
Holden John laborer, 339 Water street, west.
Holland Fred mason, South West street.
Holland John boot and shoe maker, 49 New Gower street.
Holland William watchman, 21 Foote's lane.
Holwill M. H. laborer, 34 Qui de Vidi road.
Holwill Henry cooper, 42 Qui de Vidi road.
Holwill Augustus fisherman, 5 Duck of York street.
Holwill George fisherman, 12 Marshall's hill.
Holmes Thomas laborer, 48 George street.
Holly William fisherman, 24 Marshall's hill.
Holly John laborer, 30 North street.
Hookey James seaman, 33 Le Marchant road.
Hookey Eli seaman, 32 Courting lane.
Hookey John carpenter, 20 Balsam street.
Horwill James clerk, 13 Cathedral hill.
Horwood J. & T. bakers and confectioners, 155 Water street.
Horwood John   13 Cathedral street.
Horwood John laborer, 27 Victoria street.
Horwood Joseph watchman, 15 Long's hill.
Hoskins David laborer, 10 Marshall's hill.
Hospital St. John's   Qui de Vidi road.
Hope Henry seaman, 34 Cookstown.
Hopkins Richard sanitary department, 9 Carew street.
Hopkins John carpenter, 53 Monkstown road.
Hopkins Mrs. M. A. widow, 74 Queen's road.
Hooper Mrs. widow, 61 Carter's hill.
Hooper William seaman, 88 George street.
Houlahan Michael fisherman, 30 Duckworth street.
Houlahan Joseph laborer, 20 Tank lane.
Hounsell William & Co. agents, 241 Water street.
Hounsell Henry rope walk worker, 72 Patrick street.
House Joseph seaman, 70 Prescott street.
Howard James fisherman, 29 Qui de Vidi road.
Howard John   34 Flavin's lane.
Howard Patrick seaman, 7 Dogstown.
Howe James of Stubb, Rowe, & Holmwood, Signal Hill road.
Howell Mark seaman, 14 Gower street.
Howell Leander seaman, 14 Barter's hill.
Howie Israel laborer, 16 South street.
Howlett Thomas cooper, 86 Gower street.
Howlett John clerk, 65 Prescott street.
Howlett William boot and shoe maker, 196 Water street.
Howlett Stephen brakesman, 8 Plymouth row.
Howley Thomas surgeon and physician, 228 Duckworth street.
Howley Mrs. Alexander   67 Duckworth street.
Howley James geologist, 5 Military road.
Howley Mrs. Michael widow, 127 Military road.
Howley Rev. Michael D.D., R. C, Episcopal residence,
Howson William boot and shoe maker, 9 Princes street.
Hudson William seaman, 12 1/2 Duckworth street.
Hudson George   26 Darling street.
Hudson J. C. clerk, 14 William street.
Hudson Philip trader, 16 William street.
Hudson John fisherman, 10 Chancoy's lane.
Hudson John carpenter, 21 West street.
Hudson Solomon carpenter, 40 North street.
Hudson George fisherman, 42 James street.
Hughes John R. store-keeper, 39 Darling street.
Huggins William soap-boiler, 359 Water street, west.
Hunt Ebenezer laborer, Holloway street.
Hunt Robert   Signal Hill road.
Hunt James book-keeper, 124 Military road.
Hunt Mrs. John widow, Young street.
Hunt Samuel laborer, 10 Tank lane.
Hunt John laborer, 22 Tank lane.
Hunt George blacksmith, 168 Lazybank road.
Hunt John seaman, 244 New Gower street.
Hunt James fisherman, 8 Princes street.
Hunt John clerk, 9 Queen street.
Hunt Theophilus seaman, 17 Georgestown.
Hunter T. book-keeper, 168 Water street, west.
Hurley Mrs. J. widow, 45 Signal Hill road.
Hurley Mrs. C. widow, 48 Gower street.
Hurley Mrs. T. widow, 8 Delahunty's lane.
Hurley Mrs. Mary widow, 48 Nunnery hill.
Hurley James tailor, 1 Long's hill.
Hurley Patrick laborer, 29 James street, city.
Hurley Robert laborer, Lazybank road.
Hurley Maurice rope walk worker, 31 Patrick street.
Hurley John steward, 184 Water street, west.
Hurley Edward rope walk worker, 22 Foote's lane.
Hurley James fisherman, South side, west.
Hussey William laborer, 50 Dreelan's Well road.
Hussey John carpenter, 52 Dreelan's Well road.
Hutchings M. W. insurance agent, 93 Water street.
Hutchings George agent Job Bros. & Co., 141 Water street.
Hutchings John carpenter, Freshwater road.
Hutchings Charles sailmaker, 28 Adelaide street.
Hutchings John sailmaker, 12 Adelaide street.
Hutchins Philip dry goods, 221 to 227 Water street.
Hutchinson Mrs. widow, 17 Queen's road.
Hutton Mrs. George widow, 41 Military road.
Hyde William laborer, 45 Long's hill.
Hynes Michael planter, 77 Carter's hill.
Hynes John fisherman, 50 Flower hill.
Hynes John cabman, 36 Springdale street.
Hynes Laurence fireman, 71 New Gower street.
Hynes James   auction mart, Water street; house, 7 Dick's square.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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