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St. John's City Area



Gabriel Mrs Widow 85 Gower street
Gaden George H aerated waters 150 Duckworth street
Gaden Thomas W accountant Custom House, 47 Cochrane street
Gaden Garland telegraph clerk Cathedral street
Gade Mrs widow 196 Water street, west
Gale Thomas baker 35 Long's hill
Galagey Francis moulder 228 Water street
Galagey William fisherman 217 New Gower street
Gallavan Michael cooper 7 Cochrane street
Gallavan William cooper 28 Duckworth street
Gallavan John cooper 26 Duckworth street
Gallavan Thomas cooper 74 Duckworth street
Gallibar Mrs John widow 36 Hutchings street
Gallishew John pilot 108 Duckworth street
Gallishew William pilot 21 Cochrane street
Gallishew Miss   12 South street
Galway Denis tailor and clothier 332 Water street
Galway Anthony laborer 97 Monkstown road
Galway Nicholas cooper 4 Pokeham path
Gamberg John painter 41 Long's hill
Gamberg Charles painter 23 Long's hill
Gambier William fisherman 87 King's road
Gardner James laborer 62 Long's hill
Gardner Thomas seaman 3 Limekiln hill
Gardner Stephen fisherman 33 Dreelan's Well road
Garland Mrs James widow 3 Holdsworth street
Garland Eli laborer 25 James street, city
Garland George cooper 184 LeMarchant road
Garland Samuel fisherman 16 Georgetown
Garland Charles cooper 41 Harvey road
Garland Mrs widow 84 Queen's road
Garland Levi M.H.A. 28 Gower street
Garland Willis carpenter 6 South street
Garland Fred seaman 8 East street
Garland Pierce fisherman 1 College square
Garret John painter 101 King's road
Garret John painter 6 Plymouth row
Garret Samuel mason 2 Duckworth street
Garret Henry seaman 118 Military raod
Gas Light Company's Office     214 Water street
Gas Works J Rooney manager Riverhead
Gaul Thomas fisherman 9 Holdsworth street
Gaul Michael seaman 277 Water street
Gaul R cooper 157 Gower street
Gaul John seaman 64 Barnes road
Gaulton D sailmaker 14 Plymouth row
Gaulton Patrick   off Gower street
Gazette The Royal office off Duckworth street
Gaze William commission agent 342 Water street
Gear Charles fisherman 26 King's road
Gear George Merchant Barnes road
Gear H & Co. plumbers, hardware &c 370 Water street
Gear's Stove Establishment     249 Water street
Gear Henry of Gear & Co 43 Monkstown road
Gearin Lawrence   35 Springdale street
Gearin Thomas master mariner 21 Prescott street
Gearin James   21 Prescott street
Geary John cooper 50 Prescott street
Geary Mrs M Widow off Delahunty's lane
Geary Joseph seaman 105 Gower street
Geary Michael   31 Barter's hill
Gelletley Alexander laborer 9 Cuddihy's lane
Gelletley James engineer 50 Henry street
Gelletley William engineer 21 Georgestown
Gemmel Hugh foundry and engine and boiler works Water street; house 53 Cochrane street
George Street Wesleyan Church     George street
Gent Mrs   5 Dogstown
General Water Company's Office     Duckworth street
George H E artist 56 South West street
Gatheral John labourer 11 Waldegrave street
Gatheral William ship carpenter 9 Limekiln hill
Gibbons Mrs John Widow 65 New Gower street
Gibbons Edward   22 Nunnery hill
Gibb H M general merchant 158 Water street; house, Barnes road
Gibbs John cooper 159 New Gower street
Gifford Thomas mason 51 Gower street
Gill Henry   138 Duckworth street
Gill William   59 Cochrane street
Gill Thomas   34 Long's hill
Gillard & Smith   brokers and commission merchants 219 Water street
Gillard John T of Gillard & Smith 4 Barnes road
Giles William master mariner 35 James street
Giles Richard master mariner 35 James street
Gladney Patrick fisherman 33 Cuddihy's lane
Gladney James fisherman 142 Darling street
Gladney Martin tailor 282 Water street
Glass Etching Coy   George Udle, manager works, Springdale st
Glass William of Callahan & Glass 154 Gower street
Glasco John butcher 396 Water street
Gleeson James hardware 105 & 107 Water street
Gleeson John P journalish Halloway street
Glen Martin fisherman 44 Lazybank road
Glen John fisherman 53 Dreelan's Well road
Glen Richard   South side, east
Glen Mrs Widow South side, west
Glen John mate 13 New Gower street
Globe Boarding-house     Gambier street
Godden Thomas clerk 16 Pennywell path
Godden William clerk 20 British square
Goff James cooper Flower hill
Goff Samuel carpenter 46 Pokeham path
Goff Richard cabinetmaker 11 & 17 Prescott street
Golway Mrs E liquors 380 Water street
Gooby William laborer 39 James street, city
Gooby William   South side, east
Gooby Burnet laborer 50 Nunnery hill
Goodall John   28 Hutchings street
Goode Miss teacher, Congregational Schools Monkstown road
Goodfellow & Co   general merchants 241 Water street
Goodfellow James of Goodfellow & Co 241 Water street
Goodland Mary Ann   264 Gower street
Goodland Michael laborer Monkstown road
Goodland Henry storeman 40 Darling street
Goodland John fisherman 18 Hayward's avenue
Goodland Mrs J widow 26 Flavin's lane
Goodridge Alan & Sons general merchants 235 Water street
Goodridge A F of Alan Goodridge & Sons Rennie's Mill road
Goodridge Richard of Alan Goodridge & Sons Monkstown road
Goodridge John insurance broker Commercial rooms
Goldie James manager, Union Bank Duckworth street
Golop Henry mason 92 Limekiln road
Gordon William carpenter 24 Lazybank road
Gordon James accountant 265 Gower street
Gorman John laborer 23 Plymouth row
Gorman Mrs Vincent widow 49 Gower street
Gorman George ship carpenter 13 Rossiter street
Gorman Michael   Poor-house lane
Goss Edward boot and shoe maker Scott street
Goss Mrs D widow, millinery and glassware 230 Water street
Goss Joseph master mariner Scott street
Goss John tailor 214 Water street
Goss James seaman 8 East street
Goss Peter fisherman 176 Gower street
Goudie & Diamond   tinware and stoves 270 Water street
Goudie E of Goudie & Diamond 67 Prescott street
Goudie William baker 43 Prescott street
Goudie George watchman 112 Gower street
Gould Thomas laborer 31 Adelaide street
Gourlay John moulder 21 Hutchings street
Government House     Military road
Government Engineer's Office     Athenaeum buildings
Gover J P seaman 12 Pilot's hill
Gower Street Methodist Church     Gower street
Grace T & J provisions 360 Water street
Grace Thomas provisions 253 Water street
Grace Patrick cooper 14 Livingstone street
Grace Michael carpenter 30 off Stephen street
Grace Edward carpenter 44 Flower hill
Grace Richard board of works employee 116 Military road
Grace Patrick fisherman 17 Duckworth street
Grace Thomas carpenter 17 Duckworth street
Grace William baker 17 Duckworth street
Grace Patrick boot and shoe maker 194 Duckworth street
Grace James fisherman 43 Nunnery hill
Grace Mrs E widow 39 Nunnery hill
Grace Nicholas fisherman 12 Dick's square
Grahame Alexander master mariner Waterford Bridge road
Grahame Robert boot and shoe maker 34 King's road
Grahame James painter 8 Dammerill's lane
Grahame Thomas painter 9 Dammerill's lane
Grahame John master mariner Freshwater road
Grant Mrs Thomas widow 5 Buchanan street
Grant William laborer 132 Dreelan's Well road
Grant Thomas boot and shoe maker 50 Water street, west
Grant Daniel laborer 14 Long's lane
Grant Daniel store-keeper, Anglo-American Telegraph Company Queen's road
Gray N painter 58 South West street
Gray John tinsmith Covel's lane
Gray Patrick gardener Allandale road
Gray Joseph sawyer 24 James street
Gray George book-keeper 307 Water street
Green Michael fisherman 32 Plank road
Green John master mariner 149 LeMarchant road
Green James seaman Young street
Green James laborer Young street
Green William tide-waiter Parade
Green John laborer 22 James street, city
Green John fisherman 50 Limekiln hill
Green Elias fisherman 60 Limekiln hill
Green Thomas laborer 15 Bell street
Green Simon boot and shoe maker 51 Henry street
Green James carpenter Garrison hill
Green N laborer 60 Barnes road
Green Maurice carpenter 114 Military road
Greene Michael K of Dryer & Greene 15 Queen's road
Green D J attorney 339 Duckworth street
Gribble John storekeeper 357 Duckworth street
Grieve Walter Bain of Baine, Johnston & Co, Avalon Waterford Bridge road
Grieve Walter & Co general merchants 175 Water street
Griffin Gregory   281 Water street, west
Griffin Mrs widow 251 New Gower street
Griffin Mrs widow 18 Cookstown
Griffin Patrick seaman 49 Dreelan's Well road
Griffin Israel fisherman 87 Monkstown
Griffin James laborer 46 Barnes road
Griffin Mrs M widow 42 Barnes road
Griffin Maurice laborer 19 Delahunty's lane
Griffin Thomas laborer 23 Duke York street
Griffin James laborer King's Bridge road
Griffiths William fisherman 30 Rocky lane
Griffiths Alexander fisherman 30 Rocky lane
Griffiths Thomas fisherman 42 Lazybank road
Griffiths Richard fisherman South side, west
Grills William seaman Delahunty's lane
Grimble Alfred seaman 28 Springdale street
Grinslet Mrs widow Dreelan's Well road
Grinslet Michael laborer 233 New Gower street
Gruchy Philip fisherman 11 Holdsworth street
Gruchy Augustus laborer 11 Flavin's lane
Gruchy James fisherman 3 Kickham's lane
Gruchy Matthew fisherman 5 Kickham's lane
Gruchy Philip fisherman 26 Marshall's hill
Gruchy Francis carpenter 1 Duckworth street
Gruchy Noah brewer 4 Walsh's town
Groves James laborer Chancey's lane
Guest Robert seaman South side, east
Guinan Mrs P widow 21 William street
Guinan Mrs Ann widow South West street
Gunn Alexander ship carpenter 9 Chancey's lane
Guscott John baker 14 New Gower street
Gushue Francis fisherman 47 Signal hill road
Gushue Francis tinsmith 148 Water street; house, 56 Gower street
Gunnerson David mate 19 Waldegrave street
Guzzle John laborer 2 Convent lane

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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