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St. John's City Area



Eadie Richard laborer Pokeham path
Eagan John boarding house Gunthier (?) street
Eagan Patrick laborer King's road
Eagan James laborer Long's hill
Eagan Martin laborer New Gower street
Eagan James master mariner Waldegrave street
Eagan John baker New Gower street
Eagan Katie (?)   New Gower street
Eagan John laborer Foote's lane
Eagan Patrick laborer Foote's lane
Earle Miss   Water street
Earle Joseph   South side
Earle Benjamin   South side
Earle M fisherman Flower hill
Earle ? storekeeper Dreelan's Well road
Earle Richard mariner Limekiln hill
Earle Richard bookkeeper Long's hill
Earle Reginald H watch maker Water street
Earle Thomas sailmaker Gower street
Earle Henry carpenter British square
Earle William fisherman Dogstown
Earle William laborer Qui de Vidi road
Earle William laborer Dogstown
Early James   Lion square
Eastman George trader Long's hill
Eastman Joseph fisherman Limekiln hill
Eastman William carpenter Job's lane
Ebbs Thomas laborer ? Place
Ebsary Allen cooper Flower hill
Ebsary Stephen cooper South side, east
Ebsary Edwin   South side, east
Ebsary James   South side, east
Ebsary Mrs   South side, east
Ebsary James   South side, east
Ebsary John   South side, east
Ebsary Richard laborer Gower street
Edens John A grocer Water street
Edward Andrew carpenter Lazybank road
Edney Samuel ? William street
Effert George carpenter Prescott street
Ellard Michael cooper Gower street
Ellard John fisherman New Gower street
Elger John laborer Courtling lane
Elliot James   Water street, west
Ellis Henry agent Water street; house, Gower street
Ellis Edward ? Long's hill
Ellis James   South side, west
Ellis David mason New Gower street
Ellis Michael mason Job's lane
Ellis Charles plumber and coppersmith Water street
Ellis John ? Hutchings avenue
Elmsley George   Topsal road
Elson Miss   George street
Emerson Hon Geo   Virginia water
Emerson Prescott chief clerk King's bridge
? ?   Flower hill
England Charles laborer James street
England George laborer Gower street
England John laborer Marsh hill
England William ? Prescott street
English Mrs John, widow   Water street, west
English Mrs, widow   124 Pokeham path
English Joseph proprietor Advocate 277 Duckworth street
English William watchmaker 264 Water street
English John boot and shoe maker 266 Water street
English Mrs, widow   230 Duckworth street
English Thomas laborer Hayward's avenue
English Patrick fisherman 58 James street
English Richard laborer 34 Flavin's lane
English Richard laborer 14 Nunnery hill
English Edward master mariner 7 King's road
English William master mariner 155 Duckworth street
English Mrs, widow boarding house 121 Water street
Ennis J   16 Henry street
Ennis Mrs, widow   177 New Gower street
Ennis P A blacksmith 10 Brennan's lane
Errickson John mechanic 72 Gower street
Esbury Mrs, widow   14 British square
Escott William laborer Dreelan's Well road
Escott Mrs, widow   29 Flower hill
Evans John boot factory worker 85 Patrick street
Evans Henry fisherman 218 Water street, west
Evans Joseph laborer 66 George street
Evans Robert boot and shoe f worker 26 Hutchings street
Evans David seaman Dreelan's Well road
Evans George sailmaker 161 George street
Evans William seaman 11 King's road
Evans Mrs L, widow   67 King's road
Everett Mrs, widow   34 West street
Ewing Alexander fisherman 62 Flower hill
Ewing James sanitary inspector 16 Allen's square
Ewing Thomas storekeeper 47 Queen's road
Excelsior Foundry     Dreelan's Well road

Transcribed by Lenora Purey (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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