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St. John's City Area



Barnes William laborer 32 Georgestown
Barnes Robert bookkeeper 215 Gower street
Barnes Andrew carpenter 4 Allen's square
Barnes John fisherman 35 Carter's hill
Barnes George sexton 76 Limekiln hill
Barnes Charles clerk 76 New Gower street
Barnes Richard laborer 232 New Gower street
Barnes Arthur trader 160 Lazybank road
Barnes William cooper 109 Lazybank road
Barnes Richard fisherman 16 Buchanan street
Barnes Robert laborer 5 Job's lane
Barnes William seaman 235 New Gower street
Barnes William master mariner 420 Water street
Barnes Henry grocer 432 Water street
Barnes William of Gear & Co 320 Water street
Barnes Charles librarian, Athenaeum 320 Water street
Barr Mrs   South side, east
Barret Samuel porter 39 Maxse street
Barret Arthur 2nd master General Protestant Academy
Barret John laborer 10 South West street
Barret John fisherman 59 South West street
Barret George watchman 114 Gower street
Barrington John laborer 11 Dogstown
Barron John clerk South side, west
Barron Aram   23 Thomas street
Barron Edward tallyman 113 New Gower street
Barron Pierce M clerk, Custom house 142 New Gower street
Barron Lawrence collector 12 Barter's hill
Barron James seaman 99 Carter's hill
Barron Peter laborer 17 Dogstown
Barron Miss   50 New Gower street
Barry Mrs M   121 Qui de Vidi road
Barry David engineer 46 South West street
Barry William fisherman 10 Tank lane
Barry Denis   1 Deady's lane
Barry John fisherman 124 Lazybank road
Barter Mrs L, widow   11 Darling street
Barter Jonas clerk 9 Queen's road
Barter Mrs J, widow   7 Garrison hill
Barter Richard carpenter 10 Cathedral street
Bartlett Isaac master mariner 22 Hunt's lane
Bartlett George seaman 68 Barnes road
Bartlett John fisherman 33 Adelaide street
Bartlett William seaman 29 Adelaide street
Bartlett George laborer 222 New Gower street
Bartlett William gasfitter 8 Rocky land
Bartlett George laborer 12 Brine street
Bartlett Henry cooper 22 Buchanan street
Bartlett Abraham laborer 62 Lazybank road
Bartlett J   South side, west
Bartlett Henry fisherman off 22 Water street, west
Bacombe Mrs B, widow   10 East street
Batcock William blacksmith 11 Le Marchant road
Bates J J grocer 90 Prescott street
Bates John groceries 165 Gower street
Bates Thomas ship carpenter 44 Military road
Batterton James mail master "Plover" 14 Brazil square
Bathgate Mrs A, widow boarding house Queen's road
Batson Matthew tide waiter 10 Chapel street
Bavarian Brewery     Signal hill road
Bavarian Beer Depot     117 Duckworth street
Baxter Duncan master mariner 18 Cochrane street
Beard William fisherman South side, east
Beard Mrs, widow   South side, west
Beard Mrs, widow   9 George street
Bearns Thomas provisions 324 and 361 Water street
Bearns Thomas furniture factory 22 Springdale street
Bearns Eugene P furniture dealer 272 Water street
Bearns Thomas   132 Military road
Bearns William M accountant 128 Military road
Bearnes George E provisions Water st.
Beaton Rev David Congregational minister 29 Monkstown road
Beavis Mrs, widow   Dreelan's Well road
Beavis William fisherman Dogstown
Beavis Thomas laborer 2 Cookstown
Beck William buyer Job Brothers & Co 7 West street
Beckford James laborer 28 Hutchings street
Beenlen Miss   17 Garrison hill
Beer William carman Long's hill
Bell Mrs, widow   28 James's street
Bell Walter fisherman 15 Hayward's avenue
Bell James laborer 15 Hayward's avenue
Bell Samuel carpenter 17 Stephen street
Bendle William carpenter 90 George street
Bendle William engineer 235 Water street, west
Bendle Thomas carpenter 29 James street, city
Bennet Philip seaman 7 College square
Bennet David   21 Cookstown
Bennet Miss millinery 36 Water street, west
Bennet CF & Co merchants 385 Water street
Bennet Edward W & Co brewery 258 Water street, west
Bennet Thomas   South side, east
Bennet James   South side, east
Bennet Peter laborer 40 Cookstown
Bennet John fisherman 60 Limekiln hill
Benison Alexander seaman 13 Victoria street
Benson Joseph laborer Boggan's lane
Benson Thomas watchman off 20 Stephen street
Benjamin J E grocer 35 Prescott street
Berney Michael   4 Queen's road
Berrigan William ship carpenter 255 Gower street
Berrigan Patrick tailor 268 Water street
Berrigan Pierce fisherman 20 King's road
Berry George cooper 26 Victoria street
Berry John cooper 20 Victoria street
Berteau Frank C clerk H.M.C. 56 Prescott street
Bethune Malcolm cabinetmaker 21 Hayward avenue
Bewy Henry fisherman 11 Dreelan's Well road
Bibbings John fisherman South side, east
Bibby Patrick cooper 2 Bulley's lane
Bibby Edward shoemaker 18 Henry street
Bickham John police force 26 Georgestown
Biggs Mrs, widow   79 New Gower street
Binkley David culler 8 Walsh's town
Binkley William laborer 25 Plymouth row
Bird James fisherman 12 Lazybank road
Bishop Richard fisherman 42 Flower hill
Bishop Robert merchant Le Marchant road
Bishop Ramalie tobacco worker 14 Knight street
Bishop William laborer 8 Qui de Vidi road
Bishop John laborer 29 Qui de Vidi road
Blackman George green grocer 262 Water street
Blackler Edward cooper 25 Adelaide street
Blackler Sarah   South side, east
Blackler William master mariner South side, west
Blackler William cooper South side, west
Blackwood Robt B hair dresser, Atlantic Hotel  
Blackwood Daniel hair dresser 226 Water street
Blackwood & Blair   drapers 240 Water street
Blackwood Andrew (of Blair & Blackwood) house, 51 Rennie's Mill road
Blackwood Daniel   203 Gower street
Blair Henry (of Blackwood & Blair) house, Cathedral hill
Blake Peter tailor 34 Convent lane
Blake Mary   132 Water street
Blake Allan blacksmith 20 Hunt's lane
Blandford Samuel master mariner Circular road
Blauvelt J L artist 226 Duckworth street
Blundon James tailor M'Calman's lane
Blundon John hair dresser 290 Water street
Blanche Edward laborer 31 Covel's lane
Blatch Henry livery stables Carew street
Blydd George laborer Monkstown road
Board of Works office   Colonial buildings Military road
Boggan James cooper 251 Gower street
Boggan Richard cooper 29 Long's hill
Boggan John cooper 46 Prescott street
Boggan John cooper 15 Cochrane street
Boggan John seaman 149 Lazybank road
Bolan Mrs, widow   22 Coady's lane
Bolan Richard laborer 111 George street
Bolan Maurice culler 68 Duckworth street
Bolan John laborer 322 Duckworth street
Bolan Michael mate 122 Barnes road
Bolan John fisherman 13 South West street
Bolan William accountant 34 Goerge street
Boland James carpenter 130 Duckworth street
Boland William painter 130 Duckworth street
Boler Mrs, widow   32 Rocky lane
Bolger James liquor 116 Water street
Bolger Edward seaman 100 Military road
Bolger Edward cooper 27 Long's hill
Bolt William cooper 66 Patrick street
Bolt Mrs, widow glass and stoneware store 192 Water street
Bond James machinist 93 Lazybank road
Bond Charles seaman off 244 Gower street
Bond Rev Geo J Methodist minister Methodist Parsonage
Bond Robert speaker, House of Assembly Circular road
Bond Mrs John, widow   Circular road
Born Michael cooper 3 Cochrane street
Born Mrs, widow keeper Colonial buildings
Boone Ebenezer painter 7 Darling street
Boone Mrs M A, widow   94 New Gower street
Boone Samuel storekeeper 18 Cathedral street
Boone Mrs John H, widow   8 Queen's road
Boundridge Patrick laborer off 244 Gower street
Boundridge Martin laborer 12 Hayward's avenue
Botwood Rev Edward St Mary's church South side
Boot and Shoe Factory     Job's lane
Bowden Fred W printer and agent Custom House hill
Bowden Samuel master mariner 119 Gower street
Bowden Geo R master mariner 21 Adelaide street
Bowden George   2 Lion square
Bowden Samuel sailmaker 27 Le Marchant road
Bowell Robert laborer 88 pokeham path
Bowring Brothers   merchants 271, 273, 275 Water street
Bowring Charles (of Bowring Brothers) house, Forest road
Boyd J & W lumber merchants Water street
Boyd John (of J & W Boyd) 11 Cathedral hill
Boyd William (of J & W Boyd) 5 Tasker terrace
Boyd & M'Dougal   supplying merchants 337 Water street
Boyd Rev George Methodist clergyman 117 Pokeham path
Boyles Mrs, widow   15 Hutchings street
Boyles Henry laborer Belvidere place
Bozan Mrs, widow   South side, west
Brace James seaman Browning's bridge
Bradbury Jeremiah laborer 26 South West street
Bradbury William fisherman South side, west
Bradbury James engineer 2 Belvidere place
Bradbury Stephen fisherman 2 Belvidere place
Bradbrook William fisherman 4 Dogstown
Bradshaw Henry F bookkeeper house, 35 Military road
Bradley William bookkeeper 49 George street
Brady Mrs, widow   71 Dreelan's Well road
Brady William painter 80 Dreelan's Well road
Brag John fisherman 16 Limekiln hill
Branscombe Mrs, widow   251 Gower street
Bransfield Francis   6 Nunnery lane
Bransfield John fisherman 22 Nunnery lane
Bransfield Thomas seaman 5 West street
Bransfield Charles fisherman 22 Covel's lane
Brassington Patrick seaman 16 South West street
Brawdors Michael laborer Chancey's lane
Brazil William farmer 170 New Gower street
Breen James watchman 38 Qui de Vidi road
Breen Michael fisherman 38 King's road
Breen James laborer 4 South street
Breen John seaman 34 Prescott street
Breen John fisherman 41 Nunnery hill
Breen Patrick laborer Hayward's avenue
Breen John fisherman 4 Barter's hill
Breen John   5 Coady's lane
Breen Vincent ship carpenter 80 George street
Breen Maurice fisherman 18 Rocky lane
Bremner Alex W merchant Trinity, Cathedral street
Bremner Robert accountant 70 Cochrane street
Brennan James liquors 190 Water street
Brennan John laborer 212 Gower street
Brennan Mrs. widow   47 Lazybank road
Brennan Mrs, widow   13 Flower hill
Brennan James blacksmith 112 New Gower street
Brennan Patrick baker 43 Flower hill
Brennan Matthew seaman 99 New Gower street
Brennan James seaman 14 George street
Brennan Thomas laborer 38 Prescott street
Brett Mrs Patrick, widow   57 Dreelan's Well road
Brett Edward seaman 275 1/2 Water street, west
Brett George laborer 202 Water street, west
Brewin Bartholomew shoemaker 8 Plymouth row
Bridges Mrs C, widow   171 New Gower street
Bridgman Miss dressmaker 75 Gower street
Brien Thomas laborer Rennie's Mill road
Brien Pierce printer 59 Prescott street
Brien John gardener 89 Monkstown road
Brien John watchman 3 Bulley's lane
Brien John master mariner 61 Long's hill
Brien Lawrence laborer 9 Job's lane
Brien J J groceries 168 New Gower street
Brien Pierce fisherman 374 Water street
Brien Denis F inspector of roads 3 Queen street
Bright William painter 6 Hayward's avenue
Bright George stone cutter 15 Duckworth street
Bright William messenger 28 Barnes road
Brine Thomas tinsmith 139 Gower street
Brine Michael fisherman 2 Chapel street
Brine Charles laborer Rennie's Mill road
Brine John painter Garrison hill
Brine John cooper 2 Brine street
Brine James fisherman 223 New Gower street
Brine Thomas M inspector of weights 7 Queen's street
British Hall     British square
Britan Francis seaman 4 Duckworth street
Brocklehurst Charles clerk 23 Stephen street
Broderick Timothy tide waiter 78 Gower street
Broderick Edward cooper Allandale road
Broders Thomas laborer 30 Georgestown
Brooking Wm coachman 14 Hayward's avenue
Brooking Mrs, widow   42 Hayward's avenue
Brooking Thomas blacksmith 120 Pokeham path
Brooks Stephen   22 James street
Brooks J A engineer off 244 Gower street
Brooks Mrs, widow   8 Williams lane
Brophy Mrs E, widow liquors 8 Duckworth street
Brophy Mrs, widow   15 Qui de Vidi road
Brophy Patrick fisherman Hoylestown
Brophy John laborer 12 Plymouth row
Brophy Edward laborer 59 Plymouth row
Brophy William seaman 36 North street
Brophy Michael fisherman 58 James street
Brown Thomas mason 60 Cookstown
Brown Henry fisherman 24 Limekiln hill
Brown William laborer 1 Limekiln hill
Brown Moses laborer 8 James street, city
Brown George laborer 38 Courting lane
Brown John laborer 34 Adelaide street
Brown Alex D engineer 128 Pokeham path
Brown W F   Flower hill
Brown Patrick fisherman 100 George street
Brown William   South side, west
Brown Mrs, widow   Waterford Bridge road
Brown James seaman 194 Water street, west
Brown William mate 9 Patrick street
Brown Robert   232 Duckworth street
Brown Thomas carpenter 153 Gower street
Brown Bryan foundryman 27 Darling street
Brown Philip clerk 10 Darling street
Browning & Sons   merchants and bakery Water street
Browning James (of Browning & Sons) 371 Water street
Browning Mrs G, widow   Richmon hill
Browning Louis S Eagle Foundry & Co Pokeham path
Brownrig Samuel trader 126 Water street
Bryan John cooper 22 South West street
Bryan James fisherman Duke of York street
Bryan Mrs, widow   Duke of York street
Bunting F G physician 261 Duckworth street
Bunting F E M attorney Duckworth street
Burchell F C government engineer house, Pennywell road
Burfit Mrs, widow   4 Courting lane
Burgess Thomas fisherman 87 New Gower street
Burke Miss   32 Victoria street
Burke Michael laborer 8 Bulley's lane
Burke Miss   17 Stephen street
Burke James fisherman South side, east
Burke John fisherman 6 Lahey's lane
Burke James laborer 47 Lazybank road
Burke John grocer 74 Prescott street
Burke Richard cabinet maker 84 Duckworth street
Burke John tipstaff, Supreme Court 39 Gower street
Burke Miss A school mistress 39 Gower street
Burnham Fred clerk 16 Catherine row
Burns Richard seaman 41 Cuddihy's lane
Burn James tide waiter 280 Duckworth street
Burn Denis cooper 242 Gower street
Burn Patrick laborer 85 Carter's hill
Burn James fisherman 34 Convent lane
Burn John timekeeper 15 Maxse street
Burn Nicholas fisherman 93 Gower street
Burn Denis cooper 28 Nunnery hill
Burn William planter 64 Prescott street
Burn Patrick laborer Marsh hill
Burns W F dentist 231 Water street
Burns Alexander mate 35 Courting lane
Burns Mrs Mary, widow   58 Gower street
Bursell Fred carpenter South side, west
Bursell George master mariner 32 Hutchings street
Burridge Thomas builder 55 Duckworth street
Burridge Charles mason Battery road
Burt William J weigh master 5 Brazil's square
Burt Henry storekeeper 59 Long's hill
Burton John engineer 18 Balsam street
Burton John ship carpenter 6 William street
Bussey Joseph carpenter 29 Foote's lane
Bussey Mrs James, widow   38 Cookstown
Bussey John laborer 22 Livingstone street
Bussey Abr'am cabinetmaker 24 William street
Bussey Joseph carpenter 40 Kickham's lane
Bussey Isaac   77 King's road
Butler J C carpenter 25 Foote's lane
Butler George mason 196 Water street, west
Butler Mrs E, widow   122 Water street, west
Butler Esau laborer 8 Convent lane
Butler John laborer 179 Lazybank road
Butler James carpenter 8 Princes street
Butler Solomon waterman 92 New Gower street
Butler John seaman 34 Duckworth street
Butler Azariah seaman 34 James street
Butler Mrs Mary, widow   44 Barnes road
Butler Stephen carpenter 48 Henry street
Butler John laborer 55 Long's hill
Butler Patrick laborer 10 Tank lane
Butler Thomas seaman 31 Adelaide street
Butler William fisherman Dreelan's Well road
Butler Mrs, widow   15 Carter's hill
Butler George laborer 25 Courting lane
Butt Mrs John, widow   101 New Gower street
Butt Joseph seaman 32 Flower hill
Butt Moses blacksmith 20 George street
Butt Solomon   21 off Stephen street
Butt Jacob fisherman Flower hill
Butt Thomas clerk 6 Livingstone street
Butt John storekeeper 33 off Stephen street
Butt Solomon fisherman 27 off Stephen street
Butt John fisherman 16 Stephen street
Butt George seaman 43 Cookstown
Butt James carpenter 30 Limekiln hill
Byford Frank seaman 80 Pokeham path
Byrne Miss bookseller 310 Water street
Byrne M A   off Williams lane
Byrne Mrs, widow   Leslie street
Byrne Patrick   South side, east
Byrne Richard laborer 207 off New Gower street
Byrne James fisherman 219 New Gower street
Byrne James fisherman 12 Rossiter lane
Byrne Patrick fisherman 32 Dreelan's Well road
Byrne Mrs, widow   20 James street, city
Byrne Michael   11 James street, city
Byrne Edward laborer 14 Barter's hill

Transcribed by Lenora Purey (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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