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St. John's City Area



Abbott Patrick carpenter 8 Brazil's square
Abbott William repairer Telegraph Co 21 North street
Abbott Absolom carman Belvidere place
&aquot;Academia" Club Rooms     226 Duckworth street
Ackland Widow E   76 Gower street
Adams Abr'am moulder 6 William's lane
Adams William seaman Young street
Adams Thomas labourer 39 Long's hill
Adams Joseph sailmaker 31 Lazybank road
Adams George J clerk court-house house, LeMarchant road
Adams Widow   22 British square
Adams William seaman 6 Flavin's lane
Adams John seaman 7 Flavin's lane
Adams James stonecutter 27 Hayward's avenue
Adams Widow   Chancey's lane
Addicot William sanitary works 23 Georgestown
Adrian John tailor and clothier 174 Water street; house Le Marchant road
Advocate Newspaper, The     office, 279 Duckworth street
Augustus Frank seaman 9 South West street
Aikan Widow 14 Barnes lane  
Ainsworth Charles carpenter 14 John street
Ainsworth Charles laborer 14 John street
Ainsworth Thomas laborer 235 Duckworth street
Ainsworth William fisherman 18 Flavin's lane
Aitkan Robert clerk 158 Le Marchant road
Aitkin John laborer 4 Dreelan's Well road
Albaert Hotel   prop. Mrs Walsh 3 Beck's cove
Albert Soap Works J W Pitts   33 Water street
Allan Thomas grocer 16 Water street, west
Allan Peter laborer 46 George street
"Allan Line" Office Shea & Co Water street
Allen Henry tinsmith 336 Water street
Allison Robert seaman 5 North street
Alsop Carteret clerk Surveyor 160 Freshwater road
Allward William mason 28 Prescott street
Allward James fisherman 120 Water street, west
Anderson William fisherman 20 Limekiln hill
Anderson Samuel seaman 46 Barter's hill
Anderson & Lumsden   dry goods 371 Water street
Anderson John (of A & L)   39 Queen's road
Anderson Charles fireman 15 John street
Anderson George groceries 258 Water street
Anderson James laborer 9 Flavin's lane
Anderson Augustus seaman 108 Gower street
Anderson George porter 5 British square
Anderson's Polytechnic Warehouse     New Gower street
Andrews William laborer 4 Duckworth street
Andrews Widow boarding-house 130 Water street
Andrews Benjamin carpenter Young street
Andrews John laborer 22 Plymouth row
Andrews Widow of George   21 New Gower street
Andrews James fisherman 12 Brennan's lane
Angel John machinist 20 Hutchings street
Angel Thomas laborer 37 Princes street
Angel John fisherman 13 Buchanan street
Angel James   Victoria Foundry, Water st; house, 132 Pokeham path
Angel Samuel fisherman 29 Water street
Angel James fisherman 12 Tank hill
Angel W H millinery 136 New Gower street
Angel James, Sen.   138 Pokeham path
Angel John Foundry Co. 141 Pokeham path
Angel Stephen laborer 242 Gower street
Angel Joseph fisherman 20 Marshall's hill
Angel Joseph seaman 83 King's road
Anglo-American Telegraph Co   Office 179 Water street
Anthony William fisherman Dreelan's Well road
Anthony William fireman 10 Knight street
Anthony John seaman 158 Gower street
Anthony George laborer Dogstown
Antonio Innocent laborer 64 George street
Antle Absolom ship carpenter 54 Pokeham path
Antle Abr'am fisherman 163 New Gower street
Apsey Widow   212 Water street, west
Archibald Edward M commission merchant 81, 83 and 85 Water street
Archibald Geo H furniture factory house, 14 Barnes road
Archibald's tobacco works     Water street, east
Archibald John of tobacco works 4 Devon row
Armstrong George seaman 20 Delahunty's lane
Armstrong Widow   186 Water street, west
Armstrong James seaman 117 Long's hill
Armbuster Lewis seaman South side, east
Arnot George clerk 75 Long's hill
Ash William laborer 16 Buchanan street
Ash John carpenter 138 Dreelan's Well road
Ash Stephen brakesman 12 West street
Ash Francis master mariner 219 Gower street
Ashburne John master mariner 326 Duckworth street
Ashley David fisherman 103 Pokeham path
Ashley James fisherman 101 Pokeham path
Ashley Thomas watchman 33 Convent lane
Ashley John   69 Patrick street
Ashman Patrick laborer 8 Dogstown
Ashman Thomas planter 28 British square
Ashman Thomas laborer Hayward's avenue
Aspel Patrick fisherman 79 Carter's hill
Aspel William   64 New Gower street
Aspel Widow Bridget   38 Patrick street
Aspel Richard fisherman 226 Water street, west
Atwell Samuel carpenter 5 Dammerill's lane
Atwell Stephen fisherman 5 John street
Atwell William T book keeper 31 Queen's road
Athenaeum Reading Room and Library     Duckworth street
Atlantic Hotel, J W Foran   proprietor Water street
Austin Samuel tide waiter Forest road
Avalon Lodge,Masonic Hall     Harvey road
Avery Widow William   119 Gower street
Aylward William tailor 300 Water street
Aylward Widow   200 Water street
Aylward Thomas seaman Delanunty's lane
Aylward widow   31 Bulley's lane
Aylward Andrew storekeeper 12 Livingstone street
Aylward James carman 15 Long's hill
Ayre & Sons   general merchants 231 to 235 Water street
Ayre Fred W(of A & S)   233 Water street
Ayre John B(of A & S)   235 Water street
Ayre John B & G bakers 46 New Gower street
Ayre J B & G bakers, glass and stone ware 202 Water street
Ayre R Chesley(of A & S)   110 Pokeham path
Ayre Hon Charles R (of A & S)   house, 358 1/2 Water street west
Axford Fred. H general daealer 85 Water street; house 157 Victoria street
Avery Martin fisherman 34 Flavin's lane
Avery John fisherman 34 Flavin's lane
Avery James tide waiter 27 Darling street
Avery Ebenezer   235 New Gower street
Avalon Iron Foundry Coy, Limited, H. Dougherty   manager Gower street

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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