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Palmiter Samuel school teacher, Harvey street.
Parsons Willis shop keeper, Water street.
Parsons John planter, Water street.
Parsons Stuart planter, Water street.
Parsons Mark storekeeper, Water street.
Parsons Joseph carpenter, Water street.
Parsons Alexander cabinetmaker, Water street.
Parsons Andrew draper, Cochrane street.
Parsons Tobias fisherman, Stretton's hill.
Parson Bernard blacksmith, Stretton's hill.
Parsons Lewis seaman, Stretton's hill.
Parsons Edward cabinetmaker, Death hill.
Parsons James merchant, Carbonear road.
Parsons Thomas planter, Otterbury.
Parsons W. H. mate, Caplin cove.
Parsons Thomas carman, Bear's cove.
Parsons William fisherman, Bear's cove.
Parsons Nathaniel fisherman, Bear's cove.
Parsons George planter, Bear's cove.
Parsons Ambrose cabman, Bear's cove.
Parsons Jonathan planter, Bear's cove.
Parsons Charles planter, Bear's cove.
Parsons John carpenter, Bear's cove.
Parsons John fisherman, Bear's cove.
Parsons Benjamin planter, Bear's cove.
Parsons Edward carpenter, Bear's cove.
Parsons Charles fisherman, Bear's cove.
Parsons Jonathan carpenter, Bear's cove.
Parsons Richard planter, Bear's cove.
Parsons Andrew clerk, Harvey street.
PATERSON & FOSTER   merchants, Water street.
Paterson John (of Paterson & Foster), Water street.
Payne J. carpenter, Water street.
Payne John carpenter, Water street.
Pendergast Patrick cooper, Water street.
Pendergast J. L.   Water street.
Pelly Archibald carpenter, Water street.
Pelly Thomas carpenter, Courage's beach.
Pelly Archibald carpenter, Ship's head.
Penny William fisherman, Glover road.
Peters George carpenter, Cochrane street.
Phelan Edward planter, Carbonear road.
Phelan Michael seaman, Otterbury.
Pike Ambrose sexton, Bear's cove.
Pike John C. mate, Caplin cove.
Pike William carman, Caplin cove.
Pike Simeon seaman, Bannerman road.
Pike Henry fisherman, Stanley road.
Pike Albert engineer, Sampson's brook
Pike William fisherman, Harvey street.
Pike William fisherman, Harvey street.
Pike Joshua fisherman, Harvey street.
Pike Christopher master mariner, Marsh.
Pike Peter fisherman, Stretton's hill.
Pike Ambrose farmer, Stretton's hill.
Pike George planter, Water street.
Pike Nathaniel draper, Water street.
Pippy William fisherman, Otterbury.
Pippy Thomas fisherman, Caplin cove.
Pitto Charles carpenter, Ship's head.
Pitto Josiah master mariner, Ship's head.
Pottle James fisherman, Marsh.
Powell George laborer, Stanley road.
Power Maurice cooper, Harvey street.
Power Michael fisherman, Long's hill.
Power Richard laborer, Carbonear road.
Power Andrew fisherman, Carbonear road.
Power John farmer, Bannerman road.
Power John fisherman, Harvey street.
Puddicombe William laborer, Water street.
Puddicombe James carpenter, Water street.
Puddicombe William fisherman, Riverhead.
Pumphrey Daniel seaman, Beach.
Pumphrey Isaac planter, Water street.
Pumphrey Daniel planter, Water street.
Purcel William laborer, Ship's head.
Purcel John fisherman, Bannerman road.
Purcel Michael carman, Bannerman road.
Pynn Augustus carpenter, Bannerman road.
Pynn George carpenter, Bannerman road.

Transcribed by Ruth Caines (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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