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Registers of Vital Statistics collection, 1753-1893, Newfoundland

Microfilm of original records in possession of the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland, St. John's.

Civil registration started in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1891-1892. In the 1930's and 1940's, the Newfoundland Department of Public Health and Welfare, in an effort to preserve the vital records kept by the churches before civil registration began, requested that churches transcribe their pre-1891 baptisms and marriages. The Registers of Vital Statistics collection contains the records of those churches which responded to the request. A few churches also included burials. Beginning dates vary with each record. Some churches ended their transcriptions with the 1891 records while others transcribed to 1892 or 1893.

 FHC# Description

2133618 INDEX of place names, 1753-1893 (lists place name, parish, religious denomination,
dates of baptisms and marriages (sometimes burials),
vol. numbers and Newfoundland Archives film no.);
LISTING by vol. number (lists vol. no., parish, denomination and dates);
INDEXES of personal names for vols. 22-24 and vols. 115-117; Vol. 22 to vol. 24
(NOTE: There are no volumes 1-21.)

 2133619 Vol. 25 to vol. 26D
 2133620 Vol. 26E to vol. 31
 2133621 Vol. 32 to vol. 38 (1860-1891,
   Port de Grave marriages; 1860-1891,
   Salmon Cove marriages; 1860-1875,
   Port de Grave baptisms)
 2133918 Vol. 38 (1876-1891,
   Port de Grave baptisms)
   to vol. 43 (to 1873/74 intermixed)
 2133794 Vol. 43 (from 1873/74) to vol. 48
 2133795 Vol. 49 to vol. 52B (to 1859)
 2133796 Vol. 52B (from 1860) to vol. 58A
 2133797 Vol. 59 to vol. 64
 2133798 Vol. 64A to vol. 69 (to May 18, 1881)
 2133799 Vol. 69 (from May 23, 1881) to vol. 73
 2133800 Vol. 73A to vol. 79 (no vol. 77)
 2133801 Vol. 80 to vol. 86 (1841-1892, Dec. 1879-4 Mar. 1881)
 2133802 Vol. 86 (7 Mar. 1881-1893; 1868-1892, Tilt Cove) to vol. 93
 2133919 Vol. 94 to vol. 102 (to 1874)
 2133920 Vol. 102 (from 1875) to vol. 107
 2133921 Vol. 108 to vol. 114
 2133922 Vol. 115 to vol. 117

Page Contributed and Transcribed by Judy Picard (September 2000)
REVISED: 10 September 2000 (Don Tate)

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