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Ship Manifest for "Silvia"
Arriving in New York and Departing from St John's, NFLD
Nov 9, 1922.

NAME GENDER AGE Married Place of Residence
Collison, Frank M 31y   NFLD/Brit
Davis, John M 46y   NFLD/Brit
Roberts, Thomas M 65y   NFLD/Brit
Holden, Michael M 42y   NFLD/Brit
Maher, William M 32y   NFLD/Brit
Sloan, James M 33y   NFLD/Brit
Stamp, Edward M 32y   NFLD/Brit
Piercey, George M 43y   NFLD/Brit
Joy, John M 33y   NFLD/Brit
Donovan, Michael M 42y   NFLD/Brit
MacFie, Alfred M 35y   NFLD/USCit
Reelis, Charles M 30y   NFLD/Brit
O'Leary, Stan M 21y   NFLD/Brit
Mackerracker, Margaret F 28y   NFLD/Brit
Essen, Nichols M 43y   NFLD/Brit
Higgins, John M 36y   NFLD/Brit
Joskins, Arthur M 35Y   NFLD/Brit
Horan, F. M 47y   NFLD/Brit
Frost, Louis M 47   NFLD/Brit
Linaartt, Sig M 31y   NFLD/Danish
Rybeerg, Eguend M 35y   NFLD/Danish
Robertson, Samuel M 22y   NFLD/Brit
Smith, Samuel M 30y   NFLD/Brit
Reelis, Henry M 18y   NFLD/Brit
Kearsey, James M 23y   NFLD/Brit
Cutkin, John M 40y   NFLD/Brit
Orr, Robert M 33y   NFLD/Brit
McKinley, James M 26   NFLD/Brit
Kennedy, Robert M 26   NFLD/Brit
Kavanagh, Charles M 24   NFLD/Brit
Mitchell, Hiram C M 36y   NFLD/Brit
Duder, Stanley Carter M 34y   NFLD/Brit
Kean, Reginald M 29y   NFLD/Brit
Dalton, Maryin L M 34y   NFLD/Brit
James, Alexander M 40y   NFLD/Brit
Walsh, Michael M 63y   NFLD/Brit
Piercey, Charles M 34y   NFLD/Brit
Pearsey, Fred M 29y   NFLD/Brit
Taylor, John M 40y   NFLD/Brit
Cross, John M 19y   NFLD/Brit
Giles, Sydney M 43y   NFLD/Brit
Middleton, Bertram M 31y   NFLD/Brit
Powell, Baxter M 22y   NFLD/Brit
Role, Patrick M 19y   NFLD/Brit
Dillon, Michael M 24y   NFLD/Brit
Mason, James M 38y   NFLD/Brit
Spurrell, Hesekiah M 33y   NFLD/Brit
Kean, Reginald M 45y   NFLD/Brit
Mitchell, Edward M 18y   NFLD/Brit
Mitchell, Graham M 16y   NFLD/Brit
Lowe, Patrick M 17y   NFLD/Brit
Barton, James M 34y   NFLD/Brit
Beld Edward M 25y   NFLD/Brit
Andrews, Frank M 28y   NFLD/Brit
Fernandez, Joseph M 53y   NFLD/Brit
McGettingan, William M 23y   NFLD/Brit
Martin, Earnest M 35y   NFLD/Brit
Lewis, Joseph M 36y   NFLD/Brit
Bradbury, Samuel M 22y   NFLD/Brit
Batchelor, John/B M 26y   NFLD/Brit
Seal, Frank M     NFLD/Brit
Veitch, John M 35y M Holyrood
Malone, Patrick M 30y S Logy Bay
Walsh, Margaret F 35y S Avondale
Walsh, Francis M 27y M St John's
Rodway, Alex M 24y S Placentia
Murrin, Elizabeth F 22y S Pouch Cove
Mitchell, Hilda F 18y S Portugal Cove
Way, Garfield M 30y M Bonavista
Way, Kate F 25y M Bonavista
Way, George M 5Y S Bonavista
Learie, William M 35y M St John's
Evans, Sydney M 25y S St John's
Marshall, Allan M 21y S Bell Island
Doody, James M 30y S St John's
Byrne, Bernard M 23y S Conception
Partery, John M 26y S Fleur de Lis
Penney, Joseph M 25y M Trinity
Hennessey, John M 21 S Avondale
Pottle, Martin M 42 M Trinity
Miller, Elijah M 32y M Trinity
Ryan, Mary F 62 M Brigus
Ryan, Thomas M 8y S Brigus
Marner, Thomas M 40y M Harbour Main
Bishop, Mary F 31y M Wesleyville
Bishop, Clarence M 9y S Wesleyville
Mahoney, Michael M 38y M Conception Hr
Christopher, Michael M 25y S St. Mary's
Cole, William M 24y S Colliers
Daly, Daniel M` 24y S St Mary's
Davis, Samuel M 32y M Mobile
Quirk, Peter M 25y S Mobile
Kennedy, Peter M 27y S Mobile
Williams, Cyril M 26y S Bay Bulls
Whelan, Agatha F 33y S Colliers
Conway, Elizabeth F 20y S Colliers
Maloney, Edward M 46y M Bonavista
Lane, Thomas M 28y S Bonavista
Lundrigan, Patrick M 48y M Witless Bay
McAllister, William M 24y S St John's
Andrews, Albert M 23y S St John's
Costigan, Charles M 29y M Harbour Main
Costigan, Thomas M 25y S Harbour Main
Wall, Samuel M 22y S Witless Bay
Tulk, Bernard M 33y M St John's
Yard, James M 26y S Witless Bay
Giordano, Michael M 23y S Witless Bay

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