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The S.S. Rosalind
Arriving in New York and Departing from St John's, NFLD
September 25 1919

# Surname Christian Name Sex Age Married Origin Place of Residence
0001 McKay Mary F 18 S Nflnd Holyrod Nflnd
0002. Hawco Mary F 18 S Nflnd Harbor Main Nflnd
0003. Mcquire Josephine F 25 S Nflnd N.Y.C. U.S.
0004. Mcquire Annie F 21 S Nflnd Torbay Nflnd
0005. Gosse Maime F 12y   Nflnd Torbay Nflnd
0006. Pittman Anna F 33 W Nflnd Newark U.S.
0007. Hand Ethel F 28 S England Newark U.S.
0008. Bennett Mary F 17 S Nflnd Belle Isle Nflnd
0009. Rose Hettie F 20 S Nflnd Topsail Nflnd
0010. Thorne Elizabeth F 28 S Nflnd St Johns Nflnd
0011. Gardiner Kathleen F 28 M Nflnd St Johns Nflnd
0012. Drew Thomas M 32 M Nflnd Baybulls Nflnd
0013. Fitzgerald Thomas M 30 M Nflnd St. Johns Nflnd
0014. White Martin M 24 S Nflnd Witless Bay Nflnd
0015. Lundrigan Wilfred M 34 S Nflnd Witless Bay Nflnd
0016. Lundrigan Patrick M 45 M Nflnd Witless Bay Nflnd
0017. Miller John M 53 M Nflnd Placentia B. Nflnd
0018. Marshall Richard M 24 S Nflnd Carbonear Nflnd
0019. Dunn Sylvester M 23 S Nflnd Witless Bay Nflnd
0020. Sellars Walter M 25 M Nflnd St Johns Nflnd
0021. Cheesman Violet F 21 S Nflnd Burin Nflnd
0001. Keeler Nellie F 39 M British N.Y.C.
0002. McAllister Maud M 33 M Nflnd N.Y.C.
0003. McAllister Martin M 2   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0004. McAllister Richard M 11m   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0005. Keeler Cyril M 12y   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0006. Keeler Ruby F 10y   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0007. Keeler Gertrude F 7y   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0008. Keeler Helen F 6y   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0009. Keeler Anna F 4y   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0010. Keeler Margaret F 19m   Nflnd N.Y.C.
0011. Lahey Lillian F 26 M Nflnd Dartmouth Canada
0012. Lahey Thomas M 8y   Nflnd Dartmouth Canada
0013. Lahey Dorothy F 5y   Nflnd Dartmouth Canada
0014. Byrne Gerald M 21 S Nflnd Boston U.S.
0015. Wellon Joseph M 40 M Nflnd Port Jarvis U.S.
0016. Wellon Hilda F 22 S Nflnd Fogl Nflnd
0017. Redmond Elizabeth F 27 M Nflnd Brooklyn U.S.
0018. Hammond Elizabeth F 60 W Nflnd St. Johns Nflnd
0019. Finnegan Charles M 10y   Nflnd St. Johns Nflnd
0020. Doyle Norah F 23 S Nflnd Upper Gullies Nflnd
0021. Flynn Josephine F 22 S Nflnd Colliers Nflnd
0022. Mahoney Nellie F 20 S Nflnd Conception Harbor Nflnd
0023. White Angela F 18 S Nflnd Conception Harbor Nflnd
0024. Campbell Mattie F 27 S Nflnd St. Johns Nflnd
0025. Simon Antoniette F 24 S Nflnd Marcus Hook U.S.
0026. McGrath Anestasin F 53 M Nflnd Camden U.S.
0027. St John Gregory M 11   Nflnd Camden U.S.
0028. St John Mildredx F 9y   USA Camden U.S.
0029. Healy May F 24 S Nflnd Brooklyn U.S.
0030. Healy Gertrude F 20 S Nflnd Brooklyn U.S.

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