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Ship Manifest for "Rosalind"
Departing from St. John's, NFLD July 3, 1908
Arriving in New York July 9, 1908

Name Gender Age Married Nationality & Race Place of Residence
Coish, Emma F 20 S Newfoundland, British St Johns, Newfoundland
Boone, Minnie F 24 S Newfoundland, English Lewisporte, Newfoundland
Hackett, M... M ..4 S English St. Johns, Newfoundland
Claton, Daniel M 25 S Newfoundland, English St. Johns, Newfoundland
Long, Theresa F 25 M USA St. Johns, Newfoundland
Miller, John M 27 M Newfoundland, English St. Johns, Newfoundland
Pynn, Lizzie F 29 S   St. Johns, Newfoundland
Bennett, Frank B. M 29 S USA New York, NY
Clarke, Charles E. M 53 M USA  
Clarke, Jane F 52 M USA  
Warth, Peter M 40 M USA  
Warth, Lilly F 28 M USA  
Dilman, Mabel A. F 18 S USA  
Rooney, Agnes F 42 S USA  
Hall, Lyman D. M 32 S USA  
Lamb, Egerton F 25 M USA  
Holmes, Adelle B. F 29 S USA  
Mc Keough, Agnes F 30 S USA  
Rescott, Horace M 48 M USA  
Rescott, Helen F 30 M USA  
Tower, Charles H. M 37 M USA  
Gracey, Katherine F 17 S USA  
Bennett, Lois M. F 37 S USA  
Huntzinger, Caroline F 30 S USA  
Gutheridge, Katherine F 30 S USA  
Rowe, Ernest C. M 43 M USA  
Rowe, Raymond D. M 11 S USA  
Webster, Harry M 38 M USA  
Webster, Alma Y. F 32 M USA  
Gifford, George E. M 37 M USA  
Russell, Eugene F. M 42 M USA  

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