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Arriving in New York and Departing from St John's, NFLD
May 4, 1917.

NAME GENDER AGE Married Place of Residence
Hansen, Nils M 25y M St John's
Rowe, Sophia F 23y S Trinity
Martin, Mary Ann F 16y S Torbay
Conway, Dennis M 11m S Torbay
Whelan, Michael M 38y M Colliers
MacDonald John M 25y S Colliers
Whelan, Micahel M 32y S Colliers
Whelan, Bride F 22y S Colliers
Whelan, Margaret F 30y S Colliers
Cole, Catherine F 20y S Colliers
Newell, Leah F 20y S Pouch Cove
Doyle, Thomas M 30y M Camden, NJ
Terry, Patrick M 30y M Harbour Main
Grace, Parick M 27y M Avondale
Buch, Philip M 46y M Conception Hr
St John, Cyril M 121y S Conception Hr
St John, Micheal M 33y S Conception Hr
Badcock, James M 25y S Bay Roberts
Batten, John M 48y M Bay Roberts
Bennett, Frank M 38y S Holyrood
Carter, Daniel M 48y M Holyrood
Courage, Arthur M 45y M Port Blandford
Corbett, May F 30y M NFLD/New York
St John, John M 30y M Avondale
Costello, Agnes F 33y M Conception Hr
Flemming, Michael M 33y S Torbay
Flemming, James M 31y S Torbay
Wornell, Andrew G M 30y M Greenspond
Burton, Fred M 46y M Greenspond
Hawco, Michael M 19y S Harbour Main
Hawco, Thomas M 20y S Harbour Main
Duggan, Maude F 19y S Irish

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