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Wesleyville Burial Register
1896 - 1900

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth, Cause of Death and Date of Burial.
In some instances this field has Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
174Veronica? WINSOR10mosJan 01General DebilityWesleyvilleJabez Hill
175Philip John MULLETT4mosFeb 02?BrookfieldJabez Hill
176Hannah MULLETT4mosFeb 02?BrookfieldJabez Hill
177Irene A?????? WINSOR11 3/4yrsMar 15TyphoidWesleyvilleJabez Hill
178Emma YETMAN66yrsMar 15ConsumptionBrookfieldJabez Hill
179Jane BEST10mosMar 28InflammationWesleyvilleJabez Hill
180Ashton ABBOTT9mosApr 21InflammationWesleyvilleJabez Hill
181Rebecca ANDREWS66yrsApr 27ConsumptionWesleyvilleJabez Hill
182Eliza HOWELL62yrsMay 13TumorWesleyvilleJabez Hill
183Alexander MULLETT16mosJun 19ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.J. Morris
184Nelson SPARKS5mosJun 21TumorWesleyvilleW.J. Morris
185Matilda COOK37yrsJul 23ConsumptionNewtownGeorge Burrey
186John ?. BEST1monAug 24Whooping CoughPound CoveW.R. Tratt
187Samuel GARRETT6mosSep 08Whooping CoughFox CoveW.R. Tratt
188Rosanna M. GAULTON20 daysSep 16DebilityBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
189Richard COLLINS44yrsAug 20Chill(on Labrador)NewtownW.R. Tratt
190Amelia TEMPLEMAN4mosOct 07Whooping CoughNewtownW.R. Tratt
191Wm BROWN3yrsOct 09Kidney ComplaintWesleyvilleGeorge House
192Ethel Lilian MULLETT7wksOct 16Whooping CoughWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
193George HANN3 1/42yrsOct 13BronchitisWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
194Joseph FIFIELD?Aug ??Drowned{Thomas E. Windsor's schooner}
195Charles ANDREWS?Aug ??Drowned{in Strait of Belle Isle}
196John HANN15mosOct 21BronchitisWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
197Charles WINSOR36yrsNov 01Kidney DiseaseWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
198Roland CARTER4mosNov 15Whooping CoughWesleyvilleW.J. Morris
199Julia A. MULLETT2mosNov 20Whooping CoughWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
200Ida Nellie WINSOR4mos 9dNov 23Whooping CoughWesleyvilleWm R. Tratt
201Cornelius STUCKLY3mosDec 07FitsWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
202Daisy Kean BEST3mosDec 05Whooping CoughBrookvilleW.R. Tratt
203Walter Boyce WINDSOR9mosDec 17InflammationWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
204Jessie Roland BARBOUR4 mosDec 18Whooping CoughNewtownW.R. Tratt
205Emily Jane THORNE18 mosDec 23Whooping CoughWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
206Gertrude MULLETT7 mosDec 31Whooping CoughWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
207Cendrilla? TILLER4 mosJan 03Whooping CoughBennett's CoveW.R. Tratt
208James HOYLES13 yrsJan 11Brain FeverBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
209Mary House? WINSOR3 yrsJan 13Whooping CoughWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
210Peter MULLETT18 yrsJan 22ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
211Sarah STOKES3 mosJan 18Whooping CoughCape CoveEsau Stokes
212Dinah STOKES22 mosFeb 01Whooping CoughCape CoveEsau Stokes
213Norman BISHOP19 mosMar 22Brain ???
214Lousia ANDREWS57 yrsMar 25Consumption??
215William VINCENT74? YrsFeb 17PleurisyCape IslandEsau Stokes
216Mary J. KEAN35 yrsApr 24ConsumptionBrookvilleW.R. Tratt
217Mary Ann MULLETT43 yrsMay 05ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
218John VINCENT65 yrsMar 27FitCape IslandW Howell
219Norman A. BARBOUR8 mosApr 07ConsumptionNewtownW.R. Tratt
220Bertha Scott BLACK???2 1/2yrsApr 28Whooping CoughFox CoveMark Garrett
221Laura Jane WINSOR7 mosAug 09ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
222Alexander KING13 mosAug 24Inflammation ChestWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
223Lucy DYKE5 wksNov 25FitsSwain's IslandW.R. Tratt
224Mary J. Barbour KEAN4 mosDec 18Whooping CoughBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
225Man?? Maud YETMAN10 mosDec 14Whooping CoughBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
226Samuel WINSOR2 daysMay 14MeaslesWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
227Mary WINSOR24 yrsMay 27InflammationWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
228Charles CARTER6 yrsMar 20ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
229Evilan J. GARRETT8 mosMar 15TeethingFox CoveW.R. Tratt
230R???? R. WINSOR5 wksFeb 12InflammationWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
231Job WINTER?27yrsApr 14ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
232Renny SPARKS5 mosJun 09MeaslesWesleyvilleMorris W.J.
233Sarah HOWELL63yrsJun 17DebilityWesleyvilleW.J. Morris
234Peter GAULTON10mosJun 09MeaslesBrookfieldW. Morris
236Lily Jane NORIS?8 mosJun 10MeaslesBennetts CoveW. Morris
237Peter RIDEOUT63yrsJun 12ConsumptionFox CoveW. Howell
238Adelaide RIDEOUT60yrsJun 23GoutFox CoveW. Howell
239Pricella Coo?22yrsJun 28ConsumptionNewtownW. Howell
240Chesley BARBOUR20mosAug 04MeaslesNewtownW.R. Tratt
241Rebecca KEAN2 & 9 mosJun 12MeaslesBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
242Nathan BEST4 yrsJul 23MeaslesBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
243Hubert BEST22mosAug 06After MeaslesBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
244Mary TILLER3 1/2yrsAug 13After MeaslesSwain's IslandW.R. Tratt
245George VINCENT20yrsAug 06ConsumptionNewtownW.R. Tratt
246Lucy HOWELL30yrsAug 16ConsumptionFox CoveW.R. Tratt
247Samuel WINSOR9daySep 19Debility & FitsSwain's IslandW.R. Tratt
248Samuel CARTER?16daysSep 25FitsWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
249Salome STOKES9 yrsSep 23MeaslesBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
250Mary A. WINSOR68yrsSep 29English CholeraWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
251Mary BROWN70yrsSep 29English CholeraWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
252Emily CARTER22yrsSep 29Debility after Measles And Child BirthWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
253Samuel BEST19yrsSep 30ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
254Harriet Elizabeth GRUNTER17 daysOct 10FitsBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
255Martha Ann WINSOR3 mosOct 29Inflammation ChestWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
256Thomas Best Illegitimate of M? {of Samuel? of Bennett's Cove}1 yrOct 22CholeraWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
257Israel WKS20 yrsOct 29TyphoidWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
258William TILLER7 yrsJul 09Brain FeverNewtownW.R. Tratt
259Emma FIFEFIELD13 yrsNov 11TyphoidWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
260Alfred DAVIS33 yrsDec 24ConsumptionOuter Pinchard IsW.R. Tratt
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
261Jacob BEST22 yrsJan 14AbscessBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
262Edgar TEMPLEMAN3 mosJan 20DysenteryFox CoveW.R. Tratt
263Elizabeth FIFEFIELD36 yrsJan 18ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
264Margaret COLLINS78 yrsDec 16ConsumptionNewtownW Tratt
265May GARRETT3 mosNov 04TeethingFox CoveW Howell
266George BEST8 yrsMar 10ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
267John VINCENT68 yrsApr 14CancerNewtownW.R. Tratt
268Martha BARBOUR29 yrsApr 19ConsumptionNewtownW.R. Tratt
269Emma COLLINS13 mosApr 23Brain Fever and ConsumptionNewtownW.R. Tratt
270Wilhemlemna WINSOR8 mosMay 03ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
271Martha A. HANN9 daysMay 03FitsWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
272Abigail BEST14 yrsMay 04ConsumptionWesleyvilleW.R. Roberts
273Ellen RIDEOUT20 yrsMay 05ConsumptionFox CoveW.R. Tratt
274Catherine? Baker BEST16 mosMay 17ConsumptionBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
275John CHURCHILL8 mosMay 23ConsumptionBennett's CoveW.R. Tratt
276Maliche STOKES61 yrsJun 05ConsumptionBrookfieldW.R. Tratt
277Caleb ROBERTS18 yrsJun 03Comsumption after RheumatismWesleyvilleW.R. Tratt
278Samuel MELUNDY3 wksMay 24DebilityFox CoveMark Garrett
279George MELUNDY3 wksMay 24DebilityFox CoveMark Garrett
280Samuel L. LACEY65 yrsJun 21CancerWesleyvilleWm Roberts
281Stanely TEMPLEMAN9 1/2yrsJun 08Sore ThroatFox CoveMk Garrett
282Allan ?. WINSOR2 yrsJul 25Diarrhea?WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
283Vida KEAN2?Aug 05ConsumptionWesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
284Emma L. KEAN6 yrsAug 12ConsumptionWesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
285Wm J. HUNT1 1/4yrsAug 19 CholeraWesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
286Richard VINCENT66 yrsNov 20AccidentNewtownM. Garrett
287Leah NOSEWORTHY1 1/2yrsDec 18Dec 19WesleyvilleW. Roberts
288Matilda STOKES27 yrsDec 28Dec 30Cape CoveH.J. Indoe
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
289Bertha ROBERTS10 yrsJan 12Jan 13WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
290William STURGE22 yrsJan 22Jan 23BrookfieldW. Roberts
291Jane STANFORD2 1/2yrsJan 29Jan 30WesleyvilleW. Roberts
292Margaret GAULTON78 yrsMar 16Mar 17BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
293Fred TILLER3/4 yrsMar 16Mar 17WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
294Margaret HANN3 yrsMar 24Mar 25WesleyvilleW. Roberts
295Annie PERRY28 yrsJul 07Jul 08Newtown?
296Mary F. GOLDING6 yrsApr 03Apr 04WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
297Josiah HOYLES6 yrsApr 01Apr 05Swain's IslandH.J. Indoe
298Jane KEAN39 yrsApr 09Apr 11BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
299Henry GRANTER?1/2 yrApr 15Apr 17BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
300John ANDREWS70 yrsApr 20Apr 21Cape IslandH.J. Indoe
301Fred TILLER?Apr 20Apr 22WesleyvilleJ. Howse
302Joseph BEST16 yrsApr 22Apr 24WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
303Annie J. BARBOUR7 yrsMay 06May 08NewtownH.J. Indoe
304Stephen TILLER2 yrsMay 06May 08WesleyvilleW. Roberts
305Nathaniel HUMPHRIES5 yrsMay 12May 14Cape CoveE. Stokes
306James WEAY70 yrsJun 07Jun 08NewtownH.J. Indoe
307Ether ??? HOWELL6 days?Jul 15Jul 16Pound CoveJ.W. Bartlett?
308Elizabeth TEMPLEMAN33 yrsJun 18?Fox CoveW. Howell
309Henry? J. STOKES21 yrsJun 18?Cape CoveE. Stokes
310Julia STOKES1 1/2yrsJun 08?Cape CoveE. Stokes
311Jacob HILLIER2 2/5yrsJul 15?Cape CoveE. Stokes
312Pricilla SPARKES25 yrsJun 24?Cape IslandE. Stokes
313Howard PARSONS2 yrsSep 02?Fox CoveH.J. Indoe
314? TEMPLEMAN7/12 yrsAug 24?Fox CoveEli Parsons
315Mary J. BEST26 yrsSep 10?BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
316William C??SE59 yrsSep 25?BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
317Eva HOWELL20/365Oct 06Oct 07Fox CoveM. Garrett
318Eliz A. TEMPLEMAN4/12Oct 09Oct 10Fox CoveW. Howell
319Eli HOWELL1 yrOct 15?Pound CoveJas Davis
320M. Susannah HOYLES10 yrsOct 14?Swain's IslandH.J. Indoe
321Herbert HOWELL65 yrsOct 22?Pound CoveH.J. Indoe
322James HOWELL45 yrsDec 09?Pound CoveG. Howse
323Alfrido WINSOR29 yrsDec 06?WesleyvilleG. Howse

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