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Wesleyville Burial Register 1891 - 1895

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth, Cause of Death and Date of Burial.
In some instances this field has Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
64Ellen BEST?8yrsJan 23Jan 25WesleyvilleW.?.D. Dunn
65Maggie ?ORD14mosJan 25Jan 27WesleyvilleW.?.D. Dunn
66Julia MULLETT11yrsFeb 03Feb 04WesleyvilleW.?.D. Dunn
67Charles TEMPLEMAN36yrsMar 18Mar 20NewtownW.?.D. Dunn
68Benjamin BARBOUR82yrsMar 21Mar 23NewtownW.?.D. Dunn
69Eliza Jane BEST2yrsApr 22Apr 24WesleyvilleW.?.D. Dunn
70George BEST2yrsApr 22Apr 24WesleyvilleW.?.D. Dunn
74Thomas BEST24yrsJun 03Jun 05WesleyvilleW.?.D. Dunn
75Gladys M. KEAN7mosAug 20Aug 23Norton's CoveW. Harris
76Kenneth HUNT6yrsSep 06Sep 07WesleyvilleW. Harris
77Ronald BLACKWOOD4mosSep 13Sep 15Norton's CoveW. Harris
78Bertha MARTIN2mosSep 22Sep 24WesleyvilleW. Harris
79Eli? KEAN16yrsSep 15Oct 24Cape FreelsEsau Stokes
80Mary J. TEMPLEMAN32yrsNov 04Nov 08NewtownWm Harris
81Gertrude TEMPLEMAN2yrsNov 23Nov 24NewtownWm Harris
82Obadiah HOWELL2yrsNov 25Dec 01NewtownWm Harris
83Mary COOKE63yrsDec 23Dec 25Fox CoveWm Harris
84James SHEPHERD8mosNov 30Nov 30Seal CoveRich Parsons
85Peter TEMPLEMAN6mosDec 28Dec 29NewtownMark Garrett
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
86Stephen NORRIS6mosJan 12Jan 14WesleyvilleWm Harris
87Delilah GALTON3mosJan 18Jan 20Norton's CoveWm Harris
88Alfrida GALTON21mosJan 26Jan 28Norton's CoveJames Bishop
89? Sam BARBOUR20mosMar 06Mar 08NewtownWm Harris
90Whitefield GALTON6mosApr 19Apr 20Norton's CoveWm Harris
91George W. COOKE13yrsMay 06May 08Fox CoveWm Harris
92George ROBERTS1wkMay 18May 19Norton's CoveWm Harris
93Agnes KEAN13mosMay 23May 25Norton's CoveWm Harris
94Lavinia TILLER25yrsJun 12Jun 13WesleyvilleGeorge Howse
95Susanna GALTON39yrsJun 14Jun 20Norton's CoveGeorge Howse
96Jane WINSOR64yrsJun 30Jul 03WesleyvilleWm Harris
97John VINCENT82yrsJul 14Jul 15Cape IslandEsau Stokes
98Julia TILLER9mosJul 03Jul 05WesleyvilleWm Harris
99William BISHOP2mosJul 20Jul 21WesleyvilleWm Harris
100James BISHOP2mosJul 20Jul 21WesleyvilleWm Harris
101Headly Walter KEAN6mosAug 26Aug 28Norton's CoveGeorge Howse
102Edith TILLER11mosAug 31Sep 01WesleyvilleWm Harris
103Emily WIEKS2yrsSep 16Sep 19WesleyvilleGeorge Wells
104Flora HUMPHRIES14yrsOct 24Oct 29Cape FreelsWm Harris
105Beatrice Jane HANN4mosNov 24Nov 25WesleyvilleWm Harris
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
106Martin Dd HUMPHRIES2 1/2yrsFeb23Feb 24Cape FreelsEsau Stokes
107Lenora DAVIS10mosFeb 26Feb 27Pound CoveWm Harris
108Edgar GIBBONS6?mosApr 01Apr 03WesleyvilleWm Harris
109Eli HOYLES32yrsApr 04Apr 06WesleyvilleWm Harris
110Jane Winsor MULLETT10mosApr 06Apr 08WesleyvilleWm Harris
111John TUFF73yrsMay 01May 02NewtownWm Harris
112George DAVIS73yrsMay 02May 04Pound CoveWm Harris
113Mary HOWELL4yrsMay 08May 09Pound CoveWm Harris
114Martha HUMPHRIES20yrsMay 11May 13Cape FreelsWm Harris
115Thomas BISHOP57?yrsAug 08Aug 09WesleyvilleWm Harris
116Leah NOSEWORTHY44yrsAug 21Aug 23WesleyvilleWm Harris
117Beatrice Mary HOYLES14yrs 10mosAug 24Aug 24WesleyvilleWm Harris
118Henry COOKE29yrsAug 24Aug 24Fox CoveWm Harris
119Gideon HOWELL2mosSep 01Sep 02NewtownWm Harris
120Beatrice M. STOKES4mosSep 28Sep 29Cape FreelsEsau Stokes
121Ethel Maggie HOWELL16mosOct 03Oct 05WesleyvilleWm Harris
122Alberta GALTON14mosOct 09Oct 11Norton's CoveWm Harris
123Martha FORD56yrsOct 29Oct 31WesleyvilleWm Harris
124Hedley? G.?. WINSOR9mosNov 18Nov 21WesleyvilleWm Harris
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
125Jesse BARBOUR4mosJan 04Jan 06NewtownWm Howell
126Mark RIDOUT7mosJan 22Jan 24Fox CoveWm Harris
127Beatrice WINSOR17yrsJan 25Jan 27WesleyvilleWm Harris
128William BISHOP3mosFeb 03Feb 04WesleyvilleWm Harris
129Elizabeth GIBBONS72yrsFeb 22Feb 24WesleyvilleJames Bishop
130Annie TILLER14yrsMar 13Mar 15WesleyvilleWm Harris
131Lucy ROBERTS35yrsMar 26Mar 28Norton's CoveWm Harris
132Elizabeth STOKES43yrsApr 08Apr 10CapeFreelsWm Harris
133Elizabeth E. VINCENT?15mosMay 08May 09NewtownWm Harris
134Walter Ed. BISHOP16mosMay 11May 13WesleyvilleJas Bishop
135Annie G. BISHOP3mosMay 23May 24WesleyvilleJas Bishop
136Daniel TILLER9mosJun 06Jun 08WesleyvilleWm Harris
137Nathan TILLER9mosJun 12Jun 13WesleyvilleWm Harris
138Jas Robert MULLETT17yrsJul 26ConsumptionWesleyvilleJabez Hill
139Mary Jane TILLER29yrsJul 07?WesleyvilleJabez Hill
140Annie BARBOUR45yrsOct 02DropsyNewtownJabez Hill
141Alexander MULLETT23yrsOct 29ConsumptionWesleyvilleJabez Hill
142Elias WKS1moNov 29ConvulsionsWesleyvilleJabez Hill
143Elizabeth LEDR??18yrOct 21DrownedNewtownJabez Hill
144Hannah STURGETT?46yrsNov 22ConsumptionNorton's CoveGeo Burry
145John FIFIELD?Nov 22ErysipelasWesleyvilleJames Bishop
146Thos FIFIELD68yrsDec ?5ErysipelasWesleyvilleJabez Hill
168Minnie PEARCE1 1/2yrs Aug 17Worm FeverNewtownJabez Hill
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
147Mary CROSS6daysJan 10ConvulsionsWesleyvilleJabez Hill
148Edgar CARTER8mosDec 30TeethingWesleyvilleJabez Hill
149James HARVEY80yrsJan 21General DebilityBrookfieldJabez Hill
150Ruben? GAULTON50yrsFeb 04ErysipelasBrookfieldJabez Hill
151Philip Walter RIDOUT6mosDec 19ConvulsionsNewtownJabez Hill
152Annie? ABBOTT7wksFeb 09ConvulsionsWesleyvilleJabez Hill
153Henry? John COLLIN2yrsFeb 10S???? AffectionNewtown?
154Joseph DEARIN87yrsFeb 16General DebilityBrookfieldJabez Hill
155Stanley? HOWSE?7daysFeb 16ConvulsionsWesleyvilleJames Bishop
156Charles STURGE18mosFeb 18General WeaknessWesleyvilleJabez Hill
157Anastatia WINSOR25yrsFeb 26ConfinementWesleyvilleJabez Hill
158Edwin? MULLETT5mosMar 07TeethingBrookfieldJabez Hill
159Lewis? GAULTON12yrsApr 01Brain Tumor?BrookfieldJabez Hill
160Maggie ANDREWS8mos?May 06CroupWesleyvilleJabez Hill
161Ephraim MULLETT21yrsMay 14DrownedWesleyvilleJabez Hill
162Peter ANDREWS30yrsApr 24ConsumptionCape IslandJabez Hill
163Lydia STURGE5yrsMay 30CongestionBrookfieldA.B. Christian
164Charles HOWSE2yrsJun 12Spinal ComplaintWesleyvilleA.B. Christian
165James BISHOP2 1/2yrsJun 11CongestionWesleyvilleA.B. Christian
166Judy F? MULLETT2yrsJun 16CroupWesleyvilleA.B. Christian
167James TEMPLEMAN70yrsJul 08CongestionNewtownJabez Hill
169?. Ashton FIFIELD2yrsSep 01CongestionWesleyvilleJabez Hill
170Thos BARBOUR9mosSep 12DiarrheaNewtownJabez Hill
171Job CARTER28yrsSep 15ConsumptionWesleyvilleJabez Hill
172Lester D. BISHOP1 2/3yrsOct 31TeethingWesleyvilleJabez Hill
173Anna? M. HOYLES40yrsNov 06ParalysisWesleyvilleJabez Hill

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