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Wesleyville Burial Register 1921 - 1926

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth, Cause of Death and Date of Burial.
In some instances this field has Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
1012Abigail Hill3 mthsJan 23rdJan 24.WesleyvilleRHMercer R?
?Caroline Howell34 yrsApr 8Apr 10WesleyvilleRHM
?Frederick Best83May 4May 6WesleyvilleRHM
?Herman C. Mullett9 mthsMar. 8Mar 9thWesleyvilleRHMercer
?Kenneth Winser56Apr 10Apr 11thWesleyvilleRHM
1017Dunfield Best14 mtsAug 20Aug 22WesleyvilleRHMercer
1018Sarah Olive6 mtsJul 23Jul 23WesleyvilleJas. Bishop
1019Nola May11 mtsAug 3Aug 4WesleyvilleRHMercer
1020Louisa Best10 mtsOct 23Oct 24Brook.RHMercer
1021Mary Vincent87Oct 21Oct 22Brook.RHMercer
1022Baley WinsorDec. 2ndDec. 2ndWesley.RHM
1023Johanna Howell78Nov 18.Nov 19thValleyfieldRHM
1024Samuel Winsor64Nov 21stNov 22WesleyvilleRHM
1025Mabel Blackwood5Dec. 19Dec. 20thBrookfieldRHM
1026John W. Picott22Dec. 3rdDec 4thBrookfieldRHM
1027Martha J. Blackwood21Dec. 29Dec. 31stBrookfieldRHM
1028Amelia Hill3 daysDec. 14Dec. 15WesleyvilleReturned?
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
1029Horatius Hill1m12dsJan 24Jan 25WesleyvilleRHMercer
1030James Gaulton62 yrsJan 27Jan 28BrookfieldRHMercer
1031Nelson Sparkes17Jan 31Feb 1stWesleyvilleRHMercer
1032John Kean48Feb 3rdFeb 4thBrookfieldRHMercer
1033Isabella Hounsell32Jan 18Jan 19Pound CoveRHMercer
1034Susanna Noseworthy5 mtsMar 15Mar 16WesleyvilleRHMercer
1035Arch Noseworthy78Jan 2Jan 3WesleyvilleRHMercer
1036Margaret Kean(no further information)
1037Rebecca G?aut?11mMay 29May 30BrookfieldRHMercer
1038Mrs. Wm. Kelloway46June 9June 11Pools IsldRHMercer
1039A. Hunter Blackwood2 daysJune 19June 20WesleyvilleRHMercer
1040Bertha Knee1dayJul 20Jul 21WesleyvilleRHMercer
1041James Oldford55Jul 8Jul 10WesleyvilleA. Davis
1042Elihu Ford2 daysJul 18Jul 19WesleyvilleJ. Bishop
1043Abram King2 yrsJul 14Jul 15WesleyvilleJ. Bishop
1044Mary Winsor70Sept 3Sep 5WesleyvilleRHMercer
1045Aubrey Kean24Aug 30Sep 1stBrookfieldRHMercer
1046Eliz. Hunt1 yrSep 4Sep 5WesleyvilleRHMercer
1047Robt. Howse77Sep 6Sep 8WesleyvilleRHMercer
1048G. Jane Dyke1 2/3Sep 14Sep 16Bennetts CoveRHMercer
1049John Picott10 mthsSep 16Sep 18BrookfieldRHMercer
1050Albert S. Hounsell4 1/3Sep 20Sep 22Pound CoveRHM
1051Lavinia Mullett2 wksSep 25Sep 26WesleyvilleRHM
1052Nellie Jane Best2 yrSep 25Sep 26BrookfieldRHM
1053Sam Mullett13 mtsSep 30Oct 2BrookfieldRHM
1054Jane Churchill4814 Oct16 OctWesleyvilleRHM
1055Clifton Best19 mts18 Oct20 OctBrookfieldRHM
1056A. G. Mullett6 3/4 yrOct 24Oct 26WesleyvilleRHM
1057Leone J. Sturge8 mtsOct 25Oct 27BrookfieldRHM
1058Beatrice Fifield1/3 yrNov 13Nov 14WesleyvilleRHM
1059Desmond Mullett5 wksDec. 5Dec. 6thWesleyvilleRHM
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
1060Bessie Winsor5 1/2wksJan 31Feb 1stWesleyvilleRHM
1061Clara Hoyles45 yrsJan 7Jan 9WesleyvilleRHM
1062Silas Best3 mtsJan 8Jan 9WesleyvilleRHM
1063Jane Carter88Feb 13Feb 15WesleyvilleRHM
1064Sam Warfield5 mtsFeb 7Feb 8WesleyvilleRHM
1065Beatrice Warfield37Feb 2Feb 4WesleyvilleRHM
1066Gus Howell83Feb 26Feb 27ValleyfieldRHM
1067Edith C. Carter11/12Mar 30Mar 31WesleyvilleRHM
1068Alberta Blackwood26Mar 13Mar 15BrookfieldRHM
1069Laura Howell34Jan 7Jan 8Bad. QuayRHM
1070John Howell80Jan 19Jan 21Bad. QuayRHM
1071Theresa Carter77Ap. 10Ap. 11WesleyvilleRHM
1072Ann Wicks62June 1stJune 3WesleyvilleRHM
1073Josiah Dyke66June 13June 15WesleyvilleRHM
1074Marion Howse11/12May 10May 12WesleyvilleRHM
1075Albert Mullett2 hrsMay 20May 21WesleyvilleRHM
1076Janie? Mullett10 dysJune 18June 19WesleyvilleRHM
1077Ella Best7Ap. 24Ap. 25WesleyvilleRHM
1078Sam Carter22June 18June 20WesleyvilleRHM
1079Thos. King20June 14June 15WesleyvilleRHM
1080Chesley Miles24Feb. 10Ap. 20thWesleyvilleRHM
1081Lucy Grante?49June 17June 19BrookfieldRHM
1082Louisa Best38June 22June 23BrookfieldRHM
1083Margaret Gaulton43Jul 5Jul 7BrookfieldRHM
1084Minnie Best27May 19May 21Bennetts CoveRHM
1085Ethel Mullett20June 26June 27WesleyvilleRHM,J. Bishop
1086Clyde Hounsel2Sep 10thSep 11thPound CoveSydney J. Hillier
1087Boyd Hill1 1/4Sep 10thSep 11thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1088Catherine Louise Starks8 mosOct 19thOct 21stWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1089Nathan Noseworthy2 yrsOct 23rdOct 26thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1090John Winsor74 yrsOct 26thOct 28thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1091Charles F. Warfield3 1/4yrsOct 29Oct 31WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1092Glendon Roberts10 mosNov 17Nov 19WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1093Julia Ann Roberts49 yrsNov 18Nov 21WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
(cause TB)
1094Morley Best9 mosDec. 6Dec. 8BrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1095Bessie Kean23 yrsDec. 14Dec 17BrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1096John (Thorn)?83 yrsDec 27Dec 30WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1097Victoria Sturge3 yrsDec 29Dec 31BrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
1098Maria Stockley3 yrsJan 4Jan 7WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1099Janie? Ford4 1/4yrsJan 8Jan 10WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1100Alma Blackwood17 yrsJan 14Jan 16BrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1101Meta Blanche Calloway7 mosJan 24Jan 26Pools IsldSydney J. Hillier
1102Miriam Roberts89 yrsJan 28Jan 31WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1103James William Burry14 mthsJan 26Jan 28ValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1104Louisa House69 yrsFeb. 12Feb. 15WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1105Cyril Clifford Mullett1 yrFeb. 12Feb. 14WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1106Alexander S. Osmond1 yrFeb. 13Feb. 15ValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1107Abraham Stratton63Feb. 22Feb. 25ValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1108Douglas Wm. Winsor5 mosFeb. 24Feb. 26WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1109Garfield Mullett15 yrsMar. 9Mar. 11WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1110Jessie Stanford26 yrsMar. 17Mar. 19WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1111Alexander Mullett8 yrsMar. 25Mar. 27WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1113*Esther Jane Hill13 yrsMar. 30Apr 2WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1112*Harry Roberts1 1/2yrsMar. 15Mar 16WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1114Zena Hill11 yrsApr 2ndApr 4thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1115? Mullett18mthsWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1116Blanche Winsor8 yrsApr 13Apr 16thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1117Samuel Mullett2 daysApr 24Apr 26thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1118Frederick J. MullettMay 1stMay 4thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1119Nina Best13May 10thMay 12thBrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1120Arthur Diamond Winsor8 mthsMay 17May 19WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1121Alice King25May 18May 21stWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1122Caroline Stockley74May 20May 22WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1123Abram Thomas King14 daysMay 23May 23WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1124Mary Wells14 yrsMay 27May 28WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1125James Tiller83May 28thMay 30thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1126Norris HenryWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1127Lily Norris16June 22ndJune 24thWesleyvilleSydney Rowe
1128Alfreda Howse6 mthsJune 26June 27WesleyvilleGeorge House
1129Emma Hunt43 yrsJul 21stJul 26WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1130Hubert Reginald Stanford8 mthsJul 30Jul 31stWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1131Sadie Delilah Roberts1 mthAug 8thAug 9thWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1132Pearl Jean Roberts1 mthAug 9thAug 9thWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1133A. Stratton64 yrsFeb 26Feb 28thValleyfieldS. J. Hillier
1134Edward Oldford23 yrsAug 2ndAug 3rdValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1135Fred Kean2 yrsAug 29Aug 31stBrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1136Hannah Kean64 yrsAug 30Sep 1stValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1137Wilhemina Hunt2 yrsSep 11thSep 12WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1138Nellie Blanch Wicks2 1/2yrsSep 12thSep 13WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1139Olga Best2 yrsSep 16Sep 18WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1140Maxine Mullett2 mthsSep 19thSep 20thBrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1141Hayward Hoyles5 yrsSep 24Sep 24WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1142Samuel Mullett14 mthsSep 27Sep 28BrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1143Emily Anne Winsor48 yrsSep 30thBef Oct 2ndWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
Blank Line
1144Charlotte Tiller70Oct 5Oct 7thWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1145Lucy Winsor68 yrsOct 11Oct 14WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1146Eliza Howell16 yrsNov 8Nov 9thPound CoveS. J. Hillier
1147Anastatia Winsor22 yrsNov 22Nov 25WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1148Edgar Andrews46Dec. 9thDec. 11WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1149Arthur Chesley Tiller2 mthsDec. 28Dec. 29WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
1150Ella Best51Jan 1stJan 2ndBrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1151Chesley Best18Jan 24Jan 26Pound CoveS. J. Hillier
1152Olga Best3 wksFeb 2ndFeb 3rdWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1153Aubrey Winsor46Feb 14thFeb 20thWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1154Mamie Kean26Apr 5Apr 7BrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1155Edwin Kean56Apr 28May 1stBrookfieldSydney J. Hillier
1156Nathaniel Kean46June 20thJune 22ndPound CoveSydney J. Hillier
1157Emma Winsor8 dysJune 24June 24WesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1158Ina Alice Winsor1 1/2yrsJune 22ndJune 22ndWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1159Emma Stratton13 yrsJune 23rdJune 25ValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1160Samuel Robert Howell5 wksJune 29thJune 30thValleyfieldSydney J. Hillier
1161Olive Button4 yrsJune 30thJul 2ndWesleyvilleSydney J. Hillier
1162Gertrude Mullett28 yrsJul 16Jul 19WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1163Samuel Robert Howell2 mthsJul 18Jul 20ValleyfieldS. J. Hillier
1164Gladys Wicks24 yrsJul 20Jul 23WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1165Peter Tiller6 mthsJul 26Jul 27WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1166Cyril Walter Best7 mthsAug 20Aug 20?WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1167Nellie Hunt13 yrsAug 20Aug 23ValleyfieldS. J. Hillier
1168Alexander King28 yrsSep 9Sep 12WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1169Eli Churchill8 mosSep 10Sep 11WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1170James Roberts42 yrsSep 14Sep 17WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1171James Bishop75 yrsSep 15Sep 17WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1172Eliza Bishop75 yrsSep 18Sep 20WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1173Walter Grauter?31 yrsSep 19Sep 22BrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1174Jane Windsor6 daysSep 25Sep 26WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1175Leah Osmond75 yrsSep 26Sep 28ValleyfieldS. J. Hillier
1176Olive Mullett1 mthOct 6Oct 7WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1177Sarah Tiller69 yrsOct 14Oct 17WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1178Stewart Winsor41 yrsNov 14Nov 18WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
(drowned at St. John's)
1179Mary Cook79 yrsDec 21Dec 24Pound CoveS. J. Hillier
1180Stephen Best12 yrsJan 7Jan 9Pound CoveS. J. Hillier
1181Thomas BestOct 29Nov 4BrookfieldS. J. Hillier
(crushed at Little Bay Islands).
1182Nona Winsor14 yrsJan 5thJan 7WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1183Mason George Winsor11 mthsJul 25Jul 27WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1184Albert Gordon Bishop2 5/12yrsNov 18Nov 21WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
1185Florence Winsor48 yrsFeb 8Feb 11WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1186Hazel Kean5 yrsMar 2Mar 5BrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1187Effie Winsor18 yrsMar 23Mar 26WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1188David Rogers60 yrsMay 3May 9Pound CoveS. J. Hillier
(died at Gen. Hosp. St. John's).
1189Mary Jane Parsons26 yrsMay 6May 17WesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1190Maxwell Best17 yrsJun 7Jun 8thBrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1191Lilian Grace Howell17daysJun 20thJun 21ValleyfieldS. J. Hillier
1192Arthur Leslie Osmond2 yrsJun 25thJun 26ValleyfieldS. J. Hillier
1193Abi Best69 yrsJul 8thJul 10thWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
1194Herbert Roberts23? yrsJul 21stJul 22BrookfieldS. J. Hillier
1195Zaccheus Mullett53 yrsJul 29thJul 31stWesleyvilleS. J. Hillier
Book closed September 30
New set of registers opens with the Quarter ending Dec 31, 1926

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