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Wesleyville Burial Register 1916 - 1920

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth, Cause of Death and Date of Burial.

In some instances this field has Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
864Chesley Wicks7 dysJan. 29Jan. 31WesleyvilleE.Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
865Nathaniel Mullett72yrsFeb. 25Feb. 26WesleyvilleE. Moore
Chronic Bronchitis
866Gerald Thos.? Bishop4 mMar. 5Mar. 6WesleyvilleE. Moore
867Samuel Robert Best2 mMar. 1stMar. 3rdWesleyvilleE. Moore
868George Gaulton67 yrsMar. 8thMar. 12thBrookfieldE. Moore
Heart Failure
869Nellie Alfreda Hunt1yr9mMar. 22Mar. 24WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
870Charles Best75 yrsMar. 31stApr. 2ndBrookfieldE. Moore
Paralysis & Malnutrition
871Bella Roberts5 mApr. 1stApr. 3rdWesleyvilleE. Moore
Bronchitis & Inanition
872Saidie Jane Mullett8 mApr. 2ndApr. 4thWesleyvilleE. Moore
Constipation Enteritis
873Edgar Cooze12 yrsApr. 10Apr. 12BrookfieldE. Moore
Epilepsy & La Grippe
874Edith Cavell Winsor3 or 5mApr. 10Apr. 12WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
875Annie Winnie Winsor17 mJune 10June 12BrookfieldE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
876William Best2 daysJune 12June 14WesleyvilleE. Moore
Walter HuntJuly 15July 16ValleyfieldE. Moore
877Flossie Fifield11 mosJuly 26July 27WesleyvilleC. Howie
878Susanna Rogers45Aug. 3Aug. 6Pound CoveC. Howie
(numbering error)
878E. Blanche Blackwood21Aug. 12Aug. 13BrookfieldC. Howie
879Annie Roberts5 mAug. 14Aug. 15WesleyvilleC. Howie
880H. G. Roberts10 mAug. 20Aug. 21WesleyvilleC. Howie
881Kenneth Andrews10Aug. 31Sep. 1WesleyvilleC. Howie
882Herbert Hoyles3 mSep. 10Sep. 11WesleyvilleC. Howie
(numbering error)
882George Werrior?18 yrsJuly 1stKilled in Francenot known
Volunteered for King & Empire, fell at duty post a hero.
883Samuel Dyke22Oct. 16Oct. 18WesleyvilleC. Howie
884Laura Jane Bishop72Oct. 19Oct. 21WesleyvilleC. Howie
885Jane Werrior?27Oct. 22Oct. 24WesleyvilleC. Howie
886Stanley Andrews1Oct. 28Oct. 30WesleyvilleC. Howie
887Ellen Bishop71Nov. 10Nov. 12WesleyvilleC. Howie
888Alpharus Hunt1 yrNov. 13Nov. 15ValleyfieldC. Howie
889Hazel Hunt7 yrsNov. 22Nov. 2>BrookfieldC. Howie
890Mary Gaulton26Dec. 11Dec. 13BrookfieldC. Howie
891Beatrice Cooze6 wksDec. 15Dec. 18BrookfieldC. Howie
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
892Wilhelmina Galton9 mosJan. 22Jan. ??BrookfieldJ. Bishop
893George F. Best2 1/2 mFeb. 6Feb. 7Swain's IsldC. Howie
894Julia Blackwood65Feb. 11Feb. 13BrookfieldC. Howie
895Philip Hounsell24Feb. 5Feb. 11Pound CoveC. Howie
896Barbara Best14Feb. 27Feb. 28BrookfieldC. Howie
897Annie G. Hoyles9 mosMar. 7Mar. 8WesleyvilleC. Howie
898Jane Davis78Mar. 22mar. 23Pound CoveC. Howie
899Sybil M. Winsor3 1/2mMar. 12Mar. 14WesleyvilleC. Howie
900Henry Mullett67Apr. 16Apr. 18WesleyvilleC. Howie
901Elis. A. Kean36May 18May 20Pound CoveJames Bishop
902Peter Blackwood67May ??June 1stBrookfieldC. Howie
903Susanna Roberts63June 30July 1stBrookfieldJames Bishop
904Phoebe Roberts64Aug. 16Aug. 17BrookfieldC. Howie
905Fred Bishop44Aug. 22Aug. 25WesleyvilleC. Howie
906Noah Best8 hoursAug. 24Aug. 24BrookfieldC. Howie
907William Wells2 yrsAug. 29Aug. 30WesleyvilleC. Howie
908Elfreda Galton14Aug. 31Sept. 2BrookfieldC. Howie
909Job. Witcher2Sept. 5Sept. 7ValleyfieldC. Howie
910Marjorie L. Hill14 mosSept. 6Sept. 8WesleyvilleC. Howie
911Willis D. Hunt3 mosSep. 6Sep. 6WesleyvilleC. Howie
912Wilbur Blackwood13 mosSep. 8Sep. 8BrookfieldC. Howie
913Stephen Sturge58 ySep. 13Sep. 14BrookfieldC. Howie
914George Fifield5 ySep. 15Sep. 15WesleyvilleC. Howie
915Stephen Rogers14 mOct. 4Oct. 5Pound CoveC. Howie
916Sarah AndrewsNov. 16Nov. 18WesleyvilleC. Howie
917Pte. George Hann21Sept. 9Sept. 11London, England
Died of wounds in a London Hospital
918Pte. Joseph HoylesOct. 9Killed in action, France.
919Pte. Hugh Bowden21Nov. 20Killed in action, France.
920Eliza Abbott26Dec. 13Dec. 15WesleyvilleJas. Bishop
921William Winsor2 daysDec. 16Dec. 17WesleyvilleC. Howie
922William Preston?61Dec. 17Dec. 19WesleyvilleC. Howie
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
923George Kelloway45Jan. 8Jan. 10BrookfieldC. Howie
924Mark Stark(s)7 daysJun 1,1917Jun 13, 1917Valleyfield
925Leonard Roberts12 yrsDec. 6, 1917Dec. 7, 1917BrookfieldC. Howie
926Abram ?anter?43Jan. 29Feb. 1stBrookfieldC. Howie
927Nellie G. Harvey1 yrJan. 24Jan. 26BrookfieldC. Howie
928George Best64Feb. 4Feb. 6WesleyvilleC. Howie
929Mary Hunt38Feb. 14Feb. 17ValleyfieldC. Howie
930Gordon Best1 1/2yrsMar. 4thMar. 5BrookfieldC. Howie
931Charles Humphries17Mar. 12Mar. 14ValleyfieldC. Howie
932Florence E. C. Yetman1 1/2yrsMar. 17Mar. 18BrookfieldC. Howie
933Emily Mullett25Mar. 30Apr. 2ndWesleyvilleC. Howie
934Ellen Louise Yetman1 mJan. 14Jan. 16BrookfieldC. Howie
935Nellie G. Harvey12 mJan. 24Jan. 26BrookfieldA. Davis
936Corp. W. J. StrattenMar. 13Somewhere in France
937Lloyd G. Mullett4 mMay 14thMay 14WesleyvilleC. Howie
938Alfred G. Davis13 mJune 13June 14Pound CoveC. Howie
939? HounsellJune 18Pound CoveS. Edgecomb
940Annie Ford37July 11July 12WesleyvilleC. Howie
941George H. Blackwood11 daysJune 22June 23BrookfieldC. Howie
942Edgar WinsorSomewhere in France
943Grace E. P. Ford1 yrJune 21June 22WesleyvilleJas. Bishop
944Adam J. Hounsill9 mosJune 21June 22Pound CoveJas. Bishop
945Fred Stockley8 mosJune 26June 28Swain's Isld.Jas. Bishop
946Norman P. Winsor9 mosJuly 2July 4WesleyvilleJas. Bishop
947Augustus WinsorJune 22June 26WesleyvilleJas. Bishop
948William Hoyles58Aug. 22ndAug. 23WesleyvilleChas. Howie
949William Norris1 dayAug. 23Aug. 23WesleyvilleChas. Howie
(numbering error)
949Rosanna Tiller69Aug. 9Aug. 11WesleyvilleChas. Howie
950E??? Ricketts34Aug. 28Aug. 30ValleyfieldChas. Howie
951Mary Hounsell32July 30Aug. 1Pound CoveChas. Howie
952Andrew Vincent48Aug. 14Aug. 15BrookfieldChas. Howie
953Sarah Mullett61Oct. 5Oct. 8WesleyvilleS. Baggs
(numbering error)
953Frederick Pickett2 mosNov. 11Nov. 12BrookfieldC. Howie
954Florence Mullett12Dec. 14Dec. 16BrookfieldC. Howie
955Beatrice NorrisDec. 20Dec. 21WesleyvilleC. Howie
956Ada Best5 mDec. 16Dec. 18WesleyvilleC. Howie
957Martha King62Dec. 21Dec. 23WesleyvilleW. Harris
958Herbert G. Howie52Dec. 22Dec. 23WesleyvilleW. Harris
959Martha Mullett39Dec. 24Dec. 26WesleyvilleC. Howie
960Sarah Best30Dec. 28Dec. 29BrookfieldC. Howie
961Claud Sainsbury34Oct. 7Oct. 8WesleyvilleJ. Bishop
962Eric W. Best16 mDec 29Dec 31BrookfieldC. Howie
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
963Simon Hann16 mJan 3Jan 3WesleyvilleC. Howie
964Joseph Fifield18 yrsNov. 9,1918Nov. 11, 1918WesleyvilleC. Howie
965Marion Winsor2 yrsJan. 23rdJan. 25WesleyvilleC. Howie
966Harold B. Howill?18Jan. 14Jan. 16Pound CoveC. Howie
967Peter Dyke54Mar. 4Mar. 5thWesleyvilleC. Howie
968Sarah Mullett87Mar. 26Mar. 28WesleyvilleC. Howie
969Albert Gaulton23 1/2Jan. 9Jan. 11BrookfieldC. Howie
970Richard Osmund?75April 23April 25ValleyfieldC. Howie
971Richard Fifield64May 23May 25WesleyvilleC. Howie
972Emma Winsor73May 27May 30WesleyvilleC. Howie
973Laura Hann71June 2June 5WesleyvilleC. Howie
974Martin Bishop50June 5June 7WesleyvilleC. Howie
975Robert Gaulton28June 10June 13BrookfieldA. Davis
976Abram Best2 1/2yrsJuly 1stJuly 2ndBrookfieldA. Davis
977James Ford87Aug. 4thAug. 6thWesleyvilleC. Howie
978Arthur Roberts79Sept. 13Sept. 15BrookfieldC. Howie
979Elizabeth May Wicks10 mosSept. 15Sept. 16WesleyvilleC. Howie
980Susanna Cooze76Aug. 31Sept. 1stBrookfieldC. Howie
981Jane Roberts7 daysOct. 11Oct. 11WesleyvilleC. Howie
982? OlfordValleyfieldBen. Davis
983? BlackwoodBrookfieldA. Davis
984Annie ?ranter?76Dec 25Dec 27BrookfieldC. Howie
985Abraham Mullett10 mosJuly 2July 3WesleyvilleJames Bishop
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
986Joyce E. Gaulton2 mosJan 26Jan. 27BrookfieldC. Howie
987Caroline Best66Feb. 3Feb. 5BrookfieldC. Howie
988Wesley Sparke(s)52Feb. 14Feb. 16WesleyvilleC. Howie
989Jacob Mullett6wksMay 1stMay 1stWesleyvilleC. Howie
990Shrapnel? Wells5 yrsApril 4thApril 5thWesleyvilleC. Howie
991Annmariah? Best29April 24April 26WesleyvilleC. Howie
992Otto Thos. Hill3mosMay 5May 6thWesleyvilleC. Howie
993Andrew Dyke6 yrsMay 20May 22WesleyvilleC. Howie
994Hannah Hunt76May 28May 30thValleyfieldC. Howie
995Margaret Feltham21June 8June 10ValleyfieldC. Howie
Pastorate of Robt. H. Mercer
996George William Best2Aug. 16Aug. 17WesleyvilleRobt H Mercer
997Wm. F. Stretton5 6/12Sept. 9Sept. 10ValleyfieldRobt H Mercer
998Hazel Hounsell9/12Sept. 1stSept. 2ndPound CoveRobt H Mercer
999Maxwell Hounsell7/12Sep 10thSep 11thPound CoveRobt H Mercer
1000Chas. Hunt9/12Aug 28Aug 29thWesleyvilleRobt H Mercer
1001J. J. Churchhill (sp)1 yrSep 1stSep 2ndBennetts CoveRobt H Mercer
1002Mary J. Hounsell9/12Sept 6thSept. 7thPound CoveRobt H Mercer
1003Millicent A. Best1 yrAug 19Aug 20Bennetts CoveRobt H Mercer
1004Wilfred J. Sturge3 5/12July 20July 21stBrookfieldRobt H Mercer
1005John Best77Aug 11thAug 12thBrookfieldRobt H Mercer
1006Greta Mullett9/12Aug 24Aug 25WesleyvilleRobt H Mercer
1007Pearle R. Sturge1 5/12Aug 2ndAug 3rdBrookfieldRobt H Mercer
1008? Winsor(no other information)
1009Sarah Kean43Dec. 20Dec. 22BrookfieldRHMercer
1010Alice Bertha Lush17Oct 27Oct 29ValleyfieldCat? Wells
1011Ella S. Davis56Dec. 13Dec. 15ValleyfieldRev RHMercer

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