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Wesleyville Burial Register 1911 - 1915

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth, Cause of Death and Date of Burial.
In some instances this field has Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
705Bertha Burry31 yrsJan 3TBC of LungsWesleyvilleJR Saint
706Sophie Carter40 yrsJan 5TBC of LungsBrookfieldJR Saint
707Walter K Best7 yrsJan 7TBC of LungsBrookfieldJR Siant
708Mary Ann Cooze3 mthJan 24Whooping Cough BrookfieldJR Saint
709Thos Fifield26 yrsJan 31TBC of LungsWesleyvilleJR Saint
710Irene Roberts3 mthFeb 1TBC of LungsWesleyvilleJR Saint
711Gertie Goodyear1 mthJan 12TBC of LungsCat HarbourEH Gibbon
712Florence Cecilia Howell17 yrsFeb 10FitsPound CoveJR Saint
713James Granter68Feb 20Heart FailureBrookfieldJR Saint
714Eric Kean6 wksFeb 26No Cause givenBrookfieldJR Saint
715Philip Walter Kean6 mthMar 2No Cause givenValleyfieldGo Wells
716Clifford Kelloway2 yrsMar 19PneumoniaWesleyvilleJR Saint
717Elsie Fifield22 yrsMar 23TBC of LungsWesleyvilleJR Saint
718Kathleen Tetman15 mthMar 26BronchitisBrookfieldJR Saint
719Grenfell Winsor16 mthMar 29PneumoniaWesleyvilleJR Saint
720Alice Howell5 mthApr 4No Cause givenSummervilleLayman
721Adolphus Harvey3 wks6 AprCongenital WeaknessBrookfieldJR Saint
722Daisy D Best7 mthApr 14PneumoniaBrookfieldJR Saint
723Ellis Bishop18 yrsApr 20TBCWesleyvilleR S
724Samuel Job Hunt20 mthMay 4MeningitisWesleyvilleR S
725James Mullett7 mthMay 7No Cause givenWesleyvilleR S
726Wm Wells3 1/2mthMay 16MarasmusWesleyvilleRS
727Alfreda Mullett4 1/2mthMay 23Whooping CoughBrookfieldRS
728Wilhelmina White1 yrsMay 1Congestion of Lungs Cape IslandAE Teale
729Minnie Hillier9 yrsMay 14PneumoniaCape Cove
730John Vincent15 yrsMay 17DiptheriaCape IslandLayman
731Robert L Gill2 1/2yrsFeb 25Whooping CoughPinchards Island AE Teale
732Frank Way2 daysJune 17Congenital WeaknessNewtownLayman
733Henry J Hoyles8 yrsJune 15ConvulsionsBrookfield
734Beatrice Wicks22 yrsJuly 22No Cause givenWesleyvilleJR Saint
735Albert Seymore Hoyle2 yrsJuly 28MeningitisBrookfieldJR Saint
736Samuel Carter55 yrsJuly 29Cancer of StomachWesleyvilleRS
737Stillborn child of Anastatia WesleyWesleyville
738Kenneth Kean19 yrsAug 27TBC of LungsBrookfield
739Adalaide Jane Hunt3 mthAug 28Whooping CoughValleyfieldRS
740Wilfred Thos Roberts2 1/2mthSept 2No Cause givenValleyfieldRS
741Hannah Lydia Hunt2 1/4yrsSept 5Whooping Cough ValleyfieldRS
742Elsie Hunt4 yrsSept 13ConvulsionValleyfieldRS
743Donals Howell2 mthSept 17 MeningitisPound CoveJR Saint
744Sadie Hounsell3 wksJuly 15Congenital WeaknessPinchards IslandWW
745Edwin Gibbons34 yrsJuly 16Typhoid FeverCat HarbourW J H
746Louis W Barbour9 mthAug 4TeethingSummersideW J H
747Greta Jane Mullett9 mthOct 25No Cause givenWesleyvilleR Saint
748John Noseworthy1 dayNov 6MeningaceleWesleyville
749Lydia Lush15 yrsDec 7TBC of LungsWesleyville
750Henry J Roger1 1/2yrsDec 14ConvulsionsValleyfield
751Gladys Ninnie Bishop4 mthOct 3Congenital WeaknessNewtonS Hill
752Mary Vincent77Oct 4Senile DecayCape IslandS Hill
753Maria Gibbon2 yrNov 3Whooping Cough Cat Harbour? Hatch??
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
754Jacob Hunt36 yrsJan 30Heart FailureValleyfieldJR Saint
755Still born child of Adam and S HoylesJan 13Brookfield
756Francis Howell44Feb 5Heart FailurePound CoveJR Saint
757Mabel Hunt6 mthFeb 7MeningitisWesleyvilleRS
758Frances Fifield52 yrsFeb 18Brights DiseaseWesleyvilleRS
759Benjamin Cooze68 yrsFeb 28ParalysisBrookfieldRS
760John Noseworthy29 yrsMar 17TBC of LungsWesleyvilleRS
761Ellis Humphries2 yrsMar 9Whooping Cough Cape CoveE Stokes
762Tressa Mildred Stagg1 wkMar 14Congenital WeaknessCape CoveE Stokes
763Ralph M Wicks10 mthAp 21Congenital WeaknessWesleyvilleJR Saint
764Elizabeth W Hunt25 yrsAp 22TBC of LungsWesleyvilleJR Saint
765Jacob Blackwood1 dayAp 29Congenital WeaknessWesleyvilleJR Saint
766Bertha Robert Kean9 mthMay 22May 25WesleyvilleW Cotte
767Joseph Howell77 yrsAug 12Aug 14Pools HarbourE Moore
768John Howell44 yrsAug 30Sept 1Pound CoveE Moore
769Madje L Brown14 mthSept 2Sept 4WesleyvilleE Moore
770Irene Best5 wksAug 24Aug 26BrookfieldE Moore
771Joseph Howell44 yrsAug 29Sept 1Pound CoveE Moore
Gastric Ulcer
772Martin Howell2Sept 9Sept 11Pound CoveE Moore
Cerebral Abcen
773Harry Picott14 mthSept 11Sept 14BrookfieldE Moore
774Peter Lillen2 mthSept 12Sept 14WesleyvilleE Moore
775Cyril Gaulton7 daysNov 7Nov 9BrookfieldE Moore
776Son of Annie Lillen1 mthOct 31WesleyvilleJas Bishop
illigitimateNatural Causes
775Conie Shepherd2 mthSept 15Sept 17ValleyfieldE Moore
Natural Causes
776Eliza Winsor66 yrsJune 26June 28WesleyvilleSJ Hillier
777Isaac Luck5 mthJune 15June 17ValleyfieldN Osmond
Natural Causes
778Annie L Winsor6 mthJuly 26July 28WesleyvilleJas Bishop
779Clara Elizabeth Kean10 mthJuly 22July 25ValleyfieldR Osmond
780Mille J Best6 wksOct 27Oct 29BrookfieldE Moore
Infantile Convulsions
781Edward J Tiller1 mth 10 daysDec 17Dec 19WesleyvilleE Moore
782Cyril Gaulton7 daysNov 7Nov 9BrookfieldE Moore
Infantile Convulsions
783Robert B TillerNov 25Nov 27WesleyvilleE Moore
784Percie Best21 yrsNov 27Nov 29BrookfieldXX
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
785Elizabeth Stockley2 daysJan 13Jan 14Wesleyville IslE Tiller
786Russel Nicles8 daysJan 4Jan 6Wesleyville IslE Tiller
787Donald Harrington1 yrsJan 27Jan 29Wesleyville IslJos Bishop
788Eli Churchill53 yrsJan 31Feb 1Wesleyville IslE Moore
789Lucy Mullett7 wksJan 31Feb 1Wesleyville IslE Moore
790Alfred Mullett2 yrsFeb 16Feb 18Wesleyville IslE Moore
791Kenneth Bishop1 yr 2 mthFeb 10Feb 12Wesleyville IslE Moore
792Alfred Mullett2 yrsFeb 16Feb 18BrookfieldE Moore
793Eli Churchill53 yrsJan 31Feb 1WesleyvilleE Moore
794Lucy Mullett7 wksJan 31Feb 2WesleyvilleE Moore
Note 792-794 appear to be duplicate entries for 790, 788 and 789, and correct the earlier entries
795Charle Picott1 yrDec 28Dec 30(1912)BrookfieldE Moore
796Mary Ann Mullett70 yrsFeb 26Feb 28Bennets CoveE Moore
797Rebecca Coose68April 27April 29BrookfieldE Moore
798Harriet Tiller2 mthMay 13May 15Bennets CoveE Moore
799Henry ? Hunt7 mthMay 13May 15Bennets CoveE Moore
800Maria Jane Tiller12 daysMar 28Mar 30Bennets CoveE Moore
801Emma B Norris7 mthMay 20May 22WesleyvilleE Moore
802Nina Maria Mullett3 mthJune 1June 3WesleyvilleE Moore
803Alpheus Calloway18 mthMay 21May 23WesleyvilleE Moore
804Dawson Hann3 mthMay 29May 31WesleyvilleE Moore
805Elizabeth Blackwood2 daysMay 18May 19WesleyvilleE Moore
806Cecilia Blackwood8 mthApril 15April 17WesleyvilleE Moore
Broncho Pneumonia
807Rebecca Kean58 yrsJune 4June 6ValleyfieldE Moore
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
808Cecil Stockley19 yrsJune 6June 8WesleyvilleE Moore
809Frances Wicks75 yrsJuly 23July 25WesleyvilleE Moore
Atrophy of the Liver
810Levina Mullett17 yrsJune 21June 22WesleyvilleA Wells
811Florence Mullett4 yrsJune 22June 23WesleyvilleA Wells
812Mary Frances Feltham16 yrsJune 24June 25WesleyvilleA Wells
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
813Eli Davis30 April21 MayPound CoveA Wells
Pneumonia - died on Sealing voyage
814Wilfred Gladstone Dyke34 mthAug 15Aug 17WesleyvilleE Moore
Accidentally Drowned
815Frances Wicks75 yrsJuly 23July 25WesleyvilleE Moore
Atrophy of Liver
816Minnie Tiller5 mthJuly 31Aug 1WesleyvilleE Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
817Elizabeth NoseworthyAug 3Aug 4WesleyvilleE Moore
818Caroline Best3 mthNov 28Nov 30BrookfieldE Moore
819Cinderella Picott15 mthNov 28Nov 30BrookfieldE Moore
820Virtue Tiller31 yrsOct 29Oct 31BrookfieldA Davis
821James Fifield25 yrsNov 3Nov 5WesleyvilleHerbert Wells
822Geo Wells66 yrsOct 31Nov 2WesleyvilleGeo House
Brights Disease
823Infant Daughter of2 daysSept 18Sept 20WesleyvilleE Moore
S RobertsInanition
824Irene Best3 mthSept 28Sept 30WesleyvilleE Moore
825John Best8 mthOct 4Oct 6Bennetts CoveE Moore
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
826Moses Brown21 yrsJan 28 JanPound CoveE Moore
827Pierce Kean28 yrsMar 31April 10ValleyfieldE Moore
or Apr 1 Frozen to Death (?? Nfld)
828Louisa Jane Mullet6 mthApril 2April 4WesleyvilleE Moore
829Daisy Pearl Kean4 mthMay 9May 10ValleyfieldCater Wells
830Maffie Winsor2 daysMay 2May 3WesleyvilleE Moore
831Susie Blackwood5 yrsMay 8May 10BrookfieldEd Moore
Burned to Death
832John Carter22 yrsMay 17May 20BrookfieldE Moore
833Mabel Blackwood6 yrsJuly 29July 31BrookfieldE Moore
834Jamie Best5 mthAug 1Aug 3BrookfieldE Moore
835John Cooze3 mthOct 20Oct 22BrookfieldE Moore
836Simon Winsor23 yrsOct 22Oct 24WesleyvilleE Moore
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
837Elizabeth Winsor77 yrsOct 20Oct 22WesleyvilleE Moore
838George Mullett92 yrsSept 21Sept 23WesleyvilleE Moore
Heart Failure
839May Sturge20 yrsSept 21Sept 23Pound CoveE Moore
840Mary Wicks47 yrsNov 9Nov 11WesleyvilleE Moore
841Annie Maud Norris2 mthNov 9Nov 11WesleyvilleE Moore
Intestinal Trouble
842Hazel Best4 mthNov 15Nov 17WesleyvilleE Moore
843Geo Stockley76 yrsNov 23Nov 25WesleyvilleE Moore
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
844Rebecca Mullett2 daysJan. 20Jan. 22WesleyvilleE. Moore
845Celia Mullet13 mFeb. 2Feb 4WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
846Frances Butt74 yrsMar. 3Mar. 5WesleyvilleE. Moore
Heart Disease
847Barzilla Roberts69Mar. 29Mar. 31BrookfieldE. Moore
Heart Disease
848Emma Louisa Best2 mApr. 8Apr. 10BrookfieldE. Moore
849Jack Llewellyn Yetman6 mApr. 11Apr. 13BrookfieldE. Moore
850Cecil Vincent15 yrsApr. 19Apr. 21BrookfieldE. Moore
Tuberculosis of ???
851Joseph Tiller55 yrsApr. 20Apr. 22WesleyvilleE. Moore
Multiple Neuritis
852Susannah Roberts5 1/2mApr. 30May 2WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
853Emma Fifield Tiller14 yrsMay 8May 10WesleyvilleE. Moore
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
854Jacob Best4 mMay 11May 13BrookfieldE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
855Max Mullett3 1/2mMay 19May 21WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
856Cyril Bishop7 mMay 20May 22WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
857Ernest Rossfield Best4 mMay 23May 25WesleyvilleE. Moore
Capillary Bronchitis
858Susannah Tiller73 yrsJuly 21July 23WesleyvilleE. Moore
859Merril Stanford3 yrsAug. 19Aug. 23WesleyvilleE. Moore
860Baxter Knee Carter7 mSep. 28Sep. 30BrookfieldE. Moore
Cholera Infantine
861Annabella Roberts20 yrsNov. 21Nov. 23WesleyvilleE. Moore
In Childbirth
862Abraham Roberts49 yrsDec. 7Dec. 9WesleyvilleE. Moore
Cancer of Stomach
863Bessie Sturge22 yrsDec. 22Dec. 24Pound CoveE. Moore
Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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