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Wesleyville Burial Register 1906 - 1910

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth,
Cause of Death and Date of Burial. In some instances
this field has Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy Whom Buried
507Sarah Jane Norris46 yrsJan 4GreenspondWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
508Kieth White11 yrsJan 11ValleyfieldValleyfieldAbram Stretton
509Wm White49 yrsJan 29Cape IslandCape IslandRL Biggs
510Evelyn Blanche Stokes6 monFeb 3Cape CoveCape CoveEsau Stokes
511Martha White39 yrsJan 23FlowersIslandValleyfieldGeorge Paine
512Prince Osmond17 yrsJan 23ValleyfieldValleyfieldGeorge Paine
513Florence Mullett14 mthFeb 4Swains IslandWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
514Cecil Stokes5 yrsFeb 25Cape CoveCape CoveEsau Stokes
515Wilfred Carter20 yrsMch 16BrookfieldBrookfieldGeorge Paine
516Ephraine Ridout2 yrsApr 1Fox CoveFox CoveRL Biggs
517Mabel Winsor4 mthApr 9WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
518Susannah J Kitchets19 yrsApr 22ValleyfieldValleyfieldGeorge Paine
519Florence Blackund6 mthApr 23BrookfieldBrookfieldJames Bishop
520Frederick S Bert22 mthMay 13WesleyvilleWesleyvilleRobt Tiller
521Hezel A Mullett11 mthMay 18WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
522Lizzie Tiller11 mthMay 18Bennetts CoveWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
523Majgie Julia Hunt15 mthMay 18BrookfieldBrookfieldGeorge Paine
524Benjemin Winsor18 mthMay 22WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
525John F Cliford10 mthMay 25ValleyfieldValleyfieldRobert Tiller
526Nathan Best24 yrsMay 25Bennetts CoveBrookfieldGeorge Paine
527Carrie Tiller19 yrsMay 28WesleyvilleWesleyfieldGeorge Paine
528Peter Andrews68 yrsMay 27Cape IslandCape IslandRL Biggs
529Henry Davis75 yrsMay 28Pinchards IslandPinchards IslandRL Biggs
530John Stokes76 yrsMay 23Cape CoveCape CoveRL Biggs
531Charles Parsons71 yrsMay 26Harbour GraceCat HarbourRL Biggs
532Thomas Andrews25 yrsMay 28WesleyvilleCape IslandRL Biggs
533Rebekah Barbour86 yrsJune 3Pinchards IslandNewtown Geo Paine & RL Biggs
534Louisa Sturge17 yrsJune 20BrookfieldBrookfieldJames Bishop
535Lilly Beatrice Lush11 mthJune 26ValleyfieldValleyfieldK Osborne
536Clarence Dan???? Barbour
This entry was crossed out and Clifton written over the top, no other details were given
537Clifton Dunra??? Barbour17 mthJun 15NewtownNewtownEli Parsons
538Ernest Dixon Fred Bollen11 mthJun 21Pinchards IslandPinchards IslandRL Biggs
539Jane Whalin41Jun 21Cat HarbourCat HarbourRL Biggs
540Cecil Stokes1 mthJune 22Cape CoveCape CoveRL Biggs
541Elfrida Perry31Jul 2NewtownNewtownEli Parsons
542Edith Ridout10Jul 7Fox CoveFox CoveName missing
543No entry
544Caroline Hunt20 yrsJul8/06? IslandValleyfieldGeorge Paine
545George Andrews81Jul 25?WesleyvilleAA Holmes
546Sidney Sainsbury9 mthAug 20WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
549Eli J BarbourAug 15 bornAug 20NewtownNewtownS Edwards
550Geo Kean46Sep 22Flowers IslandBrookfieldAA Holmes
551Ralph Wicks1 Sep 27WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
552Samuel Wicks76Oct 5Swains IslandWesleyvilleAA Holmes
553Wm Norris19Oct 10WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
554Stacey Stagg7 mthSep 2Cape CoveCape CoveS Edwards
555Sarah Stokes24 yrsSep 4Cape CoveCape CoveS Edwards
556Chas P Collins2 wksOct 7NewtownNewtownS Edwards
557Martin D Kean3 yrsOct 22ValleyfieldValleyfieldAA Holmes
558Thos Fifield6 daysNov 6BrookfieldBrookfieldAA Holmes
559Abraham Mullett16Nov 25BrookfieldBrookfieldAA Holmes
560Lucy Roberts29Dec 5Pools IslandsWesleyvilleS Edwards
561Mary Winsor5 mthDec 24Swains IslandWesleyvilleAA Holmes
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
Donald Winsor4 mthJan 25WesleyvilleWesleyvilleS Edwards
The above line was squeezed into the register
562Bessie Way5 1/2yrsFeb 18NewtownNewtownS Edwards
William Filtham6 mthFeb 12WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
The above line was squeezed into the register
563Isaac C Cook7 daysFeb 7Fox CoveFox CoveS Edwards
564Harry Collins1 1/2yrsFeb 21Fox CoveFox CoveS Edwards
565M??da Barbour1 mthMar 1NewtonNewtownS Edwards
566Hu?don Goodyear2 wksJan 17Cat HarbourCat HarbourK Gibbons(Layman)
567? Butt5 mthMch 3Cat HarbourCat HarbourS Edwards
568Cater Davis13 yrsMch 2Fox CovePinchards IslandAA Holmes
569Delila Tiller8 daysMch 3WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
570Eli Josliul2 1/2mthFeb 12Off Pinchards IsOff Pinchards IsS Edwards
571Sidney Churchill2 1/2yrsFeb 12WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
572Jane Dyke16 yrsMch 19WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
573Susin B Bishop2 wksMch 24WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
574Priscilla Davis16 yrsMch 23Fox CovePinchards IslandS Edwards
575Nathan Best
No # in register from this point
Philip Kean12 yrsDec 19ValleyfieldValleyfieldAA Holmes
E?? Roberts8 daysDec 8ValleyfieldValleyfieldCater Wells
Eli Tamplainau5 wksMay 18Fox CoveFox CoveS Edwards
Daisy Roberts8 mthApr 10WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
David Tiller49 yrsApr 14WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Lavinia Tiller2 wksApr 15WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Lewelyn Hunt24 yrsApr 19ValleyfieldValleyfieldCater Wells(Layman)
Ellen Mileudy40 yrsJun 20Cat Harbour(bur)Cape Freels(b)Jacob Andrews
Kaynech Howell38 yrsJul 25Fox CoveFox CoveS Edwards
Ella Pearl Bishop24 3/4 ? 1WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Jesse Howell46Jul 8Pound CovePound Cove? Winsor
Capt. William Winsor61Sep 6WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Theresa Noseworthy68Sep 13WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
William Perry21Aug 9NewtownNewtownS Edwards
Sarah Feltham3Nov 19WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Caroline Perry10 mthOct 5NewtownNewtownS Edwards
Harriet Butt64 yrsOct 9Cat HarbourCat HarbourS Edwards
Louis May Davis4 daysOct 15Pinchards IslandPinchards IslandChas Norris(Layman)
Gladys Gill3 daysNov 19Pinchards IslandPinchards IslandChas Norris(Layman)
Elfida Elzth Stokes2 mthNov 9Cape CoveCape CoveE Stokes(Layman)
Lucy Stretton18 daysOct 18ValleyfieldValleyfieldCater Wells (Layman)
Susan Bishop57 yrsNov 1Musgrave HbrFox CoveAA Holmes
George Winsor87Nov 25WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Rowland Galton2 wksAug 18BrookfieldBrookfieldJas Bishop
Ella Best2 mthDec 1BrookfieldBrookfieldAA Holmes
William Feltham3 mthDec 26WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Sophia Knee28 yrsDec 27NewtownNewtwonJas Pincock
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
Priscilla Hownsell18 yrsJan 7Pinchards IslandPinchards IslandS Edwards
James Winsor54Feb 2WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Samuel Lush20yrsFeb 2ValleyfieldValleyfieldS Edwards
Elizth Hoyles11 yrsFeb 3WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Elizth Hounsell45Feb 15SummervilleSummervilleS Edwards
Joseph Ford24Feb 17Recorded at GreenspondAA Holmes
Cato Gibbons13Feb 22Cat HarbourCat HarbourS Edwards
William Tiller27Mch 2WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Florence Best7 mthsFeb 19WesleyvilleWesleyvilleJas Bishop
Ronald Yetman9 mthDec 24BrookfieldBrookfieldAA Holmes
Jolin Mullett36Feb 23WesleyvilleWesleyvilleAA Holmes
Charlotte Hoyle36Mar 8Mar 10Pinchards IslandAA Holmes
SamuelKelloway5 mthMch 3Apr 1WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Elfrida Littlejohn2 daysApr 15Apr 16WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Stanley Howell12 yrsMay 10May 12Fox CoveEliParsons
Baxter Collins17 yrsMay 12May 14NewtownAA Holmes
Lydia Best29 yrsMay 1May 3ValleyfieldJas Bishop
Leander Best8 mthMay 2May 3ValleyfieldJas Bishop
Gladys ?ay9 yrsApr 13Apr 15NewtownS Edwards
Mary Vincent18 yrsAug 24Aug 26NewtownL Davies
Josephine Burry5 yrsSep 13NewtownL Davies
Elzth Stoakley8 daysSep 20Sep 22WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Wilfred T Roberts3 mthOct 20Oct 22ValleyfieldAA Holmes
Clara Noseworthy20 yrsNov 9Nov 12WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Stillborn (Wicks)1Nov 13Nov 13WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Ernest Parsons2 wksSep 8Sep 10Cat HarbourRd P?
Julia Gibbons18 yrsSep 26Sep 28Cat HarbourAA Holmes
Charley Shepphard1 1/2yrsOct 20Oct 23Cat HarbourJEG Davies
Harry Blackwood2 yrsNov 24Nov 25BrookfieldJas Bishop
Lydia Fel???6 mthNov 27Nov 29BrookfieldAA Holmes
Irene Roberts5 yrsDec 26Dec 28WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Charlie Shepphard1 1/2yrsDec 13Dec 16Cat HarbourJEG Davies
James Bishop3 yrsDec 27Dec 28WesleyvilleAA Holmes
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
Jane Best9?Dec 31Jan 21WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Nellie Mullett2 wksMar 21Mar23WesleyvilleJas Bishop
Chesley Howse16Jan 26Jan28WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Saf?? Best9 hrsMch 24Mch 25WesleyvilleJas Bishop
Thomas Martin27Feb 20Feb 22BrookfieldAA Holmes
Leslie D Andrews11 yrsApr 1Apr 3WesleyvilleJas Bishop
Emma Harvey75Apr 3Apr 5Pools IslandCater Wells
Mildred Hounsell9 mthApr 13Apr 15WesleyvilleJas Bishop
Lydia Stretton20Apr 25Apr 27ValleyfieldCater Wells
Melisa Stanford6 wksMch 27Mch 28WesleyvilleJas Bishop
John Roberts77May 12May 14Pound CoveAA Holmes
Maria Tiller37May 24May 27WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Charlotte Howell1 mthMay 23May 25ValleyfieldAA Holmes
James Hunt39 yrsJune 8June 9ValleyfieldCater Wells
Sophia Melendy13 yrsFeb 13Feb 14Fox CoveAA Holmes
Laura Melendy36Jul 31Aug 2Fox CoveW Cotton
Louisia Howill30 yrsSep 25Sep 26Cat HarbourAA Holmes
Rex Wilson Goodyear3 mthSep 18Sep 19Cat Harbour?
Jane AuReid2 3/4 yrsSep 11Sep 13WesleyvilleJas Bishop
Chesley Winsor5 mthNov 2Nov 4WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Eliza Stokes32Oct 8Oct 10Cape FreelsW Cotton
Ellen Holmes75Dec 13Dec 16WesleyvilleJas Pincock
Elzth Stockley69Dec 13Dec 16WesleyvilleN Cotton
John Parsons Gill7 yrsNov 12Nov 14NewtownN Cotton
Laura Ridout73Nov 18Nov 20Cape FreelsN Cotton
Audreis Stokes3 wksNov 18Nov 19Cape FreelsN Cotton
Mary Vincent4 mthDec 23Dec 26NewtownN Cotton
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
Cornilius Winsor5 mthJan 11Jan 13WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Jane Dyke4 mthJan 10Jan 12WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Zacheus Best10 daysJan 3Jan 3WesleyvilleJas Bishop
Ellen J Hunt6 daysJan 22Jan 24WesleyvilleJas Bishop
William Best17 daysJan 10Jan 11WesleyvilleJas Bishop
? Martin8 mthFeb 25Feb 27BrookfieldAA Holmes
Florence Andrews30 yrsMch 9Mch 11WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Elizth Shea26 yrsFeb 19Feb 20ValleyfieldAA Holmes
Caroline Hounsell55 yrsFeb 22Pound Cove?
James Hunt76 yrsMch 20Mch 22Valleyfield?
Benjamin Winsor52 yrsApr 2Apr 4WesleyvilleW Cotton
Eliza Best17 yrsApr 15Apr 17WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Elsie West6 mthMch 11Apr 27WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Ellen Martin26 yrsMay 16May 18BrookfieldAA Holmes
Thos Kean56May 20May 22ValleyfieldAA Holmes
William Bishop75May 29May 30WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Jonas Tiller26Jul 1Jul 3WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Esther Tiller7 mthJul 7Jul 8WesleyvilleAA Holmes
Chesley Sainsbury3 mthJune 28June 29WesleyvilleJas Bishop
683Jacob Kean4 mthJul 11Jul 12BrookfieldAA Holmes
684Daniel Garfield Howell2 yrsJul 21Jul 22ValleyfieldJas Bishop
685Leah Kean22 yrsJul 21Jul 24ValleyfieldJR Saint
686Marion Bishop9 mthJul 25Jul 26WesleyvilleJR Saint
687Mab Barbour8 yrsAug 11Aug 14NewtownJR Saint
689Llewlyn Goodyear1mthAug 4Aug 6Cat HarbourE Gibbons
689Jacob Hoyles24 yrsSept 2Sept 4BrookfieldR S
Died at Locky?s?oay BB
The entry numbers in the Register were duplicated
690Sai??y Garfield Howell7 daysSept 10Congenital WeaknessValleyfieldJas Bishop
691Chesley A H Hann6 wksSept 25MeningitusWesleyvilleJR Saint
692Eunice Jane White33 yrsJul 2TBC of LungsSummervilleR Gill
693Susannah Best4 mthOct 1BrookfieldAE Teale
694John Winsor22 yrsOct 11Tub MeningitisWesleyvilleJR Saint
695Cornelius Winsor52Oct 30Gnl TBCWesleyvilleJR Saint
696Chesley Best16 mthOct 31Scarlet FeverValleyfieldC Wells
697Alva Ena Kean16 mthNov 6T MeningitisWesleyvilleJR Saint
698Kenneth Easton16 mthDec 4PneumoniaFox CoveAE Teale
699Louise Agatha Tuff6 wksNov 20Congenital WeaknessFox CoveW Cotton
700Chesley Stokes2 wksNov 14Congenital WeaknessCape CoveLayman
701Emma Hann9 mthNov 14PneumoniaCat HarbourLayman
702Wm Hounsell77 yrsDec 26Senile DecayPinchards IslandAE Teale
703Henry Jas Robbins5 yrsOct 19PneumoniaCat HarbourLayman
704Herbert Roberts4 wksDec 20Congenial WeaknessNewtownLayman

Transcribed by *UNKNOWN*

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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