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Wesleyville Burial Register 1901 - 1905

The Date of Burial Field in the Register has been used for Place of Birth,
Cause of Death and Date of Burial. In some instances this field has
Date of Burial and Cause of Death in the same column.

#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy Whom Buried
324Emmett? CARTER5/12Jan 10?BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
325John WINSOR89 yrsJan 13?WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
326Edgar L. BISHOP6/12Jan 19?WesleyvilleG. Howse
327Peter N. VINCENT10/12Mar 02?Cape IslandH.J. Indoe
328Sarah A. NORRIS15/12Mar 08?WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
329William KING5/365Jun 14?WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
330Emma DAVIS22 yrsMar 30?Pound CoveH.J. Indoe
331John C. VINCENT56/365Mar 30?NewtownH.J. Indoe
332David RIDOUT2 yrsJan 10?Cape CoveG. Stokes
333Emma HUNT2/12Mar 09?Cape IslandG. Stokes
334Bessie VINCENT1 yrMar 22?Cape IslandG. Stokes
335Jonathan VINCENT70 yrsApr 09Apr 10BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
336Emily VINCENT3/12Apr 07Apr 07Cape IslandJacob Andrews
337Kezia DAVIS61 yrsApr 15Apr 17Pinchard IslandH.J. Indoe
338Levinia RIDOUT22 yrsJun 04Jun 05Cape CoveH.J. Indoe
339Fredrick BEST3 yrsMay 31Jun 01BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
340Garland W. STOCKLEY5/12Jun 24Jun 25WesleyvilleG. Howse
341Annie BARBOUR38 yrsJun 30Jul 02Newtown?arry G. ?
342Joseph TILLER?Jul 03Jul 07WesleyvilleG. Howse
343Raymond DYKE10/365Jul 05Jul 07Swain's IslandG. Howse
344Empty Line
345Regina? Josiah HOYLES26/365Aug 08Aug 09Swain's IslandG.Howse
346John Jarvis? ANDREWS37 yrsJul 24Jul 25Cape IslandGeo Burry
347Mary Jane STOKES40 yrsAug 14?Cape CoveE. STOKES
348?ima BLACKWOOD7/12Aug 16Aug 17BrookfieldJas Bishop
349Rebecah TILLER12 yrsSep 06Sep 08BrookfieldJas Bishop
350Henry Thomas MULLETT31 yrsSep 11Sep 23BrookfieldJas Bishop
351Mary RIDOUT70 yrsSep 20Sep 22BrookfieldJ.E. Peters
352Peter FORD1/52Oct 20Oct 21WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
353Emma MELUNDY?29 yrsOct 30Nov 01Fox CoveH.J. Indoe
354Roland HOWELL9/365Nov 16Nov 18Pound CoveH.J. Indoe
355Mary Jane WINSOR11/12Nov 25Nov 27WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
356Louisa? TILLER6 yrsNov 28Nov 30WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
357Annie L. WINSOR29 yrsDec 09Dec 12WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
358Jeremiah STOKES2/12Oct 15?Cape CoveE. Stokes
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
359Percival KEAN3/12Jan 04Jan 06BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
360Elizabeth A. GARRETT4/12Jan07Jan 08Fox CoveW. Howell
361George? HANN78/365Dec 23Dec 24Cape CoveE. Stokes
362David ROBERTS22 yrsFeb 04Feb 06WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
363Bertha? N. BISHOP12/365Feb 08Feb 09Wesleyville?. Bennett
364Garfield HANN4 mosMar 05Mar 05Cape CoveE. Stokes
365Ethel A. BARBOUR1 yrJan 19?NewtownW. Howell
366Job STOKES67 yrsMar 20Mar 22Cape CoveH.J. Indoe
367Walter W. HANN14/365Oct ??Oct ??Cape CoveE. Stokes
368Caleb MULLETT12 yrsApr 02Apr 04BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
369Julia P??????24 yrsApr 05Apr 07BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
370Whitfield HOWELL3/12Apr 29Apr 30NewtownG. Parsons
371Elijah STOKES14?Apr 01Apr 01Ocean off Cape Freels
372Rebecca ANDREWS64 yrsMay 02May 03Cape IslandH.J. Indoe
373George TUFF77 yrsJun 04Jun 07Bennett's CoveW. Howell
374Roland TILLER8/12Jul 10Jul 12NewtownG. Parsons
375Clarence ?K. BARBOUR11/12Jul 03Jul 05NewtownG. Parsons
376Chesley GILL24/365Jun 23?Pinchard's IslandC. Norris
377Jesse NORRIS19 yrsAug 04Aug 06WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
378Mary STRETTON?75 yrsAug 21Aug 23ValleyfieldH.J. Indoe
379Jane NORRIS59 yrsAug 28Aug 29Pinchard's IslandH.J. Indoe
380Lucy ROBERTS5/12Sep 08Sep 09BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
381Job STOKES1 yrSep 06Sep 07Cape CoveE. Stokes
382James NOSEWORTHY6/365Sep 28Sep 29WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
383Samul STOKES2 yrsNov 23Nov 24Cape CoveH.J. Indoe
384Martha VINCENT27 yrsDec 06Dec 08NewtownF.W. Foote
385Nathan VINCENT52 yrsDec 06Dec 08NewtownF.W. Foote
386William HOWELL12 yrsDec 12Dec 14NewtownF.W. Foote
387Edgar NOSEWORTHY10/365Oct 02Oct 05WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
388Eric Baker KEAN7/52Oct 12Oct 12BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
389James PARSONS22 yrsOct 22Oct 25Cat HarbourH.J. Indoe
390Susanna KEAN76 yrsNov 27Nov 30BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
391Pamela HANN36 yrsNov 20Nov 22WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
392Mary A. KEAN36 yrsNov 29Dec 01BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
393Rebecca TILLER4/12Dec 22Dec 25WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
394Eli GRANTER7/365Jan 03Jan 05BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
395Ethel WINSOR12 yrsJan 22 Jan 25 WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
396John BEST20 yrsJan 27 Jan 29 BrookfieldH.J. Indoe
397John CHURCHILL8/365Feb 08 Feb 09 WesleyvilleJ. Bishop
398Pamela HANN WINSOR1 1/3yrsFeb 20 Feb 21 WesleyvilleF.W. Foote
399Amelia HANN32 yrsMar 09 Mar 10 WesleyvilleA.J. Pitman
400Ellen ?. BISHOP7/12Apr 17 Apr 18 WesleyvilleF.W. Foote
401Francis J?. HOWELL5 yrsApr 18 Apr 21 WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
402William YETMAN85 yrsApr 24 Apr 26 BrookfieldF.W. Foote
403Oliver ROBERTS4/12May 21 May 22 WesleyvilleH.J. Indoe
404William H. PAINE28 yrsMay 21 May 23 WesleyvilleA.J. Pitman
405Job W. STOKES23/365May 01 May 03 Cape CoveEsau Stokes
406Samuel RIDOUT1/365May 05 May 06 Cape CoveEsau Stokes
407Rainbow GOODYEAR5/12Jan 12 Jan 14 Cat HarbourF.W. Foote
408Herbert GOODYEAR21 yrsMay 01 May 04 Cat HarbourF.W. Foote
409Alice BROWN1 9/12 May 24 May 31 NewtownF.W. Foote
410Cecilae HOWELL40 yrsJun 06 Jun 08 NewtownF.W. Foote
411John RIDOUT77 yrsJul 12 Jul 14 BrookfieldR.L. Biggs
412Thomas ROBERTS76 yrsJul 25 Jul 27 WesleyvilleGeorge Paine
413Lenora BEST25 yrsJul 29 Jul 31 WesleyvilleGeorge Paine
414Beatrice RIDOUT24 ?Aug 02 Aug 04 Cape FreelsR.L. Biggs
415Robert Jas STOCKWOOD10 ?Aug 28 Aug 31 WesleyvilleGeorge Paine
416Thomas Lewellyn WINSOR1 mosSep 06 ?WesleyvilleGeorge Paine
417Josiah DYKE4 yrsSep 08 ?Linen's IslandGeorge Paine
418William DYKE2 mosSep 10 ?Linen's IslandGeorge Paine
419Minnie BEST5 yrsSep 30 ?BrookfieldGeorge Paine
420Lester? BEST10 mosSep 30 ?BrookfieldGeorge Paine
421Evan? GILL11 yrsSep 30 ?Pinchard's IslandR.L. Biggs
422Joseph GILL6 yrsSep 30 ??R.L. Biggs
423Frances WAY70 yrsNov 17 F??? Ireland?NewtownR.L. Biggs
424John STAFF60 yrsNov 17 P??????Cape CoveR.L. Biggs
425Stanley BEST25 yrsOct 20 WesleyvilleBrookfieldG. Paine
426Margaret YETMAN13 yrsOct 30 BrookfieldBrookfieldG. Paine
427David WINSOR84 yrsNov 13 Linen's? IslandWesleyvilleG. Paine
428Benjamin L. BARBOUR?3 yrsDec 03 NewtownNewtownR.L. Biggs
429John PARSONS?36 yrsDec 10 Cat HarbourCat HarbourR.L. Biggs
430Edward Chas HUNT?2 yrsDec 28 Cape F?Cape F?R.L. Biggs
431Elizabeth HOWELL31 yrsDec 12 Cape FreelsFox CoveG. Paine
432E? HOWELL3 mosDec 13 Fox CoveFox CoveG. Paine
433J? FELTHAM14 mosDec 19 WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine?
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
434Caroline GOODYEAR74 yrsFeb 03 Harbour GraceCat HarbourRichard Parsons
435Obadiah HOWELL22 yrsFeb 06 Cobbler's IslandFox CoveR.L. Biggs
436Jas Winsor? ROLAND?3 mosJan 10 ValleyfieldValleyfield(uncle)?.?. Dumont?
437H??ch MULLETT1 yrJan 18 BrookfieldBrookfieldG. Paine
438Martha A? WELLS5 mosFeb 11 WesleyvilleWesleyvilleG. Paine
439Jane ANDREWS45 yrsFeb 19 Linen's? IslandWesleyvilleG. Paine
440Rebecca BEST5 yrsFeb 27 BrookfieldBrookfieldG. Paine
441James Ashton DAVIS2 mosApr 13 Pinchard's IslandPinchard's IslandR.L. Biggs
442Louis GOODYEAR35 yrsApr 24 Cape CoveCat HarbourR.L. Biggs
442Annie GOODYEAR33 yrsMay 06 GreenspondCat HarbourR.L. Biggs
Editor's Note:(Entry# 442 was recorded twice by the original recorder)
443Ely?h W? BENNETT3? ?Apr 03 WesleyvilleWesleyville?
444J? TILLER22 yrs Apr 28 WesleyvilleWesleyville?
445Wm ?. BARBOUR14 yrs??? 27 Newtown?Newtown?M. ?
446Annie NOSEWORTHY14 yrsJun 12 WesleyvilleWesleyvilleJas Bishop
447George PARSONS66 yrsJun 27 Jun 28 Cat HarbourR.L. Biggs
448Alice STOCKLEY27 yrsJun 30 Jul 01 WesleyvilleR. Sidney? Bennett
449Daisy GIBBONS8 yrsAug 07 Aug 07 Cat HarbourR.L. Biggs
450Benjamin CARTER72 yrsAug 22 Aug 23 WesleyvilleR.L. Biggs
451Alexander SMITH10 mosSep 12 Sep 13 BrookfieldR.L. Biggs
452Jane PAYNE?65 yrsSep 14 ?WesleyvilleJas Bishop
453John NORRIS1 weekSep 25 Linen's? IslandWesleyvilleG. Paine
454Arthur HOWSE10 daysSep 09 WesleyvilleWesleyvilleJas Bishop
455Minnie BARBOUR12 mosOct 11 Oct 12 NewtownR.L. Biggs
456Kenneth FELTHAM19 yrsOct 13 Safe HarbourCape CoveR.L. Biggs
457Abselom TILLER37 1/2yNov 17 Linen's? IslandWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
458Jane GARRETT64 yrsOct 26 Cape CoveFox CoveR.L. Biggs
459Eliza STOKES72 yrsDec 08 Cape CoveCape CoveR.L. Biggs
460Richard FIEFIELD2 yrsDec 25 WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
461Annie BEST18 yrsDec 25 BrookfieldWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
462Elizabeth BURRY44 yrsDec 30 Cape FreelsWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
#NameAgeDate of DeathDate of BurialWhere BuriedBy WhomBuried
463Leander BEST2 ?Jan 16 BrookfieldBrookfieldGeorge Paine
464Ellis BEST7 days?Jan 14 BrookfieldBrookfieldJas Bishop
465Eliz DAVIS37 3/4 yrsJan 23 Indian BayPinchard's IslandR.L. Biggs
466Louisa HOUNSELL67 yrsJan 24 Fair IslandPinchard's IslandR.L. Biggs
467Peter HOWETT46 yrsJan 25 Cobbler's IslandFox Cove?
468Evan? HOUNSELL7 daysFeb 10 Pinchard's IslandPinchard's Island?
469Amy HUNT36 yrsJan 19 GreenspondWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
470Annie G?. HOYLES6 yrsJan 26 WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
471Ethel Grace PARSONS6 mosDec 25 Cat HarbourCat HarbourRichard Parsons
472Philip TEMPLEMAN11 yrsFeb 1? Fox CoveFox CoveR.L. Biggs
473Martha? Jane? TILLER15? 1/2 yrsMar 14 Linen's? HarbourWesleyvilleGeo Paine
474George HOWELL33 yrsMar 18 N? Cove?WesleyvilleGeorge Paine
475Mary L. GOLDING5 mosMar 30 ValleyfieldValleyfieldGeorge Paine
476Wm Stewart COOKE12yrs 11wksApr 18 Fox CoveFox CoveR.L. Biggs
477Patrick Geo BLACKMOOR14 mosApr 22 Fox CoveFox CoveEli Parsons
478Henry? WHALIN?25 yrsMay 12Cat HarbourCat HarbourR.L. Biggs
479Wm Ridout70May 18May 19Cape CoveRL Biggs
480Rosanna Bert44Apr 3Bonavista BayBrookfieldG Paine
481Charles Wells4 mthsApr 5ValleyfieldValleyfieldA Davis
482Lottie McLean Tiller2 yrsApr 23WesleyvilleWeslyvilleG Paine
483Charlotte Wells29 yrsApr 28WesleyvilleValleyfieldG Paine
484Lucy Winser26May 2WesleyvilleWesleyvilleG Paine
485He??iet Tiller75May 3L?? IslandWesleyvilleG Paine
486George Stretton20May 12ValleyfieldValleyfieldA Davis
487Daisy Gibbons2 mthsJun 9Cat HarbourCat HarbourHy Goodyear
488Sarah Gibbins36Jun 14Cape CoveCat HarbourRL Biggs
489Henry Collins84Jul 7Indian BayNewtownGeorge Paine
490Ellan Millett40Jul 15?BrookfieldJames Bishop
491John Tiller65Aug 8?WeslevilleGeorge Paine
492Hubert G Bert5 wksAug 13BrookfieldBrookfieldJames Bishop
493Matilda Stockley19 yrsAug 20Swain IslandWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
494Allie Stockley1 yrsSept 6WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
495Ellen Millett55 yrsSept 29Swain IslandWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
496Mabel Louise Keen14 mthOct 4WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
497Aaron Inv ?enn2 yrsOct 7WesleyvilleWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
498Emma Parsons5 yrsOct 23Cat HarbourCat HarbourS Hatcher
499David Hann6 monNov 19Cape CoveCape CoveEsau Stokes
500Eben Joseph Gill6 wksDec 6Pinchard IslandPinchard IslandRL Biggs
501Bessie Jane Butt1 yr 11 mthNov 12Cat HarbourCat Harbour? Parsons
502Thomas Hancock76 yrsOct 30GreenspondWesleyvilleGeorge Paine
503Lucy Keen27 yrsNov 12GreenspondValleyfieldGeorge Paine
504Rosanna Hunt4 mthNov 1Tinkers IslandValleyfieldGeorge Paine
505Charles Lister Mullett6 mthDec 22Bennetts CoveBrookfieldGeorge Paine
506Francis Howell78 yrsDec 30Western BayWesleyvilleGeorge Paine

Transcribed by *Unknown*

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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