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PANL: United Church Marriages,
Kings Point/Rattling Brook


Jul 11 1914  KP     Warwick Rideout, 24, wid, fi, KP, & Gladys May, 19,
                    s, dom, KP. W: Walter Rideout, Daisy Gillingham.
Nov 21 1914  JC     Frederick Knight, 46, b, f, JC & Pearl R Bartlett, 23, s, 
                    (Salvation Army), JC. W: M T Knight, Eliza ? Knight.
June 26 1915 JC     Garfield Burt, 23, b, f, KP & Elizabeth Hillier, 19,
                    s, JC. W: George T Thomas?, Hazel Luff.
Oct 28 1915  KP     Willis Toms, 25, b, f, KP & Laura Mitchell, 19, s, KP. 
                    W: Daisy Welshman, Augustus Toms.
Dec 3 1915   KP     Archibald Bridger, 26, b, d, KP & Emily Bowers, 25, s,
                    KP. W: Samuel Bridger, Daisy Welshman.
May 11 1916  KP     Herbert Newbury, 20, b, f, KP & Lucy Toms, 18, s, KP. 
                    At the home of Philip Card. W: Samuel Bridger, Daisy Welshman.
May 19 1916  KP     Samuel J Bridger, 25, b, f, KP & Daisy Welshman, 22,
                    s, KP. W: Eleazar Welshman, Elsie Chipp.
May 19 1916  KP     Edwin Thomas, 27, b, f, KP & Louie May, 27, s, KP.
                    W: Alfred Rideout, Lily Burt.
Apr 10 1917  KP     George Thomas, f, 26 & Daisy Gillingham, 22.
                    W: Allan Rideout, Mamie (or Naomi?) Gillingham.
Nov 21 1917  JC     Leander Ward Toms, 21, b, f, Middle Arm & Sarah Belle Lush, 
                    21, s, homework, Burlington. W: Albert Lush, Jessie Lush.
Dec 3 1917   KP     Henry Joshua Starks, 22, b, f, KP & Elsie Bowers, 18, s, 
                    homework, KP. W: Arthur Simeon ?Bowers, Blanche M Gillard.
Jan 26 1918  RB     Leander Herbert Foster, 28, b, f, RB & Bertha Jane
                    Newhook, 25, s, home duties, RB. W: not given
Jan 3 1919  RB,KP   Chesley Harold? Randell, 26, b, lumb, RB &
                    Helena Juanita Bartlett, 25, s, RB. W: G R Rendell,
                    Flossie Rendell.
Apr 13 1920  KP     Arthur W White, 42, wid, f, KP & Sarah Penney, 36, 
                    wid, Smiths Hr*. W: Alan White, Florence Stoodley.
                    (*2nd marriage record names her as of Smiths Hr, 1st
                    marriage record names her as of KP).
Nov 17 1919  KP     Israel Roland Foster, 21, b, f, RB & Jessie Noble, 24, s, 
                    ?RB. W: Allan Reginald Noble, Naomi S Starkes.
Nov 25 1920  JC     Sidney G Batstone, 28, b, carpenter, JC & Vida F
                    Langdon, 21, s, JC, dom. W: A W Batstone, M E? Knight.
Jul 5 1921   RB     Robert Dawe, 27, b, f, RB & Fanny Bartlett, 26, s, RB.  
                    W: Edward Bartlett, J F Dawe.
Nov 28 1921  KP     Kenneth G Strong, 31, b, f, KP & Mabel E Roberts, 22, s, 
                    dom, KP. W: Charles W Thomas, Lucy B Strong.
Nov 28 1921  KP     Willis S Adams, 21, b, f, KP & Hilda Richards, 19, s, dom, 
                    KP. W: Charlie Richards, Clarice Richards.
Mar 10 1923  KP     Emma Adams, 20, s, dom, KP & Herbert Welshman, 24, b, f, 
                    KP. W: Willis Adams, Hilda Adams
Sep 21 1974? KP     Alvin Stanley Adams, 21, b, laborer, RB &
                    Shirley Carolyn Freake, 17, dom, Salv.Army, Springdale. 
                    W: Renee? Pollett, Ross Rowsell (this entry is out of order.
Mar 18 1936  KP     Augustus G Toms, 20, b, f,KP & Mabel E Foster, 18, s, 
                    dom, of ?. W: Roy Thistle, Lucy B Foster
June 21 1936 KP     Lemuel Knight, 23, b, f, JC & Nellie Strong, 19, s, 
                    dom, JC. W: Walter Strong, Emily Strong



Collected by Jill Marshall over a period of several years (July 2001)

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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