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PANL - United Church Baie Verte - Marriages

(selected entries only)

SW PAC = South West Pacquet; NE PAC = North East Pacquet; PAC = Pacquet; wid = widower/widow; f = fisherman; lab = laborer;
dom = domestic; lumb = lumberman; b = bachelor, s = spinster; s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of; assume father of bride or groom has same surname unless otherwise indicated;
W = Witnesses;WC WB - Wild Cove, White Bay; JA WB = Jacksons Arm, White Bay; HAMP = Hampden, White Bay; GRIQ = Griquet;
MB = Mings Bight;          

PANL - United Church Baie Verte - Marriages

(selected entries only)


May 4 1908  SWPAC   John Clark, wid, f, PAC, s/o Robert & Mary Andrews, 
                    s, PAC, d/o Joseph. W: Joseph Andrews, Aneus? Mitchell
May 14 1909 SWPAC   William Mitchell, 23,b,f,PAC, s/o James & Julia 
                    Sacrey, 19, s, of ?, d/o Mark. W: Edward Mitchell, 
                    Mary Ann ?Noftell
Dec 14 1911 PAC     Fanny E Butler, 18, PAC, d/o Eleazer & James 
                    Regular, 23, f, PAC, s/o James. W: Selby Regular, 
                    Levinia J Butler
Nov 27 1912 NEPAC   Philemon Sacrey, 23, b, miner, "NWPAC", s/o Zack & 
                    Levie? Giles, 25, s, Rogues Hr, d/o William. W: 
                    Robert H Batstone, Mrs. John Decker.
Nov 24 1913 SWPAC   James Butler, 24, b, f, PAC, s/o Eleazer & Delilah 
                    Regular, 18, s, PAC, d/o James. W: James Regular, 
                    Levinia Butler.
Mar 19 1914 BV      William John Rideout, 23, b, miner, BV, s/o Charles 
                    & Louisa Smith, 18, s, BV, d/o Elias. W: George 
                    Albert Rideout, Dinah Mary Rideout.
Apr 20 1914 NEPAC   Lavinia Butler, 19, s, SWPAC, d/o Eleazar & John 
                    Norman, 24, b, f, NEPAC, s/o Henry. W: Edgar Norman, 
                    Leah Norman.
Jul 30 1914 NE or SW Andrew Sacrey, 22, b, f, NEPAC, s/o Mark & Maud 
                    Norman, PAC (?)  22, s, NEPAC, d/o Thomas. W: Lucy 
                    Sacrey, Edgar Norman.
Dec 12 1914 NEPAC   Lucy Sacrey, 17, s, NEPAC, d/o Mark & Jesse Norman, 
                    26, b,f, NEPAC, s/o Henry. W: Thomas Norman, Leah Norman.
Dec 19 1914 NEPAC   George Gillingham, 21, b, f, NEPAC, s/o Archibald &
                    Jessie Foster, 18, s, NEPAC, d/o James. W: Lucy Mitchell, 
                    Dawe?/Dawl Sacrey.
Feb 12 1915 BV      Annie Squires, 20, s, serv, La Scie, d/o William &
                    Andrew Burton, 24, b, lumberman, La Scie, s/o Moses.
                    W: Ethel M King, Samuel Burton.
Aug 25 1915 NEPAC   Dawl Sacrey, 21, b, f, NEPAC, s/o Mark & Minnie 
                    Clarke, 18, s, NEPAC, father not given.  At the house of 
                    Mark Sacrey. W: William Sacrey, Catie Sacrey.
Sep 28 1915 BV      Henry J Simms, 19, b, f, of ?, s/o Thomas & Emiline 
                    Sacrey, 30, s, NEPAC, d/o Richard.  At the home of 
                    Richard Sacrey. W: Edward Sacrey, Ethel Batstone.
Aug 6 1918  NEPAC   Henry W Sacrey, 23, b, f, SWPAC, s/o "Zechesiel" (Zack) & 
                    Effey Lacey, 20, s, SWPAC, d/o John. W: A. Sacrey, ?Mrs. ?Pym. 
Nov 24 1918 ?       Robert Earl, 30, wid, builder, Shearstown, s/o 
                    William & Maud Adams, 28, s, Jacksons Arm, d/o James. W: 
                    James Adams, Emma Adams.
Nov 25 1920 WC WB   Martin Pinkson, 23, b, f, Wild Cove, s/o James & Maud Mackey,
                    19, s, dom, BV, d/o Esau. At the home of James Pinkson. W: 
                    Leander John Regular, Mrs. William Simms.
Feb 14 1921 SWPAC   John Rideout, 28, b, f, SWPAC, s/o John & Alma 
                    Sacrey, 15, dom, SWPAC, d/o "Zecasiah" (Zack). W: 
                    Edward Mitchell, Lilly Mitchell.
Jan 21 1920 PAC     Harvey Fradsham, 27, b, f, PAC, s/o John & Minnie 
                    Sacrey, 18, s, dom, PAC, d/o Mark. W: Mrs. John Fradsham, 
                    Andrew Sacrey.
Aug 30 1920 NEPAC   William Sacrey, 29, b, f, PAC, s/o John & Mary 
                    Pinkson, s, dom, 16, PAC, d/o James. W: Job Burton, Ada Burton.
Oct 8 1921  JA WB   Selby John Budden, 26, b, merchant, JA, s/o John &
                    Emma Adams, 20, s, dom, JA, d/o James. At the 
                    schoolroom. W: James Adams, Mrs. Elsie Pearce.
Oct 8 1921  JA WB   Sidney Adams, 24, b, clerk, JA, s/o James & Mary 
                    Ford, 23, s, dom, JA, d/o Simeon. At the schoolroom. 
                    W: George Reid, Eda Goulding.
Jan 12 1922 NEPAC   Rebecca Butler, 19, s, dom, NEPAC, d/o Eleazer & Louis 
                    Gillingham, 21, b, f, NEPAC, s/o Archibald. At the home 
                    of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Norman. W: Stanley Gillingham, 
                    Mrs. Jas. Norman.
Feb 14 1925 HAMP    Walter Sacrey, 22, b, lumb, Hampden, s/o John & Louisa 
                    Bushey, 22, s, dom, Hampden, d/o Joseph. At the home of
                    Joseph Bushey. W: Robert Clark, Esther? Bushey.
Sep 24 1925 HAMP    Robert John Clark, 23, wid, woodsman, Hampden, s/o 
                    John & Flora Ann Sacrey, 16, s, dom, Hampden, d/o Mark. 
                    W: Dawl Sacrey, Minnie Sacrey.
Oct 5 1925  PAC     James Sacrey, 20, b, woodsman, PAC, s/o Mark & 
                    Myrtle Gray, 21, s, dom, PAC, d/o James. At the home 
                    of James Sacrey. W: Robert Sacrey?, Maud Sacrey.
Apr 3 1926  HAMP    Chas. Bushy, 31, wid, woodsman, Hampden, s/o Joseph 
                    & Lucy Sacrey, 28, wid, dom, Hampden, d/o Mark Sacrey. 
                    W: Dawl/Dawe? Sacrey, Esther? Gale.
May 5 1926 South Arm  George Gillingham, 20, b, f, South Arm, s/o Joseph 
                    & Eunice Mackey, 19, s, dom, South Arm, d/o Edward.
                    At the home of Nathaniel Gillingham. W: Tara ?/Pearce 
                    Mackey, Agnes Gillingham.
Oct 12 1926 HAMP    Nicholas Dicks, 21, b, teamster, Hampden, s/o Elijah 
                    & Olive Grey, 17, s, dom, Hampden, d/o James. W: 
                    Robert H_____?, _______? Burton.
June 30 1927 ?GRIQ  Rex Butler, 25, b, clerk, Sops Arm, s/o Eleazer &
                    Lillian Anstey, 19, s, dom, Sops Arm, d/o Henry.
                    W: Ben Smith?, Sybil Hellier.
May 28 1929 MB      Herbert Sacrey, 21, f, b, Mings Bight, s/o Mark &
                    Patience Simms, 20, s, dom, Mings Bight, d/o ??.
                    At the home of Robert Clark. W: Dawe/Dawl Sacrey,
                    Mrs. Robert Clark.

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