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Torbay RC Death Record

Partial Listing
Records Typed Exactly As Shown In Records

Thanks to the Torbay Museum for all the hard work
in trancribing the Torbay R.C. Church Records.
Date Last Name Age First Name Date of Burial Place of Death Cause of Death Comments  


August 4, 1911 Brien 13 Months Michael August 5,- Outer Cove Pneumonia    
March 2, 1912 Brien 7 John   Outer Cove Heart Disease Maurice Brien (father)  
June 13, 1913 Brien 40 Margaret (Fitzgerald)   Outer Cove Heart Disease Burial at Torbay  
February 21, 1916 Brien 64 Joseph February 23, 1916 Outer Cove   Buried at Torbay  
November, 1916 Brien 63 James   Outer Cove Accident - fell from carriage frightened by motor car Service in Torbay  
October 11, 1934 Brien       Outer Cove infant, lived 1(one) hour Buried at Torbay  
August 21, 1918 Brien   John       Mary Reddy & Oliver Brien (parents)  
also baptised                
May 21, 1911 O'Brien 72 Bridget May 23, -   Pneumonia    
October 25, ? O'Brien 3 1/2 Months Margaret Teresa       Burried at Torbay by Fr. J. Kennedy  
May 12, 1927 O'Brien   Catherine     Cancer of Face    
Date Last Name Age First Name Date of Burial Place of Death Cause of Death Comments  
June 23, 1911 Donovan 60 John (Bachelor) June 25, 1911   Accident (Broken Ribs) Peumonia - Died in Hospital Lived in Torbay  


Date Last Name First Name Doctor Age Place of Death Date of Burial Cause of Death Comments
February 19, 1915 Martin Mary Bridget Dr. Shankel 86 Flatrock February 22- Cerelm - Spinal Meningitis Service at Torbay
April 20, 1915 Martin Anasatasia (nee Blechram) Dr. Richards 24 Flatrock   Comsumption Buried at Torbay
June 27, 1915 Martin Mary Frances   3 Weeks Flatrock      
September 7, 1915 Martin Catherine Maria Dr. Richards   Flatrock      
April 12, 1916 Martin Patrick   41 Died in hospital April 13-   Buried at Torbay - fr. Flatrock
April ? 1916 Martin Patrick Dr. Richards 54 North Side Torbay     Buried at Torbay
February 27, 1913 Martin Patrick Dr. Shankel 17 Flatrock March 1- Cold Buried at Torbay
February 7, 1913 Martin William Dr. Shankel 50 Torbay   Comsumption  
January 31, 1913 Martin William   1 Torbay February 1-   Buried at Torbay
January 27, 1913 Martin William   52 Flatrock   Pneumonia (or LaGrippe) Buried at Torbay
January 18, 1913 Martin Arthur Dr. Shankel 19 Flatrock   Pneumonia Buried at Torbay
October 10, 1912 Martin Ellen   86 Flatrock     Buried at Torbay
May ? 1911 Martin Eliza         Comsumption Parents Michael & Margaret Martin
July 18, 1911 Martin John Dr. MacPherson 12 Flatrock July 19-    
Dcember 30, 1911 Martin Anne            
April 14, 1912 Martin Francis Dr. Shankel 9 Months Torbay Measles   Died after the effects of measles (Parents Issac & Annie Martin)
October 5, 1912 Martin Isabella Dr. Shankel 12 Torbay Diphtheria    
October 5, 1912 Martin Eith May Dr. Shankel 4 Torbay Diphtheria    
January 15, 1929 Martin Ellen   7 Months   Burned Jan 14    
August 6, 1884 Martin John J.            


Date Last Name First Name Doctor Age Place of Death Date of Burial Cause of Death Comments
January 24, 1913 Reddy Mariamme Dr. Shankel 3 Flatrock   Bronchitis  
March 23, 1913 Reddy Johannah Dr. Shankel 14 Flatrock March 25- Comsumption Buried at Torbay
May 6, 1916 Reddy Mary Elizabeth (Bradbury) Dr. Richards       Child Birth  
May 6, 1916 Reddy John   5 Hours        
May 7, 1916 Reddy Mary Elizabeth   1 Day        
May 22 ? Reddy Elizabeth   83     Died suddenly in sleep  
January 12, 1931 Reddy Mrs. Ann   83     Old Age  
Records Typed Exactly As Shown In Records
Thanks to Torbay Museum for their time and dedication in transcribing the Holy Trinity RC Church Parish Records

Transcribed by Shelley O'Brien (April 17, 2005)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013
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