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Torbay RC Baptisms

Partial Listing
Baptisms Typed Exactly As Shown In Records

Thanks to the Torbay Museum for all the hard work
in trancribing the Torbay R.C. Church Records.
Date Last Name Born Given Name Godparents Mother Father


March 21, 1848 Donovan   Mic Will Pane & Fanny Martin Mary White James Donovan
October 1, 1853 Donovan   James Will Martin & Bridget Walsh Mary White James Donovan
December 27, 1858 Donovan   Stephen John Rogers & Mary Ann Rogers Mary White James Donovan
September 28, 1875 Donovan   James John Murphy & Mary Donovan Ellen Ryan Wm. Donovan
July 12, 1880 Donovan   James Daniel Magarie & Mary Crow Kate Manning James Donovan


Date Last Name Born Given Name Godparents Mother Father
August 17, 1920 Martin   Mary Walter Tapper & Mary Bradbury Nel Reddy David Martin
June 3, 1920 Martin   Michael Andrew Nil Margaret Reddy David Martin
September 6, 1919 Martin   Agnes Margaret James Fitzpatrick & Mary Waterman Anne Mary Fitzpatrick Issac Martin
March 24, 1919 Martin   Samuel Francis Willie Codner & Grace Field Mary Anne Rodgers Patrick Martin
May 20, 1921 Martin   Elizabeth Michael Thorne & Ellen Tapper Margaret Reddy David Martin
April 27, 1923 Martin   William Francis John Murphy & Mary Gosse Mary Waterman John Martin
April 15, 1921 Martin   Alice James Goss & Fannie Kelly Mary Anne Rodgers Patrick Martin
January 11, 1920 Martin   Annie Veronica Patrick F. Martin & Bridget Vera Cullen Margaret Reddy David Martin
May 11, 1924 Martin   Thomas Joseph James Goss & Gertude Thorn Margaret Reddy David Martin
July 27, 1925 Martin   Anastasia Patrick Francis Martin & Mary Joseph Reilly Mary Waterman John Martin
July 28, 1928 Martin Catherine Madeline John Murphy & Annie Murphy Margaret Reddy David Martin
January 14, 1929 Martin   Ellen Richard Field & Bridie Field Mary Anne Rodgers Patrick Martin
April 10, 1927 Martin   Gertrude Mary James Martin & Bessie Tapper Mary Hannah Waterman John Martin
April 10, 1927 Martin   Gertrude Jesse Codner & Mary Field Mary Anne Rodgers Patrick Martin
October 3, 1873 Martin   Catherine Michael Phelin & Mary Reddy Margaret Holohan Edward Martin
October 7, 1858 Martin   John Alfred Golf & Sally Martin Kate Golf Will Martin
October 7, 1858 Martin   Elizabeth George Martin & Ann Brin Kate Golf William Martin
March 17, 1867 Martin   John Joseph John Maher & Johana Reddy Ellen Neil Michael Martin
April 30, 1867 Martin   Cornelius Partick Doody & Eleanor Black Rebecca Martin Cornelius Martin
May 29, 1848 Martin   Will Joseph Phil Grace & Audry Dodd Johanna Crow Will Martin
October 26, 1903 Martin   Laura Agnes John Manning & Anne Gosse Anne Whelan Charles Martin
August 4, 1903 Martin   Alphonisis Samuel Waddleton & Mary A. Reddy Martha Everson Thomas Martin
June 1, 1903 Martin   John Joseph William Jos. Martin & Margaret Mary Kavanagh Margaret Larkin William Martin
June 6, 1903 Martin   Richard Francis Henery Gosse & Mary Waterman Anne Fitzgerald Issac Martin
January 17, 1903 Martin   John Joseph John Martin & Margaret Fitzpatrick Mary Thorne James Martin
September 17, 1902 Martin   William Joseph Robert Morey & Anne Martin Mary A. Gosse William Martin
April 29, 1906 Martin   Linus Francis James Tapper & Mary Gosse Mary A. Gosse William Martin
October 26, 1906 Martin   Bridget Francis Robert Bradbury & Mary Ellen Bradbury Anne Whelan Charles Martin
October 1, 1905 Martin   Elizabeth Anne William Martin & Anne Everson Martha Everson Thomas Martin
August 30, 1902 Martin   Mary Ann Jacob Whelan & Mary Anne Thorne Anne Whelan Charles Martin
April 13, 1904 Martin   Catherine Mary James Martin & Rose Houlahan Mary Jos Bindon Patrick Martin
October 30, 1904 Martin   Terry Veronica Jessie Manning & Mary A. Thorne Hanna Fitzpatrick Issac Martin
June 13, 1904 Martin   Edward John Michael Houlahan & Elizabeth Hall Ellen Hall Michael Martin
January 6, 1906 Martin   Margaret Jennie Frances John Browne & Mary Browne Mary Thorne James Martin
January 17, 1906 Martin   Margaret Mary David Hickey & Bridget Thorne Anne M. Fitzpatrick Issac Martin
February 10, 1906 Martin   Mary Anne Maurice Houlahan & Ellen Reddy Ellen Hall Michael Martin
June 11, 1912 Martin   Mary Frances John Whitty & Elizabeth Whitty Mary Jos. Whitty Patrick Martin
July 7, 1914 Martin   Catherine Mary John Houlahan & Margaret Waterman Rose Houlahan James Martin
February 10, 1914 Martin   James Francis William Parsons & Gertrude Stamp Anne Corcoran Thomas Martin
April 9, 1849 Martin   Dora James Dunphy & Elza Ryan Eliza Ryan Robert Martin
November 8, 1849 Martin   Will Richard Hefferman & Dora Allen Fanny Kavanagh Sam Martin
December 7, 1949 Martin   Will James Quigly & Rebecca Martin Ellen Stamp Edward Martin
January 20, 1850 Martin   Margaret John Martin & Sarah Thorne Kate Flemming Will Martin
March 6, 1850 Martin   Thomas John Strict & Margaret Kenney Susan Allen John Martin
March 9, 1850 Martin   Bridget Will Doyle & Margaret Doyle Johann Murry Thomas Martin
August 1, 1857 Martin   Eliza John Thorne & Eliza Martin Mary Martin Thomas Martin
January 31, 1858 Martin   Agnes Mary William Burke & Ellen Martin Fanny Kavanagh Sam Martin
February 7, 1858 Martin   Thomas Mic Heffernan & Rose Bulger Margaret Power John Martin
May 23, 1858 Martin   John John Dodd & Ellen Martin Mary Cullen Issac Martin
July 31, 1858 Martin   Patt James Cody & Margaret Lacy Ellen Stamp Edward Martin
March 2, 1859 Martin   Mary Jo John Burke & Mary McDonnell Margaret Stamp William Martin
April 11, 1859 Martin   Jacob Will Martin & Eliza Sinnott Ann Sinnott John Martin
June 2, 1859 Martin   Anna Maria James Martin & Sara Martin Mary Ann Tapper Frederick Martin
August 3, 1859 Martin   William Will Larkin & Ellen Ready Frances Kavanagh Sam Martin
November 27, 1859 Martin   Catherine Will Golf & Ann Whitty Mary Ann Bradbury William Martin
May 13, 1860 Martin   Mary Ann William Burke & Mary A. Neil Ellen Neil Mic Martin
May 20, 1860 Martin   William Jo William Ready & Bridget Phelan Margaret Holohan Edward Martin
July 27, 1860 Martin   William Mic Brin & Mary Martin Ann Brien Issac Martin
October 8, 1860 Martin   Mary Jo Johnathan Martin & Dora Martin Anastatia Kirby Rick Martin
February 15, 1861 Martin   Mary Maurice Holohan & Agnes Blanch Ellen Stamp Edward Martin
May 9, 1861 Martin   Eliza Lawrence Flemming & Jane Thorne Ann Sinnott John Martin
August 13, 1861 Martin   Catherine Will Martin & Ellen Martin Ellen Dunphy John Martin
June 17, 1861 Martin   Eliza Thomas Reddy & Anastatia Martin Mary Cullen Issac Martin
February 24, 1862 Martin   John James McGurir & Cathe Power Eliza Dodd Thomas Martin
March 16, 1862 Martin   Patt James Cody & Catherine Roach Ellen Neil Mic Martin
July 27, 1867 Martin   Eliza Peter Martin & Bridget Endchy Mary Stamp William Martin
October 10, 1862 Martin   William John Kavanagh & Mary Ann Golf Anastatia Kirby Richard Martin
May 7, 1867 Martin   Ellen Joseph Bulger & Mary Reddy Frances Kavanagh Samuel Martin
June 25, 1868 Martin   Mary Anne Michael Reddy & Honora Blanch Margaret Houlahan Edward Martin
October 15, 1873 Martin   Catherine Martin Kennedy & Anne Drukan Peggy Kelly Michael Martin
May 17, 1871 Martin   Michael Joseph Thomas Martin & Ellen Kavanagh Margaret Houlahan Edward Martin
November 4, 1871 Martin   Thomas Solmion Goss & Ellen Martin Anne Burn Issac Martin
May 19, 1872 Martin   John Joseph Patrick Goss & Elizabeth Martin Anne Sinnott John Martin
October 3, 1873 Martin   Patrick Patrick Martin & Bridget Grace Fany Keefe Tho Martin
October 13, 1873 Martin   Teresa Bridget Peter Martin & Sera Martin Ellen Martin P ? Martin
May 23, 1874 Martin   Samuel James Rogers & Lusuash Walsh Margaret Kelly Michael Martin
August 2, 1874 Martin   Mary Joseph George Martin & Johanna McDinn Maryln Small James Martin
August 7, 1874 Martin   Mary Joseph James Kelly & Katy Golf Anne Tapper Peter Martin
March 14, 1875 Martin   Catherine Joseph Mic Doyle & May Jane Golf Anne Sinnott John Martin
June 6, 1875 Martin   Mary Joseph Mic Rogers & Elizabeth Brin Margaret Kelly Michael Martin
July 2, 1875 Martin   Mary Anne James Whitty & Bridget Whitty Anne Byrne Issac Martin
August 14, 1875 Martin   Mary Jane Thos. Power & Margaret Martin Fanny Keefe Thos. Martin
August 22, 1875 Martin   Mary Eliza Robert Bradbury & Maria Martin Anne Tapper Peter Martin
February 28, 1876 Martin   Thomas Joseph Patt McDonnell & Anastatia Holouhan Mary McDonnell James Martin
April 3, 1916 Martin   Catherine Frances John Power & Josie Allan Alice Hickey John Martin
September 10, 1915 Martin   Andrew Joseph John Maher & Annie Burke Charlotte Johnson Daniel Martin
May 22, 1915 Martin   Mary Fances William Parsons & Chaterine (Parsons) Stamp Annie Parsons Thomas Martin
June 15, 1915 Martin   Patrick Francis James Fitzpatrick & Nellie Gosse Mary Thorne James Martin
June 17, 1915 Martin   David Francis Michael Houlihan & Mary Jane (Martin) Stamp Roseanne Houlihan James Martin
October 4, 1912 Martin   Augustime Joseph William Caroid & Mary Martin Anastasia Corchrane Thomas Joseph Martin
April 12, 1846 Martin   Thomas Thos. Martin & Dora Power Eliza Ryan Robert Martin
May 23, 1854 Martin   Christopher John Martin & Ann Whitty Eliza Dodd Thomas Martin
February 19, 1855 Martin   Will John Martin & Bridget Ready Margaret Power John Martin
April 29, 1855 Martin   James John Strict & Ellen Ready Ellen Stamp Edward Martin
February 11, 1855 Martin   Ellan Edward Martin & Bridget Roach Ellen Neil Mic Martin
April 29, 1855 Martin   Sarah Peter Martin & Eliza Martin Mary Martin Thomas Martin
July 22, 1855 Martin   Ann George Bradbury & Mary A. Martin Mary Cullen Isaac Martin
November 27, 1856 Martin   Ellen Robert Martin & Margaret Golf Kate Golf Will Martin
December 20, 1855 Martin   John James Dunphy & Eliza Murphy Mary Ann Bradbury Will Martin
June 23, 1856 Martin   John Joseph Simon Dee & Mary Doyle Margaret Power John Martin
July 27, 1856 Martin   Wiliam Robert Will Dodd & Mary Ann Martin Eliza Dodd Thomas Martin
January 10, 1857 Martin   Ann John Martin & Cathe Kenney Margaret Stamp Will Martin
January 12, 1857 Martin   Isabella Will Martin & Ann Martin Mary Ann Tapper Fred Martin
July 5, 1857 Martin   William Richard Reddy & Ellen Kavanagh Ellen Neil Mic Martin
April 2, 1850 Martin   Margaret John Martin & Margaret Martin Mary Martin Thomas Martin
May 2, 1850 Martin   Peter Garret Keefe & Ann Maryand Mary Qunilan Will Martin
July 10, 1850 Martin   Will John Waterman & Eliza Martin Mary Cullen Issac Martin
January 15, 1851 Martin   James Ella Martin & John Cavagagh Fanny Caranogh Sam Martin
May 12, 1851 Martin   Mary Edward Ready & Dora Allen Susan Allen John Martin
July 20, 1851 Martin   Isabella Jo John Bulger & Kate Bradbury Mary Ann Bradbury Will Martin
August 10, 1851 Martin   Mary Jo Thomas Thorne & Mary Thorne Eliza Ryan Robert Martin
November 2, 1851 Martin   James Patt Hickey & Alice Cahil Johana Murry Thomas Martin
November 2, 1851 Martin   Thomas Richard Martin & Dora Martin Kate Golf Will Martin
February 19, 1852 Martin   Peter James Fitzpatrick & Grace Codner Eliza Dodd Thomas Martin
March 16, 1852 Martin   Patt Richard Cudohy? & Dora Allen Mary Martin Thomas Martin
May 13, 1852 Martin   Abranain? Mic Holohan & Mary Hogan Ellen Stamp Edward Martin
August 15, 1852 Martin   Mary Ann Mic Heffernan & Stace Strict Margaret Quinlan Will Martin
September 25, 1852 Martin   Mic Sam Golf & Alice Cullen Mary Cullen Isaac Martin
November 6, 1852 Martin   Margaret Will Allen & Eliza Martin Susan Allen John Martin
February 18, 1853 Martin   Edward Edward Martin & Ellen Ready Fanny Kavanagh Sam Martin
February 23, 1853 Martin   Margaret Mic Bulger & Margaret Neil Ellen Neil Mic Martin
December 8, 1853 Martin   Sarai Ann John Thorne & Alice Bradbury Mary Ann Bradbury Will Martin
May 3, 1854 Martin   Matthew Lawrence Murphy & Bridget Cullen Constantie Doyle Maguire
January 6, 1854 Martin   Margaret Garret Coady & Ann Allen Margaret Stamp Will Martin
May 8, 1876 Martin   Bridget Mary Anthony Joseph Phelan & Agnes Kavanagh Margaret Holohan Edward Martin
January 14, 1877 Martin   Sarah Anne Wm. Golf & Sarah Waterman Anne Sinnott John Martin
May 17, 1871 Martin   Andrew Joseph Patrick Martin & Mary Reddy Ellen Neill Michael Martin
March 9, 1873 Martin   Mary Ellen James Cantwell & Ellen Cinisan? Margaret Kiewan Thomas Martin
March 17, 1885 Martin   Patt Richard Ready & Margt. Maher Fanny Kavanagh Sam Martin
August 4, 1885 Martin   Thomas Joseph Richard Thorne & Mary Martin Elizabeth Whalen Patrick Martin
August 4, 1885 Martin   David Francis Robert Martin & Lara Thorne Elizabeth Whalen Patrick Martin
May 2, 1883 Martin   Mary Ellen Thomas Martin & Mary Waterman Mary Tapper Peter Martin
July 23, 1877 Martin   Thomas John McDonnell & Elizabeth Keefe Frances Keefe Thomas Martin
November 4, 1877 Martin   Michael Joseph William Whitty & Kate Goss Anne Byrne Isaac Martin
November 11, 1877 Martin   Elizabeth William Donovan & Ellen Quinn Margaret Kelly Michael Martin
January 26, 1879 Martin   Maria John & Elizabeth Tapper Anne Tapper Peter Martin
May 28, 1879 Martin   Edward Joseph Patrick & Ellen Martin Margaret Holohan Edward Martin
November 2, 1879 Martin   James Joseph Thomas Keefe & Agnes Martin Frances Keefe Thomas Martin
December 24, 1879 Martin   Susannah William Donovan & Anne Drukan Margaret Kelly Michael Martin
February 29, 1880 Martin   Thomas John Waterman & Mary Carew Ellen Carew William Martin
June 9, 1880 Martin   Richard Thomas Tapper & Margaret Gosse Mary Tapper Peter Martin
October 4, 1880 Martin   Patrick Francis John Gosse & Margaret Bradbury Anne Byrne Isaac Martin
June 20, 1881 Martin   William Joseph Anthony Phelan & Ellen Burke Agnes Blanche Patrick Martin
July 31, 1881 Martin   John Joseph William Corcoran & Anastasia Crowe Ellen Carew William Martin
November 13, 1881 Martin   Samuel Francis John Gosse & Eliza Codner Anne Tapper Peter Martin
February 12, 1882 Martin   Margaret Anne James Magrath & Catherine Gosse Margaret Kelly Michael Martin
February 22, 1882 Martin   John Philip Grace & Mary Eliza Bradbury Francis Keefe Thomas Martin
December 20, 1883 Martin   Ellen Joseph Patrick Martin & Anne Larkin Ellen Carew William Martin
January 6, 1884 Martin   Sylvester Francis Kavanagh & Andrea Martin Agnes Blanche Patrick Martin
March 2, 1884 Martin   Johanna Richard Corcoran & Agusta Bindon Eliza Bradbury James Martin
March 23, 1884 Martin   Patrick Pat Druckan & Elizabeth Druckan Margaret Kelly Michael Martin
May 6, 1884 Martin   Mary Catherine John Browne & Margaret Gosse Elizabeth Whalen Patt Martin
August 6, 1884 Martin   David Joseph Robert Martin & Sara Lacey Eliza Whelan Pat Martin
September 28, 1884 Martin   Daniel Joseph James Kavanagh & Mary Kavanagh Francis Keefe Thomas Martin
January 16, 1885 Martin   William Patrick Martin Carew & Joanna Crow Ellen Carew William Martin
August 16, 1885 Martin   Mary Margaret Martin & Mary Anne Stamp Agnes Blanche Patrick Martin
September 10, 1885 Martin   Mary Joseph John Martin & Mary Jane Reilly Eliza Goff Christopher Martin
March 25, 1886 Martin   Thomas James Dawe & Mary Ellen Downs Mary Bradbury James Martin
July 18, 1886 Martin   John Joseph Isaac Martin & Johana Martin Anastasia Nugent William Martin
February 17, 1897 Martin   Clara Francis George Tapper & Bridget Fitzpatrick Anne Maria Fitzpatrick Isaac Martin
January 24, 1897 Martin   Francis Agustace James & Catherine Bindon Mary Joseph Bindon Patrick Martin


Date Last Name Born Given Name Godparents Mother Father
January 30, 1924 Reddy   Michael Joseph Thomas Reddy & Maggie Thorne Mary Thorne Michael Reddy
June 18, 1925 Reddy   Patrick Joseph Patrick Dunphy & Alana Tapper Minnie Thorne Michael Reddy
August 2, 1928 Reddy   Thomas Joseph George Ellard & Annie Ellard Mary Thorne Michael Reddy
June 24, 1920 Reddy   Annie Gertude Francis Reddy & Mary Thorne Mary Thorne Michael Reddy
March 10, 1849 Reddy   Patt Will Dodd & Mary Dodd Catherine Ryan Patt Reddy
May 13, 1849 Reddy   Johana John Martin & Margaret Bulger Ellen Martin James Reddy
May 4, 1851 Reddy   Dora John Thorne & Anastatia Thorne Catherine Ryan Patt Reddy
August 22, 1852 Reddy   Mic John Martin & Margaret Martin Catherine Martin James Reddy
June 2, 1883 Reddy   Margaret Linus Golf & Eliza Martin Catherine Ryan Patt Reddy
April 13, 1855 Reddy   Margaret Will Martin & Ellen Martin Ellen Martin James Reddy
August 5, 1958 Reddy   Johana John Delany & Ellen Dunphy Mary Dunphy Edward Ready
August 7, 1860 Reddy   Mic Jo Mic Reddy & Bridget Walsh Mary Dunphy Edward Ready
October 14, 1858 Reddy   Anna Maria Mic Parsons & Catherine Bulger Ellen Martin James Reddy
December 30, 1860 Reddy   James John Kehoe & Bridget Martin Ellen Martin James Reddy
February 10, 1872 Reddy   Edward Denis Coady & Johannah Walsh Bridget Walsh Patrick Reddy
July 14, 1872 Reddy   Patrick Patrick Ready & Ellen Rodgers Jane Dunavan Richard Reddy
June 21, 1874 Reddy   Mary Joseph Michael Manning & Mary Dunavan Jane Dunavan Richard Reddy
September 10, 1874 Reddy   James James Larkin & Mary Larkin Bridget Walsh Patrick Reddy
October 14, 1858 Reddy   Catherine Bryan Quigley & Margaret Quigley Anne Quigley Michael Reddy
November 7, 1875 Reddy   Agnes Joseph Charles Tapper & Mary Golf Eliza Bradbury Michael Reddy
October 31,1897 Reddy October 29, 1897 Maude Daniel Corcoran & Mary Tapper Sara Tapper Patrick Reddy
October 13, 1902 Reddy   Bertha Frances James Tapper & Mary Anne Bolger Sara Tapper Patrick Reddy
August 13, 1904 Reddy   John Francis John Reddy & Louisa Bradbury Mary E. Bradbury Patrick Reddy
June 24, 1915 Reddy   Teresa Agnes Alphonsus Martin & Mary Martin Bridget Carey John Reddy
August 15, 1904 Reddy   Amilda Mary Albert Bradbury & Mary Ryan Elizabeth Bradbury Patrick Reddy
May 3, 1846 Reddy   Mary Samuel Martin & Johana Martin Ellen Martin James Reddy
June 11, 1877 Reddy   Mary Anne Margaret Butler & Michael McGrath Bridget Walsh Patt Reddy
June 20, 1977 Reddy   Margaret William Donovan & Grace Lacy Jane Dunavan Richard Reddy
May 24, 1878 Reddy   Patrick John John Quigley & Ellen Martin Anne Quigley Michael Reddy
July 29, 1878 Reddy   Jane William Donovan & Mary Manning Jane Donavan Richard Reddy
February 11, 1880 Reddy   Margaret Joseph Thomas Reddy & Elizabeth Reddy Anne Quigley Michael Reddy
January 5, 1881 Reddy   Lucy Anne Thomas Tapper & Margaret Bradbury Sarah Tapper Patrick Reddy
April 26, 1881 Reddy   Elizabeth Francis Browne & Mary Ellen Doyle Ann Quigley Michael Reddy
October 23, 1881 Reddy   James Joseph John Lacy & Catherine Gosse Jane Donavan Richard Reddy
November 8, 1882 Reddy   Thomas William Martin & Mary Quigley Ann Quigley Michael Reddy
October 29, 1882 Reddy   Margaret Joseph John Tapper & Mary Eliza Bradbury Sarah Tapper Patt Reddy
September 2, 1883 Reddy   Allen Joseph Oliver Grace & Catherine Grace Margaret Grace Michael Reddy
March 12, 1884 Reddy   Catherine Joseph Thomas Martin & Mary Martin Sarah Tapper Patrick Reddy
February 1, 1885 Reddy   James Joseph Patrick Martin & Mary Kavanagh Margaret Grace Michael Reddy
March 15, 1885 Reddy   Mary Joseph James Fitzpatrick & kate Doyle Anne Quigley Michael Reddy
October 10-12, 1885 Reddy   Edward Robert Kelly & Kate Malone Elizabeth Brien James Reddy
Thanks to the Torbay Museum for all the hard work in trancribing the Torbay R.C. Church Records.

Transcribed by Shelley O'Brien (April 2005)

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