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1867 - 1928
Part - 1
(taken from photocopies in the possession of Randy Whitten.)

Transcribed by Jill Marshall October 2003.
NOTE: the first group of marriages 1867-1885 were from handwritten notes and are NOT complete.
Volume 33 Vital Statistics, on-line at NF GRAND BANKS and NF GEN WEB covers the period 1880-1891 Marriages from 1896 - 1963 are complete.


Information under the RESEARCH NOTES COLUMN was added by JILL MARSHALL and was NOT in the original records.

FIRST SECTION (1867 - 1885) (incomplete):                  
Dec 26 1867 Charles SQUIRES bach, Portugal Cove   Anne METCALF Chamberlains   Sarah Metcalf, G.A.B. Carter    
Jan 19 1869 James FOWLER     Elizabeth (?) DOWDEN     Reuben Fowler, James Moyes    
Dec 21 1869 Samuel CHAYTOR     Harriet MOYES Topsail   James Moyse, Joseph Miller    
Nov 29 1870 Wm. MERCER widower, Chamberlains   Mary MARTIN widow, Chamberlains   Ebenezer Squires, Ann Mercer    
Dec 8 1870 William Thomas REES bach, Lance Cove   Druscilla HIBBS Topsail   Alfred Hibbs, Matilda, Louisa Rees    
Dec 22 1870 Edward MORGAN Seal Cove   Ann LEAR Seal Cove   Abraham Lear, Emily Morgan    
Jan 10 1871 George NOSEWORTHY Long Pond   Mary MERCER spin, Long Pond   Jonathan Carter?, Dorcas Noseworthy    
Sep 26 1871 Nicholas METCALF widower, Chamberlains   Hannah SAUNDERS widow, St Johns   Abraham Anthony, Charles Squires    
Dec 1 1871 Edward FOWLER Chamberlains   Christiana SNOW Topsail   Elijah Snow, Martha Hibbs   Christiana Snow was the dau of Abraham SNOW & Edna MERCER; Edward Fowler was the son of Edward FOWLER Sr & Susannah TILLEY (Randy Whitten)
Dec 26 1871 Robert SMITH Manuels   Martha HIBBS Topsail   James Hibbs, John Smith   Robert Smith 1848-1877 was the son of William SMITH & Mary TILLEY.
Dec 19 1872 Azarias SQUIRES Topsail   Elizabeth MILLER Topsail   Wm. Smith, Samuel Squires    
Aug 3 1873 Jacob TUCKER widower, Broad Cove   Fanny HISCOCK spin, Chamberlains   James Hiscock, Elizabeth Hiscock    
Nov 20 1873 Levi SQUIRES Broad Cove   Elizabeth HISCOCK Chamberlains   Frederick Squires, Lavinia Rees?    
Jan 5 1874 Absalom PORTER Port de Grave   Elizabeth DOWDEN Topsail   Rebekah Dowden, Lucinda Morgan, Hezekiah Morgan, Edward Dowden    
Dec 27 1875 Jacob WARFORD Port de Grave   Patience KENNEDY Long Pond   William Charles Kennedy, Rebecca Kennedy    
Apr 13 1876 John BISHOP Port de Grave   Patience KENNEDY Long Pond   Selina Bishop, Jno. Bishop    
Oct 18 1876 Isaac RICHARDS Port de Grave   Emily CHURCHILL Topsail   Samuel Churchill, Lydia Churchill    
Nov 22 1876 James BARNES Topsail   Susannah FOWLER Topsail   Wm. Churchill, Zachariah Fowler    
Sep 23 1876 John BISHOP widower, Manuels   Susan STANLEY widow, Manuels   ?    
Sep 16 1879 Richard TAYLOR bach, Somerset, England   Jane FOWLER spin, Chamberlains Edward & Susannah Fowler Edward Fowler, George Fowler, Joseph Fowler   Mother was Susannah TILLEY.
Nov 12 1879 Esau FOWLER bach, Chamberlains   Rebecca DOWDEN spin, Chamberlains   Edward Dowden, Thomas Dowden, Joseph Fowler, Harriet Dowden, Jane Taylor   Esau was the son of Edward FOWLER Sr & Susannah TILLEY
May 17 1880 George SQUIRES Chamberlains Benjamin Squires Harriet DOWDEN Chamberlains   Lionel Squires, Samuel Squires, Mary Jane Squires, Mary Ann Squires, George Squires (of William James Squires)    
May 22 1880 Robert HINDS Middle Bite (Bight) Robert & Ann Hinds Selena DAW(E) Kelligrews Solomon & Rebecca Daw(e) Alfred Butler, Eliza Jane Butler, Elizabeth LeDrew, Jacob Daw    
Dec 14 1881 William Henry CHURCHILL Topsail   Susannah HISCOCK Lance Cove (Bell Island)   James A Hiscock, Lavinia Hiscock, Richard Roache, Wm. Bemelf/Bennett?, Lydia Churchill, Alice Churchill, Elizabeth Hiscock.    
Jan 6 1882 Abraham TUCKER Broad Cove   Emma Leah SQUIRES Bay of Islands Jordan & Sarah Ann Squires ?    
Jan 18 1882 Samuel SQUIRES Topsail William & Ann Squires Elizabeth SQUIRES Topsail William James & Charlotte Squires Wm James Squires, Robert Squires, Nathaniel Squires, Elizabeth Squires, Mary Ann Squires    
Feb 28 1882 Joseph KENNEDY Long Pond Absalom & Mary Kennedy Rachel PARSON? ?   ?    
May 9 1882 William ANDREWS Upper Gullies Hector & Virtue Andrews Susannah WELSH Lance Cove George & Elizabeth Welsh Job Coates, Eliza Coates    
May 10 1883 Samuel DAW(E) 25, Long Pond Samuel & Mary Daw Mary BALDWIN 20, Pouch Cove   Wm. Bailey, James Daw, Mary Ann Petten, Mary Eliza Baly    
May 23 1883 Charles BUTLER 26, Seal Cove Jacob & Ann Butler Catherine ALCOCK Harbour Grace James & Mary Ann Alcock Charles Andrews, Patience Morgan, Thomas Coveyduck   There was a Catherine ALCOCK bapt Mar 10 1858 Harbour Grace to JAMES & MARY: if same person, she was 25 not 22 at marriage.
Nov 5 1883 James BEER widower, 49, Long Pond   Elizabeth MORGAN (? spin: illegible), 43   William Beer, Jacob Kennedy, Wm. Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan    
Nov 15 1883 Tobias MERCER bach   Martha FOWLER widow, Chamberlains   Thomas Dowding, George Fowler, Jacob Mercer, Elizabeth L Parmiter, Julia E. Swansborough.    
Nov 6 1883 George FOWLER 28, Chamberlains Edward & Susanna Fowler Mary Ann GREENSLADE spin, 21 Thomas & Rebecca Greenslade Matthew Greenslade, Joseph Fowler, Joseph Greenslade, Susanna Patience Squires   Mother was Susannah TILLEY
Jan 4 1884 Jams Alfred HISCOCK 34, Lance Cove George & Elizabeth Hiscock Catherine Frances SKEEHAN (SKANES) 20, Bell Isle Thomas & Margaret Skeehan (Skanes) Reuben James Rees, Geo Hiscock, Edward Skeehan (Skanes), Anne? Normore, Julianne Hiscock    
Jan 24 1884 John Johnson TUCKER 27, Broad Cove John & Isabella Tucker Sarah Jane Squires 22, Broad Cove Edward & Sarah Jane Squires John Squires, George Squires, Martha Squires, George Reginald Squires    
Mar 29 1884 Nathaniel TUCKER 26, Broad Cove Nathaniel & Mary Ann Tucker Helen HISCOCK 22, Chamberlains James Hiscock George Hiscock, Wm Hiscock, Providence Hiscock, Joseph Squires, Thomas Squires, Lavinia Jillings?, James Hiscock    
Apr 28 1884 Samuel PORTER widower, Foxtrap   Eliza PETTEN widow, Middle Bight Edward Fowler, Wm. Porter      
Oct 28 1885 Joseph FOWLER Chamberlains Edward & Susanna Fowler Annie WESCOTT (WESTCOTT) St Johns William & Sarah Westcott William Wescott, Sarah M Wescott, John R. Martin, Susanna Fowler   Mother was Susannah TILLEY.
Feb 17 1896 Alexander SQUIRES 28, bach, farmer, Chamberlains Lionel Squires, fish Jane Elizabeth SQUIRES 27, spin, Manuels Charles Squires, occ? Charles Squires, Lionel Squires, Elfriad (sic) Andrews, Susanna Stone, Edmund Squires, rest illegible    
June 28 1896 Ambrose PARMITER 26, bach, cabman, St Johns Azariah Parmiter, carp Sarah Ann CHRISTOPHER 22, spin, St Johns Martin Christopher, engineer cut off on photocopy    
Sep 3 1896 William Arthur WILLS 26, bach, telegraphist, St Johns Thomas Wills, tide waiter Elizabeth MOORE 26, spin, Dildo Edward Moore, fish John Davey, Bertha Wills, Joseph Hiscock, Mary Moore    
Nov 5 1896 David RAY 46, widower, mason, Balsam St, St Johns David Ray, cabinet maker Mary Ellen ROBERTSON (nee COLE) 42, widow, Balsam St. Thomas Humphrey Cole, cabinet maker     David Ray was first married to Susannah MORRIS, dau of John MORRIS & Sarah LOUIS of Lower Island Cove. He was born at Newcastle, England and died Mar 3 1927 Grand Falls. He married (3) widow Maria Penney (1870-1918) who is buried with him at Grand Falls.
Nov 26 1896 Jacob NOSEWORTHY 23, bach, fish, Long Pond George Noseworthy, fish Mary Ann SLADE 19, spin, Chamberlains John Boaggs, sailor James Slade, Edward Slade, Annie? Eliza Butler, James Metcalfe    
Nov 19 1896 James TILLEY 24, bach, fish, Kelligrews William Tilley, fish Patience BISHOP 20, spin, Kelligrews James Bishop, fish William Tilley, George Tilley, Mary Jane Tilley, Mary Jane Tilley   James Tilley's mother believed to be Mary Ann ?SNOW. Patience Bishop remarried after James died to Joe Hiscock.
Dec 3 1896 Samuel BATTEN 26, bach, fish, Foxtrap William Batten fish Elizabeth GREENSLADE 22, spin, Long Pond William Henry Greensalde, fish cut off on photocopy    
Dec 8 1896 Benjamin PORTER 32, bach, fish, Long Pond Isaac Porter, fish Emma PETTEN 22, spin, Middle Bight Nicholas Petten, fish S J Hains, John Petten, Dinah Haines, Caroline Bishop    
Jan 7 1897 Charles Augustus Maxwell PINSENT 30, bach, merchant, St Johns Robert John Pinsent, Judge of Supreme Court Fanny Sophia COLLEY 26, spin, The Parsonage, Topsail Edward Colley, Clerk in Holy Orders cut off on photocopy    
May 16 1897 Valentine George MOGRIDGE 28, bach, farmer, The Goulds Aaron Mogridge, farmer May Ann PEARCE 23, spin, teacher, The Goulds Henry Pearce, farmer Henry Williams, Janet May Pearce    
Sep 9 1897 Joseph JUDGE 24, bach, cabman, Barnes St, St Johns Peter Judge, ship's carpenter Minnie NICHOLS 25, spin, Carters Hill, St Johns James Nicholas (sic), fish cut off on photocopy    
Sep 29 1897 Edward George KNIGHT 60, widower, shipwright, Hamilton St (St Johns) Edward Moss?* Knight, shipwright Emily Jessie WEBBER 40, spin, New Gower St (St Johns) George Webber, tailor John Ayre, Marion Ayre   Edward George Knight was first married (1867) to Susanna Shamler. His father's middle name was hard to read, could have been MOSS or SNOW ??
Oct 27 1897 Ernest George MARTIN 40, widower, joiner, New Gower St, St Johns James Martin, tailor Elizabeth BROWN 26, spin, Hamilton St, St Johns William John Brown, moulder cut off on photocopy    
Nov 9 1897 John FINN 60, bach, cooper, Water St, St Johns William Finn, farmer Louisa Daria CARTER 69, spin, Water St, St Johns Pascoe Carter, cooper Daria L. Payne, Mary Octavia? Colley, Henry S Payne   Bride was baptized as Daria Louisa Carter, born Oct 27 1829 St Johns: her mother was Daria RADFORD.
Dec 7 1897 Henry ANDREWS 30, bach, farmer, Upper Gully Henry Andrews, farmer Drusilla MAIDMENT 36, spin, St Johns William Maidment, ''Methodist''? cut off on photocopy   Henry Andrews Jr was killed 1905 in a rock explosion on St Peters church grounds, Upper Gullies. His mother was Ann Coates. Druscilla was born Hants Harbour; she remarried 1906 to William ANDREWS (son of Hector & Virtue Andrews).
Apr 11 1898 Carbert?* ALSOP 45, widower, surveyor, Freshwater Road Robert Alsop, merchant Anastasia Mary MURPHY 21, spin, St Johns William Murphy, carp George Fowler, Alexander Snow   *his first name VERY hard to read.
Aug 25 1898 Moses ANTHONY 25, bach, fish, Indian Pond William Anthony, fish Belinda MORGAN 21, spin, Indian Pond William Morgan, fish cut off on photocopy    
Aug 28 1898 Edward SHAW 22, bach, Royal Mariner, HMS PELICAN John Shaw, Inspector, machinery Christina CHURCHILL 22, spin, St Johns Jonathan Churchill, fish William James Mundy, Martha Champion    
May 20 1899 William Henry LEAR 35, bach, fish, Port de Grave John Lear, fish Susannah MORGAN 20, spin, Long Pond John Morgan, deceased cut off on photocopy Minister's note: ''The original of this copy will be found in the last marriate entry in the preceding register.''  
June 11 1899 Charles Herbert HAYWARD 26, bach, clerk, St Johns John W. Hayward, acct Mary McLarty McCOUBREY 16? {18 yrs, 11.5 mo}, spin, St Johns Adam McLarty McCoubrey, iron m? (cut off) Thomas Bowden Hayward, Adam McLarty McCoubrey Sr, Annie Elizabeth McCoubrey   *her age was 18 yrs, 11 mo: she was born July 1 1880 St Johns {mother was Mary Ann Maddock)
July 12 1899 William Henry TAYLOR 26, bach, survey, St Johns Richard Henegar? Taylor, merchant Selina Jane FEAVER 21, spin, St Johns William Feaver, blacksmith cut off on photocopy    
Aug 8 1899 Augustus Earnest COFFIN 43, widower, schoolmaster, St Johns ??Samuel Coffin, teacher Sarah HISCOCK 41, spin, St Johns George Hiscock, Captain/M.M. George Hiscock, P R Coffin, Mary? Gailyear?    
Oct 3 1899 William Henry BATTEN 30, bach, fish, Foxtrap William Batten, fish Fanny BUTLER 25, spin, Foxtrap William Butler, fish cut off on photocopy    
Oct 10? 1899 John HENNEBURY 28, bach, cooper, St Johns Richard Hennebury, farmer Emma PIPPY 23, spin, St Johns Joseph PIPPY, Customs House officer James Hennebury, Fannie Pippy, Charles Simmonds   John Hennebury was born May 1 1863 St Johns; his mother was widow Martha Scott. Emma Pippy was b Sep 3 1876 St Johns, her mother was Lucretia LUSCOMBE. Emma was the granddau of Philip LUSCOMBE & Maria MARSHALL, and the great gdau of John MARSHALL & Lydia PARTRIDGE.
Dec 16 1899 Theodore TULK 29, bach, fish, Harbour Buffett Richard Tulk, fish Eleanor SHAVE 19, spin, Harbour Buffett Charles Shave, fish cut off on photocopy    
Jan 18 1900 Eli HISCOCK 25, bach, farmer, Chamberlains Edward Hiscock, fish/farmer Jessie SMITH 22, spin, Manuels George Smith, fish Wm. Swansborough, John Smith, Joseph Hiscock, Lizzie ___ter?    
Jan 23 1900 John SQUIRES 26, bach, farmer, Chamberlains Elijah Squires, fish Charlotte SQUIRES 22, spin, Chamberlains William J. Squires, fish cut off on photocopy    
Feb 1 1900 Joseph PORTER 25, bach, fish, Manuels Jacob Porter Helen Elizabeth HISCOCK 20, spin, Manuels William Hiscock William Hiscock, Jessie Hiscock, John Tucker?, Amos Hiscock, Jessie (illegible)    
May 6 1900 Thomas SEYMOUR 23, bach, clerk, Monks Town, St Johns Charles Seymour, storekeeper Isabella Sarah HAMMOND 22, spin, Colonial St, St Johns William Jams Hammond, shoemaker cut off on photocopy    
Sep 8 1900 Robert John BARNES 26, widower, miner, Topsail John Barnes, keeper, L. Asylum Susanna SMITH 22, spin, Bell Isle Jesse? Smith, of Spaniards Bay, fish? Charles Carter, Laura Caroline Hiscock, Augustus Hiscock, Geo. Hiscock, Charlotte Barnes    
Oct 31 1900 Henry J. WYATT 29, bach, bookkeeper, St Johns William Wyatt, blacksmith Louisa BENNETT 26, spin, St Johns Edward W. Bennett, merchant cut off on photocopy    
Dec 26 1900 William James HEALY 26, bach, lab, Topsail William Healy, fish Caroline SNOW 26, spin, Topsail Elijah Snow, farmer Elijah Snow, Gertrude Snow, Peter Healy, Ethel Rebecca Snow, Alexander Augustus Snow   Caroline Snow's mother was Anne FOWLER: Caroline was the granddaughter of Edward Fowler Sr & Susanna Tilley.
Jan 17 1901 John PORTER 25, bach, fish, Manuels Jacob Porter, fish. Sarah MORGAN 17, spin, Manuels Hezekiah Morgan, fish cut off on photocopy    
Feb 5 1901 Albert SMITH 34, bach, farmer, Manuels William Smith, fish Rachel GREENSLADE 26, spin, Long Pond Thomas Greenslade, farmer Edward Smith, Lily Fowler, Joseph Greenslade, John Thomas Fowler, Dorcas Smith    
Nov 13 1901 Robert John COVEDUCK 56, widower, fish, Seal Cove William Coveduck, fish Leah Elizabeth EARL 22, spin, servant, St Johns Elias Earl, fish William James (rest cut off)    
Nov 27 1901 William DICKS 31, bach, fish, Little Harbour East, Placentia Bay Christopher Dicks, fish Olivia Jane SNOW 28, spin, teacher, Topsail Elijah Snow, farmer Elijah Snow, Sarah Lizzie Dicks, Annie Snow, John Nelson? Dicks, Elijah Edward Snow   Olivia's mother was Anne FOWLER; Olivia was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susanna Tilley.
Dec 4 1901 Herbert SHAW 25, bach, moulder, Shaw St, St Johns William Shaw, carp. Fannie May PIPPY 20, spin, 42 Young St., St Johns Joseph Pippy, H.M's Customs cut off on photocopy   Fannie May Pippy was born Oct 19 1882 Pilots Hill: her mother was Lucretia Luscombe; Fannie was the granddaughter of Philip Luscombe & Maria Marshall
Dec 21 1901 Uriah TAYLOR 28, bach, fish, Long Pond Solomon Taylor, fish Bertha ATKINS 23, spin, Manuels Joseph Atkins, fish Abraham Ridout, ?Alfred Morgan, Mrs. L. Hull?, Mary A. Morgan?    
Jan 14 1902 William James TAYLOR 22, bach, fish, Long Pond George Taylor, fish Elfrida PORTER 19, spin, Long Pond William Porter, fish cut off on photocopy    
July 29 1902 William Charles WINSOR 26, bach, captain, Wesleyville, Bonavista Bay William Winsor, captain Josephine Augusta BLANDFORD 22, spin, Greenspond James Blandford, captain John Rideout?, Belle? Lockery, 3rd illegible    
Nov 18 1902 Ananias SQUIRES 26, bach, farmer, Topsail Elijah Squires Laura Jane HICKS 22, spin, St Johns Philip Janes cut off on photocopy    
Jan 22 1903 Jacob NOSEWORTHY 29, widower, miner, Long Pond George Noseworthy, fish Jessie HISCOCK 19, spin, Manuels William Hiscock, fish James Hiscock, Mrs. Joseph Porter, John K Martin, John Hiscock    
Jan 29 1903 Samuel CLUNEY 28, bach, fish, Middle Bight Peter Cluney, fish Susanna DAWE 25, spin, Kelligrews Abraham Dawe, fish Nathaniel Hibbs, Lizzie Butler (rest cut off)    
Feb 12 1903 George Charles SNOW 42, widower, cabinet maker, Coloniel St (St Johns) Joseph Snow, sailor Lucy Jane GORDON 37, spin, tailoress, Gower St (St Johns) George Gordon, fish. (?) M Snow, P. Lampen    
Feb 24 1903 John Albert CHAYTOR 31, widower, fish, Chamberlains John Chaytor, fish. Laura MERCER 17, spin, Chamberlains Tobias Mercer, fish. Allan Francis Chaytor?, rest cut off   The first wife of John Albert Chaytor was Eliza Jane FOWLER (1870-1900), married 1894 Topsail UC. Laura Mercer died Dec 21 1903, just 10 months after the marriage.
Mar 15 1903 Isaac BREEN 27, bach, printer, York St, St Johns James Breen, gentleman Charlotte May HENNEBURY 20, spin, Quidi Vidi John Hennebury, contractor Matthew Noseworthy, Thos? Hennebury?, Elizabeth Breen    
June 25 1903 Robert William MUGFORD 22, bach, clerk, Young St, St Johns S.J. Mugford, carp. Mary Georgiana WILLAR 20, spin, tailoress, 7 Fergus? Place, St Johns Sydney Job Willar, sailmaker cut off on photocopy    
Aug 25 1903 John CLARK 23, bach, fish, Paradise William Clark, fish. Sarah LYNCH 19, spin, Paradise Joseph Lynch, fish. William Coombs, William John ?Sheep (illegible), Mary Ann Lynch, (last wit illegible)    
Sep 15 1903 Ernest John COWAN 26, bach, farmer, Blackmarsh Rd John Cowan, commission agent Bertha Clift CURRAN 26, spin, Cochrane St, St Johns Adam Curran, carp. cut off on photocopy    
Nov 19 1903 Thomas DOWDEN 32, bach, miner, Chamberlains Thomas Dowden, ?fish (illegible) Elizabeth Emma FOWLER 29, spin, Chamberlains Reuben Fowler, fish. James Fowler, Susan Dowden, Charles Barnes, Margaret Fowler, Allen Cheaytor    
Nov 25 1903 Joseph SCOTT 25, bach, fish, Upper Gulley Joseph Scott, fish. Sarah Ann MORGAN 21, spin, Indian Pond Isaac Morgan, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Dec 23 1903 John James SEARLE 23, bach, miner, Long Pond Samuel Searle, fish. Caroline TILLEY 22, spin, Kelligrews Joseph Tilley, fish. George Alfred Tilley, Fred. Andrews, Susan Tilley, Florence M LeDrew   Caroline's mother was Agnes Jane ANDREWS.
Dec 24 1903 Samuel PETTEN 24, bach, fish, Foxtrap James Petten, fish. Harriet NEWELL 23, spin, Pouch Cove Edward Newell, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Jan 1 1904 Ambrose STONE 30, bach, fish, Bryants Cove George Stone, fish. Clara SHARP 18, spin, Woodville? James Sharp, fish. Bertram Jaynes, Mark Sharp, Bertha Stone, Louisa Jaynes    
Feb 16 1904 Alfred MORGAN 30, bach, farmer, Manuels Joseph Morgan, fish Emily Ann NOSEWORTHY 24, spin, n/g William Noseworthy, fish. James Slade, Maria? Morgan? (cut off)    
Feb 20? 1904 Samuel PEACH 28, bach, fish, Peachtown Meshach Peach, fish. Elizabeth Jane BISHOP 20, spin, Long Pond John Bishop, fish. William George Kennedy, George Delaney, Sarah Bishop    
Sep 21 1904 Alexander Augustus SNOW 28, bach, carp, Topsail Elijah Snow, carp. Sarah Lizzie DICKS 31, spin, Little Harbour, Placentia Bay Christopher Dicks, fish. cut off on photocopy   His mother was Anne Fowler; Alexander was the grandson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Oct 20 1904 Edward MERCER 23, bach, fish, Chamberlains not given Eliza Jane?* JANES 20, spin, St Johns Archibald Janes, grocer? Alexander? Squires, rest cut off.   Bride's middle name also could be ''Dawe''.
Oct 26? 1904 John Nelson DICKS 24, bach, ?, Placentia Bay? ?John Dicks, fish. Emily Isabel SNOW 26, spin, Topsail Elijah Snow, farmer Elijah Edwards Snow, ? John Snow, ? William Dicks?   Emily's mother was Anne Fowler; Emily was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Nov 20 1904 Joseph FAGAN 28, bach, fish, Foxtrap James Fagan, fish. Mary DAWE 31, spin, Long Pond William Dawe, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Nov 21 1904 Edward FOWLOW (FOWLER*) 31, bach, farmer, Topsail Edward Fowlow (Fowler, farmer Charlotte BARNES 20, spin, Topsail John Barnes, farmer William Henry Barnes, William J____?, George Chesley Barnes   *it appears as if all the entries in this marr record were re-written, evident by the different handwriting which does not match that of the priest Rev Caldwell, perhaps to make them more legible, by a later reader or transcriber. The persons named FOWLOW were otherwise known by FOWLER.
Nov 24 1904 John SMITH 29, bach, farmer, Manuels George SMITH, farmer ?Blanche Jessie RORKE 22, spin, Manuels Jacob Rorke, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Jan 9 1905 Isaac LeDrew ANDREWS 27, bach, carp, Upper Gullies Henry Andrews, carp. Annie SNOW 24, spin, Topsail Elijah Snow, carp? John Andrews, Elijah Edwards Snow, (?) Andrews, (next illegible), Ethel (?).   Isaac L Andrews' mother was Susanna LeDrew; he was the grandson of John ANDREWS & Elizabeth BUTLER. Annie Snow's mother was Anne FOWLER: she was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Feb 28 1905 Herbert CARTER 26, bach, miner, Topsail Hercules? / Charles? Carter, farmer Susanna BECKFORD 22, spin, Lance Cove, Belle Isle CB Lemuel Beckford, miner cut off on photocopy    
Dec 26 1905 Thomas James BUTLER 22, bach, fish, Graleytown (Greeleytown) Samuel Butler, fish. Emliy FOWLER 19, spin, Chamberlains Edward Fowler, farmer Joseph Fowler, Kitty Fowler, Joseph Fowler, Alfrida Butler, Abraham ?Butler   Emily's mother was Christiana Snow; Emily was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Feb 26 1906 Nicholas METCALFE 26, bach, fish, Chamberlains Thomas Metcalfe, fish. Anne Frances KEEFE 21, spin, Barrisways PB Edward Keefe, fish. cut off on photocopy    
June 12 1906 Benjamin BUTLER 27, bach, linesman, Middle Bight Nathaniel Butler, farmer Margaret Alice SQUIRES 23, spin, Chamberlains Elijah Squires, farmer William Smith, Virtue Squires, Wm R Butler, Rebecca Butler, Joseph Squires   Benjamin's mother was Mary Jane Rideout; he was the grandson of William BUTLER & Emma ANDREWS, and the great gson of Garland & Amy ANDREWS.
Jan 21 1907 Noah BUSSEY 38, widower, fish, Foxtrap John Bussey, fish. Theresa PETTEN (nee FAGAN) 40, widow, Foxtrap Jacob FAGAN, fish. Samuel Cluney, rest cut off.    
Feb 5 1907 John Albert CHEATER 35, widower, fish, Chamberlains John Cheater, fish. Elizabeth MERCER (nee BATTEN?*) 33, widow, Topsail Willm. BATTEN (or ?Butler) Allen Cheator, Sarah Ann Barnes, Charles Barnes, John E Barnes.   *Looks like father's surname is Batten, but possibly Butler
Feb 12 1907 James PORTER 27, bach, fish, Manuels Jacob Porter, fish. Amelia SMITH 17, spin, Manuels John Smith, fish John Smith, rest cut off    
June 4 1907 Edward Charles SPARKES 27, bach, clerk, St Johns Nathaniel Sparkes, trader Grace Isabella LESTER 26, spin, Mount Pearl John Lester, farmer John Lester?, S.A. Sparkes, Annie Peet, James Sparkes, Ina Lester, C? H? Sparkes    
Aug 8 1907 George HAMPTON 39, widower, shop assistant, St Johns John Hampton, fish. Charlotte FORSEY 22, spin, Glenwood Thomas Forsey, constable Joseph Bartlett, rest cut off    
Sep 10 1907 George Frederick SNOW 24, bach, shop assistant, St Johns Abraham Snow, storekeeper Blanche Isabel COOK 23, spin, St Johns William Cook, butcher Elile? Phillips, Muriel? Cake, Tasker K Cook, E. (?) Snow    
Sep 11 1907 John ANDREWS 33, bach, farmer, Upper Gullies CB Charles Andrews, farmer Ethel Rebecca SNOW 23, spin, Topsail CB Elijah Snow, carp cut off on photocopy   John Andrews' mother was Sarah RIDEOUT; John was the grandson of John Andrews & Elizabeth Butler. Ethel's mother was Anne FOWLER: Ethel was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley. After John's death, Ethel remarried to Joseph Burrage.
Oct 26 1907 William James MORGAN 23, bach, lab, Manuels Joseph Morgan, farmer Lilly COVEDUCK 20, spin, Seal Cove Henry Coveduck, farmer Francis Hiscock, Mary Morgan, Mrs. Alfred Morgan, ?Michael Mercer    
Nov 18 1907 Samuel COISH 20, bach, bookkeeper, St Johns Edward Coish, lab. Clara Maud MERCER 21, spin, Chamberlains Jacob Mercer, carp. cut off on photocopy    
Dec 18 1907 Thomas KENNEDY 28, bach, fish, Foxtrap Edward Kennedy, fish Eva SQUIRES 27, spin, Broad Cove Charlie Squires, fish. Charles Squires, Frederick Butler, Harriet Bessie Butler    
Jan 2 1908 Henry DAWE 25, bach, farmer, Long Pond Jonathan Dawe, farmer Elizabeth Jane PORTER+ 22, spin, Port de Grave James Porter, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Apr 10 1908 Walter Thomas BARNES 23, bach, lab, Topsail John Barnes, lab. Mary Joseph KENT 22, spin, Lance Cove, Bell Isle Willm. Kent, lab. Augustus Hiscock, Charlotte Fowler, Eliza? Hiscock, Arcbhiald E Allen?, (?) Barnes    
July 30 1908 Roland HOLLAHAN 23, bach, shoemaker, St Johns Simon Hollahan, lab. Maul PROWSE 22, spin, St Johns Hugh Prowse, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Sep 10 1908 Edward George CARBERRY 28, bach, shoe cutter, St Johns Richard Carberry, carp. Elizabeth Jane Coles LAY 23, spin, St Johns Richard Lay, mariner R.J. Green, Emily Lay, John J. Butler    
Nov 11 1908 Francis Edward COLLINGWOOD 25, bach, commission agent, St Johns William Collingwood, storekeeper Mildred Ann PETTEN 24, spin, St Johns Henry Petten, clergyman cut off on photocopy    
Dec 27 1908 Robert CLARK 22, bach, lab, Paradise Archibald Clark, fish. Susanna JEYNES 19, spin, Paradise Bertram Jeynes, lab. Alexander A Snow, Sarah Jeynes, Mary Esther Sharp, Arthur Cheaytor    
Jan 7 1909 George Moore COLLETT 29, bach, fish, Harbour Buffett Thomas Collett, fish. Jessie METCALFE 27, spin, Chamberlains Thomas Metcalfe, butcher cut off on photocopy    
Jan 7 1909 Zacharias DAWE 22, bach, farmer, Long Pond Samuel Dawe, farmer Mary DAWE 19, spin, Long Pond Jonathan Dawe, farmer Solomon Squires, Mildred Dawe, Elizabeth Jane Dawe    
Feb 18 1909 Robert JEFFORD 22, bach, farmer, Long Pond Willm. Jefford, farmer ?Fannie* JEANS 18, spin, Cape Ray James Jeans, fish. cut off on photocopy   *bride's first name overwritten and hard to read.
May 6 1909 Frederick CHAYTOR 49, widower, farmer, Chamberlains George Chaytor, farmer Ruth Ann ROBERTS 30, spin, Upper Gullies Elijah Roberts, farmer Samuel Roberts, Edward Roberts, James Hiscock?, Mary Stead?    
July 27 1909 Thomas Frederick WALTERS 28, widower, constable, St Johns Henry Walters, iron worker Dorcas SMITH 21, spin, Manuels William Smith, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Aug 2 1909 Edward PORTER 23, bach, lab, Manuels Jacob Porter, farmer Mary MORGAN 23, spin, Manuels Joseph Morgan, lab Isaac?* Eason, Martha Smith, Eli Hiscock    
Sep 26 1909 David Rudolph THISTLE 19, bach, general agent, St Johns David Thistle, Inspector of Ma? (cut off) Beatrice Susanna STONE 20, spin, St Johns James Stone, cooper H.E. Gamble, rest cut off    
Oct 21 1909 Edward BUSSEY 25, bach, fish, Long Pond William Bussey, fish. Frances FAGAN 19, spin, Middle Bight Joseph Fagan, fish. Robert Jefford, Eliza Jane Butler    
Jan 11 1910 Alfred STONE 24, bach, lab, Bryants Cove George Stone, lab. Lily JEYNES 18, spin, Paradise Ambrose Jeynes, lab. cut off on photocopy    
Jan 11 1910 Joseph LYNCH 20, bach, lab, Paradise Joseph Lynch, lab. Sarah HEYNES 18, spin, Paradise Bertram Jeynes, n/g Alfred Stone?, Lily Stone, Lena Elliott    
Jan 12 1910 Faithful Charles STACEY 22, bach, butler, Govt. House, St Johns Frederick Stacey, music seller Gertrude SNOW 24, spin, Topsail Elijah Snow, farmer Elijah E. Snow, rest cut off   Bride's mother was Anne FOWLER; Gertrude was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Apr 27 1910 John S. SQUIRES 42, widower, grocer, St Johns Willm. Squires, fish. Elizabeth HOPKINS 31, spin, Hearts Content Edmund Hopkins, fish. Andrew Gordon Snow, Annie George, ?Susanne Hopkins, A.L. Roberts    
Oct 13 1910 Walter RENDELL 30, bach, clerk, Long Pond John T. Rendell, blacksmith Florence MARTIN 21, spin, Long Pond John R. Martin, carp. William Hiscock, rest cut off    
Dec 1 1910 William MERCER 40, bach, brass finisher, St Johns Edward Mercer, grocer Esther EARLE 30, spin, Bay Roberts James Earle, carp. Wm. O. Carnell, Elsie M. Roberts, W. H. Ebsary    
Dec 31 1910 James SHARPE 33, widowr, farmer, Paradise James Sharpe, farmer Bertha LYNCH 20, spin, Upper Island Cove Joseph Lynch, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Jan 6 1911 George DAWE 25, bach, fish, Long Pond George Dawe, fish. Mary KENNEDY 24, spin, Long Pond Edward Kennedy, fish. John Rideout, Ada Hanes?, Mary Baird, Reuben Rideout?, James Porter    
Oct 29 1911 Isaac John GIBBS 22, bach, cabman, St Johns Joseph Gibbs, lab. Ethel SAUNDERS 19, spin, St Johns William Saunders, storekeeper cut off on photocopy    
Nov 1 1911 Elijah Edward SNOW 29, bach, farmer, Manuels Elijah Snow, farmer Rose Maud BUCKFIELD 33, spin, St Johns John Buckfield, engineer William J. Healy, F C Stacey, Jenney H Robinson, Mary G Oakley   Elijah's mother was Anne Fowler; he was the grandson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley. Rose M Buckfield was originally from London, England.
Dec 28 1911 William Thomas RIDEOUT 26, bach, lab, Long Pond Richard Rideout, farmer Susanna PORTER 20, spin, Long Pond Jacob Porter, farmer ?Jacob Rideout, rest cut off    
Jan 2 1912 Jacob T. KENNEDY 26, bach, fish, Hibbs Hole, Port de Grave Willm. James Kennedy, fish. Elizabeth Emma MALEY/MOLEY? 22, spin, Foxtrap Wm. James Moley/Maley? Emeline Kennedy, George Kennedy    
Mar 5 1912 James TAYLOR 26, bach, fish, Long Pond John Taylor, fish. Julia Ann CABLE 22, spin, Foxtrap Jacob Cable, lab. cut off on photocopy    
Apr 4 1912 Edward GREELY 24, bach, lab, Greely Town Samuel Greely, lab. Martha FRENCH 25, spin, Harbour Grace deceased William Thomas Kenedy (sic), Rebecca Jane Greely, Anne Frances Picco    
July 6 1912 Charles McCOUBREY 24, bach, engineer, 197 Pleasant St, St Johns Adam McCoubrey Elizabeth Jane CARTER 19, spin, Topsail Charles Carter, farmer (?) McCoubrey, (rest cut off)    
Aug 28 1912 Norman Charles MUNN 24, bach, draper, Leslie St, St Johns John G. Munn, merchant Lilias TROWBRIDGE 23, spin, saleswoman, McKay St, St Johns deceased F.W. Oram?, N.C. Brace, Chas. K. Miller    
Sep 4 1912 Alfred IVEY 24, bach, teamster, St Johns William Ivamy, mason? Caroline MORGAN 24, spin, housemaid, St Johns not given cut off on photocopy    
Sep 14 1912 Frederick SHARPE 39, bach, motorman (streetcar), Charlotte St, St Johns Richard Sharpe, fish. Sarah SINYARD (nee BEST) 27, widow, Duckworth St, St Johns Samuel Best, merushe? A.A. Poole, L.M. Greene    
Sep 17 1912 John RYAN 21*, bach, salesman, Steer(s) & Co., Flower Hill, St Johns Richard Ryan, ship mast(er?) Margaret KELLY 21, spin, housemaid, New Gower St. William Kelly, lab. cut off on photocopy   *groom's age overwritten 20/21 or 21/20
Oct 13 1912 Bertram JAYNES 49, widower, lab, Paradise William Jaynes, fish. Bertha May PARSONS 22, spin, servant, Paradise John Parsons, fish. Ambrose Jeaynes, Mary Ann Parsons    
Nov 4 1912 Walter Edwin WOOLGAR 20, bach, station agent, Kelligrews A.R. Woolgar, merchant Mary Margaret FARRELL 19, spin, Kelligrews William Farrell, lab. cut off on photocopy Bride and her father noted to be ''R.C.''  
Dec 12 1912 Augustus FOWLER 26, bach, fish, Topsail Joseph Fowler, fish. Alethea BANCROFT 26, spin, Topsail Frederick Bancroft, retired C.H. officer James F. Bancroft, Lucy Cullen   Alethea was born in England. Augustus' mother was Annie Westcott: he was the grandson of Edward Fowler & Susannah Tilley.
Apr 10 1913 Frederick F. HARRIS 28, bach, hardware assistant, 15 1/2 Prospect St, St Johns William Harris, ships steward Lucy MORRIS 22, spin, nurse, 14 Balsam St, St Johns Nathaniel Morris, dry goods assistant cut off on photocopy    
Oct 8 1913 Ernest David JONES 25, bach, chauffeur Thomas Jones, b__iet? ?sorter Georgina MERCER 23, spin, housemaid, Chamberlains CB Jacob Mercer, farmer Charles Mercer, Ida? Mercer, James Miller    
Oct 18 1913 Llewelyn TILLY (TILLEY) 22, bach, farmer, Kelligrews Samuel Tilly, farmer Gertrude TILLY (TILLEY) 21, spin, Kelligrews George Tilly, farmer cut off on photocopy   Llewellyn Tilley's mother was Rebecca BUTLER; he was the grandson of Robert Tilley & Providence Dawe. Gertrude Tilley's mother was Emily Mercer; Gertrude was the granddau of William Tilley Sr & Mary Ann ?Snow.It is believed that their grandfathers were brothers and they therefore were likely 2nd cousins.
Nov 1 1913 John MERCER 26, bach, lab, Topsail CB Tobias Mercer, farmer Nellie TAYLOR 24, spin, housemaid, Topsail CB not given Reginald Hibbs, Margaret Hoggan?, Duncan Cook    
Nov 24 1913 Arthur Llewellyn REID 22, bach, grocer, 172 Pleasant St, St Johns George Reid, cooper Hilda Boone DOWN 18, spin, 5 Prince's St, St Johns Robert Down, shoemaker, deceased cut off on photocopy    
Apr 30 1914 Alfred FAGAN 28, bach, miner, Kelligrews CB Michael Fagan, farmer Martha PORTER 26, spin, Port de Grave Apollos Porter, fish. George Ridout, Joseph Eason    
Apr 30 1914 Augustus Clift SELLARS 30, bach, commercial traveller, Crosby Hotel, St Johns Thomas Sellars, carp. Elsie May CHARLES 23, spin, 208 Duckworth St, St Johns Thomas Charles, mercantile cut off on photocopy    
Oct 7 1914 Arthur HUSTINS 24, bach, cook, 74 Gower St, St Johns William Hustins, boiler maker Mary TAYLOR 27, spin, Topsail CB Richard Taylor, farmer Garland Penny, George S. Grandy, Clare Netten, Richard Taylor   Arthur believed to be Arthur Wilton Hustins born Aug 12 1891 Frys Beach, Notre Dame Bay, son of William Henry Hustins & Jemima (nee UNKNOWN); grandson of Charles Hustins {of Crewkerne, Somerset} & Mary Weir.
Nov 3 1914 William RYAN 23, bach, fish, Pouch Cove Henry Ryan, fish. Minnie SQUIRES 23, spin, housemaid, Pouch Cove Nathaniel Squires, lab. cut off on photocopy    
Nov 11 1914 Arthur CHAYTOR 25, bach, farmer, Manuels John Chaytor, fish. Margaret O'NEIL 20, spin, housemaid, Chamberlains Martin O'Neil, lab. John Chaytor, James Brien    
Dec 16 1914 Gordon MILLER 27, bach, farmer, Topsail CB Ananias Miller, farmer Lilian FOWLER 27, spin, Chamberlains CB George Fowler, farmer cut off on photocopy   Gordon Miller's mother was Emma Morris; he was the grandson of Robert Johnson MORRIS & Mary WHEELER both of Lower Island Cove. Lilian's mother was Mary Ann GREENSLADE; Mary was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Apr 16 1915 John Thomas FOWLER bach, farmer, Chamberlains CB George Fowler, farmer Lily May CARTER spin, Topsail CB Charles Carter, farmer Mollie R.V. Miller, William Fowler   John's mother was Mary Ann Greenslade; he was the grandson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Apr 29 1915 Joseph PORTER 37, widower, lab, Long Pond Edward Porter, fish. Fanny BUSSEY (nee BUTLER) 31, widow, Long Pond Albert BUTLER, fish. Rchel Delaney, rest cut off.   Fanny was the widow of Noah Bussey who died 1914 on the SOUTHERN CROSS.
Sep 20 1915 William Henry DARE 26, bach, cook, Gower St, St Johns Henry Dare, lab. Louise SQUIRES 25, spin, tailoress, Chamberlains Elijah Squires, lab. Lloyd W? Fowler, Virtue Squires    
Oct 20 1915 Elam ELLIOTT 34, bach, headmaster, B. Roberts High School (Bay Roberts) George Elliott, fish. Eliza Jane GREENSLADE 29, spin, schoolteacher, Long Pond Joseph Greenslade, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Oct 28 1915 Mark RIDEOUT 21, bach, lab, Long Pond Job Rideout, farmer Caroine TAYLOR 17, spin, Long Pond James Taylor, lab. George Ridout, Elizabeth E. Taylor   Caroline died 1939 age 41 yrs. Mark's mother was Esther COATES: Mark remarried to Sarah (nee Butler) Dawe.
Nov 20 1915 William Thomas COLBOURNE 24, bach, miner, Conception Harbour CB Alfred J. Colbourne, deceased: retired mining captain Irene Hilda EWING 21, spin, 60 Prescott St, St Johns Alexander Ewing, deceased: P. Office clerk (?) Frederick Ewing, rest cut off   William Thos Colbourne was born Dec 30 1891 Tilt Cove; his mother was Emily Adelaide HOSKINS; the Colbournes (originally of Sturminster Newton, England) were of Twillingate and Tilt Cove in NL.
Dec 6 1915 John Henry LAKIN 25 1/2, bach, plumber, B.G. Montel? Chambers, St Johns Henry Lakin, porter Martha FIELD 30, spin, 19 Monroe St, St Johns Frederick FORSEY/YOUNG??*; fish. F. C. Stacey, G. Stacey   *bride's father's surname hard to read but definitely not the same as hers (FIELD) even though her marital status was given as spinster.
Dec 9 1915 Walter Henry DROVER 22, bach, merchant & trader, Whiteway, Trinity Bay Leander Drover, merchant & trader Mabel Blanche PETLEY? 20, spin, 114 Barnes Rd, ST Johns Arthur C. Petley?, deceased lawyer (or sawyer)      
Jan 19 1916 William PARSONS 22, bach, sailor, Paradise John Parsons, fish. Margaret CLARKE (nee JEYNES) 27, widow, Paradise Ambrose Jeynes, lab. Bertram Jeynes, Annie? Drover    
Sep 3 1916 Alfred James Thomas DONNELLY 32, bach, vocalist, Rifle Range, S. Side, St Johns John Donnelly, Hotel Proprietor Mary NOONAN 22, spin, 235 S.Side, St Johns Jim Noonan, freight agent cut off on photocopy   bride's mother was Minnie (Amelia) OKE.
Sep 26 1916 George WOODMAN 24, bach, merchant, New Harbour TB Frederick Woodman, merchant Mary Louise WINSOR 23, spin, St Johns Ford Winsor, captain (rest illegible) Reginald Hibbs, Elijah Snow, V. C. Netten   bride's mother was Annie Eliza PAYNE
Oct 16 1916 Alfred TAYLOR 24, bach, lab, Long Pond CB George Taylor, farmer Elizabeth DROVER 18, spin, Belle Island Albert Drover, miner Robert R. Jefford, rest cut off.    
Oct 18 1916 George DAWE 46, widower, merchant, Port de Grave Thomas Dawe, captain Marion Isabella AYRE 39, spin, St Johns George Ayre, manufacturer J.W. Dawe, L.M.C. Ayre    
Nov 15 1916 John MILLER 27, bach, farmer, Topsail Ananias Miller, farmer Sarah SQUIRES 22, spin, Chamberlains George Squires, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Dec 27 1916 Wilfred Augustus BARNES 28, bach, farmer, Topsail Charles Barnes, farmer, deceased Mary DAWE 33, spin, Chamberlains John Dawe, fish. Charles Barnes, Ethel Maud Barnes    
Jan 30 1917 Hugh EASON 30, widower, farmer, Manuels John Eason, farmer Mary Ann SMITH 24, spin, Manuels Willm. H. Smith, farmer cut off on photocopy   Her mother was Gertrude TILLEY (dau of William TILLEY & Mary Ann ?Snow)
July 18 1917 Angus CRANE 26, bach, salesman, 26 Bannerman St (St Johns) Archibald Crane, carp. Rebecka GEORGE 30, spin, housemaid, Seamans Institute, St Johns Joseph George, fish. A. George, S. Crane NOTE on side of page: ''Wedding fee sent to St Thomas Church.''  
July 19 1917 Alexander BROWN 33, bach, engineer, 55 Patrick St, St Johns David Brown, engineer Caroline RYAN 23, spin, Pouch Cove Francis Ryan, fish. F. Harreld? (cut off) groom: Presbyterian; bride C. of Eng.  
Sep 17 1917 John Thomas GREENSLADE 27, bach, miner, Long Pond CB Richard Greenslade, farmer Marie PARMITER 21, spin, Topsail CB Samuel Parmiter, carp. Wm. Greenslade, Martha Parmiter    
Nov 22 1917 George SMITH 32, bach, lab, Manuels John Smith, lab. Edith PARSONS 23, spin, Bay Roberts Charles Parsons, carp. cut off on photocopy    
Dec 18 1917 William James PETTEN 26, bach, farmer, Foxtrap CB Jacob Petten, farmer Lily PETTEN 23, spin, Foxtrap CB John Petten, farmer Herbert Fagan, James Petten    
Dec 26 1917 John James EARLE 24, bach, chauffeur, Central St No. 6, St Johns George Earle, fish. Mary Ann FOWLER 23, spin, Topsail CB George Fowler, farmer William? Fowler (cut off)   Mary Ann's mother was Mary Ann GREENSLADE; Mary Ann Fowler was the granddau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susanna Tilley.
Jan 1 1918 Herbert PENNEL 22, bach, teamster, Casey St, St Johns Thomas Pennel, nightwatchman Jessie LYNCH 24, spin, Paradise CB Joseph Lynch, lab. William Parsons, Maggie Parsons    
Jan 28 1918 Frederick J. ROCKWOOD 28, bach, acct, 35 Adelaide St, St Johns Frederick Rockwood, fish. Ethel MERCER 24, spin, Seamans Institute, Walter St, St Johns John Mercer, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Apr 3 1918 Robert MARSHALL* 24, bach, cooper, 13 Longs Hill, St Johns Robert Marshall, cooper Violet Sybil TULK 21, spin, 21 Longs Hill, St Johns Joseph Tulk, ships carpenter Jessie H. Marshall, Benj. Tulk   Robert Stanley Cook Marshall was born June 4 1893 St Johns and died Nov 20 1918 Pilleys Island of the Spanish flu, only 7.5 months after marriage; he was the son of Robert George Thornton Marshall & Susannah Mary Cook, and the grandson of George Marshall & Hannah (Joanna) Nurse; also the grandson of William Cook {Devon} & Harriet Jane Andrews {Port de Grave}. Violet SYBIL Tulk died June 19 1921 St Johns age 24 yrs, at 18 Holloway Street and is buried at Forest Rd Anglican Cemetery.
Apr 13 1918 William HENNEBURY 24, bach, fish, Quidi Vidi, St Johns Thomas Hennebury, fish. Winnie DROVER 22, spin, Paradise CB Joseph Drover, lab. William Gosse?, rest cut off.    
June 12 1918 Thomas LeDREW 27, bach, farmer, Kelligrews Abraham LeDrew, farmer Rebecca BUTLER 19, spin, Greeleytown Charles Butler, farmer Samuel Butler, Jessie Bishop   His mother was Elizabeth Morgan; her mother was Mary Jane Dawe. Thomas was the grandson of George Morgan (Port de Grave) & Susanna Andrews (Upper Gullies), and the great grandson of John Andrews and Elizabeth Butler.
June 30 1918 Albert Norman PARDY 29, bach, master mariner, Grand Bank Charles Pardy, master mariner Rebecca ANDREWS 33, spin, 38 Power St, St Johns John Thomas Andrews, carp. cut off on photocopy   Rebecca Andrews was born Nov 11 1883 Ship Cove, Port de Grave: her mother was Emma Bussey.
July 17 1918 Charles EASON 27, bach, lab, Manuels CB John Eason, lab. Elfrida SQUIRES 23, spin, Chamberlains Robert Squires, fish. Herbert Eason, Leah Eason    
Sep 24 1918 Herbert Maxse Knowles WHITEWAY 37, bach, lawyer, St Johns Sir William Whiteway, KCMG?, barrister/solicitor Florence Ellen NETTEN 32, spin, Topsail T.G. Netten, priest Geo. H. Bolt, H.G. Netten, rest cut off    
Dec 6 1918 Frank DROVER 23, bach, clerk, Whiteway Leander Drover, lumberman Sarah Louise LAING 20, spin, Greens Harbour O.W. Laing, schoolmaster John J. Butler, Florrie Drover    
Mar 20 1919 John Chesley DAWE 25, bach, miner, Topsail John Dawe, farmer Emma May BICKFORD 18, spin, Lance Cove, Bell Isle Reuben J. Bickford, miner cut off on photocopy    
May 8 1919 William HISCOCK 22, bach, miner, Manuels William Hiscock, farmer Mary Elsie PORTER 19, spin, Manuels John Porter, farmer Harold Porter, Annie F. Porter, Bessie Hiscock    
July 21 1919 Archibald TAYLOR 23, bach, farmer, Long Pond George Taylor, farmer Edith MERCER 20, spin, Chamberlains Stephen Mercer, farmer cut off on photocopy    
July 29 1919 Frederick SEYMOUR 34, bach, commercial traveller, St Johns Charles Seymour, storekeeper Louisa MILLER 29, spin, St Johns Nathaniel Miller, carp. Nathaniel Miller, Thos. J. Seymour    
Sep 18 1919 Azariah FAGAN 23, bach, farmer, Foxtrap Henry Fagan, farmer Eliza MORGAN 21, spin, Hopewell Solomon Morgan, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Sep 20 1919 John Thomas LUMSDEN 36, bach, marine engineer. St Johns Andrew K. Lumsden, draper Marjorie Isobel ELLIS 22, spin, St Johns Edwin A. Ellis, coppersmith Fred. H. Ellis, Eunice L. Ellis, Stanley K Lumsden, Beatrice Stick    
Sep 20 1919 Eric STENTAFORD 23, bach, telegraphist, Hearts Content S.S. Stentaford, gentleman Evelyn Louise Whiteway ADAMS 26, spin, St Johns George J. Adams, Registrar of Deeds Geo? Adams?, rest cut off    
Oct 16 1919 Henry PETTEN 24, bach, farmer, Kelligrews Isaac Petten, farmer Jessie FAGAN 22, spin, Foxtrap Michael Fagan, farmer James J. Petten, Beatrice Petten    
Nov 13 1919 Andrew DAWE 21, bach, farmer, Long Pond Jonathan Dawe, farmer Edith MORGAN 18, spin, Long Pond Richard Morgan, fish. Arthur Morgan, rest cut off    
Nov 20 1919 Walter BAIRD 25, bach, farmer, Long Pond Albert Baird, farmer Rosie PITTMAN 28, spin, Lamaline Robert Pittman, fish. Allan Dawe, Emmaline Baird    
Dec 1 1919 Charles RIDEOUT 42, widower, fish, Long Pond Job Rideout, fish. Caroline BATTEN* (nee RIDEOUT) 35, widow, Foxtrap Abram RIDEOUT, farmer James Morgan, rest cut off   His mother was Esther COATES; Caroline was the widow of Joseph BATTEN. * Her surname looked like PATTEN in the photocopy but believed to be BATTEN.
Feb 10 1920 Nathaniel HUSSEY 21, bach, lab, Paradise Robert Hussey, lab. Rebecca LYNCH 20?, spin, Paradise Joseph Lynch, farmer William Parsons, Emily G Ryan    
Apr 6 1920 John Samuel BUTLER 24, bach, farmer, Foxtrap Job Butler, farmer Annie Maria THORNE 24, spin, St Johns William Thorne, farmer James Greeley, rest cut off    
May 12 1920 Herbert Francis WESTCOTT 47, widower, fish, Petty Harbour Alexander Westcott, fish. Isabella DOWDEN 33, spin, Chamberlains Thomas Dowden, farmer James F. Bancroft, Jessie Chaytor, James Dowden    
June 23 1920 Robert TILLEY 22, bach, seaman, Kelligrews Robert Tilley, farmer Effie BISHOP 25, spin, Kelligrews Nathanael Bishop, farmer William Tilley, rest cut off   His mother was Lavinia PERRIN; her mother was Emalita SNOW. He was the grandson of William Tilley & Mary Ann ?Snow (his full name William Robert Tilley b Mar 12 1898 Kelligrews)
July 1 1920 Albert RIDEOUT 21, bach, farmer, Long Pond Albert Rideout, farmer Florence May GREENSLADE 17, spin, Long Pond John c? Greenslade, farmer John Frederick Fagan, Stella Gladys Dawe    
Aug 18 1920 Kenneth Augustine BUTLER 22, bach, electrician, Bell Island John K. Butler, electrician Sarah HODNOTT (HODDINOTT) 26, spin, Bell Island William Hodnott, seaman cut off on photocopy    
Aug 31 1920 William SAUNDERS 23, bach, office clerk, St Johns Charles Saunders, farmer Edith Jennie FEILD 23, spin, St Johns John Field, mason John James Jefford, Mary Ridout    
Sep 1 1920 Garland PENNY 24, bach, schoolteacher, English Harbour Francis Penny, fish. Elsie Beatrice HIBBS 27, spin, Topsail William Hibbs, farmer Reginald Hibbs, rest cut off    
Sep 7 1920 William James ROWE 27, bach, Clerk in Holy Orders, White Rocky, Trinity Bay William Thomas Rowe, carp. Eliza Charlotte PITTMAN 25, spin, Topsail Arthur Pittman, Clerk in Holy Orders Arthur Pittman, Alan G? Carter, Callista Pittman   Eliza Charlotte Pittman was born Sep 26 1894 Tilt Cove, Green Bay, Notre Dame Bay: her mother's 1st name was Clementine.
Sep 14 1920 Charles Hugh MERCER 30, bach, farmer, Chamberlains Jacob Mercer, farmer Ethel Maud BARNES 21, spin, Topsail Charles Barnes, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Oct 28 1920 Albert SOMERTON 31, bach, fireman, Port Arthur, Ontario John Somerton, seaman Ethel SQUIRES 33, spin, Topsail Azarias Squires, carp. Fred Squires, John H. Fowler    
Oct 30 1920 George Winthrop PARDY 23, bach, stenographer, St Johns Hezekiah (n/g), carp. Sarah Grace BURGE 20, spin, Bonavista John Burge, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Nov 3 1920 James COATES 41, widower, farmer, Upper Gullies David Coates, farmer Mary Jane HENNESSEY (nee PORTER) 46, widow, Kelligrews Samuel PORTER, farmer Israel Scott, Rachel Hennessey   James' mother was Mary Ann (Polly) HYNES
Nov 10 1920 Archibald James FOLLETT 26, bach, carp, St Johns Michael Follett, fish. Annie Gaden SQUIRES 23, spin, Manuels Alexander Squires, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Nov 18 1920 William DROWNS 37, bach, farmer, Topsail Thomas Drowns, farmer Mary Jane VOKEY (nee VOKEY) 22, widow, Spaniards Bay Joseph VOKEY, carp Kenneth Drowns, Phoebe Miller    
Dec 18 1920 Esau Gordon FOWLER 33, bach, gardener, Chamberlains Joseph Fowler, farmer Lucy CURTIS 21, spin, St Johns Thomas Curtis, fish. Augustus Fowler, rest cut off   Esau's mother was Annie Westcott; Esau was the grandson of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley.
Jan 31 1921 John TILLEY 25, bach, farmer, Kelligrews Jonathan Tilley, farmer Alice TILLEY 25, spin, Sandy Point (west coast) Abram Tilley, collector of Customs L.S. Tilley, Harold Tilley   John Tilley's mother was Betsey Butler; John was the grandson of John Tilley & Unknown; Alice's mother was Mary Ellen Renouf; Alice's father Abram was born in Kelligrews but moved to Sandy Point: Alice was the granddau of Samuel Tilley & Rebecca Butler.
Mar 29 1921 Arthur BARNES 27, bach, lab, Topsail Albert Barnes, farmer Josephine O'GORMAN 19, spin, Harbour Main Michael O'Gorman, miner cut off on photocopy    
Dec 22 1920 George Hubert MILLER 28, bach, farmer, Topsail Joseph Miller, farmer Martha TILLEY 23, spin, Kelligrews William Tilley, farmer James Tilley, Joseph Tilley   Martha's mother was Mary Jane SMITH; Martha was the granddau of William Tilley Sr & Mary Ann ?Snow.
June 9 1921 Charles PARSONS 28, bach, auditor, St Johns Eugene Parsons, draper Lilian Mary RANSOM 24, spin, Whitechurch, Hants, England George Ransom, gentleman ?Eugene Parsons, rest cut off    
July 20 1921 Edwin CORNICK 26, bach, clerk, St Johns F.C. Cornick, business manager Annie MARTIN 22, spin, St Johns Lorenzo Martin, steward Harry Cornick, Ethel Cornick   groom's parents were Frederick Charles Cornick {of Bridport, Dorset} & Amelia Udle.
Aug 11 1921 Richard WESTCOTT 23, bach, fish, Petty Harbour Herbert F. Westcott, fish. Jessie CHAYTOR 19, spin, Chamberlains Fred. Chaytor, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Aug 31 1921 Edwin John GODDEN 33, widower, commission merchant, St Johns George Godden, engineer Effie Gertrude DAWE 23, spin, Bay Roberts Henry Dawe, sea captain Gordon Spark? Pike, V.E. Taverner    
Sep 13 1921 Alan George CARTER 30, bach, merchant, St Johns George J. Carter, merchant Eda Mabel PITTMAN 24, spin, Topsail Arthur Pittman, Clerk in Holy Orders Minnie Pittman, rest cut off   Eda Mabel was born Oct 16 1896 Tilt Cove, Green Bay, NDB: her mother's 1st name was Clementine
Apr 24 1922 John Edward SNOW 23, bach, brakesman, Manuels John Snow, sea captain Emily Susanna STANLEY 21, spin, Clarenville William Stanley, engineer George Snow, Blanche Snow   John Edward Snow was born Nov 10 1896, so was actually 25 at marriage: parents names John Charles Snow & Julia Helen Smith. He was the grandson of Edward Snow & Patience Tilley, and the great grandson of George Tilley & Eliza Taylor.
July 20 1922 Charles Squires 23, bach, farmer, Manuels Alexander Squires, fish. Mahala Thirza SQUIRES 25, spin, Chamberlains George Squires, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Apr 10 1923 William John EASON 45, widower, farmer, Long Pond James Eason, farmer Emeline BAIRD 20, spin, Long Pond Albert Baird, farmer James Eason, Annie Porter    
Apr 22 1923 Ambrose JANES 62, widower, farmer, Paradise William Janes, fish. Amelia MERCER (nee GREELEY) 49, widow, Upper Island Cove Thomas GREELEY, fish. Bertha Janes?, rest cut off    
Apr 30 1923 George KNUTSEN 30, bach, cook, Haugesund?, Norway Lars Knutsen, engineer Alice KOEGLER 21, spin, St Johns Robert Keogler, engineer Thomas Evans, Bertha? Evans    
July 18 1923 Robert Wilson SHEPPERD 28, bach, schoolmaster, St Johns Levi Shepperd, Sergeant of Police Sarah Margaret MOORE 22, spin, Clarkes Beach Samuel Moore, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Nov 22 1922* Sydney BURSELL 40, widower, carp, Topsail Frederick Bursell, contractor Jennet BARNES 26, spin, Topsail Albert Barnes, farmer Lillian Barnes, Harold E. Rendell   *yr given as 1922, out of chronological order
July 29 1923 William Robert POND 20, bach, cooper, St Johns Obadiah Pond, lab. Pearl HAYLEY 21, spin, Bonavista Ernest Hayley, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Aug 15 1923 George GREENSLADE 21, bach, farmer, Long Pond Richard Greenslade, farmer Dora Lizzie KING 22, spin, New Bonaventure Samuel King, fish. John T. Greenslade, Winnifred Dawe    
Sep 3 1923 George Alfred SMITH 33, widower, farmer, Manuels John Smith, farmer Emma Gertrude FARTHING 20, spin, Manuels Isaac Farthing, fish. cut off on photocopy   groom's mother was Belinda Jessie Ford WILLIAMS; he was the grandson of John Smith & Ann Rees and his 1st wife was Edith Parsons. Candidate for bride is the Gertrude Farthing bc Sep 1903 Ship Cove, Island, Herring Neck, dau of Isaac Farthing & Charlotte Philpott, listed in the 1921 Census of that place.
Sep 4 1923 William Arthur TUCKER 33, bach, manager of the Eastern Trust Co. Stephen J. Tucker, acct. Alice Elson FURNEAUX 31, spin, St Johns John E. Furneaux, journalist Wilfrid Harvey, S.J. Tucker, Vera St John Furneaux    
Sep 4 1923 Alan MERCER 22, bach, farmer, Chamberlains Stephen Mercer, farmer Muriel Knight BARNES 19, spin, Topsail Charles Barnes, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Oct 3 1923 Jacob DAWE 48, widower, farmer, Long Pond Isaac Dawe, farmer Rachel DAWE (nee RIDEOUT) 43, widow, Long Pond Benjamin RIDEOUT, farmer Henry Baird, Winnifred Dawe    
Oct 11 1923 Arthur Leslie Wood CARTER 25, bach, acct, St Johns Hugh Carter, cooper Winnifred LESTER 27, spin, St Johns Charles Lester, contractor cut off on photocopy    
Oct 29 1923 Egbert George COYELL 53, widower, fish & oil inspector, St Johns Thomas Coyell, cooper Gladys Annie NURSE 31, spin, stenographer, St Johns Theodore. R. Nurse, Clerk in Holy Orders Marion Coyell, Daisy Hugh??, Roy Nurse   Bride's mother was Hannah WEBBER of Portugal Cove; Gladys Annie was the granddaughter of John Morey NURSE & Mary JEYNES.
Nov 29 1923 George PETTEN 26, bach, fish, Foxtrap John Petten, fish. Belinda EASON 25, spin, Manuels John Eason, farmer Isaac Eason, rest cut off    
Dec 6 1923 Isaac EASON 25, bach, farmer, Manuels Isaac Eason, farmer Fanny Winnifred HISCOCK 18, spin, Chamberlains Elijah Hiscock, carp. Elijah Hiscock, Edward Thomas Smith    
June 10 1924 Wilfred E. HARVEY 27, bach, insurance agent Alfred Harvey, medical doctor Vera St John FURNEAUX 24, spin, St Johns John E. Furneaux, journalist cut off on photocopy    
June 11 1924 Alexander BISHOP 29, bach, veterinary surgeon Elijah R. Bishop, engineer Violet Dawe ANDREWS 28, spin, St Johns Stephen Andrews, teamster Buller Janes, Geo. H. Andrews, Annie A Bishop    
June 23 1924 Thomas DOWDEN 22, bach, carter, St Johns William Dowden, carter Violet HEALEY 22, spin, St Johns Joseph Healey, fish. cut off on photocopy    
July 14 1924 Alexander Henry MOORE 27, bach, acct, St Johns Alexander Moore, printer Elsie May MURPHY 22, spin, Harbour Grace Thomas J. Murphy, tanner Frank D? Murphy, I? J. Moore    
Aug 12 1924 Ernest WARREN 27, bach, printer, 132 Gower St, St Johns Thomas Warren, carpenter, deceased Gwendolyn HEATH 22, spin, clerk, 159 South Side, St Johns Albert Heath, clerk cut off on photocopy    
Nov 26 1924 Walter John DAWE 30, bach, lineman, Chamberlains John Dawe, farmer Mary Margaretta BAIRD 20, spin, Topsail Thomas G. Baird, fish. Alfred Squires, Thomas G. Baird, Jessie Louisa Baird    
Dec 4 1924 George METCALF 41, bach, carp, Chamberlains Thomas Metcalf, cattle dealer Ellen O'KEEFE 21, spin, Placentia Edward O'Keefe, fish. ?Thomas Metcalf, rest cut off.    
Dec 11 1926 Norman BARNES 21, bach, farmer, Topsail Charles Barnes, farmer Beatrice FOWLER 19, spin, Chamberlains Abram Fowler, chauffeur Valda Bursell, Ralph Barnes   Beatrice's mother was Phoebe Jane SIMMS; Beatrice was the granddau of Edward Fowler Jr & Christiana Snow, & great gdau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley. Norman Barne's mother was Mary Ann Batten.
Apr 29 1925 Frederick SQUIRES 36, bach, carp, Topsail Azariah Squires, carp. Amanda GUNTHER 24, spin, St Johns William Gunther, painter cut off on photocopy    
July 21 1925 Charles Chesley BUTT 31, bach, broker, Harbour Grace H. William Butt, mariner Marjorie WILLS 26, spin, Harbour Grace William A. Wills, auditor Jno. Davey?, Irene Wills, William John Driscoll    
July 23 1925 Ralph BUTLER 26, bach, mason-contractor, Mayor Ave, St Johns Edward James Butler, carp. Violet WILLIAMS 27, spin, South Side E., St Johns Samuel Williams, shoemaker cut off on photocopy    
July 27 1925 Eldred CRANE 30, bach, clerk, South Side E., St Johns John Crane, fish (deceased) Elsie Blanche WOOLDRIDGE 23, spin, 34 Brazils Square, St Johns John Wooldridge, fish. William A. Wooldridge, Dorothy E. Coultas    
Aug 20 1925 John CHRISTOPHER 60, widower, farmer, Long Pond John Christopher, fish. Emma Jane BUTLER (nee MORGAN) 55, widow, Foxtrap Joseph MORGAN, fish. J.J. Butler, Susannah Dawe, (?) Butler   Emma Jane was the widow of Ananias Butler.
Oct 29 1925 Thomas PETTEN 52, widower, fish, Hibbs Hole William Petten, fish. Emma BUTLER (nee GREELEY) 38, widow, Foxtrap Esau GREELEY, farmer Lily But,er William Jas. Butler, Abigail Butler    
Nov 5 1925 Harold PORTER 24, bach, farmer, Manuels Joseph Porter, farmer Mary BARNES 19, spin, Topsail Robert Barnes, Keeper at the Insane Asylum, St Johns cut off on photocopy    
May 30 1925 Cyril Horace WHITAKER 28, bach, piano tuner, 22 Balsam St., St Johns Charles Whitaker, organ builder Ethel MILLER 22, spin, St Johns John Miller, book keeper Frederick Evans, Marion Caldwell    
June 10 1926 Jacob TAYLOR 28, widower, commercial traveller, St Johns Jacob Taylor, trader Nettie WELLMAN 36, spin, St Johns Moses Wellman, painter cut off on photocopy    
June 24 1926 Alfred BERG 23, bach, salesman, St Johns George Berg, sea captain Laura WILCOX 22, spin, St Johns Edward Wilcox, seaman James F. Bancroft, Blanche Pittman    
Nov 22 1926 Gordon Alexander HARRIS 36, bach, ironworker, St Johns William E. Harris, engineeer Susanna HERDER (nee FOWLER) 64, widow, St Johns Edward FOWLER, farmer cut off on photocopy   Susannah FOWLER was born 1862, the dau of Edward Fowler Sr & Susannah Tilley. Her 1st husband was Henry George Herder. Gordon A Harris' mother was Mary Jane Caines.
Nov 2 1926 Harold Monroe BARNES 28, bach, farmer, Topsail Charles Barnes, farmer Laura Jane BURTON 23, spin, Topsail Nelson Burton, carp. Ry? C. Bursell, Hettie B Collett    
Apr 20 1927 William John PERRIN 24, bach, farmer, Long Pond Richard, farmer Ethel CLARKE 21, spin, Paradise John William, farmer cut off on photocopy    
May 23 1927 Albert CARTER 29, bach, chauffeur, St Johns John Carter, coachman Maud TURPIN 23, spin, St Johns Ambrose Turpin, fish. Emma Carter, Gerald ?Porter    
June 1 1927 John BLANDFORD 25, bach, seaman, St Johns Archibald Blandford, sea captain Jessie STRICKLAND (nee SNOW) 30, widow, St Johns Edward SNOW, clerk Geo. G? (rest cut off)    
June 7 1927 Joseph LYNCH 28, bach, lab, Paradise John Lynch, farmer Julia Ann BUTT 24, spin, Topsail William H. Butt, fish. L. Joseph Fowler, Ethel May Fowler    
June 21 1927 Samuel LaFOSSE 21, bach, nautical mechanic, St Johns John LaFosse, carp. Charlotte PARSONS 22, spin, St Johns Theodore Parsons, sea captain      
June 22 1927 Charles Walter BUTLER 27, bach, salesman, St Johns Thomas F. Butler, grocer Ella Margaret DICKS 25, spin, St Johns Frederick Dicks, fish. Philip G. Butler, J.C.S., M.C.S., Frederick Reginald Butler   Groom's mother was Susan Earle.
July 27 1927 Harold LeDrew HUSSEY 23, bach, chauffeur, Portugal Cove Azariah Hussey, mailman Rita UPSHALL 23, spin, Portugal Cove Road Walter Upshall, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Oct 5 1927 Edward Thomas SMITH 27, bach, farmer, Manuels Edward Smith, farmer Violet DAWE 24, spin, Kelligrews Nicholas Dawe, farmer R. Hibbs, Llewellyn Smith    
Oct 5 1927 Moses KENNEDY 28, bach, farmer, Kelligrews Moses Kennedy, farmer Elizabeth BUTLER 22, spin, Foxtrap James Butler, farmer cut off on photocopy    
Nov 23 1927 Harry BURGESS 28, bach, taximan, St Johns Albert Burgess, master mariner May Irene Lillian JACKMAN 27, spin, St Johns William J. Jackman, engineer Robert Charles Jackman, Hilda Phillips   May I.L. Jackman was born Oct 26 1900 Tilt Cove, Green Bay NDB: parents were William John Jackman of Wimborne, England and Agnes (nee unknown).
Dec 8 1927 Wilfrid HOWELL 46, widower, merchant, St Johns John Howell, fish. Effie PARSONS 46, spin, St Johns Stephen Parsons, master mariner cut off on photocopy    
Feb 21 1928 Archibald SHARPE 21, bach, lab, Paradise William John Sharpe, lab. Lucy QUILTY 19, spin, Horse Cove Michael Quilty, farmer (illegible) Petten, Robert Hussey    
Mar 29 1928 Joseph SQUIRES 25, bach, lab, Chamberlains Robert Squires, farmer Olive Lucy HARNETT 19, spin, St Johns Arthur Harnett, fish. cut off on photocopy    
Apr 26 1928 Peter RIDEOUT 26, bach, farmer, Long Pond Richard; farmer Blanche Patience SNOW 28, spin, Manuels John Snow, master mariner Chesley Rideout, Ronald Smith   Blanche's mother was Julia Helen Smith, father's full name John Charles Snow. Blanche was the granddau of Edward SNOW & Patience TILLEY, and the great gdau of George Tilley & Eliza Taylor.
Apr 26 1928 Walter John BURSEY 30, bach, acct, St Johns John Bursey, cabinet maker Elsie May ANDREWS 22, spin, St Johns Henry Andrews, carp. cut off on photocopy    
May 11 1928 Henry SOMERTON 20, bach, chauffeur, Portugal Cove Reuben Somerton, carp. Mary Ann HIBBS 19, spin, Portugal Cove Frederick Hibbs, chauffeur Archibald Greely, Susie Churchill, Harold Hussey.    
Sep 29 1928 Henry Gordon CLARK 26, bach, commercial telegrapher, St Johns John H. Clark, superintendent of Post Office Edith CARTER 23, spin, St Johns John Carter, florist cut off on photocopy    
Nov 20 1928 Ernest Frederick CHAFE 37, bach, engineer, St Johns Frederick G. Chafe, storekeeper Katie Clara PEARCEY 27, spin, St Johns Joseph Pearcey, lab. A. Brenton Berg, Jean Chafe    
Dec 5 1928 Samuel PORTER 23, bach, farmer, Long Pond Jacob Porter, farmer Ida BUTLER 23, spin, Foxtrap James Butler, farmer cut off on photocopy   Ida's mother was Emily Jane Porter: Ida was the granddau of Charles Garland Butler & Fanny Butler
Dec 24 1928 Herbert TAYLOR 27, bach, farmer, Long Pond William Taylor, farmer Beatrice PETTEN 27, spin, Middle Bight Isaac Petten, farmer Edward George Taylor, Charles Petten    

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marshall (November 2003)

Page Revised: November 2003 (Don Tate)

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