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Roman Catholic Marriages
Tilting Harbour Records
- 1841 - 1903



July 12, 1842		Nicholas Fitzgerald and Ellen Burke
             		Wittnessed: James Dwyer and Maria Dwyer (Fr. Patrick Ward)

July 14, 1842		Philip Horton and Elizabeth Starkes
                    	Wittnessed: John Foresight and Margaret Head (Fr. Patrick Ward)

Sept 12, 1844		Thomas Eddridge and Anne Penton
                 	Wittnessed: William Head and Anastasia
			Emberley (Fr. Patrick Ward)

Oct 3, 1844		Matthew Hamilton and Lucinda Newman
                 	Wittnessed: William Decker and Anastasia
			Pierce  ( Fr. Patrick Ward)

Nov 28, 1844		John Gamble and Mary Snow
             		Wittnessed: John Dwyer and Mary Pickett
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

Jan 15, 1845 		John Bryan and Ellen Lauce
              		Wittnessed: John Lukeman and Margaret
			Miller ( Fr. Patrick Ward)

Nov 6, 1845 		Thomas Treacy and Maria Dwyer
                  	Wittnessed: Daniel Bryan and Mary Foley
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

April 7, 1847		Samuel McPherson and Mary Pickett
            		Wittnessed: Peter Pickett and Ellen
			Pickett  ( Fr. Patrick Ward)

April 16, 1847		Patrick Pickett and Catherine Lean
                  	Wittnessed: William Dwyer and Elizabeth
			Dwyer ( Fr. Patrick Ward)

May 6, 1847    		William Bryan and Bridget Lean
                 	Wittnessed: William Greene and Ellen Keefe

May 9, 1847    		John Decker and Elizabeth Starkes
              		Wittnessed: Peter Purchase and Anastasia

Nov 20, 1847            David M McGrath and Ellen Dwyer
                  	Wittnessed: Wm Reardon and Mary Foley

Nov 23, 1847            Maurice Foley and Elizabeth Dwyer
                  	Wittnessed: Peter Foley and Ellen Dwyer

April 30, 1849     	Mahoney and Ellen Dwyer
             		Wittnessed: Daniel Bryan and Agnes Dwyer

Sept 10, 1849 		Mich Donahoe and Mary Burke
                	Wittnessed: Thomas Kelley and Mary Clancy

Oct 25, 1849   		Luke Dwyer and Margaret Horton
			Wittnessed: Michael Dwyer and Margaret Bryan

Nov 2, 1849 		Edward Dwyer and Jean Beed
             		Wittnessed: Myles Farrell and Mary Breen

Nov 3, 1849     	Thomas Leaman and Bridget Pickett
                 	Wittnessed: John Dwyer and Maria Pickett
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

Aug 30, 1851		James Addis and Margaret Bryan
                 	Wittnessed: James Bryan and Mary Horton
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

Sept 12, 1852		Thomas Newman and Anastasia Pierce
                	Wittnessed: James Watby and Mary Pierce
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

Sept 20, 1852 		William Eaden and Mary Tate
                 	Wittnessed: Henry Cute and Mary
			Reardon ( Fr. Patrick Ward)

Jan 2, 1853    		Pat Dooley and Bella Rogers
              		Wittnessed: John Bryan and Ellen Bryan

Jan 24, 1854       	William Green and Bridget Dwyer
               		Wittnessed: James Dwyer and Elizabeth Louglan

Sept 7, 1854    	William Decker and Elizabeth Adams
               		Wittnessed: John Adams and Margaret Pierce

Jan 8, 1855     	John Ethridge and Mary Breen
                  	Wittnessed: Martin Breen and Catherine Dwyer
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

Aug 29, 1855   		George Decker and Mary Pierce
                	Wittnessed: Samuel Emberley and Mary Emberley

Aug 20, 1856    	Charles Pickett and Ann Grace
              		Wittness: James Shea

Feb 15, 1857    	Michael Bryan and Ellen Lane
               		Wittnessed: Eneas Dwyer and Julia Lane
			(Fr. Patrick Ward)

Feb 23, 1857     	Eneas Dwyer and Mary Hays
               		Wittnessed: John Foley and Sera Foley

June 16, 1857  		Michael Kennedy and Maria Pickett
                  	Wittnessed: Martin Breen and Mary Dwyer

April 20, 1858    	James Higgins and Bridget Head
                  	Wittnessed: George Miller and Bridget Emberley

Sept 22, 1861   	Cornelius Lane and Catherine Tate
                 	Wittnessed: Daniel Morrissy and Julia Keefe

Oct 20, 1861    	Samuel Pierce and Agnes Tate
                	Wittnessed: Laurence Head and Ellen Biendan

Aug 20, 1862    	Richard Pickett and Jane Delaney
                 	Wittnessed: Joseph Fitzgerald and Margaret Shea

Sept 18, 1862  		Edward Dwyer and Ellen Biendon
                	Wittnessed: Thomas Dwyer and Mary A Coleman

Sept 28, 1862  		Anthony Bryan and Eliza Hays
                     	Wittnessed: Cornelius Lane and Ellen Bryan

Nov 16, 1863    	William Newman and Margaret Shea
                  	Wittnessed: Joseph Fitzgerald and Emilia Green

Sept 12, 1864      	Thos Newman and Mary Ann Landy
                    	Wittnessed: Philip Horton and Eliza Tate

Oct 12, 1864     	William Hamilton and Julia Carroll
                 	Wittnessed: Sam Pierce and Margaret Emberley

Jan 10, 1874   		Michael Higgins and Mary Quirke
                  	Wittnesses not listed

1875             	Andrew Higgins and Elizabeth Ethridge
             		Wittnessed: Nicholas Mahoney and Margaret Ethridge

Oct 21, 1882    	William Newman and Bridget Gambul
                	Wittnessed: Laurence Gambul and Margaret Brown

Jan 11, 1888    	William Layman and Agnes Shea
                 	Wittnessed: William Pickett and Victoria Miller

March 1, 1889   	Edward Lynch and Mary Newman
               		Wittnessed: Shenera Lynch

June 6, 1890     	James Gamble and Ellen Pearce
                 	Wittnessed: William Pearce and Elizabeth Pearce

Apr 22, 1892  		John Anthony Lukeman and Bridget Hurley
			Wittnessed: Richard Penton and Elizabeth Hart

Oct. 27, 1892    	Ambrose Pearce and Mary Aloysious Dwyer
     			Wittnessed: John Pearce and Cecilia Dwyer

May 12, 1895    	John Gamble and Bridget Pearce
              		Wittnessed: Edward Pearce and Elizabeth Pearce

May 12, 1895      	Robert Mullins and Clara Robinson
                   	Wittnessed: Arthur Robinson and Christine Castle

Nov 23, 1896       	Patrick Higgins and Jane Ethridge
                 	Wittnesses: William Head and Cecilia Higgins

Oct 27, 1900    	Richard Ethridge (widow) and Bridget Gamble(widow)
                  	Wittnessed: Richard Emberley and Honora Higgins

Nov 6, 1900      	John Cave (Protestant Change Islands) and Mary Jane Martin
                      	(Farewell Point)
			Wittnessed: John Pickett and Philomena Hurley

Oct 6, 1901		Andrew Higgins and Sara Cooke
                    	Wittnessed: Henry Head and Theresa Higgins

Oct 6, 1901		Thomas Clare and Anastasia Cobb
                   	Wittnessed: Patrick Clare and Mary Cobb

Oct 16, 1902		David Martin and Johanna Robinson
      			Wittnessed: Patrick Hynes and Susanna Hynes

Oct 11, 1903		William Pickett and Margaret Dwyer
 			Wittnessed: Fergus Pickett and Edith Miller



Transcription by Maureen Thoms
Posted Sept. 9, 1999

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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