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Extraction from Tilting RC Baptisms at PANL 1842-1875

NOTE: These Baptisms are Selections from the Frenchshore. Concentrating on the People that I believe are from Coachman's Cove/Fleur de Lys Area
Julia Coombs

Date Surname Child's Name Parents and/or Notes Sponsors and/or Notes
July 23 1851 Downey Thomas John Downey & Sarah Mulloney Dan Downey & Mary Barker
July 18 1853 Walsh Thomas John Walsh & Margaret Downey Rev. Patrk Ward & Bridget Long
  Downey Bridget Michl Downey & Bridget Long Michl Walsh & Ellen Walsh
  Downey Mary Ann John Downey & Sarah Mullowney Robert Walsh & Jane Walsh
July 30 1856 Downey Clara John Downey & Sera Mullowney Patt ? & Sara Walsh
  Downey Maurice Michael Downey & Bridget Long Rev. Patrk Ward & Ann Walsh
July 5 1857 Lewis Frederick George Lewis & Mary Walsh Patt ? Carol & Bridget Barker
  Lewis Elizabeth George Lewis & Mary Walsh Robert Walsh & Ellen Walsh
  Lofty Mary Ann Frederick Lofty & Eliza Walsh George Lewis & Mary Walsh
  Baley John Baley "Protestant Adult" Rev. John O'Connors
July 8 1857 Conway Bridget John Conway & Margaret Walsh Frederick Lofty & Margaret Lofty
June 22 1865 Lewis Robert George Lewis & Mary Walsh Jn Louis Walsh & Martina Walsh
July 22 1866 Conway James Edward John Conway & Margaret Walsh John Downey & Ann Walsh
  Gillum John Thomas Gillum "Convert 22 Yrs" Robert Walsh & Bridget Conway
July 25 1866 Noftal Elizabeth Angelique Fred Noftal & Elizabeth Walsh Lawrence ?Pigronel & Elizabeth Downey
July 27 1866 Dunn Mary Andrew Dunn & Ann Downey John Downey & Eliza Cle?
August 5 1867 Lamy Frank ? John Lamy & Ann Walsh Robert Barrett & Jane Noftle
  Noftle Mary Ann Robert Noftle & Mary Barker John Lamy & Bridget Barker
  Noftle Frederick Frank Fred Noftle & Elizabeth Walsh James Eddison & Ann Walsh
August 6 1867 Walsh ?Elizabeth Joseph Walsh & Elizabeth Downey Robert Walsh & Mary ?
August 7 1867 Bailey Winnifred John Bailey & Margaret Downey R. Holohan & Mary Ann Shelley
  Dunn Arthur Patrick Andrew Dunn & Ann Downey Michl Lewis & Sarah Downey
  Foley Cecilia John Foley & Ellen Downey Robert Walsh & Mary Shea
  Downey ?D Daniel Downey & Johanna Shea Andrew Dunn & Kate Downey
July 25 1868 Eddison Margaret Ann James Eddison & Bridget Walsh John Gamur? & Jane Ballett
July 26 1868 Lewis Robert George Lewis & Mary Walsh John Rindon? & Mary Lewis
July 27 1868 Walsh Joseph Ml ML Walsh & Elizabeth Downey John Walsh & Sarah Downey
  Foley Bridget John Foley & Ellen Downey Alexander Layman & Cecilia Downey
  Downey Ann (illigitimate) Thomas Downey & Bridget Downey John Foley & Margaret Dunphy
August 14 1869 Lemee Leontina Jn Mari? Lemee & Ann Walsh John Lemee & Lucy Lewis
  Eddison John Joseph James Eddison & Bridget Walsh ? Gillum & Sarah Noftle
  Eddison Elizabeth Ditto James Eddison & Bridget Walsh Fred Noftle & Elizabeth Noftle
August 15 1869 Lewis Josephine Ml Lewis & Mary Drover John Lewis & Elizabeth Lewis
August 17 1869 Shelley Walter John Patrick Shelley & Mary Ann Walsh Thos Walsh & Margaret Walsh
  Breen Margaret Agnes William Breen & Ann Warick Rrobert Walsh & Cecilia Downey
  Dunphy Patrick Joseph John Dunphy & Theresa Walsh George Lewis & Bridget Downey
August 29 1870 Normore? Joseph ?ormoor 23 Yrs Convert Adult John Bailey & Elizabeth Walsh
  Bailey Jane John Bailey & Margaret Downey James or Joseph Downey & Clara Downey
  Downey John Daniel Downey & Johanna Shea John Lewis & Teresa Dunphy
September 8 1871 Normore? Clara Joseph ?ormoor & Winnifred Downey John Lane or Kane & Mary Dobbin
  Foley ? John Foley & Ellen Downey ?W Sullivan & Honora Walsh
  Breen Bridget William Breen & Ann Warick Rd Grey & Catherine Lane
September 6 1871 Lewis Thomas Geo Lewis & Mary Walsh Emmanual ?asey & Bridget Hamilton
  Lewis Bridget Ml Lewis & Mary Drover John Talbot & Elizabeth Walsh
  Walsh Margaret Robert Walsh & Elizabeth Woodford Thos Walsh & Mary Lewis
  Shelley John Patrick Shelley & Mary Ann Walsh John Power & Sarah Ford
September 10 1872 Dunphy Mary Teresa Jn Dunphy & Teresa Walsh ?W Gilliam & Bridget Hamilton
September 12 1872 Dobbin Ann Rd Dobbin & Mary Ann Downey John Walsh & Mary Walsh
  Terry Edward John Terry & Bridget Downey Geo Lewis & Cecilia Martin
  Bailey Francis John Bailey & Margaret Downey Thos Maher? & Elisa Gray
  Downey James Daniel Downey & Johanna Shea Edward Mackey & ?
  Lewis Mary Joseph Ml Lewis & Mary Drover Fred Lewis & Bridget Downey
  Drover Wm Ed James Drover & Mary Drover ML Lewis & Mary Lewis
August 29 1873 Walsh John Thomas John Walsh & Mary Dobbin Patrick Shelley & Margaret Walsh
  Shelley James Ed Patrick Shelley & Mary Ann Walsh Jn Walsh & Ann Walsh
  Walsh Catherine Robert Walsh & Eliza Woodford A? Woodford & Catherine Woodford
  Lewis James John Lewis & Johanna Power ? & Elisa Lewis
  Shelley Mary Francis Ed Shelley & Martina Walsh Jeremiah Ford & Sarah Louisa Ford
August 31 1873 Foley Pierce Jn Foley & Ellen Downey Francis Downey & Elizabeth W?
  Downey Francis Daniel Downey & Johanna Shea John Talbot (colored) & Lucy Lewis
  Breen Sylvester William Breen & Ann Warrick Jas Philpott & Teresa Dunphy
  Normoor John Joseph Normoor & Winnifred Downey John Downey & Clara Downey
  Dobbin David Richard Dobbin & Mary Ann Downey Jn Foley & Ellen ?
September 20 1874 Shelley Bridget Ellen Patrk Shelley & Mary Ann Walsh ? & Martina Shelley
  Walsh John Robert Walsh & Elizabeth Woodford John ?ain & Margaret ?ain
September 21 1874 Terry Mary John Terry & Bridget Downey Peter M? & Mary Drover
  Lewis George Ml Lewis & Mary Drover Geo Lewis & Lucy Lewis
  Dunn Anne Andrew Dunne & Margaret ?phalean Thomas M? & Clara Downey
  Lane WL or ML Cornelius Lane & Catherine Tait ML Lewis & Elizabeth Breen
  Drover James James Drover & Mary Yetman RD Dobbin & Margaret Seymour
September 10 1875 Walsh Elizabeth Anne John Loui Walsh & Mary Dobbin Fredrk Lewis & Lucy Lewis
  Shelley ?Francis Augustus Ed Shelly & Martina Walsh Robert Walsh & Mary Walsh
September 11 1875 Downey ML John Downey & Elizabeth Lane Mark Walker & Honora Downey
  Lewis Elizabeth ML Lewis & Mary Drover Jos Gilliam & Mary Full ?
  Downey Sarah Thomas Downey & Ellen Brophy Thomas Mullowney & Sarah Downey
  Talbot Eliza Jn Talbot & Elizabeth Walsh Wm Mullowney & Winnifred Downey
  Downey Thomas Jn Downey & Anastahia Carey Jn Talbot & Clara Downey
  Bailey Joseph John Bailey & Margaret Downey John Dunphy & Teresa Dunphy
  Downey Frank Danl Downey & Johanna Shea Jn Foley & Elizabeth Lewis
September 13 1875 Barker Joseph Robert Barker & Sarah Dobbin Jn Philpott & Margaret Philpott
September 15 1875 Talbot/Seymour ? James Illigitimate Jn Talbot (colored) & Margaret Seymour John Hughes & Louisa Hains
October 2 1875 Dobbin John Richard Dobbin & Ann Downey David Dobbin & Louisa Barker
August 18 1876 Shelley Margrt Anne Patrick Shelley & Mary Ann Walsh Jeremiah Ford & Elizbth Walsh
  Walsh Mary Anne Ellen Blanche Robert Walsh & Elizabeth Woodford Louis Guyomn? & Anne Conway
  Shelley John Thomas Ed Shelley & Martina Walsh Walter Jn Shelley & Anne Walsh
August 20 1876 Talbot Agnes Mary Jn Talbot (colored) & Elizabeth Walsh nee Downey Danl Downey & Sarah Louisa Ford
  Dunn Patrick Andrew Dunne & Margaret ?phalean Jn Walsh & Ellen Downey
  Lewis Stephen Jn Geo Lewis & Johanna ?Kenedy Jn Lewis & Margaret Dunphy
  Normoor Mary Joseph Normoor & Winnifred Downey Andrew Dunne & Anne Downey
  Downey Ellen John Downey & Elizabeth Lane Peter Maher & Mary Breen
  Philpott Anne Francis James Philpott & Elizabeth Martin Francis Downey & Elizabeth Breen
August 22 1876 Talbot John (Colored) (Conditionale) 34 Yrs. Jas Boggin
August 24 1877 Downey Joseph John Downey & Elizabeth Lane Joseph Lewis & Lucy Lewis
  Terry Elizabeth Jn Terry & Bridget Downey Francis Downey & ?era Downey
  Lewis Lucy ? Michael Lewis & Mary Drover Robert Noftle & Elizabeth Philpott
  Foley Mary Jn Foley & Ellen Downey Philip Conway & Mary Cull?
  Drover Sylvester James Drover & Mary Yetman Patk Lane & Elizth Lane
  Downey Catharine Danl Downey & Johanna Shea Nicholas Lahey & Clara Downey
September 10 1878 Shelley Bridget Ann (6 mos) Ed Shelley & Martina Walsh Robert Noftle & Margrt Walsh
  Shelley Thomas (8 mos) Patrick Shelley & Mary Ann Walsh Ed Shelley & Ellen Walsh
September 19 1878 Dobbin Rd Rd Dobbin & Mary Ann Downey Nicholas Brown & Ann Dobbin
October 2 1878 Lewis ML Geo Lewis & Johanna Kennedy Thos Maher & Teresa Lewis
  Travers James (3-4 mos) John Travers & Clara Downey Jn Bailey & Johanna Downey
  Philpott John (9 mos) Jas Philpott & Elizabeth Martin Jn Philpott & Margrt Philpott
  Talbot Mary Ann (3 mos) Jn Talbot (colored) & Elizabeth Walsh nee Downey Jn Travers & Mary Ann Bailey
  Downey John (12 mos) John Downey & Ann Carey Fredrk Lewis & Elizabeth Downey
  Downey Margaret (9 mos) Thos Downey & Ellen Brophy ? Matthews & Cecilia Foley
  Lewis Teresa Jane ML Lewis & Mary Drover Francis Downey & Mary Noftle
  Dunphy Cath? Joseph? John Dunphy & Teresa Walsh ? Lewis & Sarah Philpott
  Dunn Ellen Andrew Dunn & Mary ?Phalean Jas Drover & Mary Drover

Transcribed by Julia Coombs (Summer 2008)

Page Revised: November 2003 (Don Tate)

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