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St. Paul's Anglican Parish,
Trinity, Trinity Bay
Parish Records
Marriages 1757-1779

The first 20 years or so of the records are not in good shape.   There are many points in the records which are in very poor shape, either due to the degradation of the original books when microfilmed, or due to the poor quality of handwriting and ink running.  Furthermore, many of the dates are obviously mixed up and don't make sense in their placement within the records.  I have attempted to maintain the order of records and maintain the wording and spelling as much as possible, however, please don't assume that information within this page is fully accurate, as mistakes are very easy to make in this type to records transcription.

If you notice any inaccuracies or mistakes within the transcriptions, please don't hesitate to contact the Newfoundland Grand Banks staff immediately.   However, please remember that the spellings of names have changed over time.   The name Pottle was also legitimately spelled Potel, Pottel, Potle, Potal, etc all without being incorrect.

[text] means the characters within [] are uncertain in their translation.
[ill] means these characters are illegible.
(cut off) means the page was damaged and cut off at this point.

Date Record
April 11 Married Dennis Young to Joan Widow of the Late Edward Mulkachy.
Jan 1 Married Francis Long and Mary Ivymy.
Jan 7 Married Joseph Harts and Mary Besstones Daughter of Barnett and Martha Besstones  .
Mar 27 Married George Tiller and Sarah Croucher.
May 20 Married William Chaff/Chass and Grace Moorely.
Feb 27 Married Moses Emray and Ann Gillett.
May 14 Married James Lambert and Elizabeth Jeans.
June 8 Married David Baily and Patience Waterman
June 2 Married Richard Lockyer and Mary Pottell.
June 5 Married William White and Honora Archer.
Oct 3 Married Richard Miller and Grace Young.
Oct 4 Married James Penson and Elizabeth Suly.
Oct 6 Married Edward Whornail and Mary Ulridge?  *Mary Woolridge written in later.
Oct 18 Married Jos Frampton and Jean Haddow
Oct 23 Married William Warren and Susannah Pottle.
Oct 24 Married Mathew Abbot and Grace Gillet.
[illegible Married Joseph Legg and Mary Ivymy.
Dec 27 Married Thomas Parrott and Eleanor Baily
[Feb] 24 Married Matthew Jessup and Elizabeth Keel
[Oct] 20 Married Patrick Ducey and Mary Blackmore.
Feb 16 Married William Sweet and Martha Besstone Senior.
  Married same day Thomas Hencock (sic) and Ann Pottle.
Mar 12 Married Richard Watterman and Sarah Gillet.
Sept 23 Married Robert Stone and Mary Hoddow (?)
Oct 5 Married Jesey Falkner and Mary Guy.
Oct 15 Married Michael Bryon and Mary [Bryon].
Nov 28 Married Thomas Rhines and Frances Gear.
Jan 1 Married Richard Cook and Mary Taverner Daughter of Benjamin and Anne Taverner.
Sept 7 Married Capt. William Wrightwood and Elizabeth Taverner Daughter of Jacob and Catherine Taverner.
Oct 19 Married John Morrs and Catharine Suly Daughter of John and Mary Suly.
Oct 21 Married Joseph Foster and Sarah Hiscock Daughter of John and Mary Hiscock.
Oct 23 Married Richard Bettis and Sarah Smith.
(cut off) 31 Married John Whitten and Hannah Wiseman Daughter of Th(os) and Sarah Wiseman.
May 30 Married Joseph Welch and [Dusabelah] Jeans Daughter of Th(os) and Margaret Jeans.
June 3 Married Richard Suly and Mary Barret.
Oct 10 Married John Wills and Rose Carter Daughter of Sam?id and Mary Carter.
Oct 14 Married William Vinning and Eliz Massy Daughter of Thomas and Sarah Massy.
Oct 13 Married William Dorring [?] and Patience Redman.
Oct 24 Married John Mathew and Elizabeth Barret Daughter of Alex(r) and Hannah Barret.
Oct 27 Married Robt Tiller and Mary Hussey Daughter of John and [Sebra] Hussey.
Nov 10 Married Thomas Gestican and Elizabeth Guby.
Dec 17 Married Thomas Clifford and Agnes Green
Dec 27 Married John Clothier of Yeovil Dorsets and Mary Hurdell Daughter of Thomas and Mary Hurdell.
July 18 Married John Lane Surgeon and Eleanor Coleman.
Aug 22 Married Benjamin Higden and Catharine Pottle Daughter of Ja(s) Pottle.
Sept 29 Married Maurice Power and Mary Burk.
Oct 3 Married David Reid and Honora Vierge
Oct 12 Married John Dolly and Mary Gayton.
Oct 24 Married John Flynn and Mary Jeans Daughter of Thomas and Margaret Jeans.
Jan 25 Married Philip Moorse and Mary Garman Daughter of Wm and Ann Garman.
May 10 Married Thomas Young and Mary Bairns Daughter of John and Mary Bairns.
June 8 Married John Richmond and Susannah Pottle Daughter of Ja(s) Pottle in Eng Harb
June 22 Married John Galton and Sarah Ivymy Daughter of Mary Widow of James Ivymy Lately Died.
Oct 5 Married Richard Waterman and Sarah Archer Daughter of Mrs Archer.
Oct 10 Married Joseph Pinehorn and Martha Besstone Daughter of Mr and Mrs Sweet of English Harbour.
Oct 13 Married The Rever'd Mr James Balfour Missionary to the Society for the Propagation of ye Gospel And Mrs. Ann Emray.
Oct 20 Married John Haywood and Ann Barret Daughter of Alex(r) and Hannah Barret
Jan 13 Married Henry Shourah and Eliz Macarty.
July 30 Married Martin Barnes Capt of the Ship Poly belonging to Mr John Lemon Merch(t) in Pool And Elizabeth Dixon of the Kingdom of Irland.
Sept 4 Married William Wiltshire Servt to Mr Sweet at English Harbour And Mary Falconer Relict of Jesse Falconer.
Sept 15 Married Richard Collier and Mary Long Relict of Francis Long.
Oct 2 Married Richard Kene of the Kingdom of Irland and Hannah Mcgra Daughter of Philip and Hannah Mcgra.
Oct 12 Married Christopher Dyet and Elizabeth Besstone Daughter of Mrs Martha Sweet in English Harbour.
Oct 15 Married John Jones and Flower Guy Relict of William Guy.
Jan 12 Married William Pottle and Honora Besstone Daughter of Mrs Martha Sweet in English Harbour.
May 5 Married Patrick Codd of the Kingdom of Irland and Hannah Barrett Daughter of Alex(r) and Hannah Barret.
June 3 Married Thomas Wells and Sarah Jones Daughter of William and Hannah Jones English Harbour.
Oct 24 Married John Mills of Bermingstone Dorset and Elizabeth Spragg Daughter of Matthew and Mary Spragg in Fox Island.
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Jan 5 Married John Royal (of Corten Denham Somerset near Sherborn) and Mary Ivymy in English Harbour.
Sept 11 Married John Allen and Mary Power at Old Parlican Both fm Ireland.
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May 7 Married John Bugden Junr of xt Church Hants and Sarah Besston Daughter to Mrs Martha Sweet in English Harbour by her 1st Husband Bernard Besstone.
June 1 Married John Pinhorn and Mary Barnes Daughter to John and Mary Barnes S. W. Arm.
June 8 Married William Sievier of Ringwood Hants and Rachel Haddow Daughter to Richard and Mary Haddow Riders Harbour.
Sept 19 Married William Holford and Ann Greek.
Oct 10 Married John Harvey and Catharine Hopkines Belonging to Hearts content.
  Married George Wolfrey and Honora Barnes Daughter to Mr John Barnes in Trinity.
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Jan 12 Married Joseph Durdle (Boatsmaster to Mr Jacob Taverner) and Dusabella Green Daughter to Mr Thomas Clifford Church Clerk And Agnes his spouse by her first Husband John Green formerly Church Clerk.
Jan 14 Married Matthew Kember and Elizabeth Dyet Relict of Chirstopher Dyet deceased.
April 28 Married John Dewy (of Tinkleton Dorsets) and Ann Bowen Daughter to Thomas and Eliz Bowen Bonaventure.
Sept 26 Married Joseph Frouck of Howness Hants and Elizabeth DeGresh Daughter to Eliza Gestican by her First Husband Thom's DeGresh.
Nov 7 Married Thomas Youngs and Mary Suly Relict to Richard Suly.
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Dec 7 Married John Kelland and Eliza Crew Daughter to Christopher Crew At Scilly Cove.
Dec 20 Married John (Granvil, alias Cranvil) Canfor of Dungarvan in Ireland and Hannah Ivymy Daughter to Mary Ivymy widow.
Jan 1 Married John Dwyer and Hannah Waterman Daugh(r) in Law to Will(m) Halford.
Sept 17 Married Rich(d) Wadman and Eliza Waters Daughter in Law to Mr. Thom(s) and Christian Street.
Oct 4 Married John Sturmy (of Poole Dorset) and Susannah Vierge Daughter to Mrs Honora Vierge Planter in Trinity.
Oct 5 Married William Besstone and Sarah Walter Daughter to Mrs. Sarah Walter Planter in Trinity.
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Jan 4 Married William Sweet Planter in Trinity and Sarah Taverner Daughter to Mrs. Sarah Taverner Widow in Trinity.
April 22 Married or Legally ratified the marriage of Andrew Molloney Planter North Side Trinity to Mary Stacy Daughter to Richard Stacy in Wexford. They were privily married the 2d of May One thousand seven hundred and seventy.
June 4 Married James Gooby and Mary Pike At Old Perlican.
Oct 15 Married Joseph Rogers and Eliz(h) Spurral Both from Riders harb.
Nov 16 Married Thomas Foster and Cecilia Hiscock Both from Fox Island.
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Jan 12 Married John Gillet and Mary Spragg Relict to Matthew Spragg late Planter in Fox Island.
May 14 Married John Dolman of Lytchett Maltraverse Dorset and Sarah Barret Daughter to Alex(r) Barret Widower in Trinity Harb
June 1 Married John Wiseman and Mary Spurdle.
July 25 Married William Janes Planter in Trinity and Sarah Barnes Daughter to Mary Barnes Widow.
Sept 4 Married James Talbot and Mary Ethridge Daughter to Mary Ethridge Widow.
Sept 8 Married Maurice Connors and Elizabeth Welsh, Both of the Kingdom of Ireland.
Sept 24 Married John Williams and Ann Balney at Old Parlican.
Oct 12 Married James Halyar (of Netherbury Dorset) and Mary Thorn Daughter to John and Mary Thorn at New Harbour Trinity Bay.
Oct 14 Married Stephen Hooky of Christ Church Hants and Sarah Ivymy Daughter to John and Patience Ivymy at Bonaventure.
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Dec 3 Married Joseph Moores and Elizabeth Barnes Daughter to John and Mary Barnes in Trinity Harb Planters.
Dec 9 Married William Moores and Patience Taverner Daughter to Benjamin and Ann Taverner Planters in Trinity.
Dec 11 Married Joseph Welsh and Hannah Barnes Daughter to Mary Barnes Widow in Trinity.
Dec 25 Married Richard Anderson (of Corton parish near sherburne Somerset) and Mary Barnes Widow in Trinity.
Mar 30 Married Joseph Woods of Cheshire Parish in Cheshire County and Susannah Hussey Daughter to John and Zipporah Hussey in Salmon Cove. (Vide Oct 27th 1764)
May 7 Married Gerald Keefe of Barnet Tree Parish County of Waterford and Mary Cavenot of Queens County Kingdom of Ireland.
May 16 Married Isaac Hogarth of xt church parish Hants and Dorothy Blanchard Daughter in Law to James and Mary Morely North side Trinity.
Sept 26 Married John Green Blacksmith and Mary Dewey Daughter to Richard and Ann Dewey Planter in Bonavista.
Nov 15 Married William Clifford and Ann Tibbs of Salmon Cove Daughter of John and Jean Tibbs.
Dec 28 Married Henery GooldWithey and Jean Jones Daughter to Mr William Jones of English Harbour Planter.
Feb [15] Married Henary Broomfield and Sarah GoldWorthey Daughter of Ms Ann GoldWorthey Salmon Cove.
June 17 Married John Bakar and Elizebeth Rogars.
July 8 Married Thomas Roe and Elizabeth Hurdle Daughter of Tho(s) and Mary Hurdle in Trinity.
Sept 9 Married Richard Richards (Known at Double Dick) and Susanah Eyvmy.
Oct [2 or 9] Married William Peney and Ann Jones Daughter of Mr William Jones Planter in English Harbour.
Oct 16 Married William Snook of New Perlecan and Elizebeth Ethrage of Trinity.
Oct 17 Married William Bugden planter and Mary Virge Daughter of the Widow Virge.
Nov 16 Maried Robert Sextone and Mary Jones of Trinity
Nov 18 Married Henry Hitchcock of the Parish of Tho[m or rn]comb in the County of Devon in Great Gritain and Susannah Taverner of this Harbor. NB the Nuptials celebrated by Denes Cole Esq. J. Peace.
Mar 27 Married William Hill Servant to Mr. Street and Elisabeth Fleman Nephew to Mr. Street.
Oct 7 Married James Waterman and Charity Woods.
Nov 8 Married Samuall Parratt and Elisebath White Daughter to George and Elisebeth White in Trinity.

Transcribed and Contributed
By: Michael Cooper - September (2000)
This file compared and updated from the Pre-1891 information
forms provided by the Churches - April 2012 - Linda Morris

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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