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St. Michael's & All Angels
Church Warden's Book
Anglican Mission
1871 - 1877 Marriage Records
Crabbs Brook, St. George's District

Transcribed from the Original Parish Records

MB=Middle Barachoix , SP=Sandy Point, MR=Main River,
CB=Crabbs Brook, SG=St. George's, RH=Robinson's Head
In this church refers to "St. Michaels & All Angels, Crabbs Brook"
Comments in [Red Brackets] are Transcriber's Notes Added

No. Surname Given Names Status Abode Witnesses Date of Marriage Celebrant   Transcriber's Notes
1. Heulan William Bachelor MB Thomas W. Evans
Wm Morris
October 18, 1871 Rev. Fred Hall  
Swyer Louisa Single SP
2. Vincent Richard B MR Sarah Jane Shaw
Frederick Halbot
November 3,1871 "  
Coleman Elizabeth Ann S "
3. Chaffey Jeremiah B CB Richard Shears, George Shears December 4,1871 "  
Shears Catherine S RH
4. Heulan Simon B CB Jacob Legge, William Botrowes December 5,1871
[?] Bottoms
Allez Ann Martha S "
5. Legge Jacob B Crabbs Elijah Alley, Issac & Sarah Anne Legge, Elizabeth Morris. November 19,1872
Were married in the church at Crabb's according to the rite of the Church of England.
Heulin Sarah Anne S MB
6. Seaward William Danford B SP Isabella & Joseph McKay, Albert Bradshaw, Sarah Ann Messervey January 8,1873
Married St.Stephen's, Sandy Point.
Shears Irene S N/G
7. Chaffey James B CB Andrew Fortune, Isabella Hulan, Issac Legge, Martha Chaffey September 10,1873
Married in this church-St.Michaels & All Angels.
Harvey Mary S "
8. Morris James B SG Philip Morris, Richard & Bridget Hooper,Martha Jane Cutler November 7,1873 "  
Garcin Louisa S Western Shore
9. Morris Philip B BSG Wallace Bottowes, Isabella & Jacob Heulin, Clement & Lydia Morris December 15,1873
Crabb's Church.
Renouf Anne W  
10. Renouf Philip B SGB Joseph & Emelia Renough,Wm & Martha Morris , Elizabeth & Joseph Morris December 16,1873
School rm RH
Morris Rosanna S RH
11. Morris William B SGB Susanna Parsons, Joseph Renouf, George Mefservey, Elizabeth Morris January 22,1874
St.Stephen's Church, St.Stephen's.
Renouf Amelia S "
12. Swyer Nelson B RH

Joseph Blank, Joseph Renouf, Emily & Adelaide Swyer

November 9,1874 "  
Parsons Susan S SGB
13. Shears George B RH Joseph, Philip Morris Matilda & Frances George Morris Shears, Sarah Ann Messervey November 17,1874
School rm, RH
Charles Jeffrey
" [This marriage was glued in the register, a small piece of rectangular paper]
Parsons Mary Alma S SP
14. McKay Joseph B n/g Joseph Renouf, Ada Le Grandois, Elizabeth Ann Fillatre Dec 3,1874,
St. Stephen's Church
Mepervey Sarah Ann S n/g
15. Mepervey George B n/g Elizabeth Ann Fillatre, Joseph Pennell, Mary Ann McKay, Joseph Renouf Dec 23,1874,
Mepervey Jane W n/g
16. Parsons John Edward B BSG William Pennell, Susannah Parsons, Rosanna Hines & William McLean Nov 23,1875
Swyer Adelaide S "
17. Harvey William B CB Issac Legg, Caroline Legg Nov 17,1876
SMAA church
C.Jeffrey. [Also glued in the register]
Legg Sarah Ann S  
18. Cutler William B BSG Charles Morris, John W, & Bridget Hooper, Martha Jane Cutler Dec 6,1876
Morris Elizabeth S "
19. Hooper Richard James B SP Andrew Harvey, Charles Butt, Bridget Hooper Feb 20,1877
" [Married at Andrew Harvey's House]
Harvey Mary Tregar S Gravels
20. Vincent David B BSG CA Blank, Blank Messervey, J.E.Romain Nov 14,1877
St.Stephen's Church
Parsons Adelaide Ann S  
21. Vincent Andrew B BSG George Pieroway, Chas R. Mefservey, Samuel Vincent Nov 15,1877
St.Stephen's Church.
Galiott Hannah S BB

Transcribed by Kim Marks (2006)

Page Last Modified Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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