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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, Newfoundland
Baptism Records (1857-1911)

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur. If anyone comes across something that they feel is wrong, please contact me (Barbara McGrath - address on the contributor's page) and she will re-check the records again and if it is still wrong, you can submit what you feel is the correct information and we will add it as an errata to the bottom of the file. In the meantime, where there are ???? marks, if anyone can fill in the blanks, we would be happy to add them to the file.

The files were transcribed exactly as they were recorded in the original records and spellings (even though they may be wrong) were written exactly as per the record and where some were hard to decipher, the author used her own interpretation.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank James McGrath of Philadelphia, USA who is responsible for paying for the copying of these files and others that will be coming on line soon.

Birth Date
Date of
Remarks or Conditions
Baptism Name
Parents' Names
Clergyman's Name
1903 1 Thomas Joe Lannon 8 Jan Richard Lannon
Annie Crawley
Hr. Main 8 Jan Rev. P. O'Donnell Wm Lannon
Betsy Murphy
1903 2 Maria Lannon 16 Jan Thos Lannon
Lissie Meaney
Hr. Main 16 Jan Rev. P. O'Donnell Wm Dalton
Margaret Kennedy
married August 12/31 - Les
Blackmore - Hr. Grace
1903 3 Michael Mullowney 16 Jan Michael Mullowney
Kate Ezekiel
Hr. Main 16 Jan Rev. P. O'Donnell Andy Hannon
Lizzie Gorman
1903 4 Helena Kelly 16 Jan John Kelly
Anty Kelly
Hr. Main 16 Jan Rev. P. O'Donnell John Murray
Anne Murray
1903 5 Maryan Nowlan 23 Jan Wm Knowlings
Susan Hawco
Hr. Main 28 Jan Rev. P. O'Donnell James Baird
Anty Baird
1903 6 Edward Pat Flynn 2 Feb James Flynn
Mary Heardon
Hr. Main 3 Feb Rev. P. O'Donnell Thos Flynn
Flora Rheardon
1903 7 Alice Josephine Gorman 1 Apr Michael Gorman
Sarah Corbett
Chapels Cove 2 Apr Rev. P. O'Donnell James Merner
Ellen Myers
1903 8 Josphine Kelly 11 Apr Michael Kelly
Louisa Moore
Avondale 12 Apr Rev. P. O'Donnell Wm Kennedy
Mary A. Costelloe
1903 9 Bernard Doyle 19 Apr Michael Doyle
Kate Ezekiel
Avondale 20 Apr Rev. P. O'Donnell James Moore
Annie Penney
1903 10 Ellen Gonzaga Sullivan 2 Jun John Sullivan
Monica Reardon
Hr. Main 3 Jun Rev. P. O'Donnell Nick Sullivan
Aunty Sullivan
1903 11 Bernard Mason 15 Jun James Mason
Anne Crawley
Avondale 6 Jun Rev. P. O'Donnell John Grace
Sarah Mahoney
1903 12 Bernard Lyons 11 Jun James Lyons
Margaret Butler
Avondale 12 Jun Rev. P. O'Donnell John Butler
Agnes Kelly
1903 13 Angella Conran 17 Jun Michael Conran
Mary Dillon
Chapels Cove 18 Jun Rev. P. O'Donnell Pat Conran
Mary Conran
married August 3/44 to Herbert
Thompson, St. Lukes, New
1903 14 Eliza Hawco 2 Aug James Thos Hawco
M.A. Crawley
Chapels Cove 3 Aug Rev. P. O'Donnell James Crawley
Saarah Hawco
married George Doyle at St.
Thomas Aquinius, 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY on Sept 19, 1925
1903 15 Mary Cecilia Devereux 2 Aug Michael Devereux
Mary A. McGrath
Avondale 3 Aug Rev. Wm. Veitch Michael Devereux
Mary A Devereux
1903 16 Alice Joseph Kehoe 4 Aug John F Kehoe
Mary Crawley
Avondale 5 Aug Rev. Wm. Veitch James Gushue
Margaret Cantwell
1903 17 Wm. Thomas Flynn 5 Aug Thomas Flynn
Jane Dwyer
Chapels Cove 6 Aug Rev. Wm. Veitch Jas Wall
Mary Flynn
1903 18 Catherine Mary Mason 29 Aug John Mason
Mary A. Walsh
Hr. Main 30 Aug Rev. Wm. Veitch John Kelly
Mary Penney
1903 19 Rita Mary Fewer 10 Aug Richard Fewer
Eliza Dwyer
Chapels Cove 11 Aug Rev. P. O'Donnell John Fewer
Annie Dwyer
1903 20 Mary A Wall 13 Aug Michael Wall
Bridget Flynn
Hr. Main 14 Aug Rev. P. O'Donnell Jas Hynes
Agnes wall
1903 21 James Nicholas Hawco 15 Aug James Hawco
M.A. Crawley
Chapels Cove 16 Aug Rev. P. O'Donnell Michael Crawley
Ellen Moore
1903 22 Mary Margaret Conran 23 Aug Nich Conran
Anastasia Meagher
Chapels Cove 24 Aug Rev. P. O'Donnell Walter Fewer
Margaret Hickey
married Paul Winfield - convert,
(non-catholic) at St. Clare's Church
Misquanicut, R.I., U.S.A. on Nov
1903 23 Mary Kate Costelloe 23 Aug Martin J. Costelloe
Anast Moore
Avondale 24 Aug Rev. P. O'Donnell Jas Kennedy
Sarah A. Lyons
1903 24 James Pat Kennedy 13 Sep James Kennedy
Margaret Dalton
Hr. Main 14 Sep Rev. P. O'Donnell Wm Dalton
Ellen Moore
1903 25 Fred Sliney 13 Sep Patrick Sliney
Ellen Kennedy
Chapels Cove 14 Sep Rev. P. O'Donnell John Wall
Ellen Sullivan
1903 26 Josephine Francis Ezekiel 14 Sep Patrick Ezekiel
Bridget Brick
Hr. Main 15 Sep Rev. P. O'Donnell Simon Hickey
Bridget Hannon
1903 27 Patrick Michael Fewer 17 Sep Edward Fewer
Mary Kennedy
Chapels Cove 18 Sep Rev. P. O'Donnell Michael Fewer
Mary A. Walsh
1903 28 Nicholas McGrath 17 Sep John McGrath
Mary Gushue
Avondale 18 Sep Rev. P. O'Donnell Bernard Anthony
Agnes Mason
1903 29 William Fred Costelloe 17 Sep Martin Costelloe
Mary A. Parsley
Avondale 18 Sep Rev. P. O'Donnell Dan Costelloe
Mary G. Nugent
1903 30 Clara May Hawco 11 Oct Frank Hawco
Helena Gatheral
Chapels Cove 11 Oct Rev. P. O'Donnell Jas Hawco
Maria Hawco
married Peter Wall, Holyrood, Aug
5, 1969 (widow) 2nd marriage
1903 31 Eliza Joseph Cantwell 12 Oct John Cantwell
Martha Furey
Avondale 13 Oct Rev. P. O'Donnell Pat Grace
Margaret Cantwell
1903 32 Martha Penney 26 Oct Martin Penney
Annie Gorman
Hr. Main 27 Oct Rev. P. O'Donnell Tom Hannon
Agnes Gorman
1903 33 Anastasia Hawco 1 Nov Paul Hawco
Mary Wall
Chapels Cove 2 Nov Rev. P. O'Donnell Pat Corbett
Ellen Crawley
1903 34 John Hawco 3 Nov Thomas Hawco
Mary Murray
Chapels Cove 4 Nov Rev. P. O'Donnell Ed Walsh
Kate Hawco
1903 35 Tom P Sullivan 10 Nov Joseph Sullivan
Mary Brophy
Avondale 11 Nov Rev. P. O'Donnell John Power
Johanna Sullivan
1903 36 Michael Beaton 16 Nov Wm Beaton
Bridget Hannon
Hr. Main 17 Nov Rev. J.P. Mackay Pierce Murphy
Bridget Hannon
1903 37 John Francis Fewer 19 Nov Wm Fewer
Bridget Farrell
Chapels Cove 20 Nov Rev. J.P. Mackay Wm Fewer
Johanna Kennedy
1903 38 Martha Margaret St. John 22 Nov Michael St. John
Margaret Furey
Hr. Main 23 Nov Rev. P. O'Donnell Michael Anthony
Anastasia Anthony
1903 39 Mary F Woodford 22 Nov Wm Woodford
Lizzie Furey
Hr. Main 23 Nov Rev. P. O'Donnell Ed Murray
Eliza Furey
1903 40 James Murphy 24 Nov Patrick Murphy
Eliza Mullowney
Hr. Main 25 Nov Rev. P. O'Donnell George Murphy
Lizzie Woodford
1903 41 Nicholas Wall 7 Dec James Wall
Francis Cole
Hr. Main 8 Dec Rev. P. O'Donnell Wm Costigan
Lizzie Costigan
1903 42 Michael Pat Meaney 7 Dec James Meaney
Mary B. Kehoe
Avondale 8 Dec Rev. P. O'Donnell Wm Meany
Jane Meany
1903 43 Denis John Fewer 11 Dec Michael Fewer
Kate Wall
Chapels Cove 12 Dec Rev. P. O'Donnell John Kelly
Lizzie Mullowney
1903 44 Veronica Fewer 11 Dec Michael Fewer
Kate Wall
Chapels Cove 12 Dec Rev. P. O'Donnell Nicholas Conran
Maria Sullivan
1903 45 Maria Lannan 18 Dec Wm Lannan
Anast Hawco
Chapels Cove 19 Dec Rev. P. O'Donnell Bernard Hawco
Nora Hawco
married June 6, 1931 to Frank
Hiscock - Im Concept, Malden, Mass
1903 46 Fred Ezekiel 30 Dec Pat Ezekiel
Margaret Wall
Hr. Main 31 Dec Rev. P. O'Donnell Michael Ezekiel
Minnie Hicks


Page contributed by Barbara McGrath

Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013)

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