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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, Newfoundland
Baptism Records (1857-1911)

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur. If anyone comes across something that they feel is wrong, please contact me (Barbara McGrath - address on the contributor's page) and she will re-check the records again and if it is still wrong, you can submit what you feel is the correct information and we will add it as an errata to the bottom of the file. In the meantime, where there are ???? marks, if anyone can fill in the blanks, we would be happy to add them to the file.

The files were transcribed exactly as they were recorded in the original records and spellings (even though they may be wrong) were written exactly as per the record and where some were hard to decipher, the author used her own interpretation.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank James McGrath of Philadelphia, USA who is responsible for paying for the copying of these files and others that will be coming on line soon.

Birth Date
Date of
Remarks or Conditions
Baptism Name
Parents' Names
Clergyman's Name
18901Christina BridgetSevier31Dec 1889John Sevier
Ellen Corbett
Gasters1JanP.W. BrowneMichael St. John
Elizabeth Sevier
18902Ellen CatherineFurey1JanNicholas Furey
Mary Hennessey
Salmon Cove5JanP.W. BrowneCharles Furey
Theresa Meany
18903AnthonyHawco15JanPeter Hawco
Margaret Murphy
Chapels Cove18JanP.W. BrowneJohn Hawko
Sarah Crawley
18904JohnKeating24JanPaul Keating
Mary J. Wall
Hr. Main24JanP.W. BrowneJohn Lacour
Margaret Woodford
18904MaryKeating24JanPaul Keating
Mary J. Wall
Hr. Main24JanP.W. BrowneGeorge Donnelly
Anastasia Wall
married on Nov 17, 1920 at St. Joseph's Church, Lynn, Mass to Bridget Doyle
18905Alice JosephMoore5FebWilliam Moore
Martha Furey
Hr. Main5FebP.W. BrownePatrick Joy
Mary Wall
18906AndrewHawko4FebThomas Hawko
Bridget Conran
Chapels Cove5FebP.W. BrowneWilliam Hawko
Mary Hawko
18907Mary AnneMoore6FebWilliam Moore
Martha Ezekiel
Salmon Cove8FebP.W. BrowneEdward Moore
Ellen Costello
18908StephenWall8FebGarrett Wall
Kate Sullivan
Hr. Main17FebP.W. BrownePhil Martin Doyle
Ellen Sullivan
18909GeorgeWhelan9JanJohn Whelan
Susanna Philips
Hr. Grace Junction
16FebP.W. BrowneWilliam Cahanan
Sarah Grant
sub conditions
189010PatrickLeary31JanMichael Leary
Elizabeth Ryan
Hr. Grace Junction
16FebP.W. BrowneMichael Kehoe
Kate Skein
sub conditions
189011John ThomasPhilips22JanThomas Philips
Martha Headen?
Hr. Grace Junction
16FebP.W. BrowneMichael Keating
Mary Keating
sub conditions
189012Catherine MaryMurray13FebJohn Murray
? Murphy
Gallows Cove17FebP.W. BrowneThomas Costigan
Margaret Furey
189013BridgetSullivan19FebPatrick Sullivan
Rachel Gushue
Chapels Cove19FebP.W. BrowneJames Hawko
Mary Anne Kennedy
189014ChristopherParsley21FebStephen Parsley
Lucy Mackay
Hr. Main21FebP.W. BrowneJohn Kennedy (Wm)
Elizabeth Furey
189015Catherine MaryMason22FebJoseph Mason
Mary Anne Trahey
Broad Cove
Salmon Cove
22FebP.W. BrownePhilip Ezekiel
Anastasia Moore
189016Bridget PhilomenaFlynn22FebPatrick Flynn
Lizzie Wade
Salmon Cove23FebP.W. BrowneDaniel Flynn
Bridget Wade
189017AnneHealey31MarJohn Healey
Mary Couran
Ferry1AprP.W. BrowneMichael Couran
Elizabeth Walsh
sub conditions
189018Mary CatherineCostello2AprPeter Costello
Sarah Conway
Hr. Main2AprP.W. BrowneRobert Moore
Sarah Quinlan
sub conditions
189019AlexanderMahar5AprJames Mahar
Sophia Curran
Brigus Junction5AprP.W. BrowneGeorge Gushue
Sarah Ezekiel
189020Richard MaryFewar6AprEdward Fewar
Anne Gorman
Hr. Main6AprP.W. BrowneP.W. Strapp
Marion Strapp
189021GertrudeWoodford21AprJames Woodford
Anne Penny
Hr. Main22AprP.W. BrowneWilliam Stanilaus Wall
Martha Woodford
189022JohnHayward4MayJohn Hayward
Ellen Hawko
Chapels Cove
formerly of Straits of Belle Isle
5MayP.W. BrowneThomas Hawko (Jno)
Mary Anne Hawko
189023Mary AgnesCorbett7MayPatrick Corbett
Margaret Wade
Chapels Cove9MayP.W. BrownePaul Hawko
Catherine Dwyer
189024AgnesFlynn9MayMichael Flynn
Martha Penny
South Side11MayP.W. BrowneWilliam Lannan
Catherine Merner
189025Thomas FrancisMiller19MayThomas Miller
Lucy Hickey
Hr. Main19MayP.W. BrownePatrick Mullowny (Jno)
Margaret Hickey
sub conditions
189026BridgetHannan29MayPatrick Hawco
Bridget O'Donnell
Hr. Main29MayP.W. BrowneEdward Fewar
Maria Sullivan
189027ElizabethCahil29MayJohn Cahil
Mary Cole
Salmon Cove30MayP.W. BrowneJames Cole
Mary Jos. Cahil
189028Anna MaryHolden1JunJoseph Holden
Mary Jos. Lynch
Hr. Main2JunP.W. BrownePatrick Gorman
Bridget Brick
189029Gregory ChristopherKennedy5JunJames Kennedy
Sarah Brien
Chapels Cove Road6JunP.W. BrowneCornelius Sullivan
Bridget Farrell
married Aug 10/24 at Our Lady of Mercy, Brooklyn to Beatrice Radcliffe
189030ElizabethWalsh21JunStephen Walsh
Bridget Keating
Salmon Cove23JunP.W. BrowneEdward Moore
Mary Anne Parsley
189031Mary AnneFewar9JulEdward Fewar
Mary White
Chapels Cove9JulP.W. BrowneEdward Fewar
Anne Corbett
1890at bottom
of page
Thomas EdwardEzekiel20AugThomas Ezekiel
Agnes Gushue
Coachmans Cove
Fleur de Lee
 AugR.M. SheanThomas Walsh
Elizabeth Walsh
189032Catherine EllenMcGee10JulPatrick McGee
Elizabeth St. John
Salmon Cove13JulP.W. BrowneCharles Furey (Jno)
Margaret McGhee
married at Lynn, Mass Feb 26, 1911
189034MaryMason16JulJoseph Mason
Anastasia Crawley
Salmon Cove16JulP.W. BrowneJohn Thomas Kehoe
Mary Anne Gushue
189035SusannaMeyers15JulJohn Meyers
Mary Fewar
Chapels Cove16JulP.W. BrowneWilliam Crawley
Margaret Hawko
189036JohannaMcMurdo16JulThomas McMurdo
Johanna Penny
Hr. Main16JulP.W. BrowneJohn Joy
Theresa Joy (nee Burns)?
189037Theresa MaryWall16JulPatrick Wall
Maria Woodford
Hr. Main17JulP.W. BrownePatrick Joy
Elizabeth Walsh
189037Kathleen LenaCleary20JulJohn Cleary
Bridget Doyle
Hr. Main21JulP.W. BrowneJames Ezekiel
Mary Hannan
sub conditions
189038Gerald PhilipHolden18JulWilliam Holden
Alice Grace
Hr. Main22JulP.W. BrowneJohn Kennedy
Martha Kennedy
sub conditions
189039Walter JosephWhelan18JulPhilip Whelan
Bridget Fewar
Chapels Cove23JulP.W. BrowneEdward Fewar
Johanna Fewar
189040LouisO'Gorman24JulEdward O'Gorman
Bridget O'Brien
Hr. Main26JulP.W. BrowneEdward Fewar
Bridget Woodford
189041Alice Barron25JulRobert Barron
Margaret Hawko
Hr. Main26JulP.W. BrowneThomas Mackay
Hanna Hawko
189042MichaelCostello30JulJames Costello
Kate Kelly
Salmon Cove31JulP.W. BrowneMichael Costello
Mary Costello
189043John FrancisKelly30JulJohn Kelly
Anastasia O'Neil
Salmon Cove31JulP.W. BrowneWilliam Mason
Lizzie Dalton
189044James LeonardDoyle24JulMichael Doyle
Kate Ezekiel
Salmon Cove3AugP.W. BrowneJohn Meany
Sarah T. Ezekiel
189044William JohnCorbett2AugPatrick Corbett
Alice Kennedy
Chapels Cove9AugP.W. BrowneWalter Corbett
Bridget Sliney
189044Bernard MaryCostigan16AugJohn Costigan
Elizabeth Cleary
Hr. Main20AugP.W. BrowneJohn Kennedy
Mary Murray
189045Bernard Hawko24AugPatrick Hawko
Johanna Meyers
Chapels Cove 24AugP.W. BrowneJohn Meyers
Elizabeth Hawko
189046PeterFlannigan4SepJohn Flannigan
Mary Sullivan
Salmon Cove5SepP.W. BrowneDaniel Moore
Anne Furey
189047Mary JosephWall8SepJohn Wall
Mary Mason
Hr. Main12SepP.W. BrowneEdward Cleary
Mary Anne Joy
married to Francis Carroll on Sept 5, 1909 at St. Marys, Lynn, Mass
189048JosephConan12SepJames Conran
Elizabeth Costello
Chapels Cove15SepP.W. BrowneRobert Moore
Bridget Fewar
189049William EdwardMeany20SepMichael Meaney
Elizabeth James
Salmon Cove21SepP.W. BrowneJohn Meaney (Jno)
Mary Anne Meaney
189050GertrudeHickey9SepPatrick Hickey
Ellen Mullowney
Hr. Main10OctP.W. BrownePatrick Mullowney
Bridget Brick
189051WilliamBrien6SepWilliam Brien
Charlotte Lannan
Father belongs to
St. John's, mother there last few years
13OctP.W. BrowneSamuel Parsley
Frances Hawco
189052WilliamCollins31OctWilliam Collins
Elizabeth Walsh
Father belongs to
1NovP.W. BrowneJoseph Kennedy
Sarah Anne Walsh
189053Walter Walsh2NovDenis Walsh
Mary Penny
Chapels Cove4NovP.W. BrowneMartin Fewar
Agnes Meyers
189054Anna MariaWoodford12NovPatrick Woodford
Bridget Doyle
Hr. Main16NovP.W. BrowneWilliam Woodford
Kate Sullivan
189055PaulMeaney19NovEdward Meaney
Elizabeth Penney
Salmon Cove20NovP.W. BrowneThomas Penny
Mary Costello
189056Albert BenedictCostello16Dec Daniel Costello
Mary Hickey
Hr. Main19NovP.W. BrowneCharles Furey
Ellen Furey
189057x'd out          
189058GeorgeMurphy16NovJames Murphy
Mary Walsh
Hr. Main16NovP.W. BrowneGeorge Oliphant
Elizabeth O'Brien


Page contributed by Barbara McGrath

Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013)

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