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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, Newfoundland
Baptism Records (1857-1911)

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur. If anyone comes across something that they feel is wrong, please contact me (Barbara McGrath - address on the contributor's page) and she will re-check the records again and if it is still wrong, you can submit what you feel is the correct information and we will add it as an errata to the bottom of the file. In the meantime, where there are ???? marks, if anyone can fill in the blanks, we would be happy to add them to the file.

The files were transcribed exactly as they were recorded in the original records and spellings (even though they may be wrong) were written exactly as per the record and where some were hard to decipher, the author used her own interpretation.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank James McGrath of Philadelphia, USA who is responsible for paying for the copying of these files and others that will be coming on line soon.

Birth Date
Date of
Remarks or Conditions
Baptism Name
Parents' Names
Clergyman's Name
18861LawrenceFardy10JanLawrence Fardy
Ellen Corbett
Chapel's Cove10JanJohn RoeEdward Cleary
Mary Joseph LaCour
18862EdwardWalsh16JanPatrick Walsh
Honora Wade
Chapel's Cove17JanJohn RoeMartin Myres
Margaret Hannifan
sub. cond.
18863Catherine TeresaLyons19JanDaniel Lyons
Anne Furey
Salmon Cove21JanJames BrownWilliam Furey
Mary Furey
18864Maria JosephBardin20JanWilliam Sanches
Elizabeth Wall
Hr. Main22JanJames BrownJohn Bardin
Frances Williams
18865Margaret MaryWalsh30JanMichael Devereux
Lucy Gorman
Salmon Cove30JanJames BrownStephen Walsh
Bridget Keating
18866Mary BridgetHickey2FebPeter Hickey
Mary Wall
Chapel's Cove4FebJohn RoeEdward Farrell
Margaret Wall
sub. Cond.
18867Thomas (Bridget
written up above)
Cook8FebThomas Cook
Ellen Prendergast
Salmon Cove9FebJames BrownJohn Mulloy
Mary Prendergast
18868EdwardKennedy12FebPatrick Kennedy
Johanna Kennedy
Hr. Main13FebJames BrownEdward Fewer
Agnes LeCour
18869Edward ThomasMurray14FebJames Murray
Sarah Neal
Salmon Cove15FebJames BrownDaniel Costello
Mary Anne Moore
188610JohnDalton27FebJames Dalton
Mary Sullivan
Hr. Main28FebJohn RoeGeorge Furey
Mary Teresa Ezekiel
188611EllenMason23FebPatrick Mason
Elizabeth Redmond
Salmon Cove28FebJames BrownVincent Costigan
Mary Bridget Grace
sub. Cond.
188612Mary AnneO'Gorman1MarJohn O'Gorman
Johanna Hicks
Hr. Main1MarJohn RoeJoseph Hicks
Catherine Donnelly
188613EdwardHawko28FebJames Hawko
Catherine Sullivan
Chapel's Cove1MarJohn RoeJames Hawko
Bridget Foer
188614Ellen JosephHawko2MarWilliam Hawko
Mary Conran
Chapel's Cove3MarJames BrownJohn Duggan
Ellen Myers
188615Mary AnnePenny3MarEdward Penny
Mary Anne Gaheny
Hr. Main4MarJohn RoeJoseph Penny
Elizabeth Cole
188616Patrick FrancisHicks10MarThomas Hicks
Margaret Costello
Hr. Main11MarJames BrownThomas Murphy
Elizabeth Smith
1886no #
John FrancisDoyle25Jan. 1886Robert Doyle
Elizabeth Hannaford
Avondale25MarJ. O'DonnellJoseph Flaherty
Mary Redmond
188617Philip PatrickHawko15MarJohn Hawko
Sarah Myers
Chapel's Cove16MarJames BrownThomas Myers
Ellen MacKey
188618Catherine MaryDoyle7MarStephen Doyle
Sarah MacGaie
Hr. Main18MarJames BrownMichael Brick
Mary Woodford
Stephen Doyle married a Sarah Carroll in 1883 - is she the one?
188619Thomas FrancisFoley15FebEdward Foley
Mary Geary
Hr. Grace Jct.29MarJohn RoeJames Roche
Ellen Costello
sub. cond.
188620PhilipHealy31MarPhilip Healy
Johanna Whelan
S. Side of Holyrood30MarJames BrownPatrick Healy
Catherine Flynn
188621MaryMcGrath21AprPatrick McGrath
Mary Anne Mason
Salmon Cove27AprJames BrownWilliam Penny
Mary Cahill
sub. cond.
188622CatherineHawko4MayPeter Hawko
Margaret Murphy
Chapel's Cove4MayJames BrownPatrick Hawko
Mary Croly
1886 started over
MargaretTreghy8MayJames Treghy
Catherine Ezekiel
Holyrood14MayJames BrownMichael Ezekiel
Catherine Williams
4 wks. old. Illegitimate
Protestant Father living in the Straits
188622Frederick WilliamVeitch14MayPhilip Veitch
Catherine Holden
Holyrood14MayJames BrownJoseph Holden
Mary Joseph Holden
5/ pd Fr. Babcock
188623EllenSullivan15MayDaniel Sullivan
Sarah Terry
Chapel's Cove17MayJames BrownPatrick Corbett
Mary Anne Kennedy
sub. Cond.
188624JamesSaviour18MayJames Saviour
Ellen Ryan
Hr. Main19MayJames BrownGeorge Furey
Mary Gorman
188625Helena Mary McGeeKennedy22MayEdward Kennedy
Catherine McGee
Salmon Cove23MayJohn RoeThomas McGee
Mary Jane Flynn
188626John AnthonyHannan12JunPatrick Hannan
Bridget O'Donnell
Hr. Main12JunJames BrownJames Patrick Woodford
Mary O'Donnell
188627Mary AnneHicks18JunJoseph Hicks
Johanna Gorman
Hr. Main19JunJames BrownPatrick Joy
Mary MacDonald
188628Catherine FrancesWalsh22JunMichael Walsh
Jane Fewer
Holyrood - child
born at Chapels Cove
24JunJohn RoeJohn Kennedy
Mary Anne Kelly
sub. Cond.
188629CatherineCostigan10JulVincent Costigan
Mary Meyers
Hr. Main11JulJames BrownJohn Mason
Mary Terry
188630JosephPenny10JulJoseph Penny
Mary Mason
Salmon Cove19JulJames BrownDaniel Flynn
Catherine Magee
188631AgnesWall21JulGerald Wall
Kate Sullivan
Hr. Main22JulJames BrownMartin Sanches
Maria Wall
sub. Cond.
188632William AugustineCahill23JulPatrick Cahill
Catherine Flynn
Salmon Cove24JulJames BrownWilliam Cahill
Mary Kough
sub. Cond.
188633JohnWoodford22JulEdward Woodford
Ellen Wall
Hr. Main25JulJames BrownSamuel Parsley
Elizabeth Walsh
188634John VincentO'Gorman25JulEdward O'Gorman
Bridget O'Bryan
Hr. Main26JulJames BrownThomas Holden
Mary MacDonald
188635Thomas JamesMeany26JulMichael Meany
Elizabeth James
Salmon Cove27JulJames BrownMichael Moore
Bridget Meany
188636JohnHawko26JulJohn Hawko
Bridget Crawley
Chapel's Cove28JulJames BrownPeter Hawko
Sarah Hawko
188637Mary EllenKennedy29JulJohn Kennedy
Mary Hickey
Salmon Cove29JulJames BrownJohn Costello
Kate Moores
188638Mary JosephCostigan1AugJames Costigan
Margaret Doyle
Hr. Main2AugJames BrownJohn Terry
Mary Roche
188639PatrickCrawley5AugEdward Crawley
Anastatia Whelan
Chapel's Cove5AugJames BrownPatrick Crawley
Margaret Conran
188640HonoraClary5AugJohn Clary
Bridget Doyle
Hr. Main5AugJames BrownMichael Brick
Bridget Brick
married at St. John's April 29, 1908
188641AugustineMorgan5JanWilliam Morgan
Caroline Walsh
Seal Cove6AugJames BrownEdward Hannon
Lizzie Ezekiel
8 months old. Father protestant, mother catholic. Now promises after 15 years non compliance to Practice her religion
188642Mary BridgetFardy5AugJohn Fardy
Margaret Mcgrash
Chapel's Cove7AugJames BrownTimothy Sullivan
Catherine Hicks
188643Mary MargaretBaker7AugHenry Baker
Jane Mason
Salmon Cove7AugJames BrownPatrick Mulloy
Bridget Prendergast
188644Anthony GeorgeFurey17AugGeorge Furey
Margaret Murray
Hr. Main17AugJames BrownThomas Pennell
Nana Ezekiel
188645John JosephSullivan22AugCornelius Sullivan
Anastatia Butler
Hr. Main23AugJames BrownWilliam Holden
Sarah Ezekiel
188646AgnesHickey25AugPatrick Hickey
Ellen Maloney
Hr. Main27AugJames BrownJames Woodford
Mary Anne Gorman
188647AnneMeyers3SepMartin Meyers
Agnes Woodford
Chapel's Cove4SepJames BrownThomas Meyers
Anastatia Crawley
188648Agnes MaryHickey6SepJohn Hickey
Elizabeth Gorman
Chapel's Cove8SepJames BrownMichael Gorman
Bridget Farrell
188649TeresaWalsh9SepJames Walsh
Bridget Hayes
Hr. Main10SepJames BrownMartin Costello
Margaret Fury
188650WilliamHynes12SepPaul Hynes
Mary Snow
Holyrood15SepJames BrownSamuel Parsley
Ellen Healy
belongs to Holyrood
188651WilliamEzekiel20SepPaul Ezekiel
Lucy Gorman
Hr. Main20SepJames BrownJohn Merner
Bridget Cleary
188652GeorgeLyons21SepJames Lyons
Margaret Butler
Salmon Cove21SepJames BrownJeremiah O'Donnell
Anne Terry
188653JamesHawko22SepPatrick Hawko
Johanna Meyers
Chapel's Cove22SepJames BrownJohn Walsh
Sarah Hawko
sub. Cond.
188654MargaretMason27SepPhilip Mason
Elizabeth Moores
Salmon Cove28SepJames BrownDaniel Moore
Elizabeth Meany
188655JamesCostigan29SepEdward Costigan
Anne Kennedy
Hr. Main29SepJames BrownEdward Furey
Margaret Costigan
188656JohnCostigan29SepJohn Costigan
Elizabeth Cleary
Hr. Main30SepJames BrownGeorge Fury
Mary Meyers
188657PhilipWalsh1OctJohn Walsh
Mary Kennedy
Chapel's Cove2OctJames BrownWilliam Conron
Sarah Kennedy
188658JohannaBaker4OctEdward Baker
Mary Ryan
Salmon Cove5OctJames BrownJohn Baker
Ellen Ryan
188659Michael JosephWoodford8OctJames Woodford
Margaret Donovan
Hr. Main9OctJames BrownGeorge Woodford
Lucy Woodford
188660Thomas FrancisAnthony11OctRobert Anthony
Anastasia Hawko
Hr. Main12OctJames BrownMichael Costello
Maria Ezekiel
188661William Jn. JosephFlynn14OctPatrick Flynn
Elizabeth Wade
Salmon Cove15OctJames BrownWilliam Flynn
Mary Wade
188662EdwardMurray16OctJohn Murray
Mary Murphy
Hr. Main16OctJames BrownJames Costigan
Bridget Murphy
188663Timothy JosephHawko19OctPhilip Hawko
Sarah Flynn
Chapel's Cove21OctJames BrownEdward Corbett
Mary Hawko
married at St. Patrick's Church Roxbury, Mass., to Anna Armstrong on July 27, 1919 by D. O'Bryan. Sub. Cond.
188664Michael FrancisPenny22OctStephen Penny
Mary Collin
Hr. Main22OctJames BrownJoseph Penny
Agnes Penny
188665Jeremiah JosephFlanagan24OctJohn Flanagan
Mary Sullivan
Salmon Cove25OctJames BrownJohn Meany
Mary Morrissey
188666AliceConneran27OctJames Conneran
Johanna Fahey
Chapel's Cove27OctJames BrownMichael Barron
Anastatia Curran
sub. Cond.
188667BernardMoore28OctWilliam Moore
Martha Ezekiel
Salmon Cove28OctJames BrownCornelius Devereux
Mary Devereux
1886 # starts over
Lawrence JosephFury28OctNicholas Fury
Mary Hennessey
Salmon Cove30OctJames BrownMartin Moore
Margaret Fury
188669JamesAide1NovMichael Aide
Alice Costello
Salmon Cove2NovJames BrownJohn Meany
Anastatia Meany
Nov. 17, 1945 married to Hannah Mason (nee Lush) Sacred Heart Church, Camden N.J. by Rev. James J. Gallagher
188670PaulCorbett2NovPatrick Corbett
Nora Hawko
Chapel's Cove4NovJames BrownThomas Penny
Bridget Fuor
188671John JosephSullivan15NovEdward Sullivan
Mary Ezekiel
Hr. Main16NovJames BrownPatrick Hannon
Mary Woodford
188672AnneKennedy15NovJames Kennedy
Jane Penny
Hr. Main18NovJames BrownPatrick Sullivan
Ellen Fardy
188673James ChristopherMason17NovJohn Mason
Anastasia Murray
Salmon Cove18NovJames BrownMaurice Kennedy
Mary Moore
188674CatherinePrendergast18NovEdward Prendergast
Mary Penny
Salmon Cove18NovJames BrownJames Devereux
Mary Baker
188675MargaretBarnes25NovJohn Barnes
Mary Wall
Hr. Main27NovJames BrownMichael Woodford
Elizabeth Wall
188676William JohnMeany26NovJames Meany
Ellen Nugent
Salmon Cove27NovJames BrownEdward Meany
Catherine Power
188677JohnCorbett25NovJohn Corbett
Catherine Dwyer
Chapel's Cove28NovJames BrownEdward Fuer
Margaret Feur
188678Mary TeresaCostello3DecPhilip Costello
Ellen Kelly
Hr. Main3DecJames BrownMichael Walsh
Agnes Costello
188679Martin BernardEzekiel9DecSamuel Ezekiel
Mary Moore
Salmon Cove10DecJames BrownJoseph Mason
Catherine Gushue
188680CatherineCostello9DecDaniel Costello
Bridget Magee
Salmon Cove12DecJames BrownMartin Costello
Catherine MacNeal


Page contributed by Barbara McGrath

Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013)

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