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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, Newfoundland
Baptism Records (1857-1911)

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur. If anyone comes across something that they feel is wrong, please contact me (Barbara McGrath - address on the contributor's page) and she will re-check the records again and if it is still wrong, you can submit what you feel is the correct information and we will add it as an errata to the bottom of the file. In the meantime, where there are ???? marks, if anyone can fill in the blanks, we would be happy to add them to the file.

The files were transcribed exactly as they were recorded in the original records and spellings (even though they may be wrong) were written exactly as per the record and where some were hard to decipher, the author used her own interpretation.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank James McGrath of Philadelphia, USA who is responsible for paying for the copying of these files and others that will be coming on line soon.

Birth Date
Date of
Remarks or Conditions
Baptism Name
Parents' Names
Clergyman's Name
18851SamuelSullivan3JanEdward Sullivan
Mary Ezekiel
Hr. Main4JanJohn RoeJames Ezekiel
Elizabeth Ezekiel
18852RichardBarron4JanJohn Barron
Frances Williams
Hr. Main10JanJohn RoeMartin Sanches
Grace McMahon
18853Michael JosephWall9JanJohn Wall
Mary Brick
Hr. Main11JanJohn RoeMichael Brick
Anne Gorman
18854Johanna MaryBrick12JanJohn Brick
Anne Halern
Hr. Main12JanJohn RoePatrick Brick
Maria Woodford
sub. Cond.
18855Patrick JosephLyons27JanJames Lyons
Margaret Butler
Salmon Cove28JanJohn RoePhilip Mason
Mary Butler
18856Mary MargaretAide29JanMichael Aide
Alice Costello
Salmon Cove31JanJohn RoeEdward Foer
Anastasia Flynn
18857Sara BridgetSullivan3FebLawrence Sullivan
Jane O'Connell
Salmon Cove4FebJohn RoeJoseph Sullivan
Bridget Hannifan
18858MartinWall3FebJohn Wall
Bridget Healy
Healy's Cove5FebJohn RoeJoseph Penny
Ellen Wall
sub. Cond.
18859JamesKelly10FebJames Kelly
Louisa Mason
Salmon Cove12FebJohn RoeThomas Mason
Margaret Furey
188510Sara AnneFlynn16FebThomas Flynn
Mary Quinlan
Hr. Main17FebJohn RoeThomas Penny
Jane Penny
188511TimothyCostello18FebJames Costello
Catherine Kelly
Salmon Cove19FebJohn RoePhilip Costello
Frances Grace
188512Mary BridgetNolan20FebJohn Nolan
Sara Hawko
Salmon Cove21FebJohn RoeWilliam Nolan
Catherine Grace
sub. Cond.
188513JamesCostigan23FebThomas Costigan
Sara Whelan
Hr. Main24FebJohn RoeJames Roche
Anastasia Joseph Gusue
sub. Cond.
188514AliceManey25FebWilliam Maney
Mary Parsley
Hr. Main25FebJohn RoeCharles Furey of James
Lizzie Mason
188515TeresaParsley27FebSamuel Parsley
Mary Anne Flynn
Hr. Main1MarJohn RoeEdward Costigan
Bridget Murphy
188516Elizabeth Furey6MarJohn Furey
Mary Joy
Hr. Main7MarJohn RoeMartin Costello
Mary Costello
1885no # -
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James PatrickHicks MarThomas Hicks
Eliza Joy
Hr. Main2MarJohn RoeJohn Hannan
Anastasia Wall
188517Ellen AgnesMacDonnell24MarRichard MacDonnell
Margaret Jane Delaney
Hr. Main25MarJohn RoePatrick Gorman
Ellen Mary Delaney
married to Michael Joy on
January 19, 1911 at St.
George's, Nfld.
188518Thomas AndrewFitzsimon26MarVincent Fitzsimon
Catherine O'Grady
Hr. Main27MarJohn RoeRev. James Fitzsimon - per proxy
Margaret Fitzsimon - per proxy
188519Mary GertrudeNugent31MarMatthew Nugent
Catherine Lyons
Salmon Cove31MarJohn RoeEdward Maney
Anne Lyons
188520StephenKennedy21AprWilliam Kennedy
Anne Mason
Hr. Main21AprJohn RoeThomas Costigan
Elizabeth Kennedy
188521MariaSevier24AprJohn Sevier
Margaret Mason widow
Hr. Main24AprJohn RoeJohn Dalton
Mary Dalton
188522John JosephHealy MayMartin Healy
Elizabeth Penny
Healy's Cove29MayJohn RoeWilliam Healy
Lucy Woodford
188523AnastasiaPenny9JunJoseph Penny
Mary Wall
Chapel's Cove9JunJohn RoeMaurice Gorman
Elizabeth Sullivan
188524Sara GracePettypas JunMansfield Pettypas
Georgiana Jane Messervey
Hr. Grace Junction19JunJohn RoeMichael Brick
Anne Gorman
188525Elizabeth Conran26JunMichael Conran
Elizabeth Corbett
Chapel's Cove27JunJohn RoeJohn Wall
Ellen Wall
188526James PatrickWoodford28JunJohn Woodford
Mary Joy
Hr. Main28JunJohn RoeJohn Joy
Elizabeth Hicks
188527CatherineCorbett2JulPatrick Corbett
Honora Hawko
Chapel's Cove4JulJohn RoeDenis Foer
Jane Foer
188528EdwardCorbett4JulPatrick Corbett
Mary Wade
Chapel's Cove4JulJohn RoeThomas Foer
Bridget Corbett
sub. Cond.
188529Catherine JosephSlyney JulThomas Slyney
Catherine Curren
Chapel's Cove12JulPatrick O'DonnellEdward Corbett
Johannah Hawkoe
sub. Cond.
188530Mary TeresaCostigan JulCharles Costigan
Agnes LaCour
Hr. Main13JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Kennedy
Elizabeth Costigan
188531Timothy PatrickO'Toole17JulEdward O'Toole
Frances Foer
Chapel's Cove19JulJohn RoeMartin Walsh
Johanna Crawley
188532MarySullivan17JulPatrick Sullivan
Mary Anne Costigan
Chapel's Cove19JulJohn RoeRichard Lannan
Mary Flynn
188533AgnesDalton26JulJohn Dalton
Alice Maney
Hr. Main27JulJohn RoeJohn Kennedy
Anastasia Mason
188534PatrickFlynn25JulNicholas Flynn
Maria Costello
Hr. Main28JulJohn RoeJames Flynn
Margaret Flynn
188535SusannaHawko1AugThomas Hawko
Johanna Trehey
Chapel's Cove2AugJohn RoePatrick Corbet
Johanna Hawko
188536JamesSevier12AugJohn Sevier
Ellen Corbett
Gasters12AugJohn RoeDaniel Sullivan of John
Margaret Whelan
188537Mary TeresaFlynn14AugPatrick Flynn
Charlotte Wade
Salmon Cove14AugJohn RoeDenis Flynn jr.
Anne Flynn
188538Maurice FrancisO'Brien AugLawrence O'Brien
Johanna Kennedy
Broad Cove15AugJohn RoeChristopher O'Brien
Catherine Kennedy
188539WilliamDevereux18AugJohn Devereux
Mary Moore
Salmon Cove18AugJohn RoePatrick Brick
Margaret Moore
188540JamesKennedy17AugDaniel Kennedy
Elizabeth Moore
Salmon Cove18AugJohn RoeNicholas LaCour
Mary Kennedy
sub. Cond.
188541Peter JosephHickey2SepStephen Hickey
Elizabeth Hannan
Hr. Main2SepJohn RoeEdward Faor
Agnes Galliohew
188542JeremiahMaloney SepJohn Maloney
Abigail Sullivan
Hr. Main2SepJohn RoeJohn Wall
Anastasia Ezekiel
188543Patrick MaryWoodford8SepEdward Woodford
Johanna Whelan
Hr. Main9SepJohn RoePatrick Woodford
Mary Wall
188544Walter JosephFoer11SepEdward Foer
Mary Anne Kelly
Chapel's Cove12SepJohn RoePeter Hawko
Frances Foer
188545JohnMoore14SepWilliam Moore
Martha Ezekiel
Salmon Cove14SepJohn RoePeter Prendergast
Margaret Murray
188546Mary JaneKeating23SepJohn Keating
Rebecca Percel
Hr. Main23SepJohn RoeWilliam Brick
Mary Piercey
sub. Cond.
188547BridgetHolden28SepWilliam Holden
Mary Butler
Hr. Main29SepJohn RoeThomas Holden
Anastasia Sullivan
188548Edward JosephPenny30SepJohn Penny
Bridget Meaney
Salmon Cove30SepJohn RoeEdward Maney
Bridget Maney
188549Alice MargaretKelly30SepJames Kelly
Elizabeth Terry
Hr. Main1OctJohn RoePhilip Costello
Catherine Furey
188550William JamesTerry3OctPatrick Terry
Mary Doyle
Hr. Main3OctJohn RoeJames Kelly
Bridget Cleary
married at Most Holy Redeemer
East Boston, Mass To Teresa Terry On April 6, 1910 by Rev. T. P. McGinn. Sub. Conditions
188551JohnKennedy4OctJames Kennedy of John
Sara O'Brien
Chapel's Cove4OctJohn RoeJames Kennedy of James
Bridget Kennedy
188552ThomasTerry6OctJohn Terry
Bridget Conway
Hr. Main9OctJohn RoePeter Costello
Mary Anne Parsley
188553William JohnTerry7OctWilliam Terry
Mary Penny
Hr. Main9OctJohn RoeThomas Costigan
Mary Munay
188554TeresaHicks10OctJohn Hicks
Mary Dalton
Hr. Main11OctJohn RoeJoseph Hicks
Catherine Wall
188555MargaretCrawley6OctHumphrey Crawley
Anastasia Wall
Chapels Cove 11OctJohn RoeMichael Gorman
Mary Anne Crawley
188556PierceBarron11OctRobert Barron
Margaret Hawko
Hr. Main12OctJohn RoeMichael Tubritt
Ellen Wall
sub. Cond.
188557Gertrude FrancesHannan13OctEdward Hannan
Margaret Hickey
Hr. Main14OctJohn RoeMaurice Gorman
Lucy Woodford
188558Margaret EllenMyres16OctPatrick Myres
Mary Doyle
Chapel's Cove19OctJohn RoeWilliam Duggan
Margaret Penny
sub. Cond.
188559BridgetHickey19OctMichael Hickey
Margaret Brick
Hr. Main20OctJohn RoePatrick Brick
Bridget Brick
188560MargaretWall11OctPatrick Wall
Mary MacKey
Chapel's Cove22OctJohn RoeMartin Sanches
Anastasia Crawley
(sub. Cond.) illegitimate
188561John MartinFoer21OctEdward Foer
Mary White
Chapel's Cove22OctJohn RoeWilliam Foer
Mary Anne Foer
188562JamesCorbet23OctJohn Corbet
Anne Kelly
Chapels Cove 24OctJohn RoePatrick Corbett
Maria Flynn
188563GarretWall24OctPatrick Wall
Maria Woodford
Hr. Main25OctJohn RoeJames Conran
Catherine Sullivan
188564Mary JosephRoche24OctJames Roche
Mary Furey
Hr. Main26OctJohn RoeCharles Furey of Charles
Anastasia Gusue
188565EllenMyres29OctJohn Myres
Ellen MacKey
Chapel's Cove30OctJohn RoeJames Crawley
Anastasia Crawley
188566MartinWalsh4NovDenis Walsh
Mary Penny
Chapel's Cove5NovJohn RoeMartin Walsh
Catherine Flynn
sub. Cond.
188567PatrickDalton8NovRichard Dalton
Esther Wall
Hr. Main9NovJohn RoeWilliam Maney
Alice Dalton
188568Isabella MaryOliphant17NovGeorge Lindsay Oliphant
Alice Joseph Strapp
Hr. Main17NovJohn RoeJohn Veitch
Mary Anne Strapp
188569PatrickHawco20NovThomas Hawco
Bridget Conran
Chapel's Cove21NovJohn RoePeter Hawco
Sara Hawco
188570ThomasFlynn1DecStephen Flynn
Mary Tubritt
Chapel's Cove
Flynn's Hill
2DecJohn RoeLawrence Kennedy
Margaret Tubritt
sub. Cond.
188570ThomasFlynn1DecemberStephen Flynn
Mary Tubritt
188571Ellen MaryWall7DecMichael Wall
Ellen Hicks
Hr. Main9DecJohn RoeTimothy Hannan
Mary Wall
188572EliasHayward5DecJohn Hayward
Ellen Hawko
Straits of Belle Isle9DecJohn RoeJames Myres
Sara Myres
188573John JosephMurphy14DecThomas Murphy
Margaret Barnes
Chapel's Cove15DecJohn RoeJames Kennedy
Elizabeth Crawley
188574AnastasiaHickey26DecJohn Hickey
Margaret Penny
Hr. Main26DecJohn RoePatrick Hickey
Lucy Hickey
188575JohannaCorbet8DecWalter Corbet
Catherine Curran
Chapel's Cove8DecGregory J. BattcockMichael Foer
Rachel Farrell
***** Memo: On the sixth of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty five, the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered for the first time at Hr. Grace Junction. Now called Whitbourne Celebrant on the occasion - John Roe C. C. Hr. Main.


Page contributed by Barbara McGrath

Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013)

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