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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, Newfoundland
Baptism Records (1857-1911)

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur. If anyone comes across something that they feel is wrong, please contact me (Barbara McGrath - address on the contributor's page) and she will re-check the records again and if it is still wrong, you can submit what you feel is the correct information and we will add it as an errata to the bottom of the file. In the meantime, where there are ???? marks, if anyone can fill in the blanks, we would be happy to add them to the file.

The files were transcribed exactly as they were recorded in the original records and spellings (even though they may be wrong) were written exactly as per the record and where some were hard to decipher, the author used her own interpretation.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank James McGrath of Philadelphia, USA who is responsible for paying for the copying of these files and others that will be coming on line soon.

Birth Date
Date of
Remarks or Conditions
Baptism Name
Parents' Names
Clergyman's Name
18831MatthewPenny  Michael Penny
Martha Lacouer
Holyrood1JanPatrick O'DonnellMatthew Penny
Mary Penny
sub. Cond.
18832CorneliusCostigan  John Costigan
Elizabeth Cleary
Hr. Main5JanJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Kennedy
Mary Gorman
18833Michael JosephWhite  George White
Bridget McDonald
Bacon Cove6JanPatrick O'DonnellMichael Lewis
Bridget White
18834SarahCorbet  Patrick Corbet
Mary Wade
Chapel's Cove7JanJeremiah O'DonnellLawrence Fardy
Catherine Griffin
18835Mary BridgetKennedy  Martin Kennedy
Alice Gushue
Conception Hr.8JanPatrick O'DonnellJames Cole
Mary Burke
18836Lucy AloysiusO'Rourke  Patrick Rourke
Anne Flaherty
Holyrood7JanJoseph V. DonnellyJohn Rourke
Mary Rourke
sub. Cond.
18837Robert FrancisO'Sullivan  Lawrence O'Sullivan
Jane O'Connell
Salmon Cove9JanJeremiah O'DonnellMartin O'Sullivan
Mary O'Connell
18838ElizabethCrawley  William Crawley
Margaret Fardy
Chapel's Cove10JanJeremiah O'DonnellJames Crawley
Anastasia Crawley
18839EdwardWade  Edward Wade
Catherine Costello
Conception Hr.10JanPatrick O'DonnellPatrick St. John
Catherine Wade
188310Margaret AgathaMason  Joseph Mason
Mary A. Trehy
Salmon Cove12JanPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Ezekiel
Mary J. Doyle
188311StephenDoyle  Philip Doyle
Lucy Woodford
Hr. Main12JanJeremiah O'DonnellPhilip Doyle
Bridget Doyle
188312BridgetWhelan  Lawrence Whelan
Margaret Hearne
Colliers14JanJeremiah O'DonnellSamuel Whelan
Mary Whelan
188313Edmund JosephFury  Edmund Fury
Catherine Isakel
Hr. Main21JanJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Isakel
Mary Isakel
sub. Cond.
188314Bridget JosephDonnelly  Patrick Donnelly
Martha Keating
Hr. Main22JanJeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Wall
Bridget Lacourt
188315DavidRyan  Patrick Ryan
Anne White
Colliers22JanPatrick O'DonnellJames Conway
Anne Ryan
188316PatrickGushue  Nicholas Gushue
Mary McGrath
Conception Hr.22JanPatrick O'DonnellMichael St. John
Mary Cole
sub. Cond.
188317RichardJoy  John Joy
Margaret Joy
Holyrood9JanJoseph V. DonnellyJames Joy
Frances Joy
188318PatrickQuinlan  John Quinlan
Mary Kennedy
Holyrood10JanJoseph V. DonnellyJames Quinlan
Anne Quinlan
188319EmmaWall  John Wall
Bridget Healy
Holyrood16JanJoseph V. DonnellyJohn Healy
Mary Anne Healy
188320Margaret EllenHawkoe  Thomas Hawkoe
Johanna Trehy
Chapel's Cove23JanJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Fewer
Catherine Dwyer
S. Cove
188321Catherine JosephPenny  William Penny
Anastasia Conran
Conception Hr.24JanPatrick O'DonnellJohn Meany
Mary Fury
188322PatrickBurke  Michael Burke
Bridget Wall
Conception Hr.30JanPatrick O'DonnellMartin Curren
Margaret Power
188323Patrick JosephLarrissey  Richard Larrissey
Johannah Burke
Conception Hr.31JanPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Mansfield
Ellen Kelly
married at Conception Hr. May 10th, 1908
188324MariaDaymond  William Daymond
Ellen Holden
Holyrood3FebJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Holden
Bridget Aspel
188325Catherine F.Kennedy  John Kennedy
Mary Hickey
Salmon Cove4FebPatrick O'DonnellThomas McGrath
Mary Keogh
188326JamesDoyle  Patrick Doyle
Alice Keating
Colliers6FebJoseph V. DonnellyThomas Rose
Mary Griffin
188327EdwardCole  William Cole
Mary Dalton
Colliers6FebJoseph V. DonnellyPatrick Hearn
Elizabeth Cole
188328MargaretBennett  John Bennett
Mary Kenny
Holyrood6FebJeremiah O'DonnellFrancis Bennett
Mary Joseph Timmins
sub. Cond.
188329Mary BridgetHearn  John Hearn
Bridget Murphy
Colliers9FebPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Hearn
Agnes Murphy
sub. Cond.
188330John ThomasMcDonald  Thomas McDonald
Johannah Whelan
Colliers9FebPatrick O'DonnellWilliam McDonald
Rachael Skean
188331William JosephFewer  Edward Fewer
Julia Terry
Chapel's Cove10FebPatrick O'DonnellMichael Fewer
Bridget Fewer
188332CatherineMahony  Michael Mahony
Catherine St. John
Conception Hr.11FebJeremiah O'DonnellJames Buck
Mary Joe St. John
188333Bertha MargaretFitzSimon  Vincent A. FitzSimon
Catherine O'Grady
Hr. Main12FebPatrick O'DonnellJeremiah O'Donnell
188334Bridget JosephWall  Patrick Wall
Mary Woodford
Hr. Main14FebJeremiah O'DonnellGarret Wall
Anastasia Wall
sub. Cond.
188335Elizabeth AnneGorman  John Gorman
Johannah Hicks
Hr. Main15FebJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Donnelly
Anne Gorman
188336WilliamIrvine   Holyrood10FebJoseph V. Donnelly married at Holy Name Cathedral
Parish, 311 Superior St., Chicago,
Ill. USA - convert from Church of
England. Native of Norfolk, England, age
23 years
188337BernardCooke  Thomas Cooke
Ellen Pendergast
Salmon Cove16FebJoseph V. DonnellyJohn Parseley
Martha Ezekiel
sub. Cond.
188338JamesWhelan  James Whelan
Bridget Brien
Colliers14FebPatrick O'DonnellLawrence Whelan
Margaret Whelan
188339Johannah AgathaSt. John  Thomas St. John
Mary Meany
Conception Hr.16FebPatrick O'DonnellJohn St. John
Hanora Brien
188340BartholomewWilliams  John Williams
Patience Corbett
Holyrood16FebJoseph V. DonnellyRichard Hynes
Elizabeth Quinlan
188341PhilipHealy  John Healy
Mary Conran
Holyrood18FebJoseph V. DonnellyMichael Hynes
Elizabeth Walsh
sub. Cond.
188342ElizabethSullivan  Patrick Sullivan
Mary Costigan
Chapel's Cove19FebJoseph V. DonnellyCharles Furey
Catherine Flynn
188343Margaret GonzagaPenny  Philip Penny
Maria Woodford
Hr. Main19FebJeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Joy
Mary Penny
188344WilliamKennedy  Michael Kennedy
Bridget Doyle
Conception Hr.19FebPatrick O'DonnellNicholas Rochford
Alice Mahoney
188345EdwardKenny  William Kenny
Mary Connell
Conception Hr.22FebPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Trehy
Margaret Gushue
188346JohnWalsh  Patrick Walsh
Hanora Wade
Chapel's Cove27FebPatrick O'DonnellJames Crawley
Mary Corbett
188347James PatrickHicks  Thomas Hicks
Elizabeth Joy
Hr. Main2MarPatrick O'DonnellJohn Hannan
Anastasia Wall
188348George JosephMoore  William Moore
Martha Fury
Hr. Main5MarPatrick O'DonnellThomas Strappe
Mary Murray
188349JamesMurphy  James Murphy
Mary Walsh
Hr. Main11MarJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Brick
Bridget Brick
188350Catherine MaryPenny  John Penny
Bridget Meany
Salmon Cove9MarPatrick O'DonnellJohn Penny
Mary Penny
married to William Redmond On
19/9/09 at Sacred Heart Church East Boston
188351AnastasiaDalton  William Dalton
Anne Rochford
Conception Hr.9MarPatrick O'DonnellBernard St. John
Elizabeth Dalton
188352ElizabethMalony11MarJohn Malony
Abigail Sullivan
Hr. Main12MarJeremiah O'DonnellPaul Keating
Mary Malony
188353Michael PatrickTerry  John Terry
Bridget Conway
Hr. Main13MarJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Costigan
Sarah Conway
188354Rachael JosephGushue  Patrick Gushue
Elizabeth Mahony
Bacon Cove13MarPatrick O'DonnellJames Driscoll
Mary Walsh
Bacon Cove
188355Margaret PhilipMurphy  William Murphy
Mary Meany
Conception Hr.12MarPatrick O'DonnellEdward Brien
Bridget Gushue
Conception Hr.
188356Patrick JohnNugent  Matthew Nugent
Catherine Lyons
Kelligrews16MarJeremiah O'DonnellTimothy Butler
Ellen Costello
188357Constance MaryFardy  Lawrence Fardy
Ellen Costello
Hr. Main20MarJeremiah O'DonnellJames Conran
Mary O'Brien
188358TimothyCostello  Michael Costello
Ellen Whalen
Conception Hr.13MarPatrick O'DonnellPeter Kenny
Bridget Gushue
188359AnastasiaCullen  Thomas Cullen
Anne Mahoney
Bacon Cove14MarPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Mahoney
Theresa Griffin
188360John PatrickFury  John Fury
Mary Joy
Hr. Main21MarJeremiah O'DonnellRodger John Kennedy
Margaret Fury
188361Joseph FrancisHicks  Joseph Hicks
Ellen Duff
Holyrood21MarJeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Hickey
Anastasia Crawley
married to Lily Hancock June 26,
1911 by Rev. M. MacKinnon in Sacred
Church, Roseland, Vancouver, BC
188362JohnTournow   James Tournow
Eliza Lewis
 25MarPatrick O'DonnellEdward Murray
Mary Murray
bapt. Sub. Cond.
Adulters aged 2 ?
188363PhilipHealy  Martin Healy
Elizabeth Penny
Holyrood1AprJeremiah O'DonnellStephen Healy
Anne Penny
188364PatrickCostello  James Costello
Mary Power
Conception Hr.2AprPatrick O'DonnellMartin Costello
Mary Costello
188365ThomasHawkoe  Thomas Hawkoe
Elizabeth Wall
Chapel's Cove7AprJeremiah O'DonnellJames Hawkoe
Alice Wall
mortius est 29 an?
188366Mary JosephFury  Charles Fury
Bridget Hannan
Hr. Main7AprJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Moore
Anne Moore
188367Julia AnneTerry  Patrick Terry
Mary Doyle
Hr. Main9AprJeremiah O'DonnellJames Costigan
Margaret Costigan
bapt. Sub. Cond.
188368Mary FrancesSliney  Thomas Sliney
Catherine Curran
Chapel's Cove14AprJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Corbett
Bridget Fewer
sub. Cond.
188369Margaret AnneHickey MarchMichael Hickey
Mary Duff
Holyrood19MarGregory J. BattcockJohn Hicks
Catherine Duff
188370William FrancisFlood AprilEdward Flood
Elizabeth Moores
Holyrood1AprGregory J. BattcockMichael Brophy
Anastasia Flood
188371MichaelKearney AprilMichael Kearney
Anastasia Neil
Holyrood17AprGregory J. BattcockWilliam Byrne
Mary Morrissey
188372JamesBerne AprilStephen Berne
Bridget Rourke
Holyrood25AprGregory J. BattcockGerald Wall
Margaret Wall
188373Anne JosephWhelan  Thomas Whelan
Anne Power
Colliers14MayPatrick O'DonnellJohn Whelan
Susan Phillipps
188374PhilipLewis  James Lewis
Elizabeth Flood
Holyrood20MayPatrick O'DonnellNicholas Lewis
Anastasia Lewis
188375BridgetMullowney  John Mullowney
Mary Walsh
Holyrood20MayPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Walsh
Kate Maher
188376Frances BridgetWilson  William Wilson
Elizabeth Smith
Salmon Cove30MayJeremiah O'DonnellPatrick Gorman
Bridget O'Brien
sub. Cond.
188377ThomasHickey  Thomas Hickey
Anne Crawley
Chapel's Cove31MayJeremiah O'DonnellEdward Farrell
Rachael Whelan
married at S. John's
April 29th, 1908
188378WilliamWalsh JunRichard Walsh
Margaret Taplin
Holyrood11JunGregory J. BattcockWilliam Walsh
Margaret Walsh
sub. Cond.
188379William JohnDoyle  Robert Doyle
Elizabeth Hannafan
Conception Hr.12JunPatrick O'DonnellJohn Toole
Margaret Hannafan
188380Michael PatrickGushue  Charles Gushue
Dinah Larrissey
Conception Hr.13JunPatrick O'DonnellMichael Larrissey
Margaret Larrissey
188381SarahKelly JunJames Kelly
Elizabeth Turr
Hr. Main15JunGregory J. BattcockJames Costello
Mary Costello
188382Grace F.Whelan  Matthew Whelan
Jane Penny
Colliers17JunPatrick O'DonnellJoseph Cole
Bridget Hearn
188383StephenKennedy  Stephen Kennedy
M.B. Driscoll
Conception Hr.17JunPatrick O'DonnellBart Driscoll
M. Connors
188384EdwardHickey  John Hickey
Margaret Penny
Hr. Main18JunPatrick O'DonnellMullowney
Mary Penny
First name of godparent Mullowney
not given
188385MargaretEzekielgemini John Ezekiel
Grace Wall
Hr. Main21JunPatrick O'DonnellJohn Brick
Hanora Cleary
188386MaryEzekielgemini John Ezekiel
Grace Wall
Hr. Main21JunPatrick O'DonnellJohn Brick
Hanora Cleary
188387Margaret PhilomenaCostello  Michael Costello
Johannah Larrissey
Conception Hr.21JunPatrick O'DonnellEdward Dalton
Johannah Keating
188388AnastasiaSullivan  Patrick Sullivan
Rachael Gushue
Hr. Main22JunPatrick O'DonnellDaniel Sullivan
Ellen St. John
bapt. Sub. Cond.
188389John Hicks  John Hicks
Mary Dalton
Hr. Main22JunPatrick O'DonnellJohn Lacouer
Bridget Hicks
188390AnastasiaWoodford JunJohn Woodford
Mary Joy
Hr. Main24JunGregory J. BattcockJames Joy
Catherine Joy
188391JohnCostigan  Thomas Costigan
Johannah Hearn
Colliers26JunPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Hearn
Mary Burke
188392AliceHearn26JunThomas Hearn
Elizabeth Lewis
Colliers27JunPatrick O'DonnellLawrence Whelan
Margaret Whelan
188393James WilliamGushue  William Gushue
Mary Brown
Conception Hr.28JunPatrick O'DonnellJames Lewis
Minnie Lewis
188394Robert JohnDoyle  Patrick Doyle
Mary Devereux
Conception Hr.2JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Doyle
Margaret Doyle
188395Margaret MaryMansfield  Michael Mansfield
Mary A. Larrissey
Conception Hr.2JulPatrick O'DonnellJames Larrissey
Margaret Wade
188396WilliamBurke  James Burke
Ellen Mansfield
Colliers4JulPatrick O'DonnellTimothy Costello
Hanora Burke
188397Michael JosephWade  Thomas Wade
Sarah Gushue
Conception Hr.4JulPatrick O'DonnellEdward Wade
Mary Wade
188398Bridget F.Nolan  William Nolan
Agnes Anthony
Salmon Cove7JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Dalton
Kate Gushue
188399JohnKelly  James Kelly
Dinah Cole
Bacon Cove8JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Dalton
Agnes Griffin
1883100AnneMyers  John Myers
Ellen MacKey
Chapel's Cove8JulPatrick O'DonnellMichael Mahony
Ellen Wade
1883101John ThomasCostello  James Costello
Kate Kelly
Salmon Cove9JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Brick
Eliza Parseley
1883102JosephWall  Michael Wall
Ellen Hicks
Hr. Main10JulPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Gorman
Xaverius Woodford
sub. Cond.
1883written up
above #103
GeorgeKenny  David Kenny
Margaret Dalton
Conception Hr.13JulPatrick O'DonnellPeter Gushue
Mary Costello
1883103Mary AnneWhelan  George Whelan
Elizabeth Ryan
Colliers13JulPatrick O'DonnellMichael Ryan
Mary Ryan
1883104Maria F.Kenny  Peter Kenny
Margaret Norkett
Conception Hr.14JulPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Gushue
Mary Flynn
1883105James MichaelLannan  Thomas Lannan
Sarah Flynn
Hr. Main14JulPatrick O'DonnellThomas Penny
Margaret Flynn
1883106?Costello   Conception Hr.17JulPatrick O'DonnellRichard Conway
Eliza Keeffe
sub. Cond.
1883107John ThomasHannan  John Hannan
Martha Ezekiel
Hr. Main20JulPatrick O'DonnellCharles Fury
Kate Connelly
1883108George JosephDalton22JulyRichard Dalton
Esther Wall
Hr. Main23JulPatrick O'DonnellCornelius Wall
Mary J. Wall
1883109MauriceMahoney  Aaron Mahoney
Ellen Finn
Conception Hr.28JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Dalton
Johannah Keating
sub. Cond.
1883110ChristopherLeary  Michael Leary
Sarah Kennedy
Bacon Cove29JulPatrick O'DonnellJohn Dalton
Mary Cole
Murray  John Murray
Mary Murphy
Hr. Main30JulJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Kennedy
Mary Isakel
1883112William JohnCostigan  Vincent Costigan
Mary Myres
Hr. Main31JulJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Kennedy
Margaret Costigan
1883113AnastasiaAide  Michael Aide
Alice Costello
Salmon Cove2AugPatrick O'DonnellLawrence Power
Anne Sullivan
sub. Cond.
1883114Mary AnneDevereux  John Devereux
Mary Moore
Salmon Cove4AugPatrick O'DonnellPeter Hannan
Martha Moore
1883115Eliza TheresaWhelan  James Whelan
Elizabeth Brine
Colliers6AugPatrick O'DonnellMichael Whelan
Johannah Brien
sub. Cond.
1883116JohnCorbett  John Corbett
Anne Kelly
Chapel's Cove10AugJeremiah O'DonnellJane Fewer 
1883117BernardO'Toole  Rodger Toole
Elizabeth Sevier
Conception Hr.11AugJeremiah O'DonnellCharles Fury
Alice Dalton
1883118Mary JosephPower  John Power
Mary Moore
Salmon Cove15AugPatrick O'DonnellJames Flyn
Mary Jane Flyn
1883119WilliamPenny  William Penny
Charlotte Lamb
Hr. Main17AugJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Wall
Johannah Hicks
1883120Elizabeth MaryJoy  John Joy
Elizabeth MacKey
Hr. Main18AugJeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Wall
Catherine Joy
1883121Ellen MaryMoore  Joseph Moore
Margaret Donnelly
Hr. Main19AugPatrick O'DonnellJames Joy
Mary Donnelly
sub. Cond.
1883122MargaretMcGrath  John McGrath
Jane Gushue
Colliers20AugPatrick O'DonnellNicholas Williams
Elizabeth Williams
sub. Cond.
1883123DonaldMacKennon   Prince Edward Island18AugPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Kennedy
Anastasia Mason
adultes aged 62??
sub. Cond.
1883124WalterCorbett  Walter Corbett
Catherine Curran
Chapel's Cove23AugJeremiah O'DonnellPhilip Doyle
Anastasia Hawkoe
1883125JohannahHickey  Michael Hickey
Sarah Rose
Hr. Main24AugJeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Hickey
Mary Anne Hickey
sub. Cond.
1883126AgnesKeeffe  Patrick Keeffe
Kate Mahoney
Conception Hr.24AugPatrick O'DonnellJames Mahoney
Eliza Mahoney
1883127ThomasDoyle  Edward Doyle
Frances Gaheney
Salmon Cove26AugPatrick O'DonnellNicholas Murphy
Mary Power
1883128Patrick Lewis  Aaron Lewis
Mary Donovan
Conception Hr.28AugPatrick O'DonnellJames St. John
Mary Donovan
1883129Jane FrancesHealy  James Healy
Anne Fewer
 31AugJeremiah O'DonnellPhilip Healy
Ellen Healy
bapt. Sub. Cond.
1883130Elizabeth AnneWall  James Wall
Susannah Penny
Hr. Main1SepGregory J. BattcockEdward Wall
Frances Wall
1883131TheresaCorbett  Stephen Corbett
Mary Kennedy
Conception Hr.2SepPatrick O'DonnellTimothy Costello
Sarah Leary
1883132Mary AliceHealy  John Healy
Mary Barron
Holyrood3SepJeremiah O'DonnellCornelius Quinlan
Bridget Brien
sub. Cond.
1883133Margaret EllenPower  Peter Power
Catherine St. John
Conception Hr.6SepJeremiah O'DonnellThomas St. John
Johannah Toole
1883134Mary TheresaLeary  James Leary
Jean Gushue
Conception Hr.6SepJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Dalton
Ellen Burke
1883135Mary BridgetSullivan  Daniel Sullivan
Sarah Terry
Hr. Main8SepJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Costello
Elizabeth Terry
sub. Cond.
1883136Alice Berchman Mahoney  Michael Mahoney
Margaret Meany
Conception Hr.9SepPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Gushue
Lizzie Keeffe
1883137Johannah MaryHickey  Michael Hickey
Margaret Brick
Hr. Main9SepPatrick O'DonnellMichael Brick
Maria Woodford
1883138Mary AliceSevier  Jeremiah Sevier
Ellen Ryan
Gasters, Hr. Main11SepJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Tubrid
Margaret Fury
1883139NicholasMorrissey  Thomas Morrissey
Elizabeth Wall
Holyrood11SepJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Dunphy
Mary Williams
1883140MichaelRochford  Nicholas Rochford
Mary Kennedy
Conception Hr.14SepPatrick O'DonnellEdward Kenny
Kate Kenny
1883141Ellen FrancesBaker  Edward Baker
Mary Ryan
Salmon Cove18SepJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Cantwell
Catherine Grace
1883142EllenKelly  Paul Kelly
Agnes Lewis
Holyrood29JunGregory J. BattcockNicholas Wall
Bridget Corbett
1883143JohnQuinlan  John Quinlan
Mary Healy
Holyrood8JulGregory J. BattcockJohn Healy
Emma Quinlan
1883144Patrick JosephCorbett  William Corbett
Anastasia Fitzgerald
Holyrood12JulGregory J. BattcockJoseph Penny
Mary Duggan
1883145JohnPenny  John Penny
Ellen Quinlan
Holyrood27JulGregory J. BattcockEdward Quinlan
Catherine Wall
1883146Ronald MacDonaldVeitch  Philip Veitch
Catherine Holden
Holyrood3AugGregory J. BattcockJohn Veitch
Mary Walsh
1883147BernardTargatetwins Richard Targate
Mary Joseph Woodford
Holyrood12AugGregory J. BattcockWilliam Walsh
Sarah Wall
1883148PatrickTargatetwins Richard Targate
Mary Joseph Woodford
Holyrood12AugGregory J. BattcockPatrick Targate
Catherine Targate
1883149Mary EllenMorrissey  John Morrissey
Mary McGrath
Holyrood15AugGregory J. BattcockPeter Morrissey
Ellen Dunphy
1883150Mary EllenFurey  John Furey
Bridget Fewer
Holyrood18AugGregory J. BattcockWilliam Hogan
Sarah Furey
1883151Ellen MaryJoy  James Joy
Mary Rourke
Holyrood19AugGregory J. BattcockMatthew Rourke
Elizabeth Veitch
1883152John JosephLewis  John Lewis
Rachel Kennedy
Holyrood21AugGregory J. BattcockWilliam Veitch
Julia Barrett
1883153BernardBarretttwins Philip Barrett
Bridget Moore
Holyrood25AugGregory J. BattcockPatrick Beso
Margaret Milmore
1883154WilliamBarretttwins Philip Barrett
Bridget Moore
Holyrood25AugGregory J. BattcockJohn Beso
Ellen Beso
1883155Margaret AnneDunphy  John Dunphy
Anne Healy
Holyrood12SepGregory J. BattcockJohn Lewis
Bridget Maher
1883156EdwardBeso  Edward Beso
Johannah Healy
Holyrood13SepGregory J. BattcockDaniel Lewis
Margaret Walsh
1883157TheresaO'Toole  John O'Toole
Kate Redmond
Salmon Cove15SepPatrick O'DonnellEdward Dalton
Mary A. Ezekiel
1883158MarySt. John  John St. John
Johannah Gushue
Conception Hr.16SepPatrick O'DonnellJohn Flynn
Bridget Brien
1883159MaryWhelan  Timothy Whelan
Mary Ryan
Colliers16SepPatrick O'DonnellSimon Lonergan
Jane McGrath
married on January 16, 1909 to Thomas
Hunt in the parish of Conception by
Msgr. W. Veitch
1883160Mary ?O'Driscoll  Richard O'Driscoll
Bridget Brown
Bacon Cove16SepPatrick O'DonnellThomas Walsh
Eliza Gushue
1883161AnastasiaMahony  Michael Mahony
Mary Walsh
Conception Hr.20SepPatrick O'DonnellMichael Leary
Margaret Trehy
1883162ElizabethMaher  William Maher
Anne Lewis
Holyrood16SepGregory J. BattcockNicholas Wall
Margaret Lewis
1883163Catherine BridgetAustin  John Austin
Mary Flood
Holyrood16SepGregory J. BattcockPeter Hickey
Anastasia Flood
1883164MichaelO'Neil  Michael O'Neil
Mary Moore
Holyrood22SepGregory J. BattcockDaniel Lewis
Margaret Penny
1883165Mary TheresaMurphy  Patrick Murphy
Bridget Mansfield
Conception Hr.23SepPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Mansfield
Rachael Walsh
1883166Mary FrancesPhillipps  John Phillipps
Ellen McGrath
Colliers24SepPatrick O'DonnellTimothy Murphy
Anastasia Merrigan
sub. Cond.
1883167BridgetConway  James Conway
Bridget Gaheney
Colliers24SepPatrick O'DonnellPhilip Hedderson
Lizzie Keeffe
sub. Cond.
1883168JohnWhite  David White
Johanna Mansfield
Bacon Cove25SepPatrick O'DonnellNicholas Murphy
Mary Ryan
1883169AndrewConran  Michael Conneran
Elizabeth Corbett
Chapel's Cove29SepJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Strapp
Alice Dalton
sub. Cond.
1883170William JosephWalsh  John Walsh
Mary Mahoney
Bacon Cove30SepPatrick O'DonnellTimothy Walsh
Johannah Murphy
1883171LucyFowler  Michael Fowler
Mary Gushue
Conception Hr.5OctPatrick O'DonnellMichael Gushue
Mary Gushue
1883172Thomas FrancisHawko  William Hawko
Mary Conran
Chapel's Cove6OctPatrick O'DonnellJames Hawko
Johannah Hawko
1883173MarySkean  William Skean
Mary Hearn
Colliers7OctPatrick O'DonnellMichael Whelan
Emelia Cole
1883174William JohnMeany  James Meany
Bridget Dunn
Salmon Cove7OctPatrick O'DonnellMichael Mahoney
Margaret Fury
1883175EdwardCorbet  Edward Corbet
Anastasia Healy
Chapel's Cove11OctJeremiah O'DonnellJames Kennedy
Mary Anne Hawkoe
1883176Frank Trehy  Patrick Trehy
Mary Kelly
Conception Hr.11OctPatrick O'DonnellTimothy Trehy
Johanna Conway
1883177Mary MargaretKennedy  Daniel Kennedy
Elizabeth Moore
Salmon Cove10OctPatrick O'DonnellJohn Costello
Margaret Hickey
1883178AnastasiaLewis  James Lewis
Johannah Donnelly
Bacon Cove10OctPatrick O'DonnellJames Lewis
Bridget White
1883179SamuelCole  Nicholas Cole
Anne Murphy
Colliers14OctPatrick O'DonnellJohn Cole
Johannah Cole
1883180MargaretWalsh  Patrick Walsh
Caroline Hatfield
Bacon Cove16OctPatrick O'DonnellMaurice Murphy
Debora Murphy
1883181Elizabeth GertrudeKennedy  William Kennedy
Mary A. Lewis
Conception Hr.18OctPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Trehy
Bridget F. Corbett
1883182PatrickWhelan  James Whelan
Ellen Conway
Colliers19OctPatrick O'DonnellRichard Conway
Anastasia Conway
1883183Gertrude MaryEzekiel  Paul Ezekiel
Lucy Gorman
Hr. Main23OctPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Brick
Hanora Cleary
1883184EllenSkean  John Skean
Eliza Phillipps
Colliers24OctPatrick O'DonnellDavid Whelan
Bridget Grace
1883185JohnFewer  Edward Fewer
Mary Anne Kelly
Chapel's Cove26OctJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Walsh
Johannah Fewer
1883186Richard JohnFewer  Edward Fewer
Mary White
Chapel's Cove28OctJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Fewer
Bridget Fewer
1883187ThomasPoole  Thomas Poole
Anne Ryan
Colliers28OctPatrick O'DonnellJohn Keogh
Anne Skean
1883188HanoraMurphy  John Murphy
Rachel Gushue
Conception Hr.29OctPatrick O'DonnellJames Mansfield
Margaret Gushue
1883189JamesFury  James Fury
Alice Sullivan
Salmon Cove2NovJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Walsh
Sarah Bride Fury
1883190MargaretWhelan  James Whelan
Johannah Kennedy
Conception Hr.1NovPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Costigan
Rachel Skean
1883191Daniel SamuelBrown  James Brown
Bridget Costello
Bacon Cove2NovPatrick O'DonnellRichard White
Elizabeth Burke
1883192Mary GertrudeKennedy  Joseph Kennedy
Sarah O'Brien
Chapel's Cove4NovGregory J. BattcockRichard McDonald
Bridget O'Brien
1883193Mary AnneHearn  James Hearn
Mary Whelan
Colliers4NovPatrick O'DonnellLawrence Whelan
Margaret Mary Kennedy
1883194Elizabeth JaneGushue  John Gushue
Agnes Brown
Bacon Cove4NovPatrick O'DonnellMartin Curren
Anne Gushue
1883195James PatrickAnthony  James Anthony
Mary Power
Gasters5NovJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Power
Elizabeth Sevier
1883196AnastasiaHickey  Joseph Hickey
Jane Mason
Hr. Main9NovJeremiah O'DonnellJohn Buck
Mary Anne Malony
1883197ThomasMcDonnell  Richard McDonnell
Margaret Delany
Hr. Main9NovJeremiah O'DonnellEdward Murray
Mary Butler
1883198ThomasGushue  James Gushue
Catherine Ryan
Turks Gut10NovJeremiah O'DonnellMary HawkoNatus July bapt. Sub. Cond. illegitimate
1883199Johannah AloysiusWalsh  James Walsh
Bridget Myers
Hr. Main11NovJeremiah O'DonnellGeorge Fury
Martha Fury
1883200JosephWalsh  Denis Walsh
Mary Penny
Chapel's Cove12NovJeremiah O'DonnellJeremiah Sullivan
Mary Anne Crawley
1883201Daniel JosephFlynngemini William Flynn
Ellen Curren
Salmon Cove9NovPatrick O'DonnellRobert Flynn
Mary Flynn
sub. Cond.
1883202Patrick JamesFlynngemini William Flynn
Ellen Curren
Salmon Cove9NovPatrick O'DonnellDaniel Flynn
Bridget Flynn
1883203JuliaTerry  William Terry
Mary Penny
Salmon Cove14NovJeremiah O'DonnellRichard Dalton
Sarah Penny
1883204Mary BridgetO'Toole  Roger O'Toole
Anty Power
Conception Hr.13NovPatrick O'DonnellPatrick Connors
Mary Connors
1883205Mary AnneSevier  John Sevier
Ellen Corbit
Chapel's Cove16NovJeremiah O'DonnellThomas Sevier
Mary Corbit
1883206Denis PatrickLyons  James Lyons
Margaret Butler
Salmon Cove17NovJeremiah O'DonnellPhilip Butler
Mary Susan Butler
sub. Cond.
1883207Margaret FrancesHawko  James Hawko
Kate Sullivan
Chapel's Cove20NovPatrick O'DonnellThomas Hawko
Sarah Hawko
1883208ElizabethCorbit  Patrick Corbit
Honra Hawkoe
Chapel's Cove25NovJeremiah O'DonnellPaul Hawkoe
Ellen Hawkoe
sub. Cond.
1883209PhilipBurke  William Burke
Mary A. Hearn
Colliers27NovPatrick O'DonnellRichard Laracy
Mary Hearn
sub. Cond.
1883210MatthewHicks  Thomas Hicks
Margaret Costelloe
Hr. Main30NovJeremiah O'DonnellMichael Moore
Mary Gorman
sub. Cond.
1883211JeremiahSullivan  Edward Sullivan
Mary Isakel
Hr. Main30NovJeremiah O'DonnellPaul Isakel
Margaret Isakel
1883212ElizabethBaker  Henry Baker
Jane Mason
Salmon Cove4DecPatrick O'DonnellJames Cooke
Mary Molloy
1883213Mary AnneCarroll  James Carroll
Eliza Curren
Holyrood7DecPatrick O'DonnellJohn Crawley
Anastasia Butler
1883214Elizabeth JosephDalton  Robert Dalton
Anastasia Hannafan
Salmon Cove8DecPatrick O'DonnellRichard Laracy
Elizabeth Hannafan
1883215Cecilia MariaCostelloe  Philip Costelloe
Eliza Kelly
Hr. Main9DecJeremiah O'DonnellMartin Costelloe
Mary Hickey
1883216William J.Kennedy  William Kennedy
Kate Keeffe
Conception Hr.10DecPatrick O'DonnellJohn Whelan
Mary A. Carroll
1883217William F.Leary  William Leary
Ellen Dunn
Bacon Cove11DecPatrick O'DonnellMichael Mahoney
Caroline Brown
1883218Maria AdelaideKennedy  Edward Kennedy
Kate McGee
Salmon Cove20DecPatrick O'DonnellDenis Flynn
Sarah Gushue
1883219Michael JohnSharpe  Ambrose Sharpe
Frances Gushue
Conception Hr.24DecPatrick O'DonnellJohn Gushue
Margaret Lewis
1883220EllenConway  James Conway
Lucy Power
Salmon Cove26DecPatrick O'DonnellMichael Doyle
Frances Ezekiel
1883221John JosephDoyle  Edward Doyle
Mary Mason
Conception Hr.31DecPatrick O'DonnellEdward Doyle
Frances Doyle
1883222TimothyMahoney  Michael Mahoney
Johannah Dalton
Conception Hr.30DecPatrick O'DonnellStephen Mason
Alice Keating
1883223John ThomasWhelan  Lawrence Whelan
Mary Cahill
Colliers30DecPatrick O'DonnellJohn Cole
Winifred Cole
1883224JamesWhelan  Lawrence Whelan
Bridget Hearn
Colliers30DecPatrick O'DonnellWilliam Hearn
Mary Cole


Page contributed by Barbara McGrath

Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013)

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