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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, Newfoundland
Baptism Records (1857-1911)

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur. If anyone comes across something that they feel is wrong, please contact me (Barbara McGrath - address on the contributor's page) and she will re-check the records again and if it is still wrong, you can submit what you feel is the correct information and we will add it as an errata to the bottom of the file. In the meantime, where there are ???? marks, if anyone can fill in the blanks, we would be happy to add them to the file.

The files were transcribed exactly as they were recorded in the original records and spellings (even though they may be wrong) were written exactly as per the record and where some were hard to decipher, the author used her own interpretation.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank James McGrath of Philadelphia, USA who is responsible for paying for the copying of these files and others that will be coming on line soon.

Birth Date
Date of
Remarks or Conditions
Baptism Name
Parents' Names
Clergyman's Name
1862 1 James Costello     James Costello
Elizabeth Walsh
Cat's Cove 1 Jan William Walsh Philip Mahony
Bridget Costello
1862 2 James Fury     James Fury
Catherine Kennedy
Hr. Main 13 Jan William Walsh Richard Walsh
Ann Flaherty
1862 3 Patrick Francis Ezekiel     Michael Ezekiel
Ellen Meany
Hr. Main 18 Jan William Walsh William Mullowney
Mary Ann Ezekiel
1862 4 Patrick Hacow     William Hacow
Anastasia Murphy
Chapels Cove 19 Jan William Walsh Patrick Hacow
Ellen Murphy
1862 5 Elisa Cleary     Edmond Cleary
Teresa Gorman
Hr. Main 19 Jan William Walsh Simon Gorman
Mary Ann Merner
1862 6 Patrick Joseph Hely     Philip Hely
Ann Baker
Holyrood 22 Jan Kyran Walsh Thomas Hely
Ann Hely
1862 7 William Parsly     John Parsly
Ellen Kenny
Harbor Main 25 Jan Kyran Walsh Thomas Costigan
Sarah Parsly
1862 8 William Joseph Dwyer     John Dwyer
Elizabeth Donnelly
Holyrood 30 Jan William Walsh Patrick Healy
Jane Dwyer
1862 9 Catherine Keogh     James Keogh
Bridget Conway
English Cove 9 Feb William Walsh Richard Conway
Jane Keogh
1862 10 Juliann Philips     George Philips
Catherine Kinsella
Colliers 9 Feb William Walsh Michael Gushue
Bridget McGrath
1862 11 Margaret Wall     Patrick Wall
Elisa LaCour
Hr. Main 10 Feb Kyran Walsh John Mullony
Margaret Doyle
1862 12 George Fury     John Fury
Elisa Flaherty
Hr. Main 18 Feb Kyran Walsh James Walsh
Catherine Kelly
1862 13 Mary Keating     Michael Keating
Sarah Baker
Cat's Cove 16 Feb William Walsh John Griffin
Mary Keating
1862 14 Elizabeth Francis Sullivan     Daniel Sullivan
Margaret Conran
Hr. Main 16 Feb William Walsh John Sullivan
Jane Walsh
1862 15 John Brien     John Brien
Ann Walsh
Salmon Cove 2 Mar Kyran Walsh Edward Meany
Ellen Flaherty
1862 16 Robert Gushue     George Gushue
Elisa White
Bacon Cove 5 Mar Kyran Walsh John Griffin
Honora Costello
1862 17 Mary Ann Gushue     George Gushue
Elisa White
Bacon Cove 5 Mar Kyran Walsh James Mahony
Ellen Griffin
1862 18 Honora Mary Wade     Edward Wade
Mary Flaherty
Cat's Cove 6 Mar Kyran Walsh Thomas Costigan
Patience Flaherty
1862 19 Thomas Kane     Patrick Kane
Ellenor Penny
Cat's Cove 10 Mar William Walsh Patrick Keating
Jane Murphy
1862 20 John Mahony     Maurice Mahony
Elizabeth Lewis
Cat's Cove 14 Mar William Walsh Edmond Dalton
Margaret Dalton
1862 21 James Cole     John Cole
Ann Philips
Colliers 23 Mar William Walsh Martin Murphy
Ann Murphy
1862 22 Timothy Trehy     Timothy Trehy
Catherine Flaherty
Cat's Cove 3 Apr Kyran Walsh William Kennedy
Anastasia Power
1862 23 James Phelan     Mathew Phelan
Margaret Walsh
Colliers 13 Apr William Walsh Timothy Murphy
Mary Phelan
1862 24 George Francis Gushue     Patrick Gushue
Mary Kenny
Bacon Cove 27 Apr William Walsh James Wade
Johanna Kenny
1862 25 Sarah Kiely     Thomas Kiely
Betsy Penny
Holyrood 1 May Kyran Walsh John Kiely
Betsy Woodford
1862 26 Esther Wall     Nicholas Wall
Mary Sullivan
Hr. Main 1 May William Walsh Patrick Joy
Elizabeth Sullivan
1862 27 John Gushue     Robert Gushue
Bridget Driscoll
Bacon Cove 4 May William Walsh Patrick Gushue
Lucy Driscoll
1862 28 Anastasia Gushue     Robert Gushue
Bridget Driscoll
Bacon Cove 4 May William Walsh Thomas Driscoll
Alice Gushew
1862 29 Mary Ann Ganney     Benjamin Ganney
Elizabeth Keogh
Colliers 4 May William Walsh James Hearn
Honora Ryan
1862 30 Michael Brien     Patrick Brien
Ann Kinsella
Broad Cove 8 May William Walsh Michael Hennecy
Ann Walsh
1862 31 Agnes Hennessy     Michael Hennessy
Bridget Brien
Broad Cove 13 May William Walsh John Costello
Bridget Neil
twins/sub condition
1862 32 Catherine Joseph Hennessy     Michael Hennessy
Bridget Brien
Broad Cove 13 May William Walsh Michael Neil
Mary Grace
1862 33 John Sullivan     John Sullivan
Jane Grace
Salmon Cove 18 May William Walsh John Grace
Ann Grace
1862 34 Ann Neil     John Neil
Ann Crawley
Holyrood 19 May William Walsh James Killfoy
Elizabeth Crawley
1862 35 no entry listed                    
1862 36 Thomas Hawkow     Thomas Hawkow
Ellen Hawkow
Chapels Cove 24 May William Walsh Patrick Flinn
Mary Walsh
1862 37 Ann Skehan     Charles Skehan
Hanora Ryan
Colliers 25 May William Walsh Edward Ryan
Catherine Grace
1862 38 Patrick Ryan     Thomas Ryan
Ann Doyle
Colliers 25 May William Walsh James Brien
Johanna Hearn
1862 39 Nicholas LaCour     Nicholas LaCour
Constance Fardy
Hr. Main 29 May Kyran Walsh Edward LaCour
Sarah Donelly
1862 40 John Ganney     William Ganney
Mary Cole
Colliers 1 Jun William Walsh Nicholas Cole
Mary Cole
1862 41 Mary Kinsella     John Kinsella
Catherine Williams
Colliers 3 Jun Kyran Walsh   adult
1862 42 Mary Frances Hickey     John Hickey
Elisa Joy
Hr. Main 4 Jun Kyran Walsh Paul Ezekiel
Ellen Ezekiel
1862 43 Anastasia Flinn     William Flinn
Jane Kennedy
Salmon Cove 6 Jun Kyran Walsh Daniel Flinn
Mary Kennedy
1862 44 Philip Ryan     Mathew Ryan
Ellen Mansfield
Cat's Cove 8 Jun William Walsh Michael Kennedy
Ellen Keefe
1862 45 Thomas Hicks     George Hicks
Catherine. Smallman
Holyrood 12 Jun Kyran Walsh Thomas Hicks
Bridget Joy
1862 46 David Wardrope     Thomas Wardrope
Bridget Comerfort
Colliers 15 Jun William Walsh John Burke
Mary Murphy
1862 47 Bridget Curran     Michael Curran
Mary Driscoll
Cat's Cove 15 Jun William Walsh James Curren
Jane Driscoll
1862 48 Daniel Flinn     Daniel Flinn
Ann Williams
Salmon Cove 15 Jun William Walsh Edmond Burke
Elizabeth Williams
1862 49 Philip Brick     John Brick
Johannah Gorman
Hr. Main 21 Jun Kyran Walsh Peter Ezekiel
Betsy Mullony
1862 49 (2 listed
as #49)
James Hawke       Bacon Cove 22 Jun William Walsh   Convert - 13 years
1862 50 Ellen Francis Duggan     Thomas Duggan
Catherine Duff
Chapels Cove 5 Jul William Walsh Denis Walsh
Ann Duggan
1862 51 Anastasia Butler     James Butler
Ellen Curren
Holyrood 6 Jul Kyran Walsh Joseph Butler
Catherine Butler
1862 52 William Kirby     John Kirby
Bridget Cullen
Holyrood 6 Jul Kyran Walsh John MacKey
Margaret Nugent
1862 53 James Couran     Patrick Conran
Sarah Corbett
Chapels Cove 6 Jul William Walsh Richard Walsh  
1862 54 Veronica Hickey     John Hickey
Elisa Brophy
Hr. Main 20 Jul Kyran Walsh John Mullony
Margaret Doyle
1862 55 Moses Lewis     Philip Lewis
Catherine Beseau
Holyrood 20 Jul Kyran Walsh Michael Walsh
Mary Walsh
1862 56 Richard Conway     Denis Conway
Elizabeth Hary
Colliers 20 Jul William Walsh James Phelan
Margaret Hearn
1862 57 Thomas Williams     Thomas Williams
Elizabeth Gushue
Cat's Cove 20 Jul William Walsh Martin Murphy
Mary Murphy
1862 58 Catherine Joseph Dwyer     Patrick Dwyer
Honora Power
Holyrood 25 Jul William Walsh John LaCour
Mary MacKey
1862 59 Anastasia Neil     Michael Neil
Jane Mason
Salmon Cove 25 Jul William Walsh Michael Costello
Mary Penny
1862 60 Ellen Wade     John Wade
Bridget Wade
Cat's Cove 27 Jul William Walsh Pat Keeffe
Mary Kennedy
1862 61 Mary Brian     George Brian
Francis Phelan
Colliers 27 Jul William Walsh Richard Skehan
Margaret Skehan
1862 62 William Timmons     Edward Timmons
Bridget Hynes
Holyrood 3 Aug Kyran Walsh Patrick Rourke
Ann Rourke
1862 63 William Fury     John Fury
Mary Murphy
Holyrood 3 Aug Kyran Walsh Thomas Fury
Susan Flannigan
1862 64 Mary Burn     Peter Burn
Susan Davis
Holyrood 3 Aug Kyran Walsh John Walsh
Maria Boland
1862 65 Ellen Lewis     John Lewis
Mary Grace
Holyrood 3 Aug Kyran Walsh Timothy Rourke
Mary Rourke
1862 66 Elizabeth Moore     Daniel Moore
Bridget Power
Hr. Main 5 Aug William Walsh Andrew Walsh
Mary Ann Kelly
1862 67 James Power     Thomas Power
Ellen Sullivan
Cat's Cove 9 Aug William Walsh Edmond Murray
Ann Mason
1862 68 Mary Walsh     Thomas Walsh
Mary Griffin
Bacon Cove 10 Aug William Walsh Michael Cole
Mary Ann Gushue
1862 69 Mary Wade     Edmond Wade
Mary Keating
Cat's Cove 10 Aug William Walsh John Gushue
Johanna Stack
1862 70 Elizabeth Mahony     James Mahony
Ann Griffin
Cat's Cove 10 Aug William Walsh Michael Leary
Mary Wade
1862 71 Mary Ann Gushue     Timothy Gushue
Catherine Phelan
Bacon Cove 10 Aug William Walsh John Cole
Mary Skehan
1862 72 Mary Ryan     Michael Ryan
Sarah Flaherty
Holyrood 10 Aug Kyran Walsh Thomas Hely
Ellen Quinlan
1862 73 Michael Joseph Butler     Patrick Butler
Catherine Toole
Salmon Cove 11 Aug William Walsh Richard Walsh
Sarah Mason
1862 74 John Lewis     William Lewis
Catherine Keefe
Holyrood 15 Aug Kyran Walsh George Barrett
Ellen Maher
1862 75 James Mulloy     Thomas Mulloy
Bridget Hannon
Salmon Cove 16 Aug Kyran Walsh John Brick
Ellen Mears
1862 76 Moses Lewis     James Lewis
Margaret Costello
Cat's Cove 25 Aug William Walsh Agnes Griffin
Robert Kenny
1862 77 Margaret Joseph Kenny     Edmond Kenny
Catherine Dalton
Cat's Cove 25 Aug William Walsh William Kenny
Mary McGrath
1862 78 Elizabeth Bolen     Michael Bolen
Margaret Connell
Holyrood 26 Aug William Walsh William Curran
Margaret Mellowing
1862 79 Patrick Trihy     Thomas Trihy
Margaret Farrell
Cat's Cove 30 Aug William Walsh William Dunn
Bridget Mahony
1862 80 William Joseph Hely     William Hely
Catherine McGahy
Holyrood 31 Aug Kyran Walsh James Hynes
Johannah Hely
1862 81 John Joseph Keating     John Keating
Jane LaCour
Hr. Main 2 Sep William Walsh James Woodford
(no first name) LaCour
1862 82 Bridget LaCour     John LaCour
Mary Smallwood
Hr. Main 4 Sep William Walsh John Kenny
Alice Joy
1862 83 Martin Costello     John Costello
Catherine Kennedy
Cat's Cove 7 Sep William Walsh John Costello
Elizabeth Costello
1862 84 Thomas Joseph Wall     Thomas Wall
Johanna MacKey
Hr. Main 12 Sep William Walsh Richard Walsh
Catherine Pendergast
1862 85 Alice Keating     John Keating
Johanna Gushue
Cat's Cove 14 Sep William Walsh Moses Lewis
Sarah Connell
1862 86 John Shanahan     Michael Shanahan
Mary Dunphy
Holyrood 16 Sep William Walsh James Woodford
Mary Shandan
1862 87 Mary Brien     Maurice Brien
Mary Power
Broad Cove 16 Sep Kyran Walsh Edward Murray
Sarah Gushue
1862 88 Catherine Joseph Costello     Michael Costello
Sarah Delany
Hr. Main 20 Sep William Walsh Patrick Costello
Martha Fury
1862 89 Bridget Fewer     Walter Fewer
Ann Dwyer
Chapels Cove 20 Sep Kyran Walsh Michael Couran
Margaret Hawko
1862 90 Mary Costello     Timothy Costello
Margaret Keating
Hr. Main 21 Sep Kyran Walsh Edward Burke
Sarah Terry
1862 91 Richard Hearn     James Hearn
Bridget Kennedy
Colliers 22 Sep Kyran Walsh William Kennedy
Ellen Flinn
1862 92 Elizabeth Fury     Thomas Fury
Ellen Murphy
Holyrood 23 Sep Kyran Walsh William Morrissey
Ellen Commerford
1862 93 Elizabeth Dalton     Ned Dalton
Mary White
Cat's Cove 24 Sep Kyran Walsh Stephen Walsh
Mary Curren
1862 94 Nicholas Crowly     Patrick Crowly
Margaret Conran
Chapels Cove 26 Sep Kyran Walsh James Crowly
Constance Fardy
1862 95 Anastasia Doyle     David Doyle
Anastasia Hickey
Hr. Main 27 Sep Kyran Walsh William Mullony
Catherine Doyle
1862 96 John McGrath     Timothy McGrath
Mary Phelan
Colliers 28 Sep William Walsh Michael Hearn
Johanna Hearn
1862 97 Ellen Hearn     Patrick Hearn
Rose McGrath
Colliers 28 Sep William Walsh Thomas McGrath
Elizabeth Brian
1862 98 Mary Kelly     Michael Kelly
Ellen Larrissey
Bacon Cove 28 Sep William Walsh Edmond Kenny
Margaret Larrissey
1862 99 Margaret Wade     Edmond Wade
Bridget Reily
Bacon Cove 28 Sep William Walsh David Kenny
Catherine Lannan
1862 100 Lucy Teresa Woodford     Samuel Woodford
Margaret Woodford
Hr. Main 9 Oct William Walsh Philip Penny
Johanna Gorman
1862 101 Thomas Francis Penny     Thomas Penny
Catherine Mernar
Hr. Main 11 Oct William Walsh Thomas Flinn
Alice Joy
1862 102 John Mason     Joseph Mason
Elisa Hawko
Salmon Cove 14 Oct Kyran Walsh Joseph Penny
Mary Penny
1862 103 Michael Wall     Nicholas Wall
Ann Lewis
Holyrood 14 Oct Kyran Walsh David Walsh
Mary Hickey
1862 104 Richard Fewer     John Fewer
Ann Barnes
Chapels Cove 18 Oct William Walsh Patrick Flinn
Johanna Fewer
1862 105 Martha Cole     James Cole
Bridget Merrigan
Colliers 19 Oct William Walsh James Phelan
Hannora Cole
1862 106 Patrick Phelan     David Phelan
Mary Hicks
Chapels Cove 19 Oct William Walsh Thomas Hickey
Mary Phelan
1862 107 Bridget Xavier Merner     James Merner
Mary Ann Hannon
Hr. Main 20 Oct Kyran Walsh Edmond Cleary
Margaret Penny
1862 108 Mary Fury     William Fury
Sarah Flinn
Salmon Cove 22 Oct William Walsh James Costello
Louisa Moors
1862 109 John Tracy     Matthew Tracy
Michael Slyney
Chapels Cove 25 Oct William Walsh Edmond Corbett
Ellen Haweco
1862 110 Mary Ann Connor     Maurice Connor
Alice Power
Cat's Cove 26 Oct William Walsh Patrick Curren
Mary Driscoll
1862 111 Elizabeth Griffin     John Griffin
Elizabeth Brown
Colliers 26 Oct William Walsh Michael Hearn
Jane Costigan
1862 112 William Philips     John Philips
Margaret Grace
Colliers 26 Oct William Walsh John Cole
Hannora McGrath
1862 113 John Joseph Parsly     William Parsley
Margaret McPhee
Salmon Cove 22 Oct Kyran Walsh Laurence Foley
Catherine Hicks
1862 114 Edward Joseph Penny     Philip Penny
Francis Delany
Hr. Main 22 Oct Kyran Walsh Patrick Murphy
Ellen Murphy
1862 115 Ann Phelan     Matthew Phelan
Margaret Doyle
Colliers 28 Oct Patrick O'Donnell Michael Hickey
Catherine Ezekiel
1862 116 Ann Fleming     John Fleming
Bridget Quinlan
Holyrood 29 Oct Kyran Walsh James Walsh
Mary Lewis
1862 117 Mary Ann Grace     Peter Grace
Ellen Devereux
Salmon Cove 4 Nov Patrick O'Donnell William Maloney
Mary Wall
1862 118 Richard Gushue     George Gushue
Bridget Power
Bacon Cove 4 Nov Patrick O'Donnell John Fardy
Mary Conneran
1862 119 Bridget McKiff     Wm. McKiff
Mary Ridley
Holyrood 4 Nov Patrick O'Donnell Michael Ezekiel
Elizabeth Joy
1862 120 Mary Ann Murray     Michael Murray
Margaret Power
Hr. Main 6 Nov Patrick O'Donnell Patrick Buck
Elizabeth Buck
1862 121 Julian Walsh     Richard Walsh
Ann Dwire
Holyrood 7 Nov Kyran Walsh Patrick Hickey
Mary Crowly
1862 122 Ellen Joseph Hennissey     James Hennissey
Sarah Curren
Holyrood 7 Nov Kyran Walsh Michael Coady
Constance Fardy
1862 123 William Joseph Conran     Michael Conran
Catherine Hicks
Chapels Cove 19 Nov Patrick O'Donnell John Walsh
Margaret Lewis
1862 124 James Joseph Laracy     John Laracy
Catherine Hunt
Cat's Cove 25 Nov Kyran Walsh Thomas Costigan
Catherine Williams
1862 125 Mary Burke     John Burke
Margaret Fury
Colliers 26 Nov Patrick O'Donnell Philip Mahoney
Serah Dalton
1862 126 Timothy Costello     Joseph Costello
Bridget Murphy
Salmon Cove 29 Nov Kyran Walsh Maurice Mahony
Elisa Mahony
1862 127 Catherine Joseph Farrell     John Farrell
Bridget MacKey
Chapels Cove 3 Dec Patrick O'Donnell Aaron Lewis
Catherine Curran
1862 128 John Skehan     Thomas Skehan
Bridget Skehan
Colliers 5 Dec Kyran Walsh John Fury
Patience Flaherty
1862 129 Mary Joseph Costello     Daniel Costello
Mary Delany
Hr. Main 4 Dec William Walsh George Mason
Margaret Costello
1862 130 No name listed Walsh     Pat Walsh
Margaret Ryan
Holyrood 7 Dec William Walsh William Walsh
Catherine Butler
1862 131 Peter Quinlan     John Quinlan
Mary Kennedy
Holyrood 10 Dec William Walsh Peter Quinlan
Rachel Kennedy
1862 132 John Tobin     Maurice Tobin
Mary Wall
Holyrood 7 Dec Kyran Walsh Lawrence Barron
Sarah Wall
1862 133 Elisa Mary Brien     Terence Brien
Johannah Ryan
Holyrood 10 Dec Kyran Walsh John Brien
Elisa Neal
1862 134 William Joseph Joy     Michael Joy
Ellen Woodford
Harbor Main 17 Dec William Walsh Ann Joy
Charles Fury
1862 135 Pat Costello     Pat Costello
Johanna Keating
Cat's Cove   Dec William Walsh Michael Kennedy
Winifred Connell


Page contributed by Barbara McGrath

Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013)

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