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Carbonear Marriages

St. Patrick's RC Parish,

Surname Groom's Name Maiden Name Bride's Name Marriage Year
Witness1 Witness2 Priest
Robin Peter Burke Margaret 1850-01-06 Michael Dollard Maria Kenna Rev. J. Dalton
Shea Daniel Martin Julia 1850-01-06 John Shea Anna McCarthy Rev .J. Dalton
Haghlin Gulielm Lahy Marianna 1850-05-24 Angelica Lahy Joseph Lahy Rev. J. Dalton
Kennedy James Kennedy Maria 1850-05-24 John Kennedy Anna Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Knox John Power Bridget 1850-05-29 John Rohan Anna MacKay Rev. J. Dalton
Hearne Jacob Hennessey Maria 1850-06-05 John Dooley Maria Ryan Rev. J. Dalton
Kennedy Edward George Juliana 1850-06-05 Robert George Maria McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Kennedy Nicholas Lawden Helena 1850-06-06 Alfrida Butt Helena Marshall Rev. J. Dalton
Bingham Jacob Cullen Sarah 1850-10-23 Thomas Fitzpatrick Maria Burke Rev. J. Dalton
Bishop William Wiseman Louisa 1850-11-04 Richard Mackey Matilda Wiseman Rev. J. Dalton
Cahill Jeremiah Baley Mary 1850-11-13 Nicholas Connors Margaret Cahill Rev. J. Dalton
Keefe John White Mary 1850-11-14 William Hanarahan Ellen Kerry Rev. J. Dalton
Connors Nicholas Hurley Mary 1850-11-16 Michael Hurley Sara Hurley Rev. J. Dalton
Hayden Edward Brien Anastatia 1850-11-16 William Kehoe Anastatia Londregan Rev. J. Dalton
Hogan John Hamilton Margaret 1850-11-25 Timothy Hogan Ellen Hogan Rev. J. Dalton
Tobin John Phelan Bridget 1850-11-30 James Gary Julia Gary Rev. J. Dalton
Shanahan David Day Apia 1851-01-06 John Talbot Mary Reilly Rev. J. Dalton
Murphy Robert Phelan Susan 1851-01-22 John Keefe Mary McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Hogan Alexander Cullen Catherine 1851-01-23 Michael Shanahan Alice Hefferan Rev. J. Dalton
Hanlon Jeremiah McCarthy Ann 1851-02-09 Pierce Martin Julia Bransfield Rev. J. Dalton
Hurley Michael Groves Martha 1851-02-19 Lawrence Short Sarah Hurley Rev. J. Dalton
Murray William Penny Bridget 1851-05-20 Timothy Kehoe Bridget Bailey Rev. J. Dalton
Keefe David Zerdens ?Patience 1851-05-24 Matthew Wells Mary Brodrick Rev. J. Dalton
Furlong James Kenna Mary 1851-05-29 James Collins Mary Burke Rev. J. Dalton
Hogan Timothy Luther Anne 1851-05-29 James Pumphrey Margaret Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Vays William McGee Ann 1851-05-29 Robert Vays Elizabeth Brine Rev. J. Dalton
McCarthy Owen Howell Livenia 1851-06-03 Geofrey Fauton Mary Fauton Rev. J. Dalton
Egan Thomas Gould Catherine 1851-10-16 James Pumphrey Margaret Gould Rev. J. Dalton
Brine Lawrence Doyle Bridget 1851-10-19 John Barry Ann Gould Rev. J. Dalton
Walsh William Moore Anastatia 1851-11-05 Denis Ryan Catherine Moore Rev. J. Dalton
Delaney Mark Kennedy Fanny 1851-11-11 Richard Kennedy Mary Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Allen Michael Hanifin Mary 1851-11-15 Denis Carroll Mary Broderick Rev. J. Dalton
Wells Matthew Hamilton Teresa 1851-11-19 Michael Dollard Ellen Hogan Rev. J. Dalton
Fahey Philip Hurley Sarah 1851-11-23 Andrew Fahey Ellen Dunn Rev. J. Dalton
How Richard McDonald Margaret 1851-11-23 William Walsh Mary Burke Rev. J. Dalton
Walsh John Sweeny Eliza 1851-11-25 Nicholas Condon Mary Condon Rev. J. Dalton
Barry Thomas Cawl Mary 1851-11-29 James Griffin Bridget Brine Rev. J. Dalton
Moore Henry Brennan Mary 1851-11-29 Lawrence Meaney Caroline Joy Rev. J. Dalton
Shanahan Michael Furlong Mary 1851-11-29 Lawrence Knox Mary Knox Rev. J. Dalton
Moran Michael Butler Mary 1852-01-13 Edward Quinn Ann Devereux Rev. J. Dalton
Broaders Matthew Walsh Mary 1852-05-31 Daniel McCarthy Catherine McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Clarke Mark Kennedy Elizabeth 1852-06-04 John George Mary Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Walsh David McCarthy Catherine 1851-06-05 Timothy McCarthy Ellen Mokeley Rev. J. Dalton
Sullivan Patrick Ryan Mary 1851-06-07 James Rocket Bridget Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Shea John Jones Margaret 1852-06-09 Matthew Fogarty Mary Rourke Rev. J. Dalton
Emerson Lawrence Hanrahan Sophia 1852-10-02 Joseph Ryan J. O'Donovan Rev. J. Dalton
Stapleton Joseph Mucharty Maria 1852-10-14 James Matin Mary Mackey Rev. J. Dalton
Rielly Thomas Conell Margaret 1852-11-11 Jeremiah Connell Johanna Hallahan Rev. J. Dalton
Kates Robert Quinn Honora 1852-11-12 Matthew Brine Mary Brine Rev. J. Dalton
Connell Jeremiah Cotter Mary 1852-11-24 Jeremiah Broderick Mary Broderick Rev. J. Dalton
Deer William Dooley Fanny 1852-11-25 William Norcoth Ellen Deer Rev. J. Dalton
Doherty Maurice Kennedy Mary 1852-11-25 James Hogan Mary Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Murphy James Babb Bridget 1852-11-26 Robert Knox Mary Quigley Rev. J. Dalton
Ryan Michael Cahill Mary 1852-11-26 John Connors Anastatia Murphy Rev. J. Dalton
George James Kennedy Fanny 1852-11-27 Robert George Mary Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Barrington Peter Carberry Mary 1852-12-02 Maurice Carberry Elizabeth Cashery Rev. J. Dalton
Finn Michael Barry Ann 1853-02-04 Thomas Casey Mary Barry Rev. J. Dalton
McCarthy Felix Snow Agatha 1853-02-08 Thomas Kennedy Julia Clarke Rev. J. Dalton
Reardon Stephen Dunn Mary 1853-05-03 William Reardon Margaret Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Simmons Matthew Brine Sarah 1853-05-07 James Martin Julia McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Grady Peter Guest Catherine 1853-06-06 James Knox Ellen Doyle Rev. J. Dalton
George Robert Fortune Catherine 1853-06-13 Robert Clarke Susan Butler Rev. J. Dalton
Lannon Michael Ray Catherine 1853-10-02 Thomas Hearne Nora Dooley Rev. J. Dalton
Glavine John Finn Catherine 1854-01-11 John Cleary Mary Burke Rev. J. Dalton
Marshall James Kennedy Mary 1854-01-17 Patrick Fogarty Mary Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Butt William Conway Margaret 1854-01-18 James King Bridget Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Lahey Michael George Margaret 1854-05-05 John George Lucy Lahey Rev. J. Dalton
Berrigan James Reilly Mary 1854-05-20 William Finn Ellen Day Rev. J. Dalton
Pumphrey James Prendergast Mary 1854-05-30 James Kehoe Bridget Murray Rev. J. Dalton
Lynch John Barry Mary 1854-10-26 David Walsh Mary Barry Rev. J. Dalton
King Robert Kennedy Grace 1854-11-03 William Kennedy Grace Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
McCarthy John Hanrahan Margaret 1854-11-03 John McCarthy Mary Hanrahan Rev. J. Dalton
Kehoe John Leiths Mary 1854-11-17 Thomas Geary Ann McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Fogarty Patrick Kennedy Mary 1854-11-28 Thomas Jones Ann Kennedy Rev. J. Dalton
Gear Alexander White Mary 1854-11-30 Pierce White Hannah Gear Rev. J. Dalton
Toole Nicholas Walsh Mary 1854-11-31 Lawrence Geary Jane Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Clarke Robert Fortune Mary 1854-12-01 Robert George Mary Kinsella Rev. J. Dalton
Hamilton Peter Furlong Bridget 1854-12-02 Richard Keilly Margaret Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Kehoe William Kehoe Mary 1854-12-3 Joseph Colbert Mary Rourke Rev. J. Dalton
Hearty Thomas Finn Mary 1855-01-08 Patrick Murphy Anastatia Finn Rev. J. Dalton
Davis Richard Bransfield Mary 1855-01-16 James Bransfield Mary Davis Rev. J. Dalton
Coakley Henry Comby Johanna 1855-02-20 Edward Jones Mary Jones Rev. J. Dalton
Furlong Patrick Luther Anne 1855-05-28 Jame Fanton ? ? Rev. J. Dalton
For the above entry, there is only one witness listed for this couple.
Kielley Richard Cormack Catherine 1855-05-29 Peter Hamilton Mary Cormack Rev. J. Dalton
Kennedy Samuel Brennan Anne 1855-05-30 Thomas Kennedy Mary Rourke Rev. J. Dalton
Talbot John Kinsella Mary 1855-06-09 Michael Kane Mary Rourke Rev. J. Dalton
McGrath Timothy Brine Elizabeth 1855-11-21 Richard Supple Ellen Cronin Rev. J. Dalton
Donnelly Michael Knox Bridget 1855-11-29 William Power Mary King Rev. J. Dalton
McDonald James Clarke Julia 1855-11-29 John Walsh Bridget Murphy Rev. J. Dalton
Gear Thomas Hart Martha 1855-11-30 Patrick Kehoe Elizabeth Scanlan Rev. J. Dalton
Furlong Walter Rourke Mary 1855-12-01 Thomas Jones Catherine Kehoe Rev. J. Dalton
Kennedy Edward Joy Margaret 1855-12-01 Thomas Kennedy Mary Tobin Rev. J. Dalton
Supple William Cullen Ellen 1855-12-01 Patrick Guest Ellen Hogan Rev. J. Dalton
Brien Thomas Conden Mary 1856-01-07 David Whelan Mary Sweeney Rev. J. Dalton
Dunn John Leary Susanna 1856-01-09 Richard Hyden Catherine White Rev. J. Dalton
Jones Edward Mackey Mary 1856-01-09 Michael Jones Julia McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Geary Thomas Farrell Elizabeth 1856-01-13 James Geary Alice Colford Rev. J. Dalton
Guest Patrick Knox Mary 1856-01-13 Thomas Power Ellen Keneally Rev. J. Dalton
Butler Michael Ellis Bridget 1856-01-16 John Ricket Margaret Joy Rev. J. Dalton
Collins James Hogan Ellen 1856-01-19 Thomas Talbot Margaret Hamilton Rev. J. Dalton
Knox James Geary Judith 1856-01-29 Thomas Casey Ellen Knox Rev. J. Dalton
Clarke William Butler Mary 1856-05-07 George Butler Bridget Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Connell Maurice Cronen Ellen 1856-05-12 Denis Carroll Mary Walsh Rev. J. Dalton
Talbot William Redmond Margaret 1856-06-03 Owen Hamilton Jane Redmond Rev. J. Dalton
Casey Thomas Burke Mary 1856-06-08 Thomas Brown Mary Casey Rev. J. Dalton
Hanrahan Nicholas Doyle Margaret 1856-06-30 J. Rourke Margaret Hanrahan Rev. J. Dalton
Butler Patrick Mooney Johanna 1856--09-06 William Walsh Ellen Norris Rev. J. O'Connor
Sprie John Ronan Grace 1856-11-15 Thomas Hearne Ane Marshall Rev. J. O'Connor
Dollard Michael McGee Elizabeth 1856-11-16 Thomas Browne Mary McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Caul Richard Marshall Ellen 1856-11-20 Lawrence Meaney Mary Tobin Rev. J. Dalton
Clarke James Combes Margaret 1856-11-20 Joseph Clarke Jane Combes Rev. J. Dalton
McCarthy John Hanrahan Mary 1856-11-22 Charles Bransfield Alice Hanrahan Rev. J. Dalton
Bransfield Edward Martin Maria 1856-11-29 James Martin Catherine Mackey Rev J. O'Connor
Power Thomas Moran Mary 1856-11-29 Michael Kane Bridget Bailey Rev. J. Dalton
Chubbs William Cormice Catherine 1857-01-07 Michael Lynch Anne Walsh Rev. J. O'Connor
Driscoll James Marshall Johanna 1857-01-07 Robert Marshall Alice Colford Rev. J. Brown
Meaney Lawrence Gould Johanna 1857-01-08 Thomas Brown Anne Gould Rev. J. O'Connor
Walsh Joseph Broderick Julia 1857-01-08 Thomas Walsh Mary McCarthy Rev. J. O'Connor
Lee John Groves Mary 1857-01-15 Michael Dawly Margaret Crawly Rev. J. O'Connor
Jones Thomas Keough Catherine 1857-01-19 Michael Jones Elizabeth Keough Rev. J. Brown
Clarke John Kennedy Fanny 1857-01-20 Richard Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev. J. O'Connor
Kehoe James Moakely Mary 1857-01-20 Michael Bryan Eliza Moakely Rev. J. O'Connor
Barron Thomas Marshall Providence 1857-01-27 Patrick Barron Kate Mackey Rt Rev. J. Dalton
Mullally John Dwyer Elizabeth 1857-02-10 Andrew Drysdale Kate Devereux Rt Rev. J. Dalton
Murphy Richard Kane Catherine 1857-02-23 Patrick Murphy Helena Dooley Rt Rev. J. Dalton
George John Lahey Lucy 1857-04-23 Richard Mackey Julia Clarke Rev. J. O'Connor
Marshall Robert Colford Alice 1857-04-23 Matthew Fanning Anne Marshall Rev. J. O'Connor
Conway Jeremiah George Ann 1857-04-30 John Carbery Elizabeth George Rt.Rev. J. O'Connor
Doherty Patrick Russell Mary Anne 1857-05-07 Richard Dherty Margaret Ryan Rev. J. O'Connor
Kennedy Edward Dunn Ellen 1857-05-12 John Driscoll Jane Kennedy Rev. J. O'Connor
Supple John Reiley Eliza 1857-05-16 Maurice Cashman Isabella Reid Rev. J. O'Connor
Sweeney Patrick Tobin Mary 1857-05-17 Arthur Condon Anne McCarthy Rev. J. O'Connor
McCarthy Timothy Meaney Anastatia 1857-05-26 Michael Dawley Elizabeth Guiny Rev. J. O'Connor
Butt James Murphy Bridget 1857-05-27 John Butt Sarah King Rev. J. O'Connor
Hagerty William Hanifin Catherine 1857-05-28 Patrick Hagerty Margaret Hagerty Rev. J. O'Connor
Martin James Farrell Catherine 1857-06-02 Thomas Barry Bridget Fitzpatrick Rev. J. O'Connor
Fanning Matthew Gould Mary 1857-06-30 Felix McCarthy Anne Mackey Rev. M. Scanlan
Downy Patrick Ryan Catherine 1857-08-02 Joseph Ryan Johanna Ryan Rt Rev. J. Dalton
Fintan Jeoffrey Hamilton Mary 1857-08-15 Thomas Fitzpatrick Mary Hamilton Rev. J. Walsh
Bransfield Charles Hanrahan Alice 1857-11-04 Patrick McCarthy Ellen McCarthy Rev. J. O'Connor
McGrath John Barry Margaret 1857-11-04 Moses Fortune James Comerfort Rev. J. O'Connor
Clarke Joseph Duggan Margaret 1857-11-17 Thomas George Julia Clarke Rev. J. Walsh
Fogarty Michael Ray Anne 1857-11-19 Patrick Lee Margaret Dalton Rev. J. O'Connor
Crane William Dunn Mary 1857-11-24 John Connors Bridget Baley Rev. J. O'Connor
Thistle Thomas Clarke Mary 1857-11-25 Henry Thistle Sarah Kennedy Rev. J. O'Connor
White Pierce Kennedy Mary 1857-11-25 Patrick Gear Anne Kennedy Rev. J. O'Connor
Baker William Ray Mary 1857-11-26 Patrick Ray Isabella Ray Rev. J. O'Connor
Kennedy William Reid Isabella 1857-11-26 John Butt Margaret George Rev. J. O'Connor
Conden Arthur Kehoe Alice 1857-11-28 Joseph Colbert Teresa Moakley Rev. J. O'Connor
Matthew William Kenna Anastatia 1857-11-28 Richard Kenna Anne McCarthy Rev. J. O'Connor
Walsh James Murphy Mary 1857-11-28 Peter Fanning Catherine Broaders Rev. J. O'Connor
Finn William Geary Mary 1858-01-07 Thomas Barry Bridget Cooke Rev. J. O'Connor
Guiney John Maddox Ellen 1858-01-07 John Gamben Elizabeth Russell Rt Rev. J. Dalton
McCarthy Patrick Moran Mary 1858-01-09 Thomas McCarthy Ellen McCarthy Rev. J. O'Connor
Walsh Matthew Londregan Anastatia 1858-01-09 Pierce Power Alice Colbert Rev. J. O'Connor
Foley Pierce Scanlan Anne 1858-01-16 John Hanrahan Maria Scanlan Rev. J. O'Connor
Geary James Murphy Anastatia 1858-01-21 Thomas Barry Margaret Murphy Rev. J. O'Connor
Kennedy Richard Combes Anne 1858-01-22 Peter Leary Elizabeth Kennedy Rev. J. O'Connor
Brenan Edward Doherty Catherine 1858-01-30 Patrick Joy Winifred Geary Rev. J. O'Connor
Kennedy William Walsh Anne 1858-05-16 Ferdinand Butler Mary Lee Rev. J. O'Connor
Hyden Richard Kennedy Grace 1858-05-24 Samuel Short Elizabeth Kennedy Rev. M. Scanlan
Knox Edmund Hamilton Margaret 1858-06-02 Patrick White Jane Redmond Rev J. O'Connor
Hynes Francis Giles Elizabeth 1858-07-03 J. L. Prendergast Mary Seymour Rev J. O'Connor
Nofton Robert Barker Mary 1858-07-07 John Power Margaret Barker Rev J. O'Connor
Bulger John Harvey Lucy 1858-08-02 James Bulger Mary O Dell Rev J. O'Connor
O Dell Mark Pique Susanna 1858-08-02 Solomon Pique Eliza O Dell Rev J. O'Connor
O Dell Luke McDonald Catherine 1858-08-05 William O Dell Johanna O Dell Rev J. O'Connor
Phelan Thomas Stricklan Anne 1858-09-12 Patrick Bryan Alice Manhan Rev J. O'Connor
Billings James Martin Mary 1858-09-13 William Quirque Alice Glavine Rev J. O'Connor
Parsons Joseph Hurley Christine 1858-10-07 James King Christian Hurley Rev J. O'Connor
Richards John Bransfield Mary 1858-10-14 William Casey Julia Bransfield Rev J. O'Connor
Shea Joseph King Eliza 1858-10-24 James King Ellen King Rev B. Duffy
Short Samuel King Sarah 1858-11-10 Timothy Leary Ellen King Rt Rev J. Dalton
Murray Patrick Combey Grace 1858-11-12 John Combey Maria Combey Rt Rev J. Dalton
Lother David Butler Mary 1858-11-15 Thomas Bryan Jane Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Donnelly John Kelly Catherine 1858-11-18 Patrick Shea Mary Ryan Rev J. O'Connor
Marshall Peter Cronin Elizabeth 1858-11-25 Michael Kennedy Mary Colford Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy James Kennedy Margaret 1858-11-27 Patrick Fogarty Eliza Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy John Rositer Eliza Ann 1859-01-20 Michael Hartnett Bridget Shea Rev J. O'Connor
Carroll Denis Crowley Margaret 1859-01-25 Matthew Bryan Mary McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Brien Matthew Brennan Mary 1859-01-27 Michael Brien Alice Finn Rt Rev J. Dalton
Sweeny Edward Dooley Helena 1859-02-01 Ken Dooley Ann Dooley Rev J. O'Connor
Wells William Hanrahan Sarah 1859-02-14 Francis Blake Mary Meany Rev J. O'Connor
Colford Thomas Sweeny Mary 1859-05-04 Thomas Sweeny Alice Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Barron Richard Kennedy Elizabeth 1859-05-09 William Kennedy Jane Kennedy Rt Rev J. Dalton
Kehoe Patrick Bailey Bridget 1859-05-10 Peter Brine Mary Ann Kehoe Rt Rev J. Dalton
Collins William Moakley Eliza 1859-05-19 James Keough Teresa Moakley Rev M. Scanlan
Finn William Marshall Anne 1859-05-19 Thomas Fitzpatrick Anne McCarthy Rev M. Scanlan
Butt James Mullins Anastatia 1859-05-21 William Bransfield Laura Kavanagh Rev J. O'Connor
O Connors Edward Bowman Bridget 1859-05-21 Patrick Shea Margaret O Connors Rev J. O'Connor
Snow Edward Bowman Eliza 1859-05-21 Richard Heneberry Jane Redmond Rev J. O'Connor
Phelan Matthew Ryan Fanny 1859-05-28 James Phelan Mary Ryan Rev J. O'Connor
Doyle Maurice Downey Alice 1859-06-01 James Kehoe Ellen Knox Rev J. O'Connor
Coady Thomas McCarthy Ellen 1859-06-02 Thomas Brown Julia McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Hamilton Eugene Mackey Catherine 1859-06-06 Felix McCarthy Mary McCarthy Rev. J. Dalton
Clarke Edward Wedger Sarah 1859-06-08 Ferdinand Butler Catherine Butler Rev. J. O'Connor
Hanrahan Nicholas Capt. McCarthy Julia 1859-08-02 Edward Hanrahan Joseph Hanrahan Rt Rev J. Dalton
Hand Thomas Hurley Christiana 1859-10-04 Michael Hurley Martha King Rev J. O'Connor
Henley Philip White Mary 1859-10-09 Patrick White Mary Gear Rev B. Duffy
Murphy James Cronin Mary 1859-11-17 Richard Doherty Anne Connell Rev J. O'Connor
Shea Michael Dobbin Mary 1859-11-18 Timothy Kehoe Mary Flannery Rev J. O'Connor
Thistle Thomas Bradbury Elizabeth 1859-11-25 John Dunn Mary Bailey Rt Rev J. Dalton
Bryan Patrick Ryan Mary 1859-11-26 Daniel Pumphrey Eliza Quirke Rev J. O'Connor
????????? Peter Kehoe Mary Ann 1859-11-26 Michael Bryan Mary Londregan Rev J. O'Connor
For the above entry, there is no surname listed for the groom.
Ellis John Browne Catherine 1859-11-26 Thomas Sweeny Bridget Cooke Rev J. O'Connor
Quest Edmund Cummins Eliza 1859-11-26 Owen Hogan Mary Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
Shea Patrick King Mary 1859-11-26 Lawrence King Bridget Shea Rev J. O'Connor
Sullivan Timothy Fitzgerald Ellen 1859-11-26 John Dawley Jane Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Bransfield Jon George Margaret 1860-01-10 James Bransfield Catherine Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Crane Timothy Sullivan Margaret 1860-01-10 Patrick Moriarty Catherine Moriarty Rev J. O'Connor
Phelan James Cummings Mary 1860-01-10 John Kelly Mary Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
Meaney Edward Kane Ellen 1860-01-12 James Finn Bridget Fitzpatrick Rev J. O'Connor
Antinini Innocent Murphy Mary 1860-02-02 Joseph Lother Ellen Murphy Rt Rev J. Dalton
Dwyer Andrew Gear Nora 1860-05-16 Daniel Dooley Mary Gear Rev J. O'Connor
Brown Thomas Casey Catherine 1860-05-22 William Brown Catherine Grubert Rev J. Dalton
Barry John Brien Elizabeth 1860-05-23 Nicholas McGee Alice Fitzgerald Rt Rev J. Dalton
Calaghan Daniel Keys Elizabeth 1860-05-26 Daniel Hogan Alice Keys Rt Rev J. Dalton
Geary William Murphy Margaret 1860-05-31 Nicholas McGee Jane Geary Rev J. O'Connor
Hartnett Michael Shea Bridget 1860-06-03 Patrick Kielly Ellen Keneally Rev J. O'Connor
Scully John Keys Alice 1860-06-05 John Strapp Mary Ann Hogan Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Thomas Riggs Alice 1860-10-26 Owen Rice Sarah Cavanagh Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Sarah 1860-11-08 Terence Kennedy Eliza Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Gear Thomas King Sarah 1860-11-15 Thomas Travis Mary Ann King Rev J. O'Connor
Driscoll John McDonnell Mary 1860-11-21 Thomas George Anne Thistle Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Michael Colford Mary 1860-11-21 John Fanning Ellen Colford Rev J. O'Connor
Rice Eugene Marshall Mary 1860-11-25 Nicholas McGee Mary Barrett Rev J. O'Connor
Butt Samson Kennedy Eliza 1860-11-27 Terence Butt Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Reilly Peter Guiny Eliza 1860-11-28 Maurice Malone Mary Ryan Rev J. O'Connor
Rourke Michael Quirke Eliza 1860-11-29 Daniel Shea Alice Fitzgerald Rev J. O'Connor
Finley Michael Ryan Ellen 1860-12-01 Lawrence Finley Susan Ryan Rev J. O'Connor
Sweeny Thomas Butler Catherine 1860-12-01 Thomas Brown Catherine Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Casey William Fitzpatrick Bridget 1861-01-15 Peter Casey Bridget Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Pendergast Edward McCarthy Ellen 1861-01-15 William Mullins Julia Broderick Rev J. O'Connor
Kelly John Phelan Ellen 1861-01-26 John Gould Mary Kean Rev J. O'Connor
Penny Hugh Butt Diana 1861-01-29 John Butt Sarah Thistle Rev J. O'Connor
Butler Ferdinand Kennedy Bridget 1861-02-06 Tobias Butt Bridget Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Gear Lawrence White Catherine 1861-02-12 Patrick White Eliza Rickett Rev J. O'Connor
Butler Richard Lee Anne 1861-04-11 James Lee Agnes Lee Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy Edward Kennedy Jane 1861-06-01 William McCarthy Sarah Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Daley Michael Hamilton Catherine 1861-06-03 Edward Butler Jane Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Reardon John Travers Sarah 1861-06-03 William Southwell Julia Southwell Rev J. O'Connor
Fanning John Gould Anne 1861-09-03 Michael Ryan Mary Hanrahan Rev J. O'Connor
George Johathan McCarthy Ann 1861-10-29 William McCarthy Margaret McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Meaney James Ryan Mary 1861-11-18 Peter Reilly Margaret Ryan Rev B. Duffy
Leary John Thistle Sarah 1861-11-19 Thedia Butt Ann Thistle Rev J. O'Connor
Collins Martin Ryan Mary 1861-11-21 Robert Knox Julia Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Fitzpatrick Richard Geary Ellen 1861-11-21 Owen Hogan Anne Curran Rev J. O'Connor
Tierny Daniel Patten Margaret 1861-11-21 Daniel Harrington Sarah Kavanagh Rev J. O'Connor
Mackey Richard Dinn Margaret 1861--11-25 Thomas George Martha Knox Rev J. O'Connor
Fitzgerald Maurice Joy Anne 1861--11-28 Patrick Joy Mary Mullins Rev J. O'Connor
Clear John Southwell Julia 1861-11-29 John Reardon Mary King Rev J. O'Connor
Bryan Michael Finn Alice 1861-11-30 Michael Ryan Mary Londregan Rev J. O'Connor
Curry Angus Benson Johanna 1861-11-30 John Comerford Ann Fogerty Rev J. O'Connor
Hogan John Maddox Ellen 1861-11-30 Edward Butler Mary Malone Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Terence Murphy Mary 1861-11-30 Patrick Lee Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Smyth Thomas Boland Ellen 1861-11-30 John Reilly Agnus Boland Rev J. O'Connor
Cleary Joshu Murray Bridget 1862-05-18 Francis Rodgers Ellen Colford Rev J. O'Connor
Antle William Hearty Margaret 1862-06-04 Thomas Ryan Jane Carberry Rev J. O'Connor
Brenan Michael Russell Eliza 1862-06-07 Edward Kearney Johanna Russell Rev J. O'Connor
Gear Richard Bowman Mary 1862-06-08 Edward Bowman Margaret Moran Rev J. O'Connor
Carbery Maurice Moores Anne 1862-11-07 Patrick Moores Ellen Carberry Rev J. O'Connor
Dinn Martin Deavin Louisa 1862-11-24 Lawrence King Jane Comerford Rev J. O'Connor
Short Timothy Gear Anastatia 1863-01-16 Edward Gear Eliza Trickett Rev J. O'Connor
Comerford James Broaders Catherine 1863-06-10 John Comerford Rosanna Muleahy Rev J. O'Connor
Carroll Michael Hamilton Ellen 1863-07-06 Frederick Carroll Ann Mackey Rev J. O'Connor
Russell Thomas Kenna Teresa 1863-11-03 Stephen Ellis Mary Barrett Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy James Kelly Bridget 1863-11-10 Michael White Susanna Drake Rev J. O'Connor
Fogarty Richard Ahern Bridget 1863-11-18 James Kelly Mary Ann Cullen Rev J. O'Connor
Scott John Scanlan Catherine 1863-11-19 Charles Scott Anne Scott Rev J. O'Connor
Dalton James Lee Margaret 1863-11-25 James Lee Ellen Merrigan Rev J. O'Connor
Dunn Henry Kennedy Sarah 1863-11-25 William Dunn Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Hearty James Ryan Johanna 1863-11-25 Thomas Ryan Jane Carberry Rev J. O'Connor
Dawley John Hannon Kate 1863-11-26 John Cotter Mary Dunphy Rev J. O'Connor
Doyle John Cumby Eliza 1863-11-26 Patrick Kehoe Bridget Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
English Patrick Scanlan Maria 1863-11-26 John Walsh Mary Morrisey Rev J. O'Connor
Roard Daniel McAlister Kate 1863-11-26 Jeremiah Foard Ellen McAllister Rev J. O'Connor
Foristal Michael Bransfield Catherine 1863-11-26 Patrick Murphy Bridget Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Hamilton Charles Colbert Alice 1863-11-26 Owen Hogan Catherine Keefe Rev J. O'Connor
Fewer John Londregan Mary 1863-11-28 William Walsh Bridget Cooke Rev J. O'Connor
Greene Lawrence Butler Jane 1863-11-28 Edward Butler Margaret Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Keilly Peter Keneally Ellen 1863-11-28 Robert Brown Mary Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy John Baley Eliza 1863-11-28 William McCarthy Teresa Mooney Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy Daniel McCarthy Catherine 1863-11-28 John Cotter Ellen McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Shea Patrick Mulcahy Margaret 1863-11-28 Peter Leary Bridget Dunphy Rev J. O'Connor
Thistle Henry Henessey Mary 1863-11-28 Patrick Hogan Bridget Doran Rev J. O'Connor
Ryan Michael Hanrahan Mary 1864-01-06 William Undery Mary McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Shanihan David Mattock Anastatia 1864-01-07 James Furlong Mary Joy Rev J. O'Connor
Finn Thomas Fitzgerald Alice 1864-01-10 Thomas Fitzgerald Mary Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Colbert Joseph Keefe Catherine 1864-01-16 Michael Bryan Margaret Farrell Rev J. O'Connor
Bryan Patrick Hamilton Mary 1864-01-18 John Bryan Hane Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy John Butler Margaret 1864-01-20 Nicholas Furlong Jane Geary Rev J. O'Connor
Londregan Maurice Moaxly Teresa 1864-01-21 John Colbert Anne Keys Rev J. O'Connor
Hamilton Henry Knox Margaret 1864-02-07 Owen Hamilton Mary Thistle Rev J. O'Connor
Hickey Thomas Hamilton Anne 1864-02-07 Peter Hickey Mary McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Wholeman William Keatts Honora 1864-04-09 John Bryan Honora Doody Rev J. O'Connor
Hurley John Fitzgerald Sarah 1864-06-02 Samuel Short Marth King Rev J. O'Connor
Keily Michael Calaghan Anastatia 1864-06-09 Maurice Malone Mary Ann Malone Rev J. O'Connor
Martin Edward Finn Margaret 1864-06-09 John Stapleton Harriett Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Bailey Michael Clear Bridget 1864-06-12 Thomas Clear Julia Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Butler George Kean Mary 1864-06-12 Lawrence Kean Susanna Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Lee John Gear Mary Ann 1864-06-13 William Lee Anne Butler Rev J. O'Connor
Dooley John Howell Harriett 1864-06-15 James Kelly Harriett Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Hamilton Alexander Hogan Mary Ann 1864-06-17 Michael Carroll Anastatia Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Conway Richard Sansford Sarah 1864-11-01 John Hyde John Conway Rev J. O'Connor
Furlong James Carbery Bridget 1864-11-21 James Boggan Johanna King Rev J. O'Connor
Thomey John Gould Eliza 1864-11-22 James Gould Mary Candler Rev J. O'Connor
Power Maurice Ryan Susan 1864-11-23 Michael Lynch Catherine Dooley Rev J. O'Connor
Coady James Meany Eliza 1864-11-26 Michael Bryan Bridget Dunphy Rev J. O'Connor
Fortune Moses Doyle Mary 1864-11-26 Michael Cullen Margaret Fortune Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Nicholas McAlister Ellen 1864-11-26 John Kennedy Alice McAlister Rev J. O'Connor
Clarke Richard Burgess Mary 1865-01-17 John Kennedy Agnes Clarke Rev J. O'Connor
Gear James Parsons Ellen 1865-01-24 Edward Gear Bridget Gear Rev J. O'Connor
Phelan Michael Walsh Catherine 1865-01-24 John Condon Anastatia Butt Rev J. O'Connor
Lynch Michael Hyde Frances 1865-01-25 Patrick Kinsella Mary Fortune Rev J. O'Connor
Burrows John Cumby Mary 1865-02-01 Stephen Cumby Catherine Cumby Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy John Mooney Mary 1865-02-27 Simon McCarthy Anne McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Ryan William Dooley Catherine 1865-05-03 Patrick Dooley Alice Dooley Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy Owen Oldrifge Mary 1865-06-06 Nicholas Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy John Lyons Margaret 1865-06-09 James Broders Mary Lyons Rev J. O'Connor
Bransfield Frances McCartrhy Margaret 1865-11-09 Calahan McCarthy Eliza McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Ryan Thomas Carberry Jane 1865-11-15 David Ryan Caroline Pitman Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy Michael Day Ellen 1865-11-18 Thomas Martin Margaret Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Supple Richard Cantwell Eliza 1865-11-18 Owen Hogan Mary Fortune Rev J. O'Connor
Butt Richard McCarthy Teresa 1865-11-21 Terence Kennedy Julia Butt Rev J. O'Connor
Kelly William Thistle Anne 1865-11-21 John Kelly Catherine Baley Rev J. O'Connor
Neill James Pottle Jane 1865-11-21 John Kennedy Mary Pottle Rev J. O'Connor
Londregan Peter Day Anastatia 1865-11-23 Mihcael Bryan Ellen Fitzpatrick Rev J. O'Connor
Wells Justin Comerford Jane 1865-11-24 James Broders Anne Allen Rev J. O'Connor
Comerford John Dunphy Mary 1865-11-25 Daniel Shea Mary O Connor Rev J. O'Connor
Forristal Thomas Kennedy Mary 1865-11-29 Terence Kennedy Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Doyle Patrick Lee Mary 1865-12-02 James Lee Ellen Merrigan Rev J. O'Connor
Mullins William Talbot Anne 1865-12-02 Thomas Prendergast Bridget Pumphrey Rev J. O'Connor
Mulloy John Murphy Charlotte 1866-01-09 John Murphy Teresa Forristal Rev J. O'Connor
White Terence Southwell Bridget 1866-01-13 James White Margaret King Rev J. O'Connor
Clarke Thomas Clare Eliza 1866-01-17 Terence Kennedy Teresa Geary Rev J. O'Connor
George Thomas Clarke Agnes 1866-01-31 John Kennedy Mary George Rev J. O'Connor
Thomas John Murphy Mary 1866-02-12 David Murphy Johanna Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Clarke Eliah Butler Susan 1866-05-15 Terence Kennedy Ellen Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
George Thomas Cumby Catherine 1866-05-21 Stephen Cumby Sarah Combs Rev J. O'Connor
Gould James Hannon Anastatia 1866-05-22 James Kelly Bridget Dunphy Rev J. O'Connor
Dwyer John Phelan Susan 1866-05-23 James Antle Bridget Gear Rev J. O'Connor
Scott John Harty Catherine 1866-06-04 James Carberry Eliza Pitman Rev J. O'Connor
Kelly James Doody Catherine 1866-06-06 Michael Gould Margaret Brown Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy James Clarke Jane 1866-06-06 Thomas Kennedy Julia Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Cullen Michael Hearne Catherine 1866-06-07 Owen Hogan Mary Shea Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy John Dwyer Eliza 1866-06-11 Frances Bransfield Teresa Dwyer Rev J. O'Connor
Roach Richard Kinsella Catherine 1866-06-xx Patrick Kinsella Honora Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Gear Edward Pottle Mary 1866-11-02 Nicholas Kennedy Anne Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Lee Patrick Hickey Margaret 1866-11-15 John Walsh Bridget Scanlan Rev J. O'Connor
Leary Timothy Forristal Teresa 1866-11-21 Maurice Hurley Ellen Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Combs John Clarke Mary Oliva 1866-11-26 Thomas George Jane Combs Rev J. O'Connor
Babstock James Fitzpatrick Nora 1866-11-27 Michael Ward Catherine Ward Rev J. O'Connor
Brien Michael McCarthy Mary 1866-11-27 Felix McCarthy Ellen Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Rourke Patrick Cooke Bridget 1866-11-27 Daniel Shea Eliza Sweeney Rev J. O'Connor
Collins John Dawley Mary 1866-11-29 Denis Ryan Julia Cotter Rev J. O'Connor
Dunn Henry Pottle Mary 1866-11-29 John Kennedy Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Ryan John Lahey Catherine 1866-11-29 Thomas McGrath Winifred Lahey Rev J. O'Connor
Scott Edward Antle Caroline 1866-11-29 John Conway Eliza Scott Rev J. O'Connor
Clarke Samuel Clarke Ellen 1866-12-01 Joseph Kennedy Julia Kennedy Rev M. Scanlan
Murphy Cornelius Fortune Margaret 1866-12-01 Patrick Hogan Anne Cullen Rev M. Scanlan
Hogan Pierce Colford Ellen 1867-xx-xx Micahel Kearney Mary Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
For the above entry, has only the year, no month or day listed for this marriage.
Colford Thomas Walsh Anastatia 1867-01-08 Michael Bryan Margaret Londregan Rev J. O'Connor
Gear Michael Trickett Eliza 1867-01-22 Thomas Gear Margaret Trickett Rev J. O'Connor
White Patrick King Martha 1867-02-23 Thomas Travers Alice King Rev J. O'Connor
Dunn Jeremiah King Margaret 1867-05-09 James Dunn Mary Ann King Rev J. O'Connor
Moores Patrick Conway Anne 1867-05-21 Patrick Walsh Mary Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Brenan Edmund Fortune Mary 1867-06-01 Cornelius Murphy Anne Fortune Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy William Wells Anastatia 1867-06-05 Calahan McCarthy Mary Wells Rev J. O'Connor
Broaders James Moran Margaret 1867-06-09 Peter Flynn Catherine Bailey Rev J. O'Connor
Hogan Patrick Brown Bridget 1867-06-13 Thomas Hogan Mary Finn Rev J. O'Connor
Quirke James Keys Anne 1867-06-23 Philip Colbert Ellen Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Gough Thomas Casey Mary 1867-07-24 Joseph Mackey Catherine Goubert Rev J. O'Connor
Barron James Hayden Margaret 1867-11-04 James King Eliza Fahey Rev J. O'Connor
Hare John Connell Mary 1867-11-22 William Lee Anne Connell Rev J. O'Connor
Connolly RObert Thomey Teresa 1867-11-26 John Scanlan Louisa Woods Rev J. O'Connor
Kelly Owen Kennedy Mary 1867-11-26 Terence Kennedy Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Collins James Olivhedd Mary 1867-11-28 Patrick Sweeny Johanna Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Terrence Youngs Mary Caroline 1867-11-29 John Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Geary Thomas Kenneally Mary 1867-11-30 Joseph Mackey Bridget Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald Catherine 1868-01-08 James Scully Margaret Fitzgerald Rev J. O'Connor
Hurley Maurice Scanlan Catherine 1868-01-12 Daniel Connolly Mary Connolly Rev J. O'Connor
Sweeny Patrick Power Ann 1868-01-19 John Sweeny Ellen Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Bryan Michael Redmond Jane 1868-01-26 John Colbert Ellen Furlong Rev J. O'Connor
Slocombe John Hannon Anne 1868-01-28 Patrick Kehoe Johanna Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Edward Martin Alice 1868-02-19 Calahan McCarthy Alice Saunders Rev J. O'Connor
Kelly Edward Gould Mary 1868-02-24 Michael Gould Eliza Thomey Rev J. O'Connor
Harringan Maurice Cusack Mary 1868-05-16 James Loughlan Mary Rodgers Rev J. O'Connor
Clarke William Butt Bridget 1868-05-17 John Kennedy Mary Ann Butt Rev J. O'Connor
May Michael Curran Anne 1868-05-21 Thomas Hanifin Mary Curran Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Moses George Julianna 1868-05-25 James George Kate George Rev J. O'Connor
Bransfield Nicholas Murphy Teresa 1868-06-03 John Molloy Catherine Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy Bernard Gould Eliza 1868-09-24 William McCarthy Anne Fanning Rev J. O'Connor
Furlong Nicholas Doyle Bridget 1868-11-25 James Keneally Martha Stapleton Rev J. O'Connor
Ray Patrick Riggs Mary 1868-11-27 Thomas Hearne Belia Ray Rev J. O'Connor
Moriarity Michael Kelly Alice 1868-xx-xx Patrick Dawley Mary Carroll Rev J. O'Connor
Date is written as 1868128 I believe that it should be 18681128
Cullen Thomas McCarthy Anne 1869-01-10 John Reilly Anastatia Butt Rev J. O'Connor
Lynch John Groves Bridget 1869-01-11 Thomas Lynch Sarah Groves Rev J. O'Connor
Malone Maurice Murphy Margaret 1869-01-20 Patrick Finn Mary Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy William Gould Anastatia 1869-01-24 John Keneally Catherine Keneally Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Terence Joy Mary 1869-02-03 Patrick Joy Eliza Joy Rev J. O'Connor
Moriarity James Murphy Eliza 1869-05-19 James Murphy Jane Furey Rev J. O'Connor
Marshall James Lloyd Catherine 1869-06-06 William Finn Eliza Marshall Rev J. O'Connor
Donnelly John Brown ELiza 1869-06-10 William Brown Mary Walsh Rev J. Brown
Prendergast Thomas Talbot Mary 1869-06-12 Patrick McGrath Sarah Kavanagh Rev J. O'Connor
Boggan James Cashman Mary 1869-10-06 John Griffin Ann Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Lee James Moriarity Eliza 1869-11-10 James Walsh Ellen Dawley Rev J. O'Connor
Corbett Edward Harrington Johanna 1869-11-18 John Grace Mary Quinn Rev J. O'Connor
Shaw George Walsh Anastatia 1869-11-20 John Shaw Mary Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Smookem John McCarthy Ellen 1869-11-23 Michael Griffin Eliza Mullins Rev J. O'Connor
Lahey Thomas Joy Ellen 1869-11-24 John Joy Eliza Joy Rev J. O'Connor
Walsh John Langford Mary 1869-11-25 Michael Elyward Catherine Michan Rev J. O'Connor
Bowman Edward Butt Agnes 1869-11-27 Michael Gould Teresa Clarke Rev J. O'Connor
Ellis Patrick Leary Sarah 1869-11-27 John Sweeny Charlotte Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Murray Peter Clear Ellen 1869-11-27 William Rodgers Mary Clear Rev J. O'Connor
Dunn William Murphy Catherine 1870-01-08 Richard Dunn Agnes Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Hibbs Thomas Thistle Mary 1870-01-09 Denis McCarthy Ellen Thistle Rev J. O'Connor
Joy Patrick Doody Honora 1870-01-19 James Doyle Anastatia Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
Keefe Michael Hyde Mary 1870-01-20 James Hyde Mary Delaney Rev J. O'Connor
Gough James Doutney Mary 1870-02-13 James Keneally Mary Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
George Henry Clarke Emma 1870-05-27 Joseph Leahy Mary George Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Ambrose Stapleton Charlotte 1870-05-27 Nicholas Kennedy Mary Stapleton Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy Florence Clarke Mary 1870-06-06 Thomas Ledawns Anne Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy John Clarke Catherine 1870-10-31 Nicholas Kennedy Ann Clarke Rev J. O'Connor
Lahey John Hamilton Jane 1870-11-15 Nicholas Lahey Anastatia Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Kehoe Michael Kean Bridget 1870-11-20 Richard Fleming Catherine O Connor Rev J. O'Connor
Dooley Joseph Merrigan Ellen 1870-11-22 Thomas Lynch Nora Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
Howell Edward Clarke Mary 1870-11-22 Samuel Clarke Anne Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Ante Robert Gear Bridget 1870-11-26 Peter Gear Rachel Parsons Rev J. O'Connor
Sweeny John Farrell Ann 1870-11-26 James Sweeny Catherine Fitzpatric Rev J. O'Connor
Combs Charles George Eliza 1870-11-30 Thomas George Mary Combs Rev J. O'Connor
Lahey Joseph George Mary 1870-11-30 Mathew George Margaret George Rev J. O'Connor
Kelly Patrick Bowman Ann 1871-01-07 Edward Bowman Bridget Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Colbert Philip Colford Kate 1871-01-22 Patrick Kehoe Ellen Collins Rev J. O'Connor
King Thomas Ronan Ellen 1871-01-30 James Ronan Ellen Collins Rev J. O'Connor
King Edward Trickett Margaret 1871-02-10 Edward Trickett Alice King Rev J. O'Connor
Loader David Murphy Johanna 1871-02-19 John Keneally Margaret Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Keilly Patrick Geary Jane 1871-02-21 Patrick Finn Kate Power Rev J. O'Connor
McGuire James Butt Anastatia 1871-05-28 Peter Walsh Anne Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Lonergan James McAlister Alice 1871-06-04 Thomas Lonergan Jane Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
McDonnell Thomas Clarke Eliza 1871-06-07 James King Teresa Clarke Rev J. O'Connor
George Thomas Muray Mary Ann 1871-06-09 Terence George Sara Murray Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy Joseph Kennedy Jane 1871-11-15 Terence Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Furey Charles Moriarty Kate 1871-11-23 Maurice Murphy Mary Moriarty Rev J. O'Connor
Southwell Charles Fortune Anne 1871-12-01 Moses Fortune Margaret Morey Rev J. O'Connor
Lyons Patrick Murphy Margaret 1871-12-02 Joseph Murphy Mary Lyons Rev J. O'Connor
Shea James Fahey Ellen 1871-12-02 Charles Farrell Mary Fahey Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy Calahan Bransfield Laura 1872-01-14 Felix McCarthy Anastatia McCarthy Rev J. O'Connor
Hamilton Edward Sweeny Eliza 1872-01-18 John Sweeny Mary Delaney Rev J. O'Connor
Keneally Patrick Pynn Rosanna 1872-02-08 James Anderson Catherine Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Kenealy James Doyle Mary 1872-06-05 John Keneally Anastatia Doyle Rev J. O'Connor
Cooke Stephen Keilly Eliza 1872-06-12 Michael Kelly Catherine Moriarity Rev J. O'Connor
Stapleton John McCarthy Mary 1872-06-12 Charles McCarthy Margaret McCarthy Rev H. Carfagnini
Howell Richard Kennedy Juliann 1872-06-15 Peter Kennedy Mary Ann Butt Rev J. O'Connor
Conway John Dean Julian 1872-10-25 Philip Conway Anne Walsh Rev J. O'Connor
McAlister Michael Butt Elizabeth 1872-11-14 John McCarthy Elizabeth Costigan Rev J. O'Connor
Ryan David Carbery Anne 1872-11-16 Peter Carbery Eliza Campion Rev J. O'Connor
Boland Frank George Mary 1872-11-18 Robert Brrough Mary George Rev J. O'Connor
George Daniel Boland Agnes 1872-11-18 James George Ellen George Rev J. O'Connor
???? Matthew Lahey Teresa 1872-11-18 John George Margaret George Rev J. O'Connor
Hurley William Southwell Eliza 1872-11-21 Peter Travis Jane Hurley Rev J. O'Connor
Carbery Thomas Butler Julia 1872-11-25 John Carbery Ellen Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Guiny Peter Dunn Rosanna 1872-11-27 John Fleming Cecily Dunn Rev J. O'Connor
Murphy John Bransfield Ellen 1872-11-27 Richard Bransfield Mary Eliza Fudger Rev J. O'Connor
Ford George Morey Margaret 1872-11-28 John Morey Mary Morey Rev J. O'Connor
Kennedy John Dunn Julia 1872-11-28 Richard Dunn Mary Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Bowman Charles Green Jane 1872-11-30 John Bowman Margaret Hamilton Rev J. O'Connor
Dunn Richard Hayden Mary 1872-11-30 John Kennedy Sarah Hayden Rev J. O'Connor
Morey John Clarke Julia 1872-11-30 John Phelan Bridget Groves Rev J. O'Connor
Sweeny Patrick Malone Mary Ann 1872-11-30 John Sweeny Johanna Murphy Rev J. O'Connor
Drysdale Andrew McCarthy Margaret 1873-01-08 Felix McCarthy Janet Drysdale Rev H. Carfagnini
Phelan John Green Mary 1873-01-15 William Phelan Mary Morey Rev J. O'Connor
McCarthy Felix Dunphy Johanna 1873-02-13 Richard Cavana Bridget Dunphy Rev J. O'Connor
Doran William Cooke Catherine 1873-04-19 Stephen Cooke Eliza Cooke Rev J. O'Connor
Merrigan Michael Phelan Catherine 1873-05-01 James Lynch Mary George Rev J. O'Connor
Dunn James Kennedy Mary 1873-05-04 John Kennedy Julia Kennedy Rev J. O'Connor
Carbery James Ryan Mary 1873-06-02 Peter Carbery Alice Ryan Rev J. Cummings
Glaster John Murphy Bridget 1873-06-06 Peter Leary Ann Kehoe Rev J. O'Connor
Rodgers William Fitzpatrick Mary 1873-11-18 Thomas Curran Mary Rodgers Rev J. Cummings
Mackey Joseph Brown Margaret 1873-11-20 Felix McCarthy Eliza Browne Rev H. Carfagnini
Fitzpatrick Richard Brien Mary 1873-11-29 Michael Gould Mary Quinn Rev J. Cummings
Kennedy Edward Reid Isabella 1873-11-29 Ino Reid Mary Lonergan Rev J. Cummings
McGrath William Knox Johanna 1873-11-29 Patrick Colford Ellen King Rev J. Cummings
Harrington Michael Bingham Frances 1874-01-10 Joseph Quinn Cecilia McCarthy Rev W. Veitch
Kennedy Nicholas Harrington Mary 1874-01-15 Samuel Kennedy Mary Quinn Rev W. Veitch
Flemming Patrick Murphy Mary 1874-01-19 John Harty Ellen Keough Rev W. Veitch
Brien John Cahill Ellen 1874-02-16 James Doyle Ellen Keough Rev W. Veitch
Antle Bartholemuw Slade Honora 1874-11-25 William Slade Jane Neill Rev W. Veitch
Ledawn John George Mary 1874-11-26 Samuel Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev W. Veitch
King Lawrence Shea Mary 1874-11-29 Martin Carroll Ellen King Rev D. Falconio
Mullins John Kavanagh Sarah 1874-11-29 Kenneth McCarthy Bridget Kavanagh Rev D. Falconio
Carroll Thomas Northcott Mary 1875-01-14 William Keefe Elizabeth Curtis Rev W. Veitch
McCarthy John Curran Mary 1875-01-30 John Cotter Ellen McCarthy Rev W. Veitch
McCarthy John Wells Mary 1875-02-03 William Walsh Mary McCarthy Rev W. Veitch
Cooke William Hamilton Charlotte 1875-02-04 Joseph Sweeny Margaret Hamilton Rev W. Veitch
Hyde James Bayley Catherine 1875-02-08 Joseph Carroll Ellen Harrington Rev W. Veitch
Fogarty Michael Dunphy Bridget 1875-04-29 Richard Fleming Rosanna Mulcahy Rev W. Veitch
Supple John Fitzpatrick Margaret 1875-05-31 John Fitzpatrick Agnes Supple Rev W. Veitch
Kennedy Nicholas Hamilton Margaret 1875-06-09 Peter Furlong John Bransfield Rev W. Veitch
Brenan Michael McDonald Mary 1875-06-15 Jeremiah McDonald Joanna McDonald Rev W. Veitch
Malone James Kelly Mary 1875-07-28 Michael Sweeny Alice Keough Rev W. Veitch
Doyle Patrick Moriarty Catherine 1875-11-23 John Moriarty Julia Cotter Rev W. Veitch
Burrows Robert George Jane 1875-11-24 Richard George Ellen George Rev W. Veitch
Murphy James Degon Agnes 1875-11-27 Sylvester McCarthy Mary Hearne Rev W. Veitch
Kennedy William Connell Ann 1876-01-06 Maurice Harrington Elizabeth Ritts Rev J. V. Donnelly
Colford Patrick Carroll Anne 1876-01-20 Thomas Colford Ellen King Rev J. V. Donnelly
Moriarty Daniel Cotter Julia 1876-01-20 John Moriarty Ann McCarthy Rev J. V. Donnelly
Butler Edward Day Margaret 1876-01-22 James Brien Mary Hamilton Rev J. V. Donnelly
Kennedy Samuel Butt Julia 1876-01-26 James Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev J. V. Donnelly
Pitman Charles Campion Elizabeth 1876-01-27 Peter Carberry Margaret Campion Rev J. V. Donnelly
Connors Timothy Redmond Agnes 1876-02-08 John Connors Bridget Redmond Rev J. V. Donnelly
Kavanagh Richard Joy Mary 1876-06-04 John Joy Alice Doyle Rev S. Flynn
Carbery Peter George Margaret 1876-06-06 John George Margaret Campion Rev S. Flynn
Carberry John McCarthy Cecily 1876-06-10 Andrew Carberry Mary Bingham Rev S. Flynn
Kennedy James Butt Mary Ann 1876-06-10 John Kennedy Johanna But Rev S. Flynn
Ryan James Walsh Honora 1876-10-03 Frederick Hampton Eliza Wholeman Rev S. Flynn
Grey Mark Furris Jane 1876-11-22 Charles Grey Isabella Ray Rev S. Flynn
Harrington Maurice Kennedy Eliza 1876-11-25 Nicholas Kennedy Anne Kennedy Rev S. Flynn
Lyons Patrick Murray Jane 1876-11-27 Michael Gould Alice Power Rev S. Flynn
White James King Sarah 1876-11-28 John Travers Alice King Rev S. Flynn
Fitzpatrick John Quinn Mary 1876-11-29 Patrick Fitzpatrick Agnes Furlong Rev S. Flynn
Carroll Martin Redmond Mary 1876-11-30 John Carroll Mary C Finn Rev S. Flynn
King Richard Power Margaret 1876-11-30 Amelia King Richard Fahey Rev S. Flynn
Reid John Brien Margaret 1877-01-11 Felix McCarthy Mary Ann Brien Rev S. Flynn
Cummins Thomas Broaders Mary 1877-01-17 Richard Ellis Catherine Sullivan Rev S. Flynn
Coady Michael Pumphrey Julia 1877-01-18 Michael Coady Bridget Pumphrey Rev S. Flynn
George James George Ellen 1877-01-24 ?? ?? Rev S. Flynn
Doody John Joy Elizabeth 1877-01-31 James Doyle Margaret Joy Rev S. Flynn
Farrell Charles McCormack Catherine 1877-02-04 Mary Ann Drake Francis Drake Rev S. Flynn
Doyle James Brien Abbie 1877-02-07 James Brien Anastatia Doyle Rev S. Flynn
McCarthy Patrick Reid Mary 1877-04-07 Franics Bransfield Margaret Reid Rev S. Flynn
1st witness's given name for this couple is spelt Franics but I believe it should be Francis.
Donnelly Michael Carroll Mary 1877-04-09 Thomas Colford Bridget Keefe Rev S. Flynn
George John Campion Margaret 1877-04-26 John O Donnell ? Mackey Rev S. Flynn
Sheehan John Janes Letetia 1877-04-26 Justin McCarthy Amelia Bryant Rev S. Flynn
Leary Peter Curtis Elizabeth 1877-06-?? Michael Dunphy Bridget Curtis Rev S. Flynn
George Richard Mackey Mary 1877-07-14 Joseph Clarke Cecilia George Rev S. Flynn
Colford Thomas Furlong Agnes 1877-11-21 Ricahrd Colford Theresa Furlong Rev S. Flynn
Lynch Thomas Maddox Teresa 1877-11-28 Lawrence Fennelly Bridget George Rev D. Falconio
Keilly John Murphy Johanna 1877-12-01 Thomas Colford Mary Power Rev S. Flynn
May Michael Connors Catherine 1878-01-08 Andrew Dollard Elizabeth Connors Rev S. Flynn
Fortune Patrick Babstock Anne 1878-01-10 Kenneth McCarthy Mary Babstock Rev S. Flynn
Hogan Joseph Murphy Ellen 1878-01-15 ?? ?? Rev S. Flynn
Clarke John Burgess Mary 1878-01-21 Daniel Collins Ann Kennedy Rev S. Flynn
Wells William Power Alice 1878-02-05 Patrick Dawley Ellen Dawley Rev S. Flynn
Malone Edward Kelley Mary 1878-02-14 Thomas Malone Bridget Malone Rev S. Flynn
Bransfield James Fortune Rosanna 1878-08-01 John Colbert Mary Colbert Rev S. Flynn
Royal John Gear Mary 1878-11-18 John Royal Rosanna Reardon Rev S. Flynn
Hendeeson William McCarthy Bridget 1878-11-20 Lawrence Mackey Sarah Hanrahan Rev S. Flynn
Transcriber's Note: Groom's surname is spelt Hendeeson, I believe that it should be Henderson.
Walsh William Colbert Mary 1878-11-22 Thomas Joy Bridget Murphy Rev S. Flynn
Barry Thomas Murphy Anastatia 1878-11-26 James Murphy Mary Finn Rev S. Flynn
Ellis Patrick Callahan Mary Ann 1878-11-27 Edward Furlong Mary Morey Rev S. Flynn
Kennedy Joseph Hogan Catherine 1878-11-28 Peter McAlister Jane Hogan Rev S. Flynn
McCarthy Kenneth Joy Alice 1878-11-28 John Bingham Anne Joy Rev S. Flynn
Dune-Dine? Richard Dooley Mary 1879-01-08 Joseph Carroll Teresa Dooley Rev S. Flynn
Hamilton Daniel Griffin Ellen 1879-01-16 William Hogan Bridget Keefe Rev S. Flynn
Goff James Power Catherine 1879-01-29 James Cron Mary Power Rev S. Flynn
Dunphy Patrick Murphy Catherine 1879-05-28 John Connell Mary Power Rev S. Flynn
Walsh James Rose Agnes 1879-05-28 George Colford Bridget Lahey Rev S. Flynn
French John Murphy Bridget 1879-09-21 Edward Thistle Ellen French Rev S. Flynn
Kenneally Patrick Kirby Mary Frances 1879-11-11 Thomas Kirby Mary Agnes Clare Rev S. Flynn
Antle Andrew Thistle Alice 1880-01-08 Edward Slade Ellen Butt Rev R. F. Walsh
Parsons Joseph Collins Agnes 1880-01-22 William Keefe Margaret Maloney Rev R. F. Walsh
Brien James Hamilton Margaret 1880-01-28 John Casey Maggie Hogan Rev R. F. Walsh
Colford Thomas King Ellen 1880-02-01 George Colford Bridget Keefe Rev R. F. Walsh
Donnelly Patrick Morey Teresa 1880-02-09 William Donnelly Mary Morey Rev R. F. Walsh
Graham James Casey Isabella 1880-09-29 John Casey Mary All Graham Rev D. Falconio
Hamilton Eugene McCarthy Margaret 1880-11-24 James Walsh Ellen McCarthy Rev R. F. Walsh
Brennan Edward Mullally Julia 1880-11-27 James Brien Murdock Chisolm Rev R. F. Walsh
Reid Michael Lundregan Margaret 1881-01-10 John Kennedy Margaret Reid Rev R. F. Walsh
Power Maurice French Eliza 1881-01-30 William French Ellen French Rev R. F. Walsh
Murphy James Kennedy Anne 1881-02-08 Patrick Murphy Anne Kennedy Rev R. F. Walsh
Merrigan John Brien Marian 1881-05-09 William Merrigan Johanna Brien Rev R. F. Walsh
Combs Thomas Fitzpatrick Ellen 1881-05-20 James Lahey Anne Clarke Rev R. F. Walsh
Thompson John Parsons Anne 1881-05-28 Thomas Kiry Mary Keneally Rev R. F. Walsh
Lahey Joseph Langer Elizabeth 1881-06-01 Michael Lahey Catherine Dunphy Rev R. F. Walsh
Phelan Edward Keefe Bridget 1881-06-01 Thomas Brown Catherine Barry Rev R. F. Walsh
Lahey John George Elizabeth 1881-06-04 John George Sarah Lahey Rev R. F. Walsh
Fahey John Hamilton Mary 1881-06-08 Richard Fahey John Murphy Rev R. F. Walsh
Furlong Peter Sweeny Mary 1881-06-11 John Sweeny Mary Tobin Rev R. F. Walsh
Murphy Patrick Cronin Frances 1881-06-12 Michael Murphy Margaret Fortune Rev R. F. Walsh
Wallace Charles Patrick Debroisse Elodie 1881-09-03 Henry Horan Julia Coste Rev R. F. Walsh
Carberry Andrew Lahey Sarah 1881-11-09 Jacob Carberry Ellen Lahey Rev R. F. Walsh
Crocker Edgar George Cecily 1881-11-11 Thomas Lahey Elizabeth George Rev R. F. Walsh
Hurley Martin Donnelly Mary 1881-11-21 Peter Cooke Ellen Donnelly Rev R. F. Walsh
Barry Thomas Caul Mary 1881-11-23 John Keilly Catherine Barry Rev R. F. Walsh
Ward Michael McLean Jessie Louisa 1881-11-23 Joseph McGrath Catherine Barry Rev R. F. Walsh
Butt Charles Kennedy Anne 1881-11-24 Joseph Butt Marian Kennedy Rev R. F. Walsh
McCarthy Charles Butt Mary 1882-01-12 James McCarthy Ellen Butt Rev R. F. Walsh
Sweeny John Joy Margaret 1882-01-12 Patrick Sweeny Agnes Joy Rev R. F. Walsh
George John Lahey Emily 1882-01-13 George Lahey William George Rev R. F. Walsh
Dunphy Michael Finn Jane 1882-01-19 Daniel Lacey Anastatia Dunphy Rev R. F. Walsh
Fennelly Lawrence Doody Mar (sic) 1882-01-19 Joseph Redmond Bridget Doody Rev R. F. Walsh
Mulcahy Sylvester Dooley Teresa 1882-01-22 Francis Drake Mary Dooley Rev R. F. Walsh
Brown Thomas Gorman Margaret 1882-01-26 William Whalen Mary Doyle Rev R. F. Walsh
Murphy John Hamilton Alice 1882-01-31 James Deady Juli Hamilton Rev D. McInnis
Murphy Richard Shea Ellen 1882-02-19 William Fitzgerald Margaret Jones Rev R. F. Walsh
Carroll Joseph Supple Agnes 1882-04-30 James Hyde Margaret Supple Rev R. F. Walsh
Cleary Joshua Marshall Mary 1882-05-28 James Berrigan Bridget Kavanagh Rev R. F. Walsh
Cullen Peter Redmond Ellen 1882-06-12 Michael Cullen Anne Brien Rev R. F. Walsh
Keefe Michael McCarthy Mary 1882-06-12 Edward Daly Elizabeth McCarthy Rev R. F. Walsh
Cleary Thomas Doran Marian 1882-07-04 Michael Kearney Agnes Joy Rev R. F. Walsh
Finn Patrick Bransfield Anne 1882-10-22 James Bransfield Mary Bransfield Rev R. F. Walsh
Clarke Joseph Downey Mary 1882-11-09 Joseph Clarke Frances Clarke Rev R. F. Walsh
George William Crocker Jeanette 1882-11-09 Thomas Leahy Elizabeth George Rev R. F. Walsh
King Michael Connell Mary 1882-11-13 Peter Gear Margaret Gear Rev R. F. Walsh
Doherty William Cooke Elizabeth 1882-11-15 Denis McCarthy Mary Reid Rev R. F. Walsh
Lahey Michael Dunphy Catherine 1882-11-16 John Colbert Mary Dunphy Rev R. F. Walsh
Farrell Patrick Colford Margaret 1883-01-10 John Farrell Mary Finn Rev R. F. Walsh
Finn Thomas Doody Anne 1883-01-10 Michael Ryan Bridget Doody Rev R. Walsh
Carroll John Hyde Ellen 1883-01-17 Patrick Hyde Mary Bayley Rev R. Walsh
Hayden John Tobin Mary Bridget 1883-01-18 Hames Hayden Catherine Tobin Rev R. Walsh
Keneally John Power Mary Joseph 1883-01-31 Rev Richard Walsh Anne Stapleton Rev R. McDonald
Marshall James Broderick Alice 1883-05-23 Jeremiah Keefe Ellen McCarthy Rev R. Walsh
Murphy William McCarthy Elizabeth 1883-05-29 James Murphy Catherine Kennedy Rev R. Walsh
Doody David Pumphrey Mary 1883-06-02 William Doody Anna Pumphrey Rev R. Walsh
McCarthy James Butt Ellen 1883-06-02 George McCarthy Mary Butt Rev R. Walsh
Hogan Jeremiah Sweeny Anne 1883-06-03 John Sweeny Mary Tobin Rev R. Walsh
Joy Richard Hamilton Julia 1883-06-03 Thomas Joy Bridget Hamilton Rev R. Walsh
Colbert Edward Teresa Furlong 1883-06-05 John Colbert Helena Furlong Rev R. Walsh
Cooke Peter Donnelly Ellen 1883-10-17 Martin Hurley Teresa Noonan Rev R. Walsh
Fahey Andrew Fardy Catherine 1883-11-04 John Tobin Julia Fahey Rev R. Walsh
McCarthy William Ryall Susanna 183-11-04 John Thomey Kate McCarthy Rev R. Walsh
Murray John Hurley Alice 1883-11-07 Thomas Hogan Ellen Parsons Rev R. Walsh
Sweeny Michael Butler Mary 1883-11-18 William Sweeny Elizabeth Butler Rev R. Walsh
Moriarty John Woodford Elizabeth 1883-11-22 Philip Woodford Anastasia Delaney Rev R. Walsh
Butt William Kennedy Ellen 1883-11-28 John Butt Elizabeth Kennedy Rev R. Walsh
Murphy Michael Murphy Ellen 1883-11-29 Thomas Curran Johanna Murphy Rev R. Walsh
Butt Joseph George Margaret 1883-11-30 Terence Kenndy (sic) Julia George Rev R. Walsh
Conway John Seward Charlotte 1884-01-11 James Conway Elizabeth Comby Rev R. Walsh
Morrissey John Spearing Sarah 1884-01-16 Michael Kelly Eliza Marshall Rev R. Walsh
Walsh James Pumphrey Anna 1884-01-16 Denis Walsh Hannah Pumphrey Rev R. Walsh
McCarthy Denis Joy Anne 1884-01-17 Thomas McCarthy Bridget Malone Rev R. Walsh
McDonald Samuel Kennedy Mary 1884-01-23 John McCarthy Margaret Reid Rev R. Walsh
Butt Michael Kennedy Elizabeth 1884-01-26 John Kennedy Julia George Rev R. Walsh
Hearn John Merrigan Margaret 1884-01-31 Andre Hearn Frances Merrigan Rev R. Walsh
Carroll Martin Hyde Margaret 1884-02-05 Peter Hyde Bridget Hearn Rev R. Walsh
McCarthy John Connolly Jane 1884-02-20 Charles McCarthy Mary Connolly Rev R. Walsh
Cooke James Bransfield Eliza 1884-02-21 John Butt Marian Cooke Rev R. Walsh
Hearn Andrew Dwyer Mary 1884-04-24 Edward Reilly Ellen Hearn Rev R. Walsh
McCarthy Charles Knox Mary 1884-04-29 William McCarthy Anne Knox Rev R. Walsh
Geary James Hartnett Margaret 1884-06-01 Francis Drake Catherine Hartnett Rev R. Walsh
Keough Peter Hamilton Bridget 1884-06-01 Patrick Keough Ellen Hamilton Rev R. Walsh
McGrath Joseph Bingham Mary 1884-06-01 John McGrath Agnes Bingham Rev R. Walsh
Redmond Joseph Clarke Mary 1884-06-09 Robert Redmond Bridget George Rev R. Walsh
Barry Michael Noonan Teresa 1884-06-14 Joseph Barry Alice Noonan Rev R. Walsh
Mackey Lawrence Hogan Cecily 1884-06-21 Richard McCarthy Eliza Jones Rev R. Walsh
Morey James Dollard Margaret 1884-10-02 Henry Maddock Mary Barry Rev R. Walsh
Maddocks Stephen George Bridget 1884-11-08 John Lynch Marian Maddocks Rev R. Walsh
Redmond Robert Morey Mary 1884-11-19 Thomas Finn Bridget Malone Rev M. Walker
Reynolds Richard Butt Mary 1884-11-24 Thomas Sullivan Agnes Butt Rev T. Lynch
Colford Peter Donnelly Mary 1885-01-09 James Meaney Julia Donnelly Rev T. Lynch
French William Murphy Johanna 1885-01-13 Thomas French Mary Murphy Rev T. Lynch
Drake John Dunphy Anastatia 1885-01-22 Frances Drake Margaret Lacey Rev T. Lynch
Lynch John Comby Elizabeth 1885-02-04 Michael Gould Mary Murray Rev T. Lynch
Walsh Patrick Butt Agnes 1885-04-29 Michael Gould Bridget French Rev T. Lynch
Shea George Butt Mary Ann 1885-05-07 John Kieley Johanna Butt Rev T. Lynch
Walsh James Hamilton Ellen 1885-05-17 Michael Gould Alice Brien Rev T. Lynch
Brown Stephen Marshall Bridget 1885-06-09 William Whelan Eliza Marshall Rev T. Lynch
Riely Edward Concon Bridget 1885-06-11 John Colbert Maggie Jones Rev T. Lynch
Bransfield John Jones Eliza 1885-06-15 ???? M. McCarthy Rev T. Lynch
Sheehan James Furlong Bridget 1885-06-15 John Connolly Bridget Fitzgerald Rev T. Lynch
Hayden Nicholas McCarthy Elizabeth 1885-06-28 Timothy Hayden Caroline McCarthy Rev T. Lynch
Fitzgerald William McCarthy Mary 1886-01-13 John Fitzgerald Catherine McCarthy Rev T. Lynch
Griffin Martin Kennedy Alice 1886-03-03 James Cullen Elizabeth Kennedy Rev T. Lynch
Lyver William Dwyer Helen 1886-05-25 John Reilly Anna Reilly Rev T. Lynch
Finn Pierce Doyle Anastatia 1886-08-04 James Finn Bridget Fitzgerald Rev F. D. McCarthy
Jones John Sweeney Bridget 1886-08?? Jeremiah Sweeney Margaret Jones Rev M. Hanley
Rockwood Henry Aran Leahy Ellen 1886-11-15 Michael Lahey Jane Ryan Rev T. Lynch
Traverse William Gear Bridget 1887-01-08 James King Honora Gear Rev T. Lynch
Gear Thomas Dane Mary Ann 1887-01-11 Michael Gear Sarah Kennedy Rev T. Lynch
Reardon Robert Newhook Mary 1887-01-31 Stephen Reardon Bridget Reardon Rev T. Lynch
Thomey John Ed McCarthy Catherine 1887-07-22 William McCarthy Mary Martin Rev R. McDonald
Malone Thomas Brien Alice 1887-10-12 James Finn Bridget Malone Rev T. Lynch
McCarthy Charles Fahey Mary 1887-11-13 Joseph Hogan John McCarthy Rev T. Lynch
Cramm Patrick Whelan Sarah 1888-01-12 John Cramm Mary Whelan Rev T. Lynch
Thomey Charles Jones Mary 1888-06-03 Henry Thomey Maggie Jones Rev T. Lynch
Kennedy John Reid Margaret 1888-06-17 James Malone Elia McCarthy Rev T. Lynch
Murphy Maurice Murphy Mary 1888-06-17 Patrick Hyde Ellen Hogan Rev T. Lynch
Sharpe William Jones Margaret 1888-09-17 John Foley Ellen Hearn Rev T. Lynch
George Frederick Hiscock Mary 1888-11-18 John Murphy Ellen Haw Rev T. Lynch
Hogan Daniel Dawley ?? 1888-11-22 John Hyde Mary Hogan Rev T. Lynch
Hennessey William Whelan Eliza 1888-11-25 John Hearn Mary Whelan Rev T. Lynch
Hogan Joseph Colford Ellen 1888-11-28 William Hogan Mary Walsh Rev T. Lynch
Slade Thomas Butt Mary 1888-11-28 Andrew Slade Margaret Butt Rev T. Lynch
Cramm Thomas Fortune Ellen 1889-02-24 William Hogan Bridget Murphy Rev T. Lynch
King John Gear Eliza 1889-06-02 Michael Gear Johanna King Rev T. Lynch
Donnelly Patrick Ellis Ellen 1889-10-26 Michael Butler Anne Ellis Rev F. D. McCarthy
Gould Michael Butt Johanna 1889-11-24 Michael Gould Alice Butt Rev F. D. McCarthy
Cahill Patrick Donnelly Julia 1889-11-28 Stephen Bryan Bridget Donnelly Rev F. D. McCarthy
Dunn John Kennedy Julia 1890-01-16 John Tobin Mary Kennedy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Murphy James Cooke Mary 1890-01-19 Charles Geary Anne Whelan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Drake Charles Drake Mary 1890-04-15 John Doody Johanna Grady Rev F. D. McCarthy
McCarthy Kenneth Doherty Theresa 1890-04-16 John Doherty Mary Mullowney Rev F. D. McCarthy
Cahill Thomas Murphy Bridget 1890-06-14 Edward Jones Ellen Kennedy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Coady James Butler Elizabeth 1890-11-23 Thomas Coady Elizabeth Butler Rev F. D. McCarthy
Doherty John McCarthy Eliza 1890-11-23 Peter Hyde Mary McCarthy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Cullen Patrick Hogan Bridget 1891-01-13 James Cullen Catherine Supple Rev F. D. McCarthy
McCarthy John Hogan Maria 1891-01-14 James Walsh Mary McCarthy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Hogan John Cahill Anastatia 1891-02-02 William Hogan Julia Cahill Rev F. D. McCarthy
Lahey Thomas Fahey Margaret 1891-02-06 Anthony Lahey Mary Clarke Rev F. D. McCarthy
Woodford Philip Hogan Abbie 1891-02-08 ???? ???? Rev F. D. McCarthy
Reede James Knox Anne 1891-04-28 Daniel McCarthy Mary Hamilton Rev F. D. McCarthy
Guest Patrick Snow Emelia Francis 1891-05-10 Patrick Grady Frances Grady Rev F. D. McCarthy
White Patrick Haw Mary 1891-06-07 William White Mary Connors Rev F. D. McCarthy
Tobin John Hogan Ellen 1891-09-09 James Browne Mary Hogan Rev F. D. McCarthy
George Edward Crocker Mariam 1891-11-17 John Clarke ???? Rev F. D. McCarthy
Conway Philip Ryan Cecily 1891-11-18 James Conway Mary Conway Rev F. D. McCarthy
Fitzpatrick Thomas Fortune Margaret 1891-11-25 George Stone Mary Fortune Rev F. D. McCarthy
Rowe James Murphy Mary 1892-01-15 William Finn Anne Mackey Rev F. D. McCarthy
Lahey George Clarke Frances 1892-01-16 John Clarke Elle Polend Rev F. D. McCarthy
Sullivan Patrick Fitzpatrick Ellen 1892-01-16 William French Louisa Babstock Rev F. D. McCarthy
Donnelly Patrick Marshall Mary 1892-02-08 John Donnelly Bridget Fitzgerald Rev F. D. McCarthy
Doody John Finn Harriett 1892-02-16 James Kelly Mary Martin Rev Pat Browne
Moore Philip Browne Mary 1892-02-25 Thomas Moore Bella Browne Rev F. D.McCarthy
Baker Daniel Hearn Catherine 1892-02-29 Thomas Drake Mary Power Rev F. D.McCarthy
Murphy Michael Fortune Mary 1892-04-28 Maurice Murphy Johanna Murphy Rev F. D.McCarthy
Ryan Joseph Nicholl Sarah 1892-11-23 Nathaniel Downey Jane Ryan Rev F. D.McCarthy
Bishop William George Elizbeth 1892-11-24 Henry George Margaret Bishop Rev F. D.McCarthy
Murray John Bishop Mary 1893-01-07 James Bishop Catherine Murray Rev F. D.McCarthy
Coombs Matthew Murphy Ellen 1893-01-17 Joseph Clarke Mary Murphy Rev F. D.McCarthy
Butt William Slade Ellen 1893-01-18 William Kennedy Mary Slade Rev F. D.McCarthy
Hayden Edward Reede Ellen 1893-02-08 John Keough Mary Reede Rev F. D. McCarthy
Barry Joseph Kennedy Francis 1893-02-12 Thomas Barry Mary Kennedy Rev F. D.McCarthy
George John Brennan Anne 1893-04-19 Thomas George Mary Brennan Rev F. D.McCarthy
Brien Michael Londrigan Bridget 1893-06-06 James Brien Mary Hayden Rev F. D.McCarthy
Carbery Andrew Duffit Mary Ellen 1893-11-23 Charles Scott Mary Conway Rev F. D.McCarthy
Hanrahan James Tobin Margaret 1894-01-07 Thomas Jones Mary Tobin Rev F. D.McCarthy
Whelan John Hamilton Anastatia 1894-01-11 William Keefe Mary Hogan Rev F. D.McCarthy
Colbert Joseph Keough Mary 1894-05-12 James Colbert Mary Keough Rev F. D.McCarthy
Hogan Thomas Hamilton Anne 1894-06-24 James Hogan Josephine Hamilton Rev F. D.McCarthy
Murphy Richard Bransfield Mary 1894-06-29 John Reilly Mary McCarthy Rev F. D.McCarthy
Pumphrey Jeremiah McCarthy Alice 1894-10-27 John Thomey Catherine Thomey Rev F. D.McCarthy
Rockwood Charles Hiscock Lucy 1894-11-08 Frances Poland Jane Ryan Rev F. D.McCarthy
McCarthy Felix Butt Mary 1894-11-25 George Butt Mary McCarthy Rev F. D.McCarthy
Keough John George Mary Frances 1895-01-16 James Brien Mary Fahey Rev F. D. McCarthy
Corbett Joseph Murphy John 1895-02-04 Mary Harrigan Michael White Rev F. D. McCarthy
George Matthew Purcell Julia 1895-02-18 John Furey Ellen George Rev F. D. McCarthy
Driscoll Daniel Babstock Sarah 1895-02-20 James Marshall Johanna Babstock Rev F. D. McCarthy
Kennedy William Mullowney Hannah 1895-02-24 Michael Hamilton Catherine Whelan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Antle Philip Hendy Jane 1895-02-25 John Antle Catherine Hamilton Rev F. D. McCarthy
Fitzgerald John Cullen Bridget 1895-02-25 James Culen Jane Cullen Rev F. D. McCarthy
Conway William Sampson Bertha 1895-08-20 Frances Poland Kate Hamilton Rev F. D. McCarthy
Foley John Bransfield Mary 1895-09-20 John Walsh Katie Hanrahan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Crocker Jesse Babstock Anne 1895-11-27 Fred George Mary Rockwood Rev F. D. McCarthy
Coone Daniel Kennedy Anastatia 1895-11-29 Michael Coone Sarah Kennedy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Hawe Jesse French Ellen 1896-01-07 William Lahey Catherine Lahey Rev F. D. McCarthy
Coombs AMbrose Clarke Rebecca 1896-01-18 ???? ???? Rev F. D. McCarthy
George Charles George Emily 1896-01-18 Joseph George Mary George Rev F. D. McCarthy
?? Henry Ryan Anne 1896-01-18 William Lahey Agnes Groves Rev F. D. McCarthy
Dinn John Tracey Ann 1896-02-03 Patrick Corbett Mary Harrigan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Fitzgerald Thoams Cullen Bridget 1896-02-11 John Fitzgerald Maggie Kiley Rev F. D. McCarthy
Power John Deer Mary 1896-03-05 Martin George Mary George Rev F. D. McCarthy
Groves William Lahey Catherine 1896-05-07 William Lahey Ellen Brien Rev F. D. McCarthy
Kennedy Peter Hearne Margaret 1896-11-20 Alex Clarke Mary Kennedy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Keefe William Cooke Ellen 1896-11-21 William McGrath Bridget Cullen Rev F. D. McCarthy
Grady Joseph Merrigan Mary Ann 1897-01-07 Eugene Grady Anne Whelan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Hearne James Moriarty Ellen 1897-01-14 Maurice Flemming Mary Moriarty Rev F. D. McCarthy
McCarthy William Butt Mary 1897-01-15 Thomas McCarthy Ellen Butt Rev F. D. McCarthy
Walsh John Hogan Mary 1897-01-31 Denis Walsh Mary Thomey Rev F. D. McCarthy
Fitzgerald John Jillott Jessie 1897-02-05 Edward Jones Bridget Fitzgerald Rev F. D. McCarthy
Donnelly Joseph Caul Margaret 1897-04-20 Michael Donnelly Mary Hearne Rev F. D. McCarthy
Power James White Charlotte 1897-05-16 Patrick White Mary White Rev F. D. McCarthy
Crocker Edgar Fitzpatrick Eliza 1897-06-26 John George Ellen George Rev F. D. McCarthy
Kennedy John Mahoney Sophin 1897-06-28 Rev Wm Finn Mary Kennedy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Petrick Henry Maddocks Mary 1897-10-03 Henry Maddox Bridget Finn Rev F. D. McCarthy
McCarthy Florence Hawe Mary Bridget 1897-11-27 John Jones Mary Hogan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Butt George McCarthy Ellen 1898-01-12 Denis Kennedy Bridget McCarthy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Quinn Bernard Brennan Mary 1898-02-08 Patrick Hearne Mary Murphy Rev F. D. McCarthy
Rowe James Crafford Anne 1898-05-14 Joseph Murphy ???? Rev F. D. McCarthy
Callahan James Thoms Sarah 1898-05-16 Patrick Ellis Mary Ellis Rev F. D. McCarthy
Hennessey Thomas Penney Ellen 1899-01-08 Frances Griffin Margaret Griffin Rev F. D. McCarthy
Bishop John Harnum Mary 1899-01-10 Thomas George Mary Hogan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Hogan William Colford Mary 1899-01-10 Eugene Hogan Catherine Sheridan Rev F. D. McCarthy
Southwell John Thoms Cecily 1899-01-22 Patrick Kennedy Mary Ward Rev F. D. McCarthy
Drake Thomas Dooley Agnes 1899-02-12 Patrick Hogan Mary Fenley Rev F. D. McCarthy
Meaney Ignatius Jones Margaret 1899-02-12 Thomas Jones Ellie Meaney Rev F. D. McCarthy
Power Edward White Alice 1899-04-10 Peter White Mary White Rev F. D. McCarthy
Guest Patrick Bingham Agnes 1899-04-26 Thomas Guest Mary Harrington Rev F. D. McCarthy
Hogan Patrick Lacey Anne 1899-07-16 James Kelly Mary Hayden Rev F. D. McCarthy
Travers Michael Gear Mary 1899-10-18 William King Margaret Gear Rev F. D. McCarthy
Moore Terence George Ann 1899-11-08 Arthur Pitmann Kate Kelly Rev F. D. McCarthy
Bowman Edward Clarke Anastatia 1899-11-20 Henry Clarke Mary Clarke Rev F. D. McCarthy
George William Scott Emma 1899-11-30 Thomas George Johana George Rev F. D. McCarthy
Langer Daniel George Ellen 1899-11-30 Henry George Marcella Sampson Rev F. D. McCarthy
Jones Thomas Donnelly Ellen 1899-12-02 Michael Jones Anne McGrath Rev F. D. McCarthy

Contributed and Transcribed by Patricia Byrne (November 2004)

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