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St. Patrick's Parish Baptism Records
1872 to 1884
for the FLYNN Family

(grandfathered information)


Baptisms at St. Patrick's RC Church, St. John's.


FLYNN, Mary, and __________ (name illegible but probably KELLY), Thomas

1872/10/17 Edward KELLY, Sp. Stephen__? And Brd. Toole

FLINN, John and COADY, Esther

1872/11/28 David FLINN -born Nov 27

sp. James DUGGAN and Anastasia FLYNN

1874/12/10 Nicholas John

sp. Joseph HALLAHAN and Sarah COADY

FLYNN, Patrick & PITMAN, Honi???(hard to read)

1873/06/02 Richard Joseph, born June 1

sp. John & Bridget McPherson

FLYNN, Patrick and PIPPIN? Anne --difficult to read--possibly meant to


Pitman as above

1875/02/04 Michael Charles

sp. Michael & Mary Flynn

FLINN, Patrick & PITMAN,  Mary Anne

1881/06/23 Mary Elizabeth born  Jun 18

Michael COADY and Margaret FLINN

FLINN, Patrick and RITMAN, Ann [maybe meant to be Pitman??]

1877/09/13 Mary Elizabeth FLINN [sic] born Sep 10

sp. Lawrence POWER & Marg CURTIS

FLYNN, Joseph and COADY, Mary

1873/07/05  Wm. John--born Jul 3

sp. William Flynn and Margaret Flynn

FLYNN, Joseph  and COADY, Margaret

1876/05/18 Margaret Mary, born May 15

sp. Martin CRANE & Elizabeth COADY

1877/08/09 John Joseph FLINN [sic]  (father's name also "i" ) born Aug 5

sp. Michael COADY and Mary FLINN

1880/10/11 Mary Francis [sic] born Oct 8

sp. Francis SALLIGY and Ellen FLYNN

FLING, James and DONNE, Johanna

1873/07/24--Catherine born July 9,

FLYNN, James & CAREY, Susanna

1874/12/18  James

sp. Andrew FLYNN and Margaret FLYNN

1876/12/22 Edward Francis FLINN (father's name also spelled with "i"


time.) born Dec 19

sp. Patrick POWER & Ellen MACKEY

FLINN, James and CAREW [sic]

1878/07/15 John Thomas born July 9

sp.  John FLINN & Mary CAREW

FLYNN, E? or W? and KELLY, Alice

1875/11/18 Mary Bernard

sp. John Larkin and Cath. Fahy

FLYNN,  Edward &  KELLY, Alice

1879/09/12 Mary Rosanna born Sep 4

sp. John FLYNN & Elizabeth FLYNN

FLINN, James & WALSH, Ellen

1876/01/27 Anne born Jan 24

sp. John MURPHY and WALSH, Kate

baptized "sub conditione"

FLYNN, Richard & SNOW,  Rachel

1876/8/10 Patrick born Aug 6

sp. William CONNELLY & Anne McLAUGHLIN

FLINN, Thomas & LUNDRIGAN,  Johanna

1878/10/03 Margaret Joseph born Sep 27

sp. Pat LUNDRIGAN and Margaret Flinn

1880/08/23 Patrick born Aug 8

sp. Thomas COWAL and Susannah COWAL

1882/07/24 Mary born Apr 4

sp. Wm MURPHY & Alice WALSH

FLINN, John & HICKEY, Anne

1882/08/07 Andrew Joseph born Aug 1

sp.  Edmund KEEFE and Catherine BRIEN


A few more from St. Patricks


Jos. Flinn & Margaret Coady

1884/04/14  Nicholas John born Apr 11

sp. Patrick Smith & Mary Kavanagh

Patrick Flinn & Jane Pitman

1884/04/17 Sarah Anne born same date

sp. John Power?/Baird? (difficult to read) and Sarah Pitman

Thomas Flinn and Johanna Lundrigan

1884/07/07 John Michael born Mar 6

sp. John Gorman and Mary Anne Hanrahan

Robert Flynn & Margaret Conway

1884/11/27 Catherine Mary born Nov 24

sp.  Nicholas Kelly & Mary Conway.


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