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Harbour Main-Bell Island District

1 William GLADNEY Anne LONG   Jany 7 Rd Dunphy John and Bridget Gladney Portugal Cove  
2 Thomas NUGENT Jane GRIMSLETT   Nov 20 Rd Dunphy Edmund & Margaret Nugent Kelligrews  
3 James MOORE Margaret NUGENT   Nov 25 Rd Dunphy Ed Nugent Mary Moore Kelligrews  
4 James FITZGERALD Catherine CUMMINS   Sept 17 Rd Dunphy John Coleman Johanna Murphy Bell Island  
5 James CONRAN Johanna FITZGERALD   Nov 15 Rd Dunphy Martin Fitzgerald Bridget Connors Bell Island  
6 John HYNES Alice QUIGLEY Portugal Cove Bell Island Feby 10 Rd Dunphy John Jackman Agnes Dwyer Portugal Cove  
7 Michael POWER Bridget KEEFE Bell Island Jany 15 Rd Dunphy Robert Normore Kate Judge Bell Island  
8 Peter KENT Mary FRANEY Lance Cove Bell Island Nov 20 Rd Dunphy John Kent Ellen Franey Lance Cove Bell Island  
9 Owen FITZPATRICK Catherine JUDGE Bell Island Nov 25 Rd Dunphy ??? Cummins Margaret Judge Bell Island  
10 John LEAHY Mary LEE Bell Island Torbay Jany 7 Rd Dunphy Mic. Leahy Susan Lee Bell Island Torbay  
11 John Walsh Agnes Dwyer Bell Island Oct 1 L.R. Vereker John Kelly Bridget Dwyer Bell Island  
12 John KENT Mary FRANEY Lance Cove Bell Island Nov 7 L.R. Vereker John Leahy Kate Maddigan Bell Island  
13 Robert NORMORE Mary Beth KELLY Bell Island Jany 10 L.R. Vereker Tom Normore Mary J. Power Bell Island  
14 Edward WHELAN Ellen FITZPATRICK   Nov 26 L.R. Vereker John Cummins Margaret Judge    
15 Patrick REDMOND Mary JACKMAN Bell Island Nov 27 L.R. Vereker Ed Redmond Alice Jackman Bell Island  
16 Gregory NORMORE Johanna WHELAN Bell Island Nov 28 L.R. Vereker Joseph & Elizabeth Dwyer Bell Island  
17 William JOHNSTON Alice JACKMANN Bell Island Jany 7 L.R. Vereker James & Mary Jackman Bell Island  
18 William HAMMOND Margaret KENNEDY Lance Cove Bell Island Oct 22 L.R. Vereker James Jackman Ann Kennedy Bell Island  
19 Michael KING Ann KENT Lance Cove Bell Island Nov 5 L.R. Vereker William Kent Belinda Rees Bell Island Lance Cove  
20 William KENT Elizabeth LEAHY Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 10 L.R. Vereker James Kent Susannah Leahy Lance Cove Bell Island  
21 William DYER Bridget DWYER Bell Island Oct 22 F M Cullow James & Mary Dwyer Bell Island  
22 Edward KENT Frances PHELAN Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 7 F M Cullow Wm & Margaret Hammond Lance Cove Bell Island  
23 James BOWDREN Mary J. POWER Bell Island Jany 7 F M Cullow Thomas Power Kate Bowdren Bell Island  
24 William NORMORE Margaret HAMMOND Bell Island Lance Cove Feb 9 F M Cullow Ed Dwyer Bell Island  
25 John JACKMAN Mary J. POWER Bell Island Nov 3 F M Cullow John Kent Margaret Power Bell Island  
26 Nat ??? LEAHY Elizabeth Kavanagh Bell Island Nov 16 F M Cullow James Dwyer Agnes Kavanagh Bell Island  
27 John KENT Margaret POWER Bell Island Nov 24 F M Cullow John Jackman Margaret Kent Bell Island  
28 John KENNEDY Mary J. DWYER Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 9 F M Cullow James Dwyer Kate Bowdren Bell Island  
29 James KENT Lora CUMMINS Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 25 F M Cullow John Kent Margaret Cummins Lance Cove  
30 Peter QUIGLEY Agnes KAVANAGH Bell Island Apl 15 F M Cullow Peter & Mary J. Jackman Bell Island  
31 James HAMMOND Johanna STYLES Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 14 F M Cullow Wm Hammond Mary Stoyles Lance Cove Bell Island  
32 John KENT Sarah Jane VOKEY Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 21 F M Cullow James Kent Selina Layman ??? Lance Cove Bell Island  
33 John CUMMINS Mary J. JACKMAN Bell Island Jany F M Cullow Moses Cummins Ann Jackman Bell Island  
34 James DWYER Mary J. POWER Bell Island May 4 F M Cullow Ed Kavanagh Anastasia Jackman Bell Island  
35 Daniel DOOLING Anastasia HARRIGAN Bell Island Nov 6 F M Cullow Matt Jackman Elizabeth Kelly Bell Island  
36 John CONNORS Margaret KENT Bell Island Jany F M Cullow Mic Connors Margaret Ann Kent Bell Island  
37 Joseph DWYER Elizabeth KELLY Bell Island Nov 17 F M Cullow Thomas Dwyer Julia Kelly Bell Island  
38 Edward DWYER Anastasia JACKMAN Bell Island Jany 19 F M Cullow Thomas Dwyer Bridget Jackman Bell Island  
39 Jeremiah SULLIVAN Mary STYLES Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 10 F M Cullow Corneilius Sullivan Jane Styles Lance Cove Bell Island  
40 Thomas DWYER Bridget HAMMOND Bell Island Lance Cove Nov 16 J.J. McGrath Thomas Dwyer of Mic Margaret Hammond Bell Island Lance Cove  
41 William WHITE Julia KELLY Carbonear Bell Island Nov 24 J.J. McGrath James Murphy Mary J. Kelly Carbonear Bell Island  
42 William KENT Bridget CUMMINS Lance Cove Bell Island Nov 26 J.J. McGrath Mic Leahy Nora Kent Lance Cove Bell Island  
43 Michael KING Mary Sullivan Lance Cove Hr. Main Jany 25 J.J. McGrath Wm Styles Margaret Kent Lance Cove Bell Island  
44 James KAVANAGH Anastasia KENT Bell Island Jany 28 J.J. McGrath Wm & Amelia Kent Bell Island  
45 Johanna May BROWN Richard CUMMINS Bell Island Oct 2 Patrick J. O'Brien Moses Cummins Mary F. Brown Bell Island  
46 Richard J.COSTIGAN Bridget LODGE Bell Island Nov 6 Patrick J. O'Brien C.P. Eagan Kate Jackman St. John's Bell Island  
47 James HaMMOND Anna Frances KENT Lance Cove Bell Island Nov 18 Patrick J. O'Brien John & Margaret Hammond Lance Cove Bell Island  
48 Patrick JACKMAN Mary J. KELLY Bell Island May 3 Patrick J. O'Brien Ed Jackman Susannah Kennedy Bell Island  
49 Thomas JACKMAN Sarah ORGAN Bell Island May 31 Patrick J. O'Brien Wm Jackman Elizabeth Bearns Bell Island  
50 William KENT Elizabeth PARSLEY Lance Cove Hr. Main Nov 16 J.J. McGrath John Kent Agnes Parsley Lance Cove  
51 Edward DWYER Jane FAHEY Bell Island St. John's Nov 20 J.J. McGrath John Fitzpatrick Josie Fahey Bell Island  
52 Nicholas CONNORS Catherine KENNEDY Pouch Cove Bell Island Nov 20 J.J. McGrath John & Alice Kehoe Bell Island  
53 John FITZPATRICK Mary CONNORS Bell Island Jany 16 J.J. McGrath Ed Walsh M. L. Brown Bell Island  
54 Andrew MURPHY Bridget LARKIN Bell Island Jany 25 J.J. McGrath John Murphy Alice Larkin    
55 William HAMMOND Mary Polina BENNETT Lance Cove Apl 19 J.J. McGrath Mic & Margaret Hammond   Convert before Marriage
56 Edward JACKMAN Susannah KENNEDY Bell Island Apl 27 J.J. McGrath Wm Jackman Kate Kelly    
57 Edward BOWDREN Susannah ??? Bell Island Nov 22 J.J. McGrath Bob Bowdren Kate Jackman   Convert before Marraiage
58 James PENNY Johanna DWYER Hr. Main Bell Island Nov 29 J.J. McGrath John & Alice Dwyer    
59 John LEAHY Annie WAUGH Lance Cove Topsail Road Jany 17 J.J. McGrath Wm Kennedy Mary Waugh    
60 George KENT Maria DWYER Lance Cove Bell Island Jany 10 J.J. McGrath Richard & Bridget Dwyer    
61 Michael CONNORS Catherine PURCELL Bell Island Portugal Cove Feb 7 J.J. McGrath John & Margaret Connors    
62 John DWYER Alice STYLES Bell Island Lance Cove Feb 19 J.J. McGrath John Dwyer Jane Styles   Dispensation 2 a degree affinity
63 Thomas JACKMAN Johanna DONOVAN Bell Island Apl 24 J.J. McGrath Matt Jackman Kate Kelly    
64 Terence KENNEDY Amelia KENT Lance Cove Bell Island Apl 25 J.J. McGrath Ed J. Kent Kate Kent   Dispensation ???
65 Joseph KENNEDY Johanna BOWDREN Bell Island May 12 J.J. McGrath Matt Kelly Agnes Bowdren    


Contributed and Transcribed by Paul Dwyer (2010)

Page Last Modified: Thursday November 17, 2016 (Kevin Reddigan)
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